Body Works

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A young mistress damages her sugar daddy’s car. Quick repairs come at the price of twice her own body’s capacity.

Well just what is a young mistress expected to do when her sugar daddy is away. Well and truly away with the Missus, actually on the other side of the Continent in Perth. A business transaction he said that needed the pretence of a family guy to seal the deal. Oh I was left with the run of the penthouse suite in Sydney but I needed some distraction as I wasn’t getting my usual pussy action and butthole satisfaction.

Shopping and catching up with the girls, yeah that would pass the time, well the daytime. I was going to get a cab but caught the glint of my absent sugar daddy’s bling car key ring. Hell I deserved the sports car I told myself and as quick as I rolled a condom on my guy I was burning up gas on the city streets.

It was an awesome summer day, the hood of the sporty little red number was down, the breeze of my movement was refreshing and I was a woman on a mission, of self indulgent enjoyment. Oh I shopped till my sugar daddy’s credit card took the ultimate buffeting, it was maxed out. Around five thousand dollars I hazarded a guess; well multiple shoes, bling and a great cocktail dress and shouting the girl’s lunch at the most recent Michelin star restaurant in town. But hey it was damage my sugar daddy could handle.

What he wouldn’t cope with was what happened next. I just wasn’t careful and damaged the left side car mirror reversing out of a tight underground space. Oh shit, I’d damaged his current baby. I knew I would have to get it repaired before he got back. There are in the end just a few things guys find it difficult to forgive even with pussy dangling over their faces.

Oh flippin’ heck, I’d maxed out the bloody card. I had no money. Yes I was a wastrel, a compulsive shopper and a duty-bound fucker; I was a pussy pamperer; a good combination actually. If I hadn’t been a kept woman I’d have been a high class call girl for sure. Think girl, think: there’s always a way out of a bind, even intense bondage, but I was getting distracted. Oh my daddykins, was an organised boy, surely he had car insurance. I phoned up.

Oh my viagra daddy had the full package alright, yes in his pants and for his sports car, but I wasn’t a nominated driver and he had no clause for anyone under twenty-one driving his car. It looked like I would have to return shoes or dress or bling. Well I was about to do that when I saw a Bodyworks, with a sign board advertising express repairs. Yes that was what I needed, an express solution like the morning after pill dealing with a broken condom. I was a calculating girl and would only return what I had to of my shopping to cover the necessary repairs.

The Bodywork’s shop I realised was down a lane, from the road sign, it was way below my usual haunts; the alley walls graffiti ridden. However, I steeled myself and was also cranking up the charm. I was a woman on a mission to cover up her ‘fucking mistake’.

A guy who was no doubt reasonable or even better when he was scrubbed up, but he had on paint splattered greased overalls and three days growth on his face, not my type usually, was looking over a vehicle outside the workshop. God the wrench he was carrying was big. Yeah I’m a randy young tart, I was making phallic associations. I was about to get out of the sports car, when another dude came out of the workshop, taller and extremely rugged, basically fucking good looking, very instantly fuckable and my own private spark plug in my lacey knickers was ignited.  I had that feeling that coming here was not going to a fucking mistake.

Of course my great legs were on display as I got out of the car. I could see the pair of them doing an assessment. Not on the damage to the side mirror, but me.

“Well miss” said the rougher looking one, “hardly needs fixing, but it’s a pity such a fine machine isn’t pristine, eh”

‘Yeah pristine, it doesn’t match your faultless chassis, that’s for sure” added the one who was giving my body goose- bumps and my pussy a tingle. Okay, so I was heading wayward mistress in my sugar daddy’s absence. Still as my grandmother had rightly said; no one missed a slice off a cut loaf.

“Guys I need it fixed and fixed fast” I blurted out.

“Oh we can fix you fast, for sure, right here, right now” said the taller one, his thumbs in his side pockets. So relaxed the cocky bastard.

The swarthy untidy dude was at the same time suggestively running his fingers along the wrench.

“Oh while I wait” I exclaimed with guilty satisfaction. Daddykins needn’t know anything.

“I doubt you wait for anything” said the tall guy, his hands now deep in his pockets.

“True” I said enjoying flirting with the sure prick. I liked certainty, like I liked my sex, very regular.

“Well we will need payment up front” said the darker dude shaking the wrench.

“Oh I understand” I said, then went, “Oh shit, I’ve maxed out my card...I came to get a quote.”

“Oh an estimate” said the big larrikin and he ran his big hand under his strong jaw, “I’d say half an hour, if we both give you our full attention and I’m sure we can work out a fast payment plan.”

Now I’m a savvy chick and got the full gist of his dirty double entredre. I was fully aware of what this situation was going to cost me and I didn’t hesitate as it was wholly cost effective. I was going to keep all my shopping and get well; a much needed shag into the bargain.

I was decidedly filthy as I replied, “Maybe it will take an hour, what’s the rush boys?”

“So, you want the deluxe detailing, no problem and so do I” and he whipped out a gorgeous nearly erect cock, oh my, his hand had been busy in his pocket.

Well if there’s one thing I can’t resist, it’s a good looking pecker, oh yeah, the attraction of my sugar daddy. Well a stiff prick is a beautiful thing in my hand and even more so in my mouth, and the tall dudes cock was quickly there. Virile, taut , the whole goddamn package, he had a frickin mouth filling girth, a great seven and a bit inches of male prime meat; a compellingly sexy knob to suck off. I was sucking happily.

The swarthy dude came at me from the side; oh fuck he had it, a frickin schlong, a horse cock, eight, maybe nine inches and dangly balls, real danglers, and suddenly I had two cocks competing for my attention. Well I kept sucking off the tall guy and I was working the dirty dude with the mammoth cock with my hand. Gripping his shaft and tugging it. Very enjoyable for him, very exciting for me.

Now I’m a go get it lass when it comes to pecker, but suddenly I had two meat monsters nuzzling into my mouth. I mean I was over full and struggling not to gag. But I got a rhythm going of sucking off one, then sucking off the other, not too long on each, not too long a pleasure gap and enough of a tease to get them both really pre-cum primed.

Then it hit me, the Oh sweet mother of Mary moment, just where were the filthy pair of salvia glistening dicks going next. But before I had a chance to get a chassis altering experience, I thinking this was my DP moment, it took a wickedly grubby turn. One arsehole was licking out my pussy on his knees and the other cunt was licking out my arse crack on his knees. Talk about girl empowerment, my body the centre of the workshop. Talk about deluxe detailing. The tall guy had my arse, the actual grubbier prick, though his overalls were cleaner. The swarthy guy was licking me out like my pussy was teflon. So tacky silky slick under his rummaging tongue. The other grub was rimming deep into my butt crack. The wetter my arsehole got the deeper my pleasure and excitement grew. And as the pair started getting their fingers in my butthole and coochie at the same time, my body bliss was divine.

Then the lewd pair lifted me and deposited me face down but arse up on an old sofa seat just inside the workshop. My dress up over my back, my panties yanked down. My arse crack at their dual mercy. I thought, Oh hell, I was being double anal creamed? They had stripped off their overalls and my dress and panties and bra were somewhere on the workshop floor.

The big monster cock was cramming, squeezing into my arse. Burrowing, ferreting in, trying to find that space we both needed for full anal enjoyment. Oh fuck he was big and my arse just wasn’t relaxing. Maybe he was too big for my petite but needy bum. But the tall guy was moving around me and he was shoving his cock in my mouth. Well that took my attention for the moment and my arsehole of its own volition relaxed and I nearly gagged on cock for the first time in my life, understandably because boy was my arse super filled. I mean I felt my rim circle nearly ache under the pressure of its filling, yet the stiffness now moving in and out of me, wow it was big, I could feel the heaviness. I could feel the demands it was making on my rear tunnel. I could hear the bastard’s anal cock straining groans, as he worked his pecker in an ungiving, yet giving space. I felt strangely like my butt was on the point of bursting, yet capable of taking his horse cock bulk deeper, into my bowels. And the bugger pushed his cock there and I yelped in pleasure bordering on the cusp of not knowing what my arse was capable of really holding.

I said I nearly gagged but I held my skill level. I was a fucking slut cock champion. I was having it all. Nothing was going to get the better of me, not one cock or two. Well that was till they double positioned themselves. The taller guy under me, now taking my relaxed arse. His seven inches felt like heaven. Oh he was big, but the other sod had ploughed me open. I was totally anally sex relaxed now and was being pile driven by the cock beneath me. The swarthy guy obviously wanted my open sexy pouty pussy. Hell, I winced, bracing myself for a DP. But the sod went three fingers straight into my cock begging shaved slit.

My arse was savouring cock. My pussy too was adjusting to a bevy of four fingers from the outrageous animal, above me. Geez he had the speed going, it was a great finger fuck. I was so wet. I was squelching out moisture and it was seeping down my perineum to lube my arsehole, which was really enjoying an amazing anal buggering now.

My pussy was like a carnivorous orchid, needing meat. I was about to tell the swarthy bastard to DP me, but the tall guy under me, went arse to pussy, the dirty dick. In my sexual heat I embraced it. My tight girly masterpiece finally assuaged, only my clitty needing some male attention for my orgasmic finale. My sweet enclosing encasing pussy wetness and my desire to be fucked was so evident. I was moaning. The guy under me groaning. My enjoyment was so clear, clearer than it had been for a long time. I was in absolute bodily pleasure being taken by a jacking cock, prising up into me.

“Oh you filthy bastard” I exclaimed, and then the sensation reduced me to a primal trashy slut, as I was about to be double vaginally penetrated. I mean I was full, yet a big fat cock was joining the cock pounding into me from below and my pussy somehow found a space for a second dick so easily. Geez a pussy has power and I was lost in mine’s overwhelming capacity to give me unexpected new delight.

“Oh Shit” I went as I was doubled dicked in my cunt.

Cock grinding into me from below. Cock tunnelling into me from above. God knows what the grubby bastards felt against each other in me, I had the dual filling, and geez it was intensely pleasurable. It was actually a roughshod treatment of my girly space but I couldn’t work out why it was so damn satisfying. I suppose it was like beating out panels on a car, from the rough handling, perfection emerges. I was fuckin climax bound. The guys were animal grunting in wild bestial pleasure. My pussy was cock dominated. Fuck the double girth was insanely good. My vag walls were really appreciating the extra filling. My g-spot too was unexpectedly brought into play by the bottom cock being squashed down by the top cock. My pussy basically was over stimulated. My clitty as well was getting pounded too by the pelvis pressing down on me. I was getting the full body works.

Sensational delight. Unreal pussy capacity. Fantastic tight pressure.

“Orrhgh” I repeated, I was a goner.

My eyes were rolling around unfocussed. My breathing was reducing to panting. My pussy was convulsing with amazing contractions. I couldn’t believe that three people could make so much sexual noise. Loud Grunting. Deep Groaning. Thick Moaning. Then howls of male prowess in the cum release below me and a near baying of male smut authority above me, as my pussy was double flooded with jizz wads. Warm gooey male cream was leaking and seeping out everywhere between my legs just at the point where I had the mother of all femclimaxes and believe you me, the last thing on my mind was car repairs....

Well my sugar daddy’s car was ready to collect the next day. However, as I entered the lane, I was fully prepared for those two exciting but crass smash repair buggers because I had a nice soft butt plug already up my arse. These two guys still owed me a DP.


Submitted: June 23, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Janus. All rights reserved.

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