Appraising the Cheerleader

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A step daddy really knows how to fully appraise a slutty petite cheerleading step-daughter

My new cheer squad routine wasn’t shaping well from my mind to the physical performance. Between the ideal and the reality, yeah TS Eliot, English and cheering crossing paths in my mind; lies...

I mean I looked good in the full length mirror in my room, practicing alone; getting ready to present to my squad tomorrow; dressed in my cute cheer uniform, but it wasn’t gelling. It didn’t feel right.

Mmm, I thought, just like college guys, you see their big erect burgeon hard ons and think, wow, this is the ideal perfect cock that will deliver and they go, well they just go, haywire, in a premature ejaculation, probably my fault, my body is too hot or the dude delivers a few quick strokes in my warm tight pussy and its back to reality, the reality that college boys aren’t experienced enough, no staying power. Perpetual disappointment to date.

I was having doubts. I thought my moves were looking cheesy, hackneyed, very unoriginal and lacking genuine authenticity. I wanted the WOW factor, the je ne sais quoi cheer moment, when all eyes were on me. But it was proving as elusive as a quality orgasm with a young guy. Oh, don’t worry, I was looking after my own climaxes very nicely, but I really needed a dude to get me off, push me to my limits like a perfect split lift. You know the cheer move, the one that makes guys getter boners in the stands. It’s my signature move:  I’m straddled with a girl on each side of me; holding my thigh and ankle and behind me; my back base team mate, well holding my butt in a straddle sit. It turns me on and I think it turns back base Hailey on too, I’ll find out one day. Fuck am I flexible, boy can I spread my cute legs. I’m all visual eye candy. So splayed and excited in a split lift, I always get slightly moist between my hidden girly lipettes. God can I keep my legs straight. No sag anywhere and my back so straight. No stray pubes to excite the letches either. I’m preened, plucked around the edges and nicely manicured between my legs as I display my puffy camel toe.

I desperately needed some appraisal. Someone to assess my new moves and deliver a judgment on me. Yes, I could take constructive criticism because I was cheer perfection. Somehow, I kept coming up with the ideal moves but I sensed today my timing was slightly off. Perceived failure was making me tense. I needed an evaluation of my proposed routine. Problem was I was home alone.  My mum, a cheer diva in the late eighties, still had a good eye for what pushed the slutty cheer limits without crossing into the unacceptable. I wasn’t so sure about her eye or taste when it came to my new step-daddy of three months. Mum was enamoured of him, I was withholding judgment on ‘Jacob Darling’. Basically, we steered clear of each other.

I was flushed and sweaty. I actually looked liked I had just panted the living daylights out of my body in a beautiful orgasm. I needed a cool drink. I needed to rethink, tweak the moves and oh well, get feedback from my team tomorrow. I bounded down the stairs and burst into the kitchen. Oh you know; excessive youthful energy and a huge house to yourself. Then I was stopped in my tracks.

“Oh Petrina” said my step-daddy Jacob , enjoying the clinking swish of what looked like a double scotch on the rocks, his tie loosened and his top few shirt buttons undone, revealing plenty of previously unseen chest hair. “You’re home.”

“You’re home” I said, repeated like a dumb echo. Well I was surprised; he was never ever home this early.

He looked like he was on his second or third drink. Must have been a rough business day I’d guess. He was relieving his tension with drink. Mine was still coiled.

“Practicing” he said, but still giving me the careful but clearly deceitful step-daddy eye lust rove.

But I was a big girl at a just tender eighteen and understood his male cheating. He’d look, he wouldn’t ever touch. I loved playing the slitch but wasn’t now.  I knew my allure; my rich sapphire blue cheer skirt was so thigh high and my matching top so womanly bust defining and my brunette mane was in an outrageously high pony tail and well yeah; I had my still flushed workout complexion and my fluttering Carolina blue eyes.

I innocently, yes truly I wasn’t flirting. I just wanted a cheer routine appraisal, nothing more and before I realised just how raunchy and cock tempting this was going to be for my step-daddy; I blurted out; “Yes practicing and I need a look over desperately.”

Well you know, I meant look over, as in a review of my moves, not a look over my bodily assets, that eye candy state was a given at half time in the upcoming weekend game, from a safe distance.

“Oh I’ll look you over” said Jacob swigging his scotch, hardly believing my words and reading everything suggestive and lewd and sexual into them. I saw the dirty look in his eyes.

Of course I blushed. God he was my step-daddy and had to be close to fifty. I mean he was in shape I jabbered and stammered; “Oh, I need you to watch my cheer moves...give me the full appraisal.”

Geez, I really wasn’t choosing my words carefully in my rushed desire to have any one give my new routine feedback.

“Sure” said Jacob, then gulped down the remains of his whiskey and added, “Here, Now?”

“I think the lounge” I said, “I need some space for my high kicks” and off I went quickly with Jacob following me at a safe distance, or so I thought.

With my step-daddy safely on the longue, I stood in front of him and started my routine; building from the basics to the proposed finale, a bit like working from foreplay through to a climax, you understand.

I hit a series of high V’s, my arms stretched up, my breasts rising up with me too. Elbows locked, wrists perfectly aligned. This was followed by sweeping low V’s, a dagger routine and a great touchdown thrust. All this was getting me worked up again into a normal sweat.

Jacob was watching, very interested, he looked hot, though probably for a different reason. Oh guys. I really should have waited till mum came home. She had an eye for the moves. Jacob was bloody perving, the bastard. What sort of appraisal could I expect from him?

As I did a couple of cartwheels I knew he was crotch focused the prick. I paused to get my breath back and do my bend back. My arms were back against my ears, my hands flat on the carpet and pointing back towards my toes. My legs were spread nicely balanced apart, my hips pushed forward and I a great curve through my back.

I realised Jacob was getting a front row camel toe view. I wondered whether I should hold the position or move on quicker. Time to keep the prick on task, I went for quick. I bounced up. I saw his tie was off. He was seated forward on the sofa, his legs apart. Yeah he was watching me closely alright. I should have stopped, was this really the time to do high splits, toes to finger tips in front of my step daddy without mummy in the house. Silly focussed me; I was in the zone. I was ‘cheering’. My step daddy should have kept his composure but he had a different sort of appraisal in mind.

“Great” he said, “Just great...but bend over and wriggle your butt.”

I mean I should have run up the stairs, backed way off or slapped the sod but he reached out and got my hips. Two big firm hands on my hips and spun me around. Well I let him.

My arse, which was safely covered by my blue cheer knickers, was suddenly nuzzled into by his face. God it felt good.

He pulled me down onto his lap, with my legs spread. His hand feeling through my panties to my girly mound. It felt better than good. I murmured in satisfied approval. I loved my pussy getting attention.

The total prick put his hand down the front of my panties and all I could do was mouth, “Oh fuck...oh yeah...oh fuck.”

My breathing was intensifying. I was enjoying myself. He upped the pressure getting a finger in my wet slit and my legs were writhing and my body was gyrating with intensified young womanly pleasure.

“Oh yeah, oh fuck, uugh uh, uh mmm, oh my god yes, yes, yes, yes” Well he found my so sensitive clitty and worked it to perfection.

I was eased back onto the sofa, my tight panties yanked off and my sweet little tight nicely manicured slit was assaulted by a pair of his probing flexible fingers. Rapid pushing and spreading of my teenage tightness. I was watching, enjoying with repeated expletives the expanding satisfaction my pussy was giving me so easily and quickly.

I wanted cock and the filthy sod who was my step-daddy wanted his throbbing hard cock knob in my warm welcoming accommodating mouth. I took him deep in my mouth so easily. I knew I was a tart. Now my step daddy did too. I took him ball deep as he relaxed back on the sofa giving me full play with his manly pecker. My hands in turn playing along his shaft, confident he wasn’t going to spill out before he had fucked me. I enjoyed working his hard cock tip with my lips, my tongue and the opening of my throat.

He eased me onto the sofa to remove my top and sports bra. Squeezing my big boobs and licking my hard pink nipples in turn. He left my cheer skirt on. His shirt and pants were off too.

He was back on the sofa urging me on top of him.

“God that cheer skirt is a turn on “he said.

My legs were spread to ride his cock. His hardness sweeping into my pussy in a series of quick jabs of quality thrusting that opened my pleasure hole to its accommodating best. I rode dick. I arched up off his cock. I let my body press down the length of his shaft. I was enjoying the ongoing repeated action. I finally had a cock that would bring me to an orgasm. I just knew it.

I was mouthing off in waves of sweet female intense sexual pleasure. I was on a boner and was enjoying each impaling jab. The rhythm of our bodies was creating a bonding need for the pleasure principal to keep escalating.

“Oh fuck my little pussy, oh fuck my tight pussy, harder, oh fuck, you love my pussy don’t you, yes, oh yes” I went as Jacob took control of my arse and raised my body up and down off his cock. Sweet, sweet waves of bodily flesh craving churned and channelled through my pussy and my mind.

He had me off his rod and my legs spread open on the sofa. He stabbed into my spread pussy and at the same time his fingers worked my hard now super sensitive clitty.

“Oh fuck, oh yes, oh fuck, oh, oh, oh yes, oh, oh, oh” from me as he gave my girly region the double pleasure sensation. My pussy filled. My clit assuaged flawlessly. 

There was nowhere else for me to be except in orgasm land, but the dastardly sod wasn’t done yet. He urged me up into a doggy position. I knew the concept but had never experienced this position. Boy was I ready. Between my ideal and the reality, in my mind, well it became a sensational fucking. My little arse felt so vulnerable, my pussy defenceless, susceptible to my step daddy’s every whim. He jammed his cock into my pussy from behind. I loved the sensation immediately. So open and bodily exposed compared to riding a cock or seeing a cock tunnel into you between your legs. I had a feeling this was a position purely about the sex. Purely about the feel and I took it. My pussy like a sluice of flesh giving, giving, even though I couldn’t see it. But man oh man could I feel it, my pussy a complete entity in itself delivering copious femenjoyment.

I was base filth by now in my guttural utterance, just swooning ‘ooh’s’ and ‘mmm’s’ of pleasure. I mean I couldn’t ask for any more. I knew my orgasm was approaching fast. Then he did what I suppose a mature guy will do, take liberties with the inexperienced woman underneath his cock pummelling sway. He fingered my virginal arsehole while drilling me. Oh fuck dirty never felt so frickin pure.

The intensity of bliss in my body shot up to overload. I gasped. I yelped. My arse felt great. My pussy felt great. It got extreme as he stuffed a second finger in my arse but I just descended into passionate writhing. Hell, I didn’t know my body could feel this good. Then his cock was out of me. I felt for a second, denied, cheated. But his fingers were plying both sides of my clit. My orgasm coming fast. All I needed was my climax now.

“Orrgh, fuck, urrgh fuck, oh yes, oh yes, fuck yes, ah, ah, ah” as my step daddy appraised my arse with his fat cock.

“Oh you wanted the full appraisal, well here it is, you little tart, you’ll be back for more” he said as he poked my arse with his pecker, jabbed his meat sword into my puckered opening, flexed his rod in a jagging pummelling into my broken accommodating so sensitive balloon knot. Instantly addictive. There is no other description for quality first time anal sex. I was buggered and was enjoying it. I was sodimized in a gleefully accepting way. The more Jacob probed me deeper, the more I wanted it deeper. I was amazed at how my sweet little back crack was such an engine of sexual gratification.

I ‘came’, I ‘came’ hard. My clitty giving my body everything. But boy it had serious competition in the pleasure delivery stakes. My arse felt dazzlingly appreciative in a sopping jizzed moment as Jacob’s pecker stiffened a few times and my arse clenched his throbbing and I was in love with butt sex forever.

My step daddy gave me a series of those naughty; this must stay between us, soft kisses.

Oh my cheer moves came together easily after that. I suppose the tension in my day was fully released in my wonderful new relationship with my arse and my always giving clitty.

My cheer moves got better and better through the rest of the season and my squad were voted best cheer team in our town. My mum was so proud of me and my new independence. My ability she said to trust my own judgment and not seek out her appraisal for every new cheer move.

Oh I had my appraiser, and it was my step daddy; in secret, of course. And my arse couldn’t praise his cock enough. 


Submitted: April 20, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Janus. All rights reserved.

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you naughty girl! written it without any hesitation, without any hold ups. Excellent.

Fri, April 21st, 2017 6:05am


Rah rah, sis boom ba,
He really liked what he saw.
It made her grin,
When he shoved it in.
She rode his dick,
It was so thick.
The fit was tight,
But it felt so right.
It made her cum,
When he shoved it in her bum.

Loved every filthy word of this.
XoxoX SWx

Sat, April 22nd, 2017 7:15pm

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