The Birthday Surprise

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

When her boyfriend asks what she wants for her birthday, he does not expect her to say that she wants to try multiple men; however, as he thinks about it, he realizes it would be very hot to see her be so pleased and used. Her wish is granted, and it is much more than she could have ever expected!

The Birthday Surprise

Copyright © 2014 by Virginia T. Watson


Author's Note: All characters depicted herein are of the minimum age of 18 years old, thus complying with all local, state, and federal laws in the United States.


This little memoir of mine will probably never get read by anyone, but I want it off my chest.  I want to be able to tell someone.  If anyone does read it, please don't judge me.  I am just a very horny girl who sometimes can't get enough sex.  I have fantasies like everyone else and sometimes, act them out.  This was one of those times.


When my boyfriend asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I don't think that he was expecting the response I gave, that I wanted to be gangbanged. 

He got really mad at first but finally let me explain that it's been a fantasy of mine for quite some time.  He had already shared me a few times, and we both loved every experience.  He loved the jealous feelings that he got and loved watching me be totally pleased and acting like a cum starved whore, in his words.

But that was just it, him sharing me with 1 other man at a time.  I told him that I masturbated at least a few times a week to the thought of him and 2, sometimes, 3 or 4 other men fucking me within an inch of my life.  I explained to him that if he was so willing to share me with other men before and had done it more than once, what did it matter if he shared me with the same amount of men at one time?  When I explained things in those terms, he started to come around.

I told him that it was no big deal because it was just sex and that it was something I had wanted for a long time.  I told him that if he loved the jealous feelings that arose from seeing me with another man, imagine how much there would be from seeing me with multiple men.  He actually started to get quite horny when I told him this.  As we talked more and more about it, he got more excited.  At one point, after I mentioned that since I have an IUD, that I wanted to feel all of the men shoot their hot loads inside my awaiting pussy and maybe even my ass, he got really excited.  But then he said, "I don't think that your pussy could handle all of that cum."  I told him that I knew it could, which got him so excited that he remarked that his balls ached to see that.

We had so much amazing sex after that, fucking like there was no tomorrow from the thought of it all.  No matter the position, the number of times we had sex in a day, whatever, he would fuck me so hard and tell me how hot the idea had become to him, which got me all the more excited and made me talk about it more, making him more excited, too, and causing even more fucking. 

We started to watch gangbang pornos together and talk about how hot it would be for me to be the woman in them, after which, we would, of course, fuck like rabbits.  It was so hot that I couldn't wait for the real thing to happen. 

As my birthday got closer, we started to look online for guys to include in the fun.  Every time that I read messages from prospective participants or saw their pictures, I got so wet that I either jumped my boyfriend and demanded to be fucked like the dirty whore I was or had to masturbate furiously.  We found enough willing participants, but my boyfriend wouldn't tell me when he was planning on making it a reality.

I had to guess about it all, hoping it would be very soon.  The more I masturbated or fucked while thinking about it, the more I wanted it to happen.  My boyfriend said he wanted to surprise me, but I couldn't take the waiting.

Finally, my birthday came around, the 25.  I thought that, hopefully, it would be the big day.  My boyfriend bought me so many presents and waited on me hand and foot most of the day, and even after him eating my pussy twice and me masturbating twice and us fucking twice, I was still so very horny.

After a while, he led me to the living room, blindfolded.  I was directed to a cake and told to blow out my candles, my head being positioned in the spot where it was.  After blowing them out, I heard a bunch of voices singing happy birthday and knew that it was either my gangbang surprise or some other kind of birthday party, but I was really hoping it was the gangbang and not some regular party with family and friends.  I was so horny that I felt like I would explode, and I did not want to be horny around my family, especially.

When my blindfold was removed, there stood not only my boyfriend but 3 other men, all 3 of them holding their cocks, stiff and ready for my use.  It was the happiest moment of my life.  I felt like a kid at Christmas.  Smiling at each of them, I walked around and grabbed each of their cocks, giving each one a few strokes, thinking how much fun the rest of the night would be.

No sooner than I had finished stroking the 3rd cock, the 2 other men came over to me and began to kiss on my neck while each fondled one of my tits.  I cannot even describe how turned on I was or how much I wanted to feel their lips and tongues somewhere else and feel them inside of me. 

The suspense was too much.  I nearly melted to the floor.  Without thinking, I reached for one of the men's cocks and stroked it furiously.  About that time, I felt the other man putting his hand all over my already soaked pussy and then a finger slide inside, followed by a second finger.  As the man fingered me harder and harder, I stroked harder and harder on the other.  I knew that they were going to fuck my brains out, and I was not going to let them leave until they did, hopefully, at least twice per man. 

After all, I thought, it's my birthday, and I deserve some stiff cock and lots of hot cum seeping out of me.  I wanted to feel like a complete slut.  Also, knowing that if my boyfriend enjoyed it as much as I did, it may only be the first gangbang of many sent me over the edge.

I couldn't take the pressure anymore and dropped to my knees, taking one of the men deep into my mouth, feeling his cock dangling its way into my throat.  As I sucked eagerly on his massive, swollen cock, I reached for the other and tried to work up a rhythm between my mouth and my hand.  It didn't work so well at first, but eventually, I got the hang of things.  After several minutes, I knew that I had to have a tongue on my pussy or a dick inside it.  I bent over enough to have my ass and pussy well exposed and told the men that somebody better fuck me right away.

I immediately went back to work sucking cock and motioned for the man whose cock I had been stroking to come closer, switching off and sucking him while I stroked the first man.  All of a sudden, I felt a very big cock slide slowly into my aching, dripping pussy.  I took my mouth off of the other man long enough to tell the one fucking me that he better fuck me very hard like the dirty fucking cum whore that I am and better leave me a very big, sticky present inside my pussy.  He said that he would gladly oblige and leave my pussy oozing with gooey white cum.

Every stroke inside of me felt like heaven.  I knew that my moment had finally arrived.  It was all about me.  4 men, including my boyfriend, were going to use me like a sex doll, fucking me senseless all night long!  I looked at my boyfriend while I was taking on the 2 men and attempting to stroke the 3rd.  He already had his cock out, stroking it.  Obviously, he was very aroused from the scenery and would fuck me hard every time he thought about it plus probably allow it to happen again.

I gave my boyfriend a look that was mean to convey not only my thanks and how much I enjoyed it all but how much of a cum filled fuck slut I wanted to be in front of him, how bad I wanted to be treated like a dirty little whore and feel so many balls draining themselves inside me.

He seemed to get exactly what I meant because, as I was looking at him, he gave me a look that seemed to say, "You're welcome.  Now take that dick and fuck it good like the little slutty bitch I know you are."  As if I weren't already in absolute ecstasy, the look made it all so much better.  Before I knew it, I was having a mind-blowing orgasm, squeezing the walls of my pussy very tightly around the dick stuck between them.  Before I could finish my orgasm and come down from it, I heard a loud grunt and felt a wave and another and another of very warm jizz shot into me, making my orgasm even more intense.  Ironically, before all of this was over, without warning, I felt another few hot streams of cum shoot into my mouth.  I hungrily sucked it all down, savoring it and wanting more. 

As soon as both men pulled their cum drenched cocks out of me, I begged for more.  I shouted that someone had to take their places right away.  Without hesitation, though, I changed this to say that I wanted a good double penetration.  I wanted to feel the throbbing of 2 rigid cocks working my tight holes simultaneously. 

My boyfriend, rarely the one to fuck me anally, slid his big, pulsating cock deep into my ass at the same time that the man under me was working his very thick cock inside my quivering, aching, soaked pussy.  They didn't fuck in unison for a while, but eventually, it all worked out great.  Each cock slid beautifully in and out one of my holes, fucking me so hard.  I was so happy, thinking that this was exactly what a girl should be entitled to every now and then, exactly the kind of whore treatment that I needed to relax and unwind.

While I was being fucked so wonderfully by both men, I thought of how much I wanted a 3rd cock rammed into my mouth.  I wanted to see if I could take a cock in all 3 holes at once.  I'd seen it in porn and hoped I could do as well as the girls I watched.  When I actually got a cock in my mouth, however, it didn't work as well as had been hoped for.  The rhythm was way off.  I did my best, though, and sucked as hard as I could while my other holes were being pounded into oblivion. 

Needless to say, I was having the time of my life!  The cocks worked me over so well that I hoped every sexual encounter from then on out could be like that.  Before I knew it, I had another hot steamy load shot deep inside my pussy.  I could feel it dripping out of me, making me feel so much sluttier, and with it, so much more excited.  Before the cock in my pussy could go totally limp, I heard my boyfriend groaning loudly and felt as he issued his own streams of cum in my ass.  I don't normally like cum in my ass because it's too hard to get out, but on this night, it turned me on so much. 

As the men pulled out of me, I felt an emptiness, a void, like I still needed my holes filled and fulfilled, even though I was still coming down from the most intense cumming of my life.  Aiming my pussy and ass high into the air, I said that I needed a little bit of rest, that I didn't plan to suck anyone's cock for a little while but that anyone who wanted to push their hard dick into either of my awaiting holes was more than welcome to do so. 

One after another after another after another, the men filled me, fucking me hard, though I had cum so many times, so hard, that I felt like I didn't have it in me to have another orgasm.  It took until the last fuck before I felt much.  It all felt amazing, every thrust, every pulsation making me feel so incredibly alive.  I just didn't reach a new climax for some time.  I wanted to, but I also didn't know if I could handle any more at the time. 

The cum was running out of my holes so much that I had to be wiped time and again with a towel.  I realized, before my orgasm ended, that the guys were coming back around for a second pump and run.  It made me laugh a little, thinking that they were doing that and also that this, of all things, made me feel more like a dirty whore than anything else I had done. 

Once I felt the second cock of round two going in, I thought I was rested enough to start things back up like they had been before.  I shouted for someone to come stuff my mouth, which was happily done.  I again felt bad that I couldn't please all of the guys at once, but then, I felt someone slide under me and start to suck on one of my nipples.  It added extra sensation and gave me the satisfaction that at least, one more of the guys had a place. 

As the cock was pulled from my pussy, with hot cum pouring out, I felt a new wave of orgasmic glee wash over me.  It seemed so ironic that it happened at that moment, when the cock was taken away.  But right when it was about to end, a new dick was put in its place.  Being pumped and pounded for dear life, it gave me not just satisfaction at my own pleasure but at the pleasure I knew I was bringing to the men.  I don't know how many times they fucked me, how many times each, or how many times each man fucked which hole, but it was all amazing. 

It had all started at around 8 P.M., and before I knew it, it was past 4 A.M.  I couldn't remember the last time that I had had 6 hours or more of non-stop fucking.  As I was getting tired, I told the guys that I wanted to get some sleep soon, which raised a general round of sighs and exclamations of disapproval.  I told all of them to fuck me one last time, and after the last cock was pulled out, I made them all stand around me as I took turns sucking them clean.  There was still a lot of cum on their dicks, which I was more than happy to relieve them of.  A couple of them even managed to shoot more into my mouth.  I thought they had emptied themselves of all their cum, but I was quite stunningly and happily surprised.

After the last stream of goo shot across my lips and ran down my face and off onto my tits, I scooped it up and licked it from my fingers.  I thanked the guys for such a good time and sent them on their way.  Of course, they asked if we could do it all again, but I had to tell them that it was up to my boyfriend.  He said he would think about it, and I sure as hell hoped that he would give it real consideration and want it. 

After the other guys left, and I was headed to bed, too tired to even wash any dried cum off of me, my boyfriend hurriedly followed me, slapping my ass and telling me what a hot, dirty, cum hungry whore I was and how he hoped that I had been pleasantly surprised.  I told him that of course I was and loved every second of it. 

Before I could even crawl into  bed, however, he threw me down and pinned my legs in the air, forcing his still hardened cock deep into my cum soaked pussy, fucking me like it was our first time together.  I told him to make it quick, which I think made him mad, but he knew how tired I was.  I was amazed that he wasn't.

After a little while, it all felt too good to want to stop, and much to my delight, I felt another huge orgasm taking hold.  It shocked me how hard I could cum after so many orgasms and especially with just one cock, but the orgasm was so intense that I grabbed his arms and clawed with all of my might.  Both of us completely spent, his arms clawed to shit, and cum swishing around in me, we passed out and slept most of the day.  I woke up reeling from the night before, the biggest smile I've ever had draped across me.  My boyfriend was still asleep, and I earnestly wrapped my lips around his erection.  I figured that if he was having a good dream, I would make reality even better.  I was still so horny that I wished he would wake up and fuck me as hard as the night before and that with any luck, maybe another guy or several guys would walk in and ask to join, something that I knew would not be refused. 

We haven't had a gangbang since my birthday, but oh, how I miss it!  I keep hoping for another experience like that, but it only gets talked about in the heat of the moment, my boyfriend sometimes asking me if I want to be treated like the filthy whore I was that night, to which I always reply that I do want to.  Maybe one of these days, I'll get my wish to come true and maybe even have more men than the last time.  Until then, I guess I'll settle for one on one, the occasional 3some, and my fantasies about it all when I masturbate.  Speaking of which, this has all made me way too horny.  I have to go fuck myself good. 

I hope that if anyone reads this, they won't judge me.  Maybe they'll understand.  Maybe they'll even think of joining in on my next sexual excursion. 


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Submitted: April 18, 2015

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