The Groundskeeper's Cottage

The Groundskeeper's Cottage

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Toby and I stayed after the club closed to have some private time with the food and beverage manager and her husband. Things got hot fast and I was satisfied first. Now it was their turn.


Toby and I stayed after the club closed to have some private time with the food and beverage manager and her husband. Things got hot fast and I was satisfied first. Now it was their turn.


Submitted: October 21, 2012

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Submitted: October 21, 2012



I am totally satisfied: Maria, Toby and Mike are in full rut. 

In entering into group sex, we released our inhibitions, gave our passion free reign, and I can see the heat in them still.  In the lounge of the club, their total focus on fucking is nearly frightening.  Is this what we all had in the back of our mind when we set out for a Sunday brunch meet-and-greet?  I think maybe it is.

Marie says, “I know somewhere we can go.  Private and close by.”  The men speak as one: “Yes.”  Maria tells us to bring the cars around front.  While she arms the security system, we put on our coats.

As Toby, Mike and I all but sprint across the parking lot to the only two vehicles in it, Toby says, “If it was summer, we could just walk out on the golf course.”

Mike says, “Mid-November, not so much,” and splits off toward his car.

We get in our Infinity G-4 and follow Mike’s Honda Accord out of the lot and up the circular driveway to the front entrance.  Maria exits the building.  Our headlights illuminate the interior of the Accord.  Mike leans over and the passenger door swings open.

Maria double-checks that the front door is locked.  She hasn’t stopped long enough to button up her maxi-coat.  It flaps behind her as she hurries down the steps and gets in the car.  As we drive the quarter mile to the front gate we watch what is happening inside the Accord, its interior illuminated by our headlights.  Maria pulls her blouse open.  Mike drives with one hand on the wheel and one feeling up her tits.

I open my trench coat.  I pull my arms out of the sleeves one at a time and pull the coat down my back to my waist.  I slip the surplice top of my dress off my shoulders and pull my arms out.  I am wearing a strapless push up bra.  My breasts overflow the three-quarter cups.  I reach behind and flick the strap open.  The bra falls to my lap.

I shift in my seat, turning toward Toby.  He looks at me out of the corner of his eye.  He takes his left hand off the wheel, reaches over and touches my naked breasts.  A low sound, as much sigh as moan, escapes his lips.

We circle around to the back of the property.  The prairie is broken up into square mile grids.  Toby drives the two miles glassy-eyed with arousal, his breathing shallow.  I am satiated, but still inside our spell of sex.  He doesn’t stop feeling my tits until the Accord’s brake lights go on. 

We are at the back gate to Twin Pines.  Maria has the key.  She gets out and unlocks it.  We follow Mike’s lead and roll through while Maria waits.  She is only a few feet outside my window when we pass: a beautiful, long haired woman in an open maxi coat, her large naked breasts framed by an unbuttoned silk blouse, lit by a nearly full moon high in a cloudless sky.  Magnificent.

She locks the gate and gets back in her car.  Mike turns off his lights.  We do as well.  With just the running lights on we drive down a curving dirt laneway to a two story brick house that was originally the caretaker’s cottage and is now the groundskeeping compound.  The cottage, Maria’s childhood home, hasn’t been lived in since her father bought his own house, years ago.  For decades the cottage has been used as lunch room, office and storage for the grounds crew.  Maria has the key to the cottage as well.

The men stop the cars and turn off the engines.  I toss my bra into the backseat, slip my arms back into my top and put my coat back on.  As one, the four of us get out of our cars and sprint up the front porch stairs.  The air is dry and nippy.  Frost is forming and the countryside glimmers in the moonlight. 

Marie unlocks the door and enters.  We are right behind her.  She crosses what was once the living room.  Toby closes the door behind us.  Maria stops at the far wall.  She turns up the thermostat and a furnace kicks in down in the basement.  She leaves the lights off. 

There are no curtains on the tall windows and the office is filled with moonlight.  A long folding table occupies the middle of the room.  A half dozen molded plastic chairs are pulled up to it. 

The men cross to Maria.  By the time they get to her, her coat is on the floor.  Mike pulls her open blouse down to her elbows.  Toby comes behind her and grabs her breasts.  He squeezes them, hard.  Mike undoes her pants and jerks them off her hips.  She leans back into Toby.  He releases one of her breasts, reaches inside her panties and grabs her pussy. 

She has been aroused for so long without having her vagina touched that she almost pops.  She squirms, suppressing the orgasm.  She steps out of her Magaschonies and pushes Toby’s hands away. 

She tells the men to get naked.  They rip off their designer label, conservative casual clothes.  The light streaming through the windows silhouettes their hard, naked male bodies.  Their stiff cocks are a part of their shadows in a way that no soft penis has ever been part of a well lit man.  They are like the pornographic visions cut into the stone of pagan temples: our ancestors’ temples.  They are men in full. 

Maria, her stunning female form aglow where the moonlight hits her, blank shadow where it does not, pulls out a chair, turns it to face the men and sits with her knees wide.  She cups her breasts and calls to my husband, husky but loud: “Toby: fuck my tits.”

I pull out a chair and sit far enough back not to cast a shadow.  I watch them in profile.  They are a black and white movie lit by Pan. 

Toby advances on Maria, his erection like a weapon.  She presses her 36C tits together.  The long nipples are as stiff as cocks.  He places his hands on her shoulders, dips his hips and slides the head of his cock up between her breasts.  As he straightens, Maria lowers her chin.  When the head of his cock emerges from between her tits, her mouth is open to receive him.  He pushes until her lips encircle his collar and his scrotum kisses the underside of her breasts.  He dips his hips, withdraws, then drives up into her cleavage again; harder and faster this time, slower and softer than the next. 

The moon lights them in stark profile.  Toby’s straining buttock ripples as he fucks.  His work-hard hands hold Maria tightly to him.  The moonlight makes a road map of his forearms. 

They titty fuck until it comes to the point every woman crosses almost every time she has sex with almost every man: if the sex continues down the road it is going, she won’t be able to stop him if he doesn’t want to stop.

Maria pushes her chair back.  Toby lets her go.  She clambers backward onto the table.  She lies on her back and signals for him to join her.  He climbs onto the table, between her legs.  She pushes her breasts together.  He lies on her, his weight on his arms, his genitals on breasts like silk pillows.  He pushes down into them, pressing his lower abs against her engorged nipples, until they are as close as stamps on an envelope.

He has her breasts trapped and grinds into them.  She releases her breasts and grabs his ass.  She squeezes him white knuckle tight and grinds back.

“I’m going to come on your tits,” my husband warns the Food and Beverage Manager of our country club.

I realize I am becoming aroused again.

“Yes,” Maria says, grinding her tits against his big, hard cock.  “I want you to come on my tits.  Come on my big tits.  They love cock.  Feel my nipples?  You’re fucking them, too.  You’re going to make my tits come.  I want to feel you come on me.”

Toby gasps.  He pushes his throbbing, coming cock into the plush trench of her breasts.  I imagine the feel of his sperm spurting against my fleshy mounds.

My husband comes and almost howls as he does. 

There is no post-coital cuddle.  As soon as he is able, Toby withdraws and climbs off.  Mike climbs on.  Maria pulls up her knees and grabs her shins.  Mike penetrates her with big strokes, withdrawing completely before each one. 

Her moisture glistens on his cock in the moonlight.  I pull my dress up and my panties down.  I am well lubricated.  I watch them and rub my clit.  Their pounding is brief and beautiful.  Maria and I come as Mike collapses into her arms.

* * *

The furnace and our heat have warmed the room.  We are dressed and seated at the table; I am across from Maria, Toby is across from Mike.  We are all taken aback by the intensity of what has just taken place.  We’re not tense about it; we’re more the way neighbors are after a storm; concerned but generous, and full of wonder.

Maria says, “This wasn’t at all what I expected when we set out to meet you guys this morning.”  I say, “But I think this is what we dreamed about.”  Toby says, “If it’s not, it’ll do.”

Maria thinks we’ve misunderstood.  She reaches across the table, takes my hand and presses it to her lips.  She says, “Don’t misunderstand.  I love what just happened.  I want more.  You and I haven’t even made love yet.  It’s just that we can’t do it here, and no one can know.  If someone finds out, the scandal will kill my father.  Being the head groundskeeper at Twin Pines means everything to him, but he would resign out of shame.”

I realize I haven’t even considered the position we have put her in.  I tell her as much and apologize.  Toby does, as well; and so does Mike.

Mike says, “Maybe we should just skip to Stage Four.”

Toby says, “There are stages?”

Mike grins sheepishly.  “There were supposed to be.  Stage one, we meet.  You guys like us and we all decide to see what happens.  Stage two, we socialize.”

Maria interjects, “Openly.  Just two couples having dinner, catching a show.”  Mike nods in agreement and continues.  “We find we enjoy each other’s company and decide to move on to stage three.”  Maria says, “A romantic getaway.  The four of us are intimate and it is spectacular.”

I ask, “And stage four?”

They exchange looks.  Maria nods her okay for Mike to tell us about stage four.  He says, “We go back to our lives, take up a mutual hobby and become each other’s fuck buddies.”

Toby says, “Not a bad plan.  But I like the one we just did, too.”

That gets a laugh.

Sara’s ghost haunts me.  I tell them, “Toby and I had a threesome fuck buddy, a long time ago.  Slower might be better.  Let’s not skip to stage four just yet.”

Toby says, “Stage three sounds like fun.  Have you ever been to Aruba?”

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