Coral and Simon

Coral and Simon Coral and Simon

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Simon dogs a waitress in the washroom at Ruby's parents restaurant when celebrating a special dinner with Coral.


Simon dogs a waitress in the washroom at Ruby's parents restaurant when celebrating a special dinner with Coral.


Submitted: March 14, 2019

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Submitted: March 14, 2019



Coral had been dating Simon for two months. She had been screwing Simon for two months.  Coral didn’t believe in that first date nonsense of make them wait for the second date for a French kiss. She wasn’t into the several more dates it took making the male admirer work his way around her bases, life was for the moment, you could wait forever, waiting for a guy to make the first move. A little prompting by Coral always got them thinking they were in charge. Simon was filling the gap in her life just fine and his more than handy sized member was occupying the gap between her legs very pleasurably; thank you.

This was a celebration dinner. Simon had that expected promotion at work. He was feeling very satisfied with life. A recent new sports car, a gorgeous hot randy girlfriend and the salary raise and new responsibilities at work; yes good things always came in threes.  Coral was looking her scrumptious delectable stylish self.  She was an eye pleaser and cock teaser tonight.  An apple green dress which only she could pull off; Simon would do that later, pull it off. The girl had panache and élan, purely through her flamboyant showy golden tresses that really made Coral, well Coral. However, Simon knew intimately her golden locks twin, her luxuriant uncombed pubic mound that reminded him of a field of Californian poppies. He had nicknamed her pussy secretly; Goldilocks. Simon wasn’t traditionally into the full bush but its strange how attraction and personality alter what you think you want in a woman or how a woman should look between her legs or what you have got used to in  previous short term or casual relationships with a range of women.

His last three girlfriends were all regular shavers and he liked taking in the shape of their genetically designed dainty bits: their presented personal hairless masterpieces. Labia, yes simple enough to understand and picture as pieces of flesh. But the curved twisting, lips curling in on themselves, creased and tattered folded flesh that was endlessly different for every girl. Labia by definition reflected Simon were craggy, uneven and wrinkled in their paired irregular, unbalanced arrangement. Yet never disappointing, in their compelling, alluring and totally personal aspect of female attraction. Simon lusted after their intrinsic personified beauty; marvelling as an architect that they defied and forever would flout the supposed aesthetics of the golden ratio. They were always perfect in themselves.

Completeness is uniqueness; acceptance is constructed from unexpected difference and Coral’s flappy floppy lips were his current joy with what are usually, except for lovers, nature’s hidden true odd couple. He thought of the slightly larger lip as her slutty whorish side and the gorgeous right lip often resting over its larger playmate as chaste Coral, the flirting coquette, flesh mirroring her social butterfly personality. He should have respected her just a tad more, he knew this; but shit it was hard being a stud. He was upwardly mobile, a professional; successful, good looking, well hung and with a new Ferrari. He naturally attracted women and was well: sorry to the rest of you struggling out there, without even trying, he was a natural pussy magnet and once women had his boxers down, the ‘ohs’ and ‘ah and the 'my goodness, it’s huge’, were common reactions.

Simon should have been concentrating on Coral but that instant attraction tingle occurred from the moment a waitress gave them the pre dinner wine menu  in Milano’s, the family restaurant belonging to Ruby’s parents.  Simon thought names tags were one of the greatest inventions of all time for guys, along with the pill and the g-string.  He didn’t have to wonder who this cute chick was all-night, she was Kimberley. A brunette with longish hair tied back in a ponytail, cheeky lively blue eyes and kissable lips for sure. Shapely breasts, that matched her slender figure and the arse, it was the heart butt, the classic oval booty. He couldn’t as an architect himself or a wantabe Michelango in another life; have designed a better more impressive butt. This was awesome booty. The butt that makes you instantly think, I must spread those cheeks and on jailbait they are the most dangerous naturally formed feature in existence. However; Kimberley was clearly over twenty.  The heart bum is created by the slim waistline and experience told Simon it led naturally to g-strings and brazilians. Simon really liked Coral’s bubble butt, probably because her legs slightly parted and from behind and despite her fur carpet, her labia dangled just perceptibly, a true turn on. Careful thought Simon, Coral will bitch if your eyes stray too far tonight.  ‘We are here as a pair celebrating you, Simon’, he didn’t want Coral turning into a nagger like his mother.

He was however. sampling more of Kimberley in his mind than he was of the quality wine being proffered.  She had deliberately touched thigh to thigh while pouring his taste sample. Touch even through clothes has a sensual triggering mechanism between two people in all sorts of inappropriate locations. When you suspect desire is mutual, its electric. Here it was happening directly opposite the stunning Coral. Why were so many women so god damn tempting thought Simon? If the restaurant setting had been a private orgy he would have dogged Coral on the table instantly, while feeling up Kimberly from behind, between those sweet butt cheeks, getting to the heart of her femininity, then spreading her legs wide on the table, as the cutlery, dinner service, arranged flowers in their vase and the elegant matching salt and pepper dispensers went clattering and smashing to the floor as their cameo of carnality joined every other table in the venue. Not bad thought Simon for just another random mindless unfillable male fantasy. 

Kimberley was back now at their table to take their meal order; “Might I suggest our Seafood Antipasto or the Roasted Vegetables with cheese , both are appetite complimentary,designed to please “

Simon knew what would please his appetite, Kimberley; he wanted her in three courses right now. Breasts for entrée, we all love some foreplay.  Spread pussy for main and her ripe fresh virgin arse for dessert.  He would take Coral home for a second helping as well.  He was fully enjoying the direction of this fantasy and was about to …when...

“Simon, she has asked three times, what you want…where are you?”

Coral did sound like his mother occasionally.

Maybe there was some truth in that scary thought that you ended up with a woman like your mother, dating a younger version of her. Not physically, no Coral was stunning with her Goldilocks hair. It was her manner, occasionally that alarmed him.

“Whatever you suggest, is fine, Coral” said Simon.

While Coral ordered for both of them looking intently at the menu. Simon and Kimberly ‘made eyes ‘at each other, with Kimberly’s eyes then guiding Simon’s eyes across the room to the unisex toilets sign on the far right. Simon just gave the knowing smile. Kim gave ‘the look’ back. She knew he was intelligent, she just didn’t know how well hung he was, she had the intuition, big. Simon being a man had an unfair advantage, he knew what he was getting already, great arse, it was there and no tight fitting black work skirt could hide it. It could only accentuate her rear. One of his work colleges in a joke had recently referred to femarse as the ‘business class entry’; Simon had already upgraded this arse to first class.

The couple shared the palette tempting seafood antipasto. It was exceptional. Coral was pleasantly surprised when she saw Ruby come out of the kitchen prep area and over to her table carrying a bottle of wine.

“Hi honey…how was that…put it together myself …for you… and here …have this on me.”

Ruby placed a quality white on the table.

“Mmm…great…thanks Ruby…haven’t seen you about much since that reception at the surf club”

“We should catch up soon…share…have lunch together…” nothing salacious here. “ Cute boyfriend Coral” and she genuinely meant it as she headed back to the kitchen.

“She’s got some quality …something beyond that pixie face …but I can’t tell if it’s a positive or negative trait “said Simon directly to Coral.

And too himself; ‘Shit… what an alluring cute face … fuck... what  a body  to the babe, one hot  total package ,  like a beautifully proportioned classically retained facade on a new building project…but the inner woman…’  Even Simon’s usually undemanding covetous approach to any good looking woman …was sounding a warning …on this one…one of Odysseus’ Sirens.

“Yes… Ruby’s awesome and complicated …but lots of fun too” and Coral was left with a mass of ambivalent feelings …but willing to catch up with her friend soon.

For main course, Coral ordered a fettuccine infused with appealing spices, richly creamy and textured by flavoursome chicken and shrimp pieces. Simon had what Coral ordered for him, his favourite spaghetti with garlic mushrooms. It was a regional, authentic and a family inspired taste sensation. Sweet and uncomplicated but the supple pervading underlying herbs, made it mouth-watering. Still he had a more literal lip smacking treat in the toilets to look forward to and it was time to start nibbling.

Coral was well into her main course when Simon excused himself to the ‘little boys’ room.  He was in, easy enough, thinking what if Coral sees her follow me in, she will come over and it won’t be a threesome. However, as he spun to shut the door , Kimberley grabbed him by his tie and shirt collar, pushed the door shut with her other hand, had her tongue in his mouth and then just as speedily , his zip was down and his meat hanging. Kim wanted to know what she was working with in the next several minutes.

“Oh god…it’s huge” Kim was surprised. Simon was just smug, the lucky oversized bastard.

Whatever creates random attraction, it doesn’t stay random when the action begins. Bits of clothing stayed on, but were shabby and flapping. The excitement bits were all out and being groped. Kim was feeling the growth, even with both her hands joining in the process. Her hands were full. Still she wasn’t overwhelmed. She was a contemporary girl who understood where her own clit was and what it deserved both from her and others, when they were privileged to be in the immediate vicinity. She knew too how her booty was sexually refined and defining, a cock magnet, in its own right.  

The unisex toilets were well more than a toilet, significantly larger, more like a bathroom space and with handle rails for the infirm and elderly. Very handy for a toilet shag too. Very European though, super clear large mirrors , got to love a bidet and the tiled walls and tiled floor, very chic and completed with a stylish basin, granite countertops  and quality accessories like  brand name hand washes.The prospect ofsplashing jizz all over the place was slightly disrespectful; thought the designer in Simon as his cock was massaged quickly to its formidable dimension. He had a strange thought: he hoped Kimberley wasn’t a squirter. A gusher could be embarrassing here; still if she had the capacity, it would be awesome to see. Simon hadn’t experienced a gusher and was always on the lookout for it.

Rapid full throttle kissing and brisk welcomed breast fondling, with her tits poking out above her black lacey bra; then erect nipples signalled to Simon, Kimberley was receptive for the next stage of his plan. It was the architect in him and Kimberley was well, his current project.  The erection bit was already in place; Simon just needed to move into the creative space, her vacant lot and let his Artful Dodger loose on her receptive pussy.

He slid her black panties down around her knees; spun her around and flipped up her black skirt and took in her oval booty, so smooth, rounded and supple flesh.  He could have squeezed here all night, but time wasn’t on his side right now.  Coral was waiting. His cock wasn’t waiting for anything; it was already rubbing and nuzzling around Kim’s sopping glossy coochie.

Simon took the back view  in  quickly: she was one of those girls who was neither fully hirsute like Coral –shit Coral was out there sipping wine and delicately eating pasta …Here he was taking in  closely shaved ,silky manicured and  baby oiled skin ,no rash spots or three day reappearing growth here,  just a small pubic patch, neither here nor there , a strange bit of cropped hair just above her hood –not shaped –just there –like she was undecided about how to present herself –strange because she was all presentation with her labia right now , they were the focus. Stunningly unusual, yet labia always are a surprise packet. Kim’s were like a new-fangled Cathedral sketch pushing known design limits, her lips were nearly too cute, shaped like a crucifix. The apex was her hood, then two delicate petite wings and sweetly but sharply tapering to paired very narrow slits of flesh by the base of her opening.

Kimberley was expecting to be dogged; she just sensed this was Simon, as soon as she saw him at the table. She knew how to present her body for the man behind her. She raised one leg and placed it on the toilet. Simon was impressed, he had the full view of her stretched opening, his pounding cock doing what it did best, started long teasing deep thrusting. Simon also got to rim her cornhole and she was enjoying that. She had to cover her mouth to suppress her growing ‘mmm’  becoming grunts of pleasure.

Simon liked Kim’s pussy; it was shapely, wet, fulsome and tight. The Goldilocks just right tensile hold, just right for now, sweet fucking. There seemed something inappropriate, thinking Goldilocks, but Simon was too busy fucking to sort that one out.  She was bent over now, supporting her weight by holding the cistern, one foot on the bowl. Kim knew she was giving him the view and he appreciated her effort; she was equally excited by that, she got wetter, he pumped harder. Mutual input for mutual reward, its simple; a tried, tested and successful formula.

The physical connection was established, his penis, her vagina .The pleasure connection was built by the pushing of her buttocks backwards against his thrusting and meeting the hardness of his pubic area against her soft bottom. There was just the repeated pleasurable satisfaction of thrust after fucking thrust in her wet hole. She felt the lubrication, she felt his hardness, and she felt the moment sweeping through her growing in intensity. Every thrust was sweetness defined, light yet hard, defined in delight yet undefined in potential carnal rapture. The pace quickening, then relaxing, it slowed and was all edifying luxuriance. The sweet, sweet pleasure of self was being pleasured. The craving of the moment, just wanting endless thrusting, the measured sameness anticipated, the regular power strokes, greedy delight in each one. Then the unanticipated variation, a slower deeper thrust, then held at the edge, tantalising close to leaving her pussy vacant, an unacceptable proposition, ‘stay, stay’ was the thought. Then deeper again, pausing deep, her whole mound feeling fullness and shape, defined as a woman, the feminine wonder of holding within your flesh.

Kimberly couldn’t help herself and despite the danger started whispering, “Fuck my pussy… yes…fuck me… harder.”

Simon not having heard a woman articulate sexual desire so explicitly before was turned on, his control was waning fast. He thrust with increased vigour; long, hard and fast. The tempo of control was gone now; he was headed in one direction only. Kimberly was racing there too, her body either ahead or just behind him. The unknown vagaries of attempted mutual orgasm were in play.  Both were experienced enough and probably had the ability to hold and shape absolute sync explosions. However, the sheer intensity in the moment, the overwhelming need of self kicks in, this is for you first, ensure your own orgasm, too much thinking and it may be a opportunity missed. There was too much individual excitement here.

Kimberly pushed her butt cheeks back strongly into Simon, both hands now gripping the edge of the cistern; the waves of rippling pulsating pleasure were reaching a crescendo and then the contentment beyond any other pleasure in life; as she knew she would fully orgasm from this sexual encounter.  Not just have great sex which was always fine too. Maybe it was the excitement of the position; being dogged in a loo. Maybe it was the sinful thrill that his girlfriend was sitting metres away at a table sipping wine and waiting. Maybe it was the simple pleasurable friction, two young bodies locked in sexual motion, natures counterpoise of male and female, nothing more. A huge cock she decided was probably the main reason for a welling, growing, fast approaching super orgasm.

Her sexual concupiscence, the basic ‘hots’ was covetous for sustaining their gyrating genital greed as climax came to Kimberley like the effervescent fizzing bubbles in a carbonated drink, the equivalent to the rapid sparkling dispensation of mixed air and liquid as it tantalises your tongue and fizzy floats up your nose, and bubbles explode and cluster and separate in the same instance before your very eyes.  Here the chemical messages of the body tantalise within, bubbly and sparkly. Intensely vivacious, frothy and scintillating; fermenting mental delight from the mix of two bodies, the powerful hard cock thrusting and the gentle moist holding caress of a pussy. Flesh to flesh, irrepressible and zingy, holding the apex of pleasure in a single instance; and then splashing in waves through Kimberly’s body like a diver, hard and direct, plunging from the tower, straight to a perfect score. Then the rippling after waves through the water; ego enriched delight as a chemical surge went splattering uncontrollably through her body like scattered happy confetti at a wedding, in every possible direction.

It went through Kimberley’s heart, mind, soul and her centre of feminine welling, her womb and then bursting in her chest and quivering in her thighs. Culminating in several searing stabbing spasm of pleasure, in spiky spreading delight from the rapturously intense then lulling into drifting lingering pulses of purry satisfied carnal contentment that impregnated every erogenous recess of her bodily frame.

Simon had a full satisfying regular male orgasm, spurting happily into a frenzied excited moaning Kimberley. It was certainly sex worth remembering, it was exciting, dangerous and different. A male can ask for no more.

Coral was thinking where the fuck was Simon .She should have been more suspicious and thought where is Simon fucking? Still there was dessert to follow; homemade cassata. Coral wasn’t aware yet, that Simon had already had dessert.

Simon had that look on his face as he returned to their table; he had either completed that necessary overdue crap or had had sex. Coral dismissed the second option. Surely not here and anyway with whom? It wasn’t his office Christmas party. 

“That waitress is slightly tardy “said Coral, who had finished her main course a few minutes ago. “Isn’t it time we had dessert, Simon?”

“Yes...I’m really looking forward to it”…then he saw Kim make her exit from the loo. “I’m sure it will be here soon.”


“Cassata for two…enjoy…” followed as she cleared items from their table …”Can I put your  mains left over’s in a container for later, Sir” very formally from Kimberly.

“Yes” said Coral on his behalf.

As Kimberley’s butt was moving away again, Simon looked at it slightly differently than he had earlier in the evening. Maybe just for too long. Coral noticed his interest.

“It is cute", her comment caught Simon off guard. “It’s okay to say so…lush booty is sweet booty, Simon.”

“You think so…Coral… do girls look at each others butts?”

“Yes Simon…we appreciate fine architecture too” said Coral with a smirk. “Eat up…I have a surprise for you at my place.”

Simon took some pleasure from his dessert but his taste buds weren’t really into it. He was preoccupied like a toilet with the engaged sign up.

Strange to think thought Simon, as Kim cleared their table, what they had been doing just minutes ago.  She was focussed now on her job. It was like she had discovered what she had needed to uncover. She kept her eyes to herself, her hands to herself and by the looks of it, her mind to herself.

However, as she walked away, she gave the slight booty waggle to Simon, as Coral went to pay, her treat for Simon’s promotion. Simon thought, Kim whose pubes were so trim, why had she left one crumpled napkin on the table. A bit slack.  Simon absent minded, picked it up and it fell open; there was a phone number in the corner. Nice.  He looked quickly around the restaurant.  Kimberley gave him a smile as she sauntered back with some other tables plates.Simon was rapt in anticipation, the unknown future certain assignation.  

Coral was talking to Ruby's parents at the main counter.

Kim returned with his leftovers in a disposable food container. “Your doggy bag, Sir” and laughed.

Then there was Coral’s smile returning across the room. Shit he would need to call on reserve manpower later in the evening to satisfy Coral’s expectations. A guy’s reputation as ‘the player’, the ability to get it up and keep it up, two or three times in a long night session of passion was on the line here. He knew he had his work cut out.

Coral straightened his tie and they got ready to go.

Simon’s exiting thought was, too like my mother.

Whatever crafted sexual antics flourished around Coral’s pussy tonight, it wasn’t going to be doggy, Simon knew that much. He was already thinking of sculpting Kim’s pucker hole.

Coral left thinking she was shaping Simon’s life’s to hers.

Kimberley was left with a content pussy that had been fully shaped and the equally pleasurable thought; it would be again, very soon. She was confident Simon wanted more and he struck her as a guy who always came back for a second helping.

Ruby assisting in the kitchen had seen too much of the evenings antics, two go in the loo, and was looking forward to sharing some unwelcome gossip with Coral very soon.

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