A Sister's Seduction: The New Stepsister by Virginia T. Watson

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Rosalie finds a secret yearning, more than mere desire, to experience the bounty of her new stepsister, Maria. Maria's ample breasts and sweet smell drive Rosalie insane with lust. Can Rosalie successfully seduce her older, more experienced stepsister? Can Rosalie get enough experience herself to be able to please Maria when the time comes? GUARANTEED TO MAKE ANYONE CUM!!

Author's note: All characters depicted in this story are of the age of 18 or older. No characters are or ever will be depicted as being younger than the age of 18, the minimum age for consensual sex in the United States.


Rosalie was new in town, new to her house, new to her family, having lived for many years with her mother in upstate New York, now brought to live with her father and his new wife in central Ohio. Nothing seemed that different than what Rosalie was used to. The scenery was close enough to look like home in many ways. The town was about the same size as she was used to. The only thing that seemed out of the ordinary was her new family.


Rosalie and her father hadn't spent a lot of time together or even talking for quite some time. Now, all of a sudden, due to her mother remarrying and moving, she was forced into a new life, or so it seemed. Her options were to move to Canada with a soon-to-be stepfather that she didn't like much or move to Ohio to be with a father that she hardly knew.


Rosalie, having recently turned 18, was quite unknowledgeable in the ways of the world or even in the ways of being a part of a family. Her stepmother seemed very nice and treated her well enough, but it was still a difficult transition. Rosalie knew that she had a stepsister, Maria, a 22 year old half-Columbian beauty that always had everyone's awe, but they had never met.


Maria had been living almost 200 miles away from her mother, having recently landed a job that rarely allowed her to visit. Rosalie had not decided whether or not to go to college and planned to spend some time soul searching and possibly working while living with her father. She knew, however, that she may not get a lot of attention from everything she had heard of Maria. She wanted to meet Maria to see if the rumors were true. Not quite 2 weeks after arriving in her new home, Rosalie would get just such an opportunity.


When Maria strolled into the house, Rosalie was shocked, utterly shocked. Maria's beauty far outshone anything that Rosalie had imagined. Rosalie slowly felt herself having some stirring feelings that she didn't understand. She understood why men and even women would fall head over feet for her new stepsister. Rosalie found herself day after day trying to get near Maria, trying to catch glimpses of her, sometimes, even to see her changing her clothes or heading to the pool for a swim.


On one occasion, when it was only Rosalie and Maria in the house, Rosalie happened to walk by a large yet well covered window and hear some splashing from the pool. It was obvious that from her vantage point, Rosalie would be well hidden. She looked to see if it was, indeed, Maria who was swimming. Rosalie knew that it had to be and that perhaps, her chance had finally arrived.


As she watched Maria swim, Rosalie felt the same stirring feelings within her grow much stronger. She didn't understand them. She just knew that she liked Maria in a way that she had never liked any other girl before. Rosalie couldn't help but hope that maybe Maria would take her top off to really enjoy the crisp, cool water. As luck would have it, that never occurred, but Rosalie still remained fixed at the window, trying to get any view she could. She watched so long that her feet started to feel a little numb. Before she knew it, however, she had her left hand gently rubbing her own breast, and soon after, her other hand gliding toward her pants.


Rosalie barely realized that she was touching herself this way, slowly doing it more and more until she had 2 fingers furiously rubbing her clit. The more she did this, the louder she began to moan. It finally became too much to take, causing Rosalie to pull her pants down and her panties to the side, sticking 1 finger and then another inside herself while 2 fingers on the other hand still massaged the clit. Before she knew it, Rosalie was having an explosive orgasm, imagining her stepsister naked and possibly helping her. Rosalie's pussy ached. It suddenly dawned on her why, because all she wanted was to fuck her stepsister, fuck her hard, fuck her with everything she had, fuck her until the 2 of them fully collapsed in a heap.

This continued for some time. The entire time that Maria was staying at the house, Rosalie tried to catch glimpses of her, doing anything whatsoever. She tried to spend more and more time with Maria, which seemed to annoy Maria somewhat. At night, Rosalie would lie in bed, masturbating so hard that sometimes, her hands cramped. It made her wish that she had any kind of toys to aid her in her fantasies. What she really wanted to feel was Maria's tongue, but she knew that that would not happen.


Finally, the time came when Maria felt she had spent too long at the house and had to return home for work. Rosalie, of course, was quite saddened and worried that she might not get another look at Maria in a bikini or tight shorts. Rosalie comforted herself by stealing several photos of Maria from facebook. Within weeks, the pictures were so crumpled and wrinkled from numerous masturbatory sessions, as Rosalie masturbated a minimum of 2 times per day thinking of Maria, sometimes, as many as 6 times.


Rosalie knew that her sexual hunger was insatiable and that she had to do something to at least take the edge off. Masturbating just wasn't doing it for her anymore. Rosalie, from time to time, thought of going to visit Maria, hoping that something might happen or that she might at least catch Maria in the shower "by accident" or something.


Eventually, Rosalie met someone in town, Tracy, someone closer to her age, and began a torrid lesbian affair, something that Rosalie never even thought of doing before she met Maria. She had always been with guys, but now, the thought of men didn't do much. The affair with her new friend was fairly satisfying for Rosalie but still wasn't as exciting as what she pictured it being with Maria. The other girl was somewhat experienced, definitely much more than Rosalie, but now, Rosalie was learning many of the arts of seducing and satisfying women. She was never unsatisfied after a session with her lover, but it was never the heat and passion she hoped it would be with her stepsister.


Rosalie was finally determined that if Maria came for another visit, she would try something. She didn't know how she would do it, but she still had hope. She thought that maybe if she swam in a bikini herself or maybe even topless and pretended she didn't know anyone was there, or if she walked around the house naked from time to time pretending again that she didn't know anyone was there, Maria would at least see that Rosalie had a beautiful body and be a little bit enticed by it.

Rosalie waited and waited for another visit, but time dragged on so slowly, tormenting her. When Maria finally did visit again, it was only for a day, and she didn't sleep there. Rosalie felt like she was losing her mind. She had never had sexual desire for another person as badly as she had it for Maria. She sometimes wondered how she could have these feelings for someone who was now family, but then she would think, "Oh well. She's only my stepsister. She's not blood."


No matter how much Rosalie had sex with Tracy or how much she masturbated, she never felt truly relieved. She sometimes thought that she was getting carpal tunnel syndrome from all of her masturbating. All that seemed to help was that she finally was able to procure for herself a vibrator. It felt amazing at times but still didn't take away the deep, aching longing that Rosalie felt for Maria. Rosalie constantly wondered if Maria had been with a woman and how she might perform. Rosalie hoped that her new found experience with Tracy had taught her enough to satisfy Maria if she got the chance, though there was also a slight hope that maybe Maria hadn't been with another woman, and therefore, Rosalie would get to be her teacher. The mere thought of that always made Rosalie so wet that it soaked through her panties and even through her pants. It was so bad that she sometimes had to masturbate while driving.


The urges became so strong that Rosalie could not concentrate on anything else. Her every thought was consumed with Maria. Even when she fucked Tracy, all she could think of was Maria. Every time she fucked Tracy with a strap-on, she wished it was Maria's pussy being pounded. Every lick of Tracy's pussy was a lick of Maria's. Rosalie even moaned Maria's name many a time, sometimes, infuriating Tracy, after which, Rosalie would have to comfort Tracy that she didn't mean it. Finally, however, Tracy started to call herself Maria, hoping that it would excite Rosalie to no end, and as upsetting as it was to Tracy, make Rosalie fuck her all the harder.


Tracy asked Rosalie numerous times if there were any chance that Rosalie's desire for Maria could turn into a threesome, but Rosalie, at most, would say, "Who knows? Maybe." More often than not, Rosalie simply ignored Tracy's request.

Rosalie felt as if she were in some kind of prison, time going so slowly that it seemed that her chance would never come. The summer soon faded into autumn and then to winter. Rosalie's 19th birthday approached and passed. Soon, it was spring, and Maria had only visited sporadically, mostly for holidays, birthdays, etc. Rosalie felt as though she were losing all hope. Then, to Rosalie's surprise and ecstatic pleasure, Maria was laid off from her job and had to come home. Maria hoped that her lay off was only temporary but knew that it probably was not. She simply could not afford to live on her own at the moment and could not find a replacement job.


Maria was downtrodden, to say the least, totally despondent and unhappy. This tortured Rosalie. She hated that Maria was in so much pain and wanted to console her so much. Rosalie tried to spend time with Maria watching movies, talking out Maria's problems, going shopping, etc., but nothing availed Maria of her depression.


As the weather finally warmed up and stayed in the high 60s and low 70s for some time, Rosalie began to use the pool again, mostly just wearing her bikini, but on one occasion, deciding to go for it and take her top off, hoping that maybe Maria would feel inclined to do the same. Their parents were constantly working or off on short trips together, so often leaving the 2 girls alone together, giving Rosalie exactly what she had wanted to begin her seduction.


On the day that Rosalie decided to swim topless, Maria finally mustered herself out of the house and near the pool. She didn't seem to mind at all that her stepsister was swimming with no top on. She had done the same herself many times but never around anyone else. Maria sat down at the edge of the pool and dipped her feet in, splashing water around but still looking quite upset. Rosalie tried time and again to engage her stepsister in conversation to dull her pain, but it took little effect.


Rosalie tried several times to encourage Maria to jump in, but it didn't work. After nearly an hour of coaxing, Maria said that she would if she had her bikini nearby, that she didn't feel like getting up and going inside to put it on. Rosalie, as crafty as she was, reminded Maria that they were alone and would be the rest of the day, that no one would see if she jumped in naked, that it would save her the time and trouble of going inside and that she, Rosalie, did not mind at all. After a while of thinking it over, Maria took the advice and stripped off her shirt, revealing a very sexy lacey bra holding back what Rosalie imagined could only be the most amazing set of breasts ever created.

Maria slowly unhooked her bra, letting it fall to the side of the pool, leaving her massive yet perky, cinnamon colored breasts heaving in the cool spring air. With her feet still dangling in the water, splashing about, Maria made no further effort, remaining seated with her shorts still on, to Rosalie's great disappointment.


"C'mon, Maria. You won't feel better til you get in. The water is nice and cool and feels great. Nobody's around, so who cares? It's not like I haven't seen it all before, ya know?"


Maria, listening greatly to her stepsister's suggestion, slowly rose from her seated position and pulled down her shorts and then removed them, along with her very short white panties. Rosalie could not believe her eyes. Maria was neatly trimmed, so beautifully colored with light brown skin, in essence, having the body of what Rosalie could only describe as an angel. Rosalie felt such a tingle in her pussy that it made her ache like never before to caress, kiss, massage, and play with the body before her.


Maria jumped in before Rosalie could unfix her eyes, taking a quick lap around the pool. Rosalie could not find the strength or repose to move from her spot, still staring at the place where Maria had stood moments before. Finally, approaching Rosalie and nudging her, Maria said, "Hey. You still have your bottoms on, don't you? If I have to be naked, so do you!"


This has been a sample of A Sister's Seduction: The New Stepsister by Virginia T. Watson.

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Submitted: April 18, 2015

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