Cougar Mum

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Kez a college lass, is disgusted her divorced mum has emerged as a cougar; screwing a boy from her own college class. Kez becomes frustrated with her own deprived virgin coochie and can’t even quietly get herself off because her mum is screwing loudly all through the night in the next bedroom.

Cougar Mum

I never saw my own mother as a MILF. Divorced yes. Single mom certainly. Menopausal; probably. Cougar: NO.  I was completely caught by surprise when my mum, ‘Valerie’, introduced Josh Roberts to me. Talk about embarrassed, Josh was in my ancient history class; must account for his interest in seniors.

He was actually in my modern history class too but he’d never taken the slight interest in me.  I was too nerdy, my braces yet to be removed, a current flare of acne, frizzy hair beyond control, small boobs; I won’t go on.

Of course, he was polite in my lounge room. The prick knew my name after all and pronounced it correctly; Keziah; its biblical like Jeremiah. It was given to me out of respect as it was my grandmother’s middle name; no not Kes-siah… as some choose for pronunciation …confused with the Scottish Kissy…but I’m getting off track. Though it was a popular Puritan name; I’m no prude but give me a break; would you like to see guys your age hitting on your mum as a MILF and passing you up. How did a generation of young guys become cougarized? Don’t answer that. I know young guy fuck anything with a pussy but it seems to stop at nerdy frizzed small boobed chicks.

It was all I could do to avoid cringing or having a coughing fit; as he called mum “Valerie”.

He looked me up and down. I thought the prick he’s comparing me and finding me lacking; no makeup like mum and how had I missed out on her stacked rack and feminine dress sense.

‘Whoa mum… take a cold shower’…and Josh too…as there was close body brushing and touchy flirty stuff right in front of me…in the lounge …like they wanted to vertical sixty-nine in front of me.

Look Josh was reasonable…as in he was a guy…and given my zero-hit rate he would have done for my first pash, first tit fondle, initial feel up or virgin root and not necessarily in that order either; and then it hit me; he had been screwing my mum…yuck.

I knew mum had been fucking someone unlike myself… for a while… her ease…her demeanour … her smile … her lack of sexual tension…over the past few weeks especially since dad had walked out twelve months ago; caught fucking his secretary; but shagging the tart for years apparently and the divorce papers signed a couple of months ago. I heard the buzz of her vibrator late at night and barely suppressed pleasure moans in the months that followed but not recently. Mum took to disappearing at night claiming office call backs on a rush major restaurant project.

When she had been out shopping recently, I had finally had a look at it; slim, pink and ribbed but the thought of putting a vibrator in my pussy when it had been in hers… still… I made a pulsing start;; however, I gave up. I’m a clitty, rubby, fingering girly.

I recalled her vibrator noises; her unsuppressed moans going past her door…at least I was quiet in the bathroom …under the shower stream …using the water jet for a smashing clit impact…relieving my tension at regular intervals; quietly.

However: I was now the hormonal deprived ‘cow’ in the house and that’s unacceptable for the heifer and given our age gap well it was completely wrong…screwed up. I mean doesn’t your sex drive dry up over forty-five. Christ she was close to menopause; what about youth getting its fair share; especially with a guy my age. It was frustration overload on my part. I was jealous that my mum still had it and was getting it and I hadn’t even started. Though to be fair to her she had gorgeous tits. I had got the frigging flat chest from dad’s family side of the gene pool…and mum wore dresses…heels…had her hair done regularly…and the makeup routine… she had encouraged me…but any effort on her part in my presentation was all lost in her several month divorce sulk…and now her renewed interest in preening herself in any mirror and flicking back her hair…but shit a guy my age…I couldn’t cope.

My tension now hit peak levels of unrequited need as I heard them fuck repeatedly next door as Josh stayed for the first time overnight.  I had made excuses of homework and left them on the sofa… not even contemplating he would be here in the morning…let alone that I would hear his groans and my mother moans all night. We are talking loud sex here…they were still at it past two fucking o’clock as I wrapped my pillow around my head and tried to get the image of my mother being dogged out of my mind; besides it was all putting me off touching myself. I had attempted to earlier but could only picture my mother’s legs spread high and wide. I was in self coochie depravation mode.

Next morning as I approached the bathroom I heard giggles and sniggers behind the door. OMG they were showering together…the thought of a classmate soaping my mum’s tits and lathering between her legs wasn’t how I wanted to start the day. It was putting me off my own usual shower cunny time.

They showered for an indecently long time together…mum came down to breakfast in a steamy camisole…Josh only in silky boxers… hardly hiding a partial hard on...his hair still wet…nice fucking chest I noticed but I lost his maleness in a series of jealous thoughts: ‘Make yourself at home…Move in…why don’t ya…’

“Valerie …coffee…black and one sugar…was that right…sweetie” he asked as mum was cooking him pancakes. Even with honey on my toast I knew I was in a sour mood: ‘Sweetie…WTFThe bitch hadn’t done pancakes for years …I had to remember back …too far…’

Josh was looking at me…staring actually…had he got his balls back and realised youth was for youth…but then…

I realised I looked like a rag doll in my old flannelette pj’s and my frizzy hair unmanageable and unruly before a shower and being tied back tight…shit I felt my cheek and realised I had a major puss erupting zit…this was esteem destroying…though the two love birds didn’t even seem to care I was there as they fed each other nibbles of honey-soaked pancakes.

I left my toast and juice unfinished… what a CWOT and had my shower and got ready for school; surely, he would be gone when I got downstairs.

However; my humiliation and mortification was just starting as mum insisted:

“Josh will drive you to school” …jeez that harsh teasing mob of pricks on the bus was looking good today…. as if I could go to school in Josh’s car…what was mum thinking… either Josh or I would get the gossip machine in full swing: ‘Well mate…is Kez a decent shag… with a bag over her head…?’  or my chess club friends would dump me as a traitor for setting my standards too low…hell I had no standards with guys; I just wanted a guy to take an interest in me and boy would I take an interest in him with him in me.

Damn it was a two-seater older model sports car… and I was next to him…as we headed through suburban morning traffic to college.

Well, there was no conversation till Josh started it and it was totally weird: “Look Keziah I really think your mum is hot…super hot…you know we have been together for a month now.”

My curiosity nearly got the better of me…I mean…you wonder…how did they meet and where had they been doing it and then I realised I was sitting where my mum had been grinding away late into the night over the past weeks.

Instead of responding to Josh; I was trying to shut down visions of my mum’s jiggling tits; open moaning mouth and hard cocked orgasm exactly where I was uncomfortably squirming.

Josh kept the conversation flow up…one way: “My stepdad’s one of Valerie’s firms’ clients and we met at the opening of the new nightclub and restaurant …. Warehouse One…but I suppose that’s not your thing?”

There he went again using her first name…cringe…slide down the seat…wanting to curl up…foetal retraction moment etcetera… luckily, he was reasonably early and there were very few other students around. I escaped a major embarrassment moment but I realised what the hell was going to happen tonight at my place.

I was home alone…after school.  I changed into my daggy comfy wear and was hitting the chocolate ice-cream…comfort food…well a girl has to indulge herself somehow… I was eighteen and my body seemed wasted on the world.

Then the door bell rang…I told myself if it was Josh…he wasn’t getting in…it was however; a guy in a suit… as the peep hole revealed…middle aged…a salesman’s … who knew…

He blurted straight out before I could ask what we wanted…

“My apologies …is Josh here” he started…and I realised it was the pricks step dad. “He didn’t come home last night or this morning…and his phone tracking app…well led me here…”

I realised the dick had left his phone in mum’s bedroom or somewhere…probably filming themselves at it…last night…I really was visualising my mum as a daughter shouldn’t.

“I didn’t realise he had a cute girlfriend…and was sleeping over …he doesn’t tell me much” he added.

Well, someone in the world thought I was getting laid but how to start correcting the guy.I innocently did.

“Look Josh isn’t here…but he was…and um…well…not with me.”

He scratched his head and had that nonplussed I don’t follow your train of thought look as I blurted it out; all virginal integrity; god knows why, ending with: “Josh was with my mum and left his phone here.”

“Oh my…I’m so sorry…please accept my sincere apology…I thought…and I shouldn’t have…how wrong of me. “And I could see he was genuine.

I saved him because he was well a nice guy; he didn’t demean my mum or question Josh’s cougar tastes. He explained he had worked with my mum’s company and knew her.

“I’ll be off then…sorry again about what I implied…so sorry” and he was about to leave.

“Wait” I said… “Come in…I’ll get Josh’s phone for you.”

He introduced himself as Duncan and I offered him coffee first. I made us both a coffee and we sat on the longue and we just talked and it was strange because it was about me, he took an interest in my interests in computer programming; chess and pure maths. He was an architect with his own design software and a chess player like myself. I wished he was my age. I’d be a forty-year-old virgin before I found my soul mate. He had designed the layout of the new multiple entertainment venue…Warehouse One.

I had been talking away when I noticed he was looking at me…my body…mental check…yes…my body…then I realised…shit…my old floppy shorts and braless t-shirt…even small boobs wobble and nipples point under cotton…what the hell did he think of me…and strangely I found myself caring.

“You are one attractive girl…Kez…physically and mentally…you really are” he said with gentle conviction… and I didn’t stop him kissing me …and I was surprised at how hungry my own tongue and mouth were for his lips. He worked his tongue around my clunky braces without a pause or care…that’s wrong…he did care and I liked that.

His experienced hands were under my t-shirt and wow did it feel good… I mean my fingers playing with my nipples was great…this was awesome…wow a male finally had my breasts in hand…and as he took off my t-shirt…I closed my eyes and he massaged my small boobies and taut pinkish points…his tongue gliding and gently sucking and then there was this amazing tickly pleasurable nice nipple nibbling. I had never felt so happy to be a girl.

He let my wild frizzy curly hair expand out as he removed my hair scrunchie. He said it was wildly beautifully natural. I was smitten like a kitten.

I was at a new level of happiness as my shorts and panties were removed by a man…this was endless firsts lined up. Duncan may have got it all wrong at the front door … but he was doing plenty right between my legs…oh god yes he was…he just took me as I was…my fur patch …enjoying my private parts and embracing instantly my fleshy uniqueness…with his fingers and then his tongue…oh thankyou god…it was sensational… his first tongue tip moisture slide over my youthful, fresh intact fanny… he was then pushing his tongue into my pussy …he was sucking on my crinkly crumpled knotty uneven lips.

We had struck a friendship in the longue after a few minutes but my clit had an instant friend in Duncan’s tongue…my pleasure centre had waited forever for this …and Christ it was good…it was heaven…I buckled under my own orgasm that swept through me so frickin fast. It was touch to touch…his flesh to my flesh…the pleasure given and the pleasure taken…all rolled into one.

I was looking down between my own legs  as Duncan penetrated me with his PHD…gently…tenderly…kindly…he knew…but didn’t make a deal or fuss about it…then he built the pace with my rapidly growing confidence, buoyancy and rising pleasure…it was all moving…in and out of me…hard and firm and wonderful. I finally understand the role of mum’s toy…as only a woman can who has had cock… I needed cock…would always have to have cock…right now though: Duncan’s pleasure pumping piston was doing a splendid job.

He wanted me to experience everything my first time and I was happy to let his maturity lead as he pointed my arse up and spread my legs to dog me…boy I felt exposed and vulnerable…but I was happy and wanted it …because he wanted me…all of me…my body and mind.

I was moaning with full unrestrained pleasure and he was groaning too…well the house was empty …as he raised himself higher behind me and I arched back into him instinctively as the mutual bliss went into overdrive…we were into excessive orgasmic acceleration.

I was being pumped, pummelled and pounded and it was Pussylicious.

I screamed…” Oh MY GOD” as I came…the most intense sensation… way beyond my own finger work…even fuller than the clit work out of several minutes ago…as mum and Josh came into the longue room from the kitchen.

With my mum unintentionally echoing me: “OH MY GOD…KEZ!”

Of course, Duncan and I separated and scrabbled for clothes but Josh and mum both took in his stepdads still erect pecker and my dribbling semen filled hairy coochie.

Well, there wasn’t anything anyone had to say. I looked my mum and Josh straight in the eye; took Duncan by the hand and went upstairs to my bedroom.

My bed springs made sounds I never believed they could that evening and night and I made noises that reverberated through the whole goddamn house as Duncan and I fucked for hours;  long after Josh and mum finished next door.

And I soaped my first cock and had my first shower sex the next morning and we cavorted naked past my mum’s open bedroom door to get dressed.

I made Duncan hotcakes and he dropped me off at school. Mum and Josh far from the front of my mind…my own sex life was dominating …monopolizing my mind.

 Now; I can’t wait for school to finish every day.

And: no judgements now about my cougar mum from this satisfied lass.


Submitted: January 26, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Janus. All rights reserved.

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Oh gosh I sure wish I was Duncan!!! One lucky dude!!!

Tue, January 26th, 2021 8:52am


Keeping it all in the family.

nice story.

Tue, March 16th, 2021 3:44am

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