My First Orgasm... With Him...

My First Orgasm... With Him... My First Orgasm... With Him...

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Submitted: January 24, 2017

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Submitted: January 24, 2017



"Damn it!" I shut the hood of my car, which was stubbornly unwillling to start up.

I was in the middle of nowhere and it was dark....and starting to drizzle.

"Perfect," I said, as I got into my car. No sooner, the first few drops splattered onto the windshield. Before long, it was raining hard. I was soon shivering due to the cold.

Sitting there, I looked around the dark trees surrounding me. 

"Is it my imagination or is that a light shining far off?"

 I peered through the trees. Yes,it was light shining through a window.

I was so relieved I didnt even think twice before I jumped out of my car and into the pouring rain. Instantly I was soaked. Without further ado, I started running.

It was a small house. I ran upto the door and knocked. It opened instantly like I was expected.

A man stood at the door, framed against the light, staring down at me. I couldnt make him out clearly owing to the light behind him but I knew exactly what I looked like to him in my wet shirt, dripping mini-skirt and drenched hair.

"H-H-Hi. My ca-car broke down so-some way over th-there." I pointed witha shivering hand towards my car.

"Looks like you could use some warmth. Come on in, Ive got a fire going on," said the man, moving back.

I walked in happily. There was a huge fire roaring in the fireplace.

"Im Tory."

I turned around to find the guy holding out a hand. He was handsome with dark hair and blue eyes. I guessed him to be in his midtherties. 

"Im Neona," I shook his hand.

"Before i offer you anything to drink, would you like to change into something dry? You could be here for some time," he asked, looking down at my shirt. I looked down at myself. My dark bra was clearly outlined through the white shirt i was wearing.

"I dont have anything to change into," I mumbled apologetically.

"Well, i have some clothes that my sister uses when she's here. Maybe they will fit you," said Tory.

"Oh, that will be so great! Thank you!," I said, smiling gratefully.

"You can change in that room. The clothes will be in that cupboard. I'll get you something to drink while you change," He showed me the cupboard and walked off into the kitchen.

I closed the door behind me and opened the cupboard. I was dissapointed to find all the clothes were 2 sizes small for me. Apparantly, his sister was a small woman.

I looked around until i found a robe. It seemed like the only thing that would fit me. I slowly stripped naked. My nipples were hard owing to the cold.I slowly rubbed them.

"Mmmm that feels good," I whispered to myself as i started rubbing my boobs. A warmth started coursing through my body from my focal point.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, "Hey, you alright in there? You've been in there for some time." It was Tory.

I immediately pulled on the robe and tightened the strap around me. The cloth was pretty thin and my erect nipples strained against them.

I slowly opened the door.

"This was the only thing i found that fit," I said, wrapping my hands around my waist.

Tory's eyes lingered a moment on my chest before he cleared his throat and walked towards the sofa near the fireplace.

"That's quite alright. Why dont you come sit down? Ive got some wine."

I went and sat down next to him. Tory handed me a glass of wine.

"Im really sorry i imposed in you," I started.

Tory shook his head, "Im just glad i could help a beautiful girl like you," He winked at me.

I smiled, "I really dont know how to thank you," I said as I drained my glass.

"Whoa, maybe you should go a bit slow. That's strong stuff." said Tory. He offered me the bottle and I let him fill up my glass. After a few more glasses, I started feeling a little fuzzy so i decided to stop. I leaned forward and kept the glass on the table. My robe slightly opened, revealing my ample cleavage. I looked up and saw Tory staring at my cleavage.

I smiled inwardly as I realized how i could thank him.

I straightened up, leaving my robe gaping.

"Like what you see?" I asked, leaning towards him a little bit.

Tory looked at me silently.

I moved closer to him and put a hand on his thigh.

"Come on, admit it," I whispered.

I took the glass from his hand and placed it on the table. Then I raised his left arm and slid close to his body and angled my head so he could still see down my robe.

"Im still cold, Tory," I whispered into his ears. I saw his fingers twitching.

"Come now, dont be embarrassed," I said as i slightly arched my back letting the tips of my nipple graze against his fingers. That did it.

Tory's hand grabbed my left boob and started squeezing. I bit my lip and I felt a wave of warmth course through my body. The fabric of the robe was rough against my tits and soon, they were fully erect.

Once he had enough with the robe, Tory slid a hand inside my robe and started twiddling with my nipple.

"Oh, thats nice. Mmm,"

Tory started slowly by rubbing the tip and flicking it. As his speed increased, I started moaning softly.

"You really know how to please a woman, Tory," I breathed.

"Slow and steady does win the race." His deep voice sent another chill through me.

His right came around my waist and removed the knot. He pulled away both hands and grasping me by the shoulder, pushed me up straight. Then he extracted himself from below me and lay me down on the sofa.

Slowly he pushed the robe away from my body, leaving me naked under his eyes.

"You are one hell of a treat," he said, his eyes ravaging my nude form sprawled on the sofa. He straddled my legs with his knees and bent down over my chest. I closed my eyes as his lips enveloped my left tit. His hand found my right tit and started playing with it. I arched my body and his tongue danced across my nipple, tracing a circle around the swollen tip.

"Oh, Tory!" I gasped. I grabbed his head with both my hands and pushed my boob deeper into his mouth. He startedsucking like a hungry infant. He then pulled away from my left and went over to my right. The cold air on my wet tit made it even harder. I grabbed it started rubbing.

Tory lavished his attention on my right tit and licked all over my cleavage, slowly moving towards my stomach. 

Getting off the sofa, he knelt on the ground right beside my thighs. Lifting my right leg he placed it on his shoulder.

"My, My...You really are a slut arent you?" said Tory, as he slid a finger across the lips of my pussy which were shamefully wet.

Tory's finger glanced off my clit and my pussy clenched in response. He brushed at my throbbing lips, and lightly touched my clit again. He was teasing me.

"Tory!" I gasped.

In a sudden fluid motion, he pushed two fingers into my aching hole. I gasped. He pulled his fingers out slowly, really slowly then slid them in again. I was groaning now. He wiggled his fingers inside me, making me shiver.

Tory removed his dripping fingers and licked them.

"You are one tasty slut, Neona," said Tory.

Next, he used two fingers to hold apart my pussy so that my clit was revealed. He slowly blew on it. I groaned. He flicked it with his tongue. I bit my lip. Then suddenly, his whole mouth was on my cunt, sucking. I gasped, myeyes fluttering in pleasure. Tory sucked and licked my clit while finger-fucking me slowly. With the other hand, he reached over, and grabbed my boob, rubbing my swollen tit.

I was in ninth heaven with the pleasures exploding all over my body. I moved my ass slowly along with the movement of Tory's tongue. His hand stilled on my tit as he pulled out his finger from inside me and replaced it with his mouth. His tongue entered the space his finger had just evacuated. I grabbed hold of his head and moaned.

"Im gonna CUM! FUCK!" I yell as the first orgasm shook my body.

Tory raised his head, his chin shining with my juices. He started licking and then stopping, looked at me meaningfully. Then suddenly without warning, he leaned over and kissed me on my lips. I tasted myself on his lips. I had to agree with him.  I was tasty.

"Look at that. I havent even removed my clothes," said Tory, running an amused eye over my body.

"You've had your chance to show me your skills. Now, let me show you mine," I said, standing up and pushing him onto his back on the floor with a wicked grin on my face.

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