Being Male Mounted

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Penny is treated as one of the boys when it comes to mountain bike trails. A lycra tear across her sweet arse cheeks, hill climbing, changes how the guys look and treat her.

I knew Adrian was staring at my arse.  I suppose that was his forward view basically. My butt propped high in the air, pushed out, my gluteus maximus defined by pulsating thigh work. I was all posterior from behind and a fair bit of uninhibited unlady like grunting as I really exerted myself.  He was probably enjoying that.  My two well rounded back spheres were working very hard in the immediate instance. My arse was basically assisting me in my ever upward quest. It was hard work but nicely exhilarating.

Fuck mountain biking is a tough but exciting pursuit. My rump was high off the seat as my legs worked the pedals with precision and I again lowered the gear ratio on a difficult, tricky, rocky patch of our ascent.

Only my stretched tight black lyrca was stopping Adrian from viewing too much personal detail between my legs and surely crashing if he thought about the delight between my cute rear cheeks too much. I had learnt not to wear knickers that chaffed a fair while ago when on extended rides.  In my pro status quest: it was only lyrca and skin and layering on a good spread of chamois cream around my thighs, in my butt crevice and camel toe folds. Yes I learnt from experience that my private pleasure diva travelled better on a bike seat, bald.

I guess its way more of a feely rub and cover for a guy around his private gear with the anti chaffing cream on a track that will take experienced riders like us; three hours to negotiate before our planned lunch break. I was thinking about today’s organiser; Richard...Richie...Dick...his cock...easy mental steps.

I was missing a bit of fantasy distraction as ultra competitive Richie; leader of our trio today was way ahead of Adrian and me. Up to ten minutes ago I was perving on Richard’s butt in front of me on the track. He was now way ahead and showing off and pushing his skills to the limit. He certainly had a fit tush. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on his butt as his cock I imagined was thrusting into me. I would be grabbing his tight cheeks and pushing his body as far and fast into myself as I could force him. Problem was Rich was engaged, three weeks out from a wedding and only looked at me as a riding companion.

Adrian probably wanted me but I didn’t fancy him at all. It’s usually like that; the guy you want is focussed on another chick and the guy who wants you...well you just don’t see him as attached to a cock. He’s a friend: full stop. So my coochie was shiny and shaved, though currently well greased; but it was not receiving a lot of attention recently except from my fingers and at the present moment, grinding into a bike seat; where my soft parts  were occasionally banging, on the difficult stretches of the range track we intended to traverse.

As the track suddenly got steeper, windier, narrow and root knotted: I was really concentrating on technique. It was rougher; but because it was hot and dry the grip was excellent, but I was really stretched up from my saddle pushing forward. I knew I shouldn’t have repaired some small seam loose stitching myself, last night, but I had. No problem until I heard the big rip. I knew it was the seam over my butt crack: full on lyrca failure. I could feel the fresh air on my arsehole. It was quiet welcome actually but super embarrassing.

If Adrian’s eyes had been locked on the track and not my arse before the rip; I knew they were not any more. He had the male rider’s fantasy as reality; femarse crack poised and pouting in front of him

I kept looking ahead for a spot to pause. A patch of more level ground to stop on.

I heard Adrian swear behind me and the grating skidding of loose stones as he came to a rough stop. He obviously didn’t have his eyes on the track.

I found a reasonable but not ideal spot to halt.  It was damage assessment time. Though I was concerned enough to look back to see how Adrian was before checking my own awkward rip.

I burst out laughing. There was Adrian’s pecker flopping loose where he had ripped his lyrca, stretching to a grinding rough halt as a result of watching my arse and not the ground in front of him.

He was smiling and was actually half erect and said; “You think you’re getting an unexpected eyeful. God your pink ring was basically winking at me.”

Put so expressively; I tried to picture what he had seen of my butt hole and was finally sympathetic to his distraction.

Adrian bent down to check his bike but his cock was flagpole rising between his legs.

I decided to take a peek between my own legs at the size of my rip. I bent down for a look. It was sizeable and no doubt plenty more of me had been presented with my arse high off a bike seat.

I looked up to check Adrian checking his bike. The perv had instead been looking at me checking the tear between my thighs. Boys eyes typically staring in one direction.

I actually wasn’t doing any better. Adrian had a full erect boner from watching me and my eyes were naturally drawn to his primed manhood.

“Well what the frick do we do, just stand here and look at each other?” I eventually said.

“We could use my Swiss Army Knife, Penny to cut off a sleeve and use it to stuff the gaps” Adrian said usefully.

“Maybe in a few minutes “I added “I think there’s something else you need to stuff first.”

I got really naughty and pushed my puffy crinkly pussy flaps out the lyrca hole.

Well Adrian went as stiff as I have ever seen a cock and even I have to admit it was a damn fine combination; my usually private wet glistening pinkies in the sun on a shiny black lyrca background. Got it love it when the synthetic and the natural world gel.

Adrian didn’t even bother to prop his expensive bike. It hit the track just before his fingers hit my pussy and my tongue hit his mouth and my hand wrapped around his cock and started tugging his heated meat. Boy was he aroused. I’m just trying to deflect attention from my own super stimulated state of excitement. I was randy as hell and wanted his dick in me immediately.

My gashy opening was releasing moisture and fabricating intense desire in the same instance. Adrian’s cock was juicy and ready as his pecker head released a decent smear of precum.

“I want you” he whispered in my ear but I was already turning around because that lyrca hole had a purpose after all.

“Fuck you, Orrgh , you prick, “I got out as Adrian stabbed hard, then fast and really deep.

He set up a rapid intense pumping and thrusting as I nearly over balanced on the track. I was leaning forward holding my own legs below my knees to increase the pleasure and depth of his cock angle.

I spread my legs wider and got a secure footing and grabbed my ankles as low as I could. Adrian was engaged in what was likely to be a male quickie if he didn’t pace himself. He was so into himself being in me he wasn’t even thinking of my slower but sure orgasm that was getting closer too.

The prick spilt his load into my pussy and groaned in full self satisfaction. I mean it was good but was over quick.  I was still lacking the full self indulgent buzz. Don’t get me wrong; my pussy was one happy hole. It had been a while and well it looked like that was it. My unexpected classic fuck on the track; gone in a speed finish. Screw cocks having no immediate second wind.

I was about to stand up as Adrian withdrew his softening cock.

Suddenly my pussy got the surprise of its twentieth year. A full girth teasing cunt pleaser. A new cock that was toying around my opening; then in an inch, then two. Nicely very shallow and pressing about and then really filling an already velvety cummed space.

“Bet you like the second one, more than the first, eh Penny”, it was Richie.

He must have doubled back realising we were really lagging behind him.

I was really moaning now, actually way closer to unfeminine grunting. Boy was my previously nearly satisfied pussy now sensationally happy. My whole body was relishing the delightful tingles of sweet, sweet girly orgasmic delight.

Rich could tell I was having a long breathtaking climax. Fuck I was flushed, fuck I was loud and fuck I would have toppled over, if he wasn’t holding my hips so powerfully.

I wanted to relax and get my breathe back. I wasn’t actually thinking Richie wasn’t male finished yet.

The dirty dog was way off finished as he dug one and then a second finger into my cute tight arsehole lubricating my butt crack with the juices dripping from my sodden coochie.

“Oh bastard...yeah...yeah...oh fuck...” was all I managed as I lost my anal virginity, being male mounted, on a mountain bike track. My body and especially my pucker ring lost in an over aroused startling super tight sensation.

The bastard plugged me really deep with his fat cock and he just kept the tempo going and going till he told me:

“Bitch, I’m going to cream your arse” and he did. And I was so happy; I just embraced it and loved it.

I didn’t feel skanky or dirty with cum dripping out of both my holes. I felt amazed and was in awe of my body for delivering up the pleasure goodies to me. My mind was so calm as it realised: girl you really got all of Rich and everywhere in you too.

Poor Adrian was patching his pants. A real third wheel in the immediate moment.

Richard tore one sleeve off his top and offered it to me to stick inside my lyrca shorts.

“It’s the best I can offer” he said

“No” I replied, “You have already done way better.”

Rich just smiled.

I suggested Adrian take the lead up this section of the trail. He accepted. He needed ego boosting.

Rich looked at me unsure whether he should move off next or bring up the rear looking at my rear or whether he should be the gentleman and not look at my obvious wet patch now stuffed between the torn lyrca.

He was getting ready to move off but waited to see what I would do. He left me the option of being in front of or behind him.

The choices were obvious to me too. I could pretend to be demure and perv on Richie’s bum till our lunch stop or drive Rich insane by poking my arse back in any sexy, tantalising or wriggling way  as close to his face as I could all the way to the crest of the range.

Well what do you think I chose to do?


Submitted: June 13, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Janus. All rights reserved.

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I'm a Mountain Biker and that was all my fantasies in one short story haha ...Deliciously told ...Nice one !!

Fri, June 16th, 2017 5:12pm

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