My Third Orgasm... With Him...

My Third Orgasm... With Him... My Third Orgasm... With Him...

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Submitted: January 25, 2017

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Submitted: January 25, 2017



I quickly cover myself with the bathrobe that lay on the couch and sat with my legs crossed and my mind working fiercely.

Tory, after pulling on his pants, walked to the door and opened it. It was a busty readhead wearing a short raincoat. I mind went into overdrive and the already raging hormones in my body took another steep climb as my eyes rested on the buttons straining across the woman's large chest. Large boobs always turned me on.

"Please comeon in. Im Tory," said Tory, leading the woman into the living room.

She raised an eyebrow when she saw we stand up to welcome her.

"This is Neona," Tory introduced me.

"Hi, Im Victo," said the girl, shyly looking me over.

"Well, umm, we have a kind of..Uhh..," stammered Tory.

I quickly interjected, " Sweetie, could you get some rope while I talk to her?"

Tory shrugged and walked into his bedroom while I quickly went up to the woman. It wasn't very hard. She was ready for anything. I smiled inside.

As soon as Tory came back into the room, I asked him to sit on the couch. He did it with a bit apprehension. Taking the rope from him, the two of us quickly tied his arms to both sides of the couch.

"What the-" started Tory.

"Shh.. I promise it will be worth it," I whispered into his ear, giving it a quick nip. He immediately fell silent.

I asked the girl to stand right in front of him. She did.

"Let's see what you brought for us, Tory, shall we?," I asked, standing behind the woman and smiling mischieviously at Tory. He smiled hungrily.

I slid my arms around Victo's slender waist and grasped the edges of the raincoat and waited a second. I could see Tory looking expectantly. 

Then with a sudden pull, I tore open the coat, exposing whatever lay beneath it. Tory swallowed and I knew he liked what he saw.

Slowly, I removed the raincoat completely and let it fall. Victo wore a tight, red mini-dress. I slid the zip halfway down, feeling it stretch away as her ample bosom loosened. 

Then leaning over her, i grasped the upper edge of her dress and looked at Tory for a moment. With that look, I pulled it down. Out popped her enormous tits. I slid the dress slowly down her entire length until she stepped out of it and stood gloriously naked in front of him.

I pulled her slightly so she stood facing me and Tory got our side profile. Smiling, Victo bent over and slid her hand beneath my robe. I shivered at her soft touch. My eyes ravaged her bust as she slid her hands over my thigh, my waist and finally reached my boobs, the robe bunched over her arms. She pushed open my robe from inside letting it fall loose.

Letting my robe fall to the floor, I leaned in and kissed Victo lightly on her lips. Then taking her waist, I led her to Tory. He was sitting with his legs apart, gaping at us.
"Oooh someone wants to breathe," said Victo, slowly caressing the bulge over Tory's crotch.
Bending down, she unzipped him and i pulled away his pants. His erection stood straight up.
"Boy scouts could camp under there, you know," I said, biting my lips.
Then I slowly sat on his right lap and beckoned Victo to sit on his other. Tory strained against the ropes, grunting.
"Not yet, baby," said Victo, running a finger along his shaft, making him shiver.
Then suddenly, she leaned over and kissed me roughly, taking me by surprise. My hands found her tits, kneading the hard knob.
Victo moaned into my mouth and then arched her back, looking at me invitingly. I smiled as i kissed her neck, her cleavage and then took her right nipple in my mouth and started sucking, while i played her left with my fingers. Victo's eyes fluttered shut as her hands found my tits.
A shiver ran through Tory's leg. Victo leaned over and kissed him, ravaging his mouth in the tempo with which I was playing he tits.
I was becoming too wet to stay on Tory's lap. So I slowly slipped to the floor and lay down waiting for Victo.
As soon as I was settled, Victo got down on her knees at my feet and started kissing me from my feet upwards. Tracing her tongue along my thigh, she stopped at my wet, quivering lips. After a short pause, she pushed her tongue into me. I groaned, my hands crept up Tory's leg and took hold of his shaft and starting rubbing it.
I moved my body to the rhythm of her tongue, taking Tory's cock along with it. 
"Oh Victo.. Ooohh. Im gonna cum," I cried in a whisper.
And then, simultaneously, I and Tory finished. His cum splattered over my tits, making Victo smile. 
"Oh Dirty boy, you're gonna get punished for that," said Victo, wagging a finger at Tory before she started licking it all off.
Once I was clean, I looked at Tory.
"Should we untie you now?You still got something in you?" I asked, looking at his spent dick.
"Oh if he doesn't, he soon will," said Victo, kneeling in front of him with her legs across him.
Instantly, Tory leaned forward, taking her left tit in his mouth, moaning as he did.
"I can feel him waking up," laughed Victo, looking at me.
"Ofcourse he is. There's more after all," I said, standing behind Victo and taking her right tit in my hand.

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