Be Fucked or Be Fired

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Ms Jayde Collins knows how the office world really works; of course she chooses to be fucked over being fired.

It was very straight forward as it unfolded. So goddamn sexist. So frickin friggin typical of a male power play dominated workplace. Every rule broken and then some more in every known employee’s code that on paper protects young women from predatory males in the workplace.

I knew before I went in the big boss’s son’s office on the top floor I was in job security freefall. He was the employment manager. Well what a laugh he was also the secretary pussy manager: as I had heard. A real sod too at the hiring and firing.

It was brutal in every way as I entered his office and later as he entered me.

It started with: “Sit down Ms Collins...Ms Jayde Collins...isn’t it?”Rhetorical bull dung.

Of course he knew who I was; he had my bloody personnel file open in front of him. Twenty years of age, with the company since college, mmm, yes, two years ago. Status: single.

I took the chair opposite his big shiny polished Blackwood executive desk. The only thing on it: his laptop. The prick was swivelling on his plush huge leather exec seat and looking me up and down.

Well I knew I was fine. Good looking actually, really frickin good in bed but hey this dude wasn’t getting my goodies. My dark hair in a neat pony tail. My tailored company suit, tight at the waist, my skirt as short as allowable and my bust: well no tailored top could hide its copious shape.

He gave me a moment to cross my legs. My staff meeting habit I suppose. But it actually reveals more thigh.

“I’m not going to sugar coat this .Your performance review was lousy and you have a simple choice right now: be fucked or be fired”, it rolled off his tongue easily: the prick.

“Oh I choose the fuck” I said, getting up and walking around his desk. Oh Mr Sean Peterson would more than want to keep me in the building by the time I had finished with him.

I had no mental qualms: as I rapidly said in my head: Fuck my apartment mortgage, screw my credit card debt and shaft my arrears with my car payments: so close to repossession. And now some dick wanted to take my job.

I gave him a job instead. I loosened my hair and had my lips doing a job on his released cock. His head was quickly back groaning. His cock head in my mouth. I knew cock. I knew male head. I sucked his cock how he didn’t realise it actually needed to be sucked till right now. I could have blown him away and had him spurting like a frickin whale: yeah I was that good. Not as good at company accounts but hey I was skilled as a woman where it counted. Really counts.

It’s simple really: I just released the animal in me over a cock head.

“Oh My God”: was all he managed before grunting and groaning: my work ethic with cock was first class.

I kissed his cute aroused tip. I licked under his glans. His male sensitive spot, where a guy will promise you everything but it was my hands cupped around his balls and shaft base and licking slowly from the base to the top, over and over, that started to save my job.

Then with his shaft in my mouth after the expected ups and downs, my tongue was twisting and twirling around his cock in my flexi accommodating mouth. My lips shaped to his shaft. His balls sucked and licked too. Then I just tugged him, better than he could do himself because I had slender girly fingers for my cock massage and nails to gently scratchy tease his pecker and balls.

Of course I eventually took his cock deep, so frickin deep. He just gasped. And gasped. He was ready to fire. He was ready to fuck. Be fucked and fire: he was getting both.

I let him strip me like he was removing a wrapper from a candy. And boy was I candy bar made to be licked. I gave him my tits. My beautiful big generous tits. I guided his pecker between my tits. I could see the arsehole had never had the pleasure of a titty fuck and his stiffness wrapped between two awesome girly funbags.

My pussy was his next play zone, across his large desk. The smooth polished surface of the wood, stunning and magnificent: but it was nothing compared to my exposed shaved girly bits. Yeah I had a pussy to die for. Shapely intriguing uneven lips, no slit symmetry, no butterfly shape; just a big lip and a small lip and a popper of a clit. The sort of delicate impelling flesh guys don’t usually get to see; so special: so me and loaded with my womanly scent, a musky perfume released on cue for him.

Of course the brash sod went lick crazy. I was wet so easily. My big clit made it straightforward for me to get it off in the girly moan zone. And to give him credit, the animal knew what to do between my thighs. I knew how to press my cunt into his face for his enjoyment and mine too. As his fingers wandered to play with my arse I was fine. He was a high-quality back crack manipulator.

It was however, time though to assert womanly control. The world is a girls through her pink oyster. I guide him onto the desk. I poise my open pussy over the tip of his penis. I play with his cock head at my wet opening. I drove him pussy needy crazy. Then I rode him. Squatting over his manhood. He has the luxury of watching his cock be treated as a god. I speared down on his cock. My tightness shaping him, ball deep. I rose off his pecker, shaping it, tugging it upwards with my tightness, arching slightly back, for the delicious angle of fulfilment for self and his best view of my treats.

I moan like a she wolf, near animalistic howls, the sod Sean likes it. Oh he imagined screwing me, the prick, probably even taking my arse but he never imagined this; his cock on the rollercoaster ride of a lifetime, spearing sheafed, drawn pussy upwards, enveloped in girly fluid frictional wetness. God I’m good. God I feel good and this guy is going to burst his balls for sure, if I keep going at this pace.

I’m off him, his pole so glistening male rigid. Still ready for more. He’s thinking my arse and he’s right.

He was thinking the table I suspect, bending me over it, and dogging my arse.

I lead him to the huge expansive window viewing Sydney harbour and city, storeys below. I press into the glass. I allow him to press into me from behind. I raise one leg so he can ply my arsehole with his fingers. Do his dirty best at prepping my needy slut whore crack.

I spread my legs, triangled out, my arms triangled up, pinned to the glass like a specimen but he’s only interested in licking my arse. My sweety, sweet arsehole being pampered by his tongue. My tightness giving just a bit as its tongue spoilt. He gets his tongue tip right in my butt hole. My hands squeak smudge down the huge glass pane but my spit smeared arse dominates me.

He lifts my leg and he pushes into me. My body squishes against the plate glass. Fuck he’s good, a dedicated anal prober of the highest echelon. He inches in. He inches in. I feel the delectable strain at my opening, so intense. Then my arse holds cock, is filled with cock, and is moving in a pattern of shared pushing with arse cock lust.

“Fuck my arse harder you prick” I demand: “Fuck my arse as hard as you can.”
Well of course a guy wants to hear this and he ram raided my arse; but I could take it.

He had me side on to the window. I was rag doll bent over, my legs tight together making our joining the best possible squeeze,  hard stiffness trapped  in my tight unyielding arse. Flesh giving pleasure to two: in unsustainable waves.

I was fully arse fucked as Sean fired his jizz load in my happy butt...

The rest was very straight forward too. Sean gave me a thrice weekly review which I always passed; in his office. Monday for a head job. Wednesday my pussy and Friday, yeah make him wait and appreciate it: my arse. My car was mysteriously fully paid off.

Yeah workplace stalking took on a new name: ME: as I got access to Sean’s old man’s office: the big boss:  and as I walked in fully naked I said:

“Mr Harold Peterson, meet your new female Senior Executive.”

The old bastard talked business after the best pussy and arse he had had in years.

Oh he only needed me on Thursdays.

Tuesdays well, I alternated between the new young temp girls and the dealers on the fourteen floor.

Always telling anyone I met: “Fuck me or be fired.”

People like to fuck...yeah everyone actually likes to fuck.


Submitted: August 02, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Janus. All rights reserved.

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Aurora M. Soleado

Wow....coherent, sexually arousing, devious, sexist...loved it! It's always nice to see the woman in control. Wiggle that ass, turn that clock a certain way and you've got all the control you want, baby.

Fri, August 4th, 2017 5:03am

Lis Cas

This is fucking fantastic!

Tue, August 15th, 2017 12:07am

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