Mommy and the Smoky Guy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Son's gift for mommy's devotion.

"Raveesh come here mommy needs you" called Raveesh's mother Aparna. Raveesh as glad as he could be on hearing his mother calling for help came running into her bedroom at once. And now he tells his story in his own words.

Mommy was naked on the bed rolling like an innocent kid who forgot to wear clothes. "Come to mommy at once" she said and I jumped on her. I put my tongue inside her mouth and she put her tongue inside mine and we played along. Meanwhile, she was unbottoning my shirt and I was assisting her. Then I dragged my pants down and thrusted my pee-pee inside her motherland. With all the energy I got I fucked mommy who seemed to reward me with moans everytime I went in. "Raveesh son you are becoming real man day by day aaaa..." she said panting. I licked her mouth and she intently dripped her saliva from the corner of her mouth, it was for me and it can not be wasted. I licked her every drop of saliva, which sprouted out. When we were breathing we had the same smell of her saliva in our mouths. I licked her down her neck to wherever I could go. The moans! She actually sang in moans. I thrusted my pee-pee again and again without breaking the continuous enjoyment. And then I came and she came with me.

"Thank you Raveesh" she said and I cleaned all the saliva and semen on her body and went into my room.
I wondered what the outside would be like. Is it like this where all the men get permission from woman to fuck. My mom always said there is no need to go outside we have it all inside this house. I didn't have the curiosity either to explore the world outside. The world is beautiful enough here.
The next morning I woke up early but didn't find mommy around the house so thought that she must be still sleeping and indeed she was when I went to her room. She was sleeping naked as I left her. I thought of an idea to make her giggle. She had her ass up on bed, I dipped my face inside her ass till my nose aimed to penetrate her asshole. And then I rocked my head inside that heaven. Just in a second she woke up, though she was hypnotic she giggled in that state.
"Want food for your tummy son?" she said as she woke up and I nodded. She got to kitchen all naked and I kept watching her fluffy bouncy hips. She wore an apron just for the cooking purpose looked at me like she was still in a horny mood.
"Yes son"
"Can I drink your pee?"
She turned around when I was bracing her ass and said "and why do you want to do that?"
"Because that place is heaven and it is the place I worship I want to drink the gift in liquid which it gives, please mommy, I know you have not been to toilet so I will have a lot of pee."

And the Goddess granted her disciple his wish. She untied her apron and spreaded her legs wide, her bush seemed to release aroma in anticipation. I got on my knees and opened my mouth right beneath her motherland. And she started showering. I did everything to not waste a single drop and drank it as quick as it came. She, using both her hands, widened the motherland giving the liquid a thicker area. The shower seemed to have ended soon because I enjoyed it so much. She brought me up and kissed me with as wide mouth as she could be allowed and tried to eat my entire lower jaw. "From now on son you will get to worship me like this whenever I feel like it coming" she said and I was more than delighted to hear that.

"So son there will be inspection today. The officer will come and use your mommy a little bit."
"But I don't like him ever since I was small"
"Don't worry son it is just for today"
The fat pig will come and fuck my sweet momma. Why did I call him pig? Because he looks like one we have in the farm.

Mommy covered herself in clothes when time came for the arrival of inspection agent. And then the bell rang. Mommy opened the door and to our surprise there was a new man standing at the door and smiling at us. Mommy welcomed her smiling back and holding his hand gesturing him to come in, which rather looked like she was pulling him in. Mommy ordered me to get the snacks and everything. The new man was trying to talk to me but mommy was interepting him everytime.

"How to you feel son?" he said when mommy became busy in pouring the tea. I didn't answer him and he looked at me wearily.
"Miss Aparna looks like your son is not well"
"Oh! No! No! Officer he is alright, he is just shy that's all"
He seems to have agreed to that answer but mommy looked very suspiciously at the paper in which he wrote something. Mommy's face got tensed I came to mommy but she gestured me to stay back.

"Mr. Singh, I have a little something for you before you leave" she said and without saying another word she dropped the pallu and unbuttoned her blouse, her boobies bounced out which cheered me up but she said "this is not for you son, this is for Mr. Singh who just wrote a bad report"
"But Miss Aparna this is not good"
Mommy said to me "son please hold this man on shoulders I want to teach him how to respect a woman's gift." And I did it, she got on knees and pulled out his pee-pee (which was very big) and starts licking it like a lollipop. It didn't take much time for the new guy to give up. He tried to touch mommy's boobies but I stopped him to which mommy said "I think he has learned his lesson son leave him and me alone." I hated to do that but couldn't deny her. I left them in the sitting room.

My curiosity soon took me over and I brought my eyes in front of the keyhole. I saw them both naked and the new guy fucking my mommy. Mommy seemed to enjoy him a lot she was actually smiling in pleasure and he seemed to wring her boobies out. The scene was depressing but there was a silver lining for me, mommy was not kissing him, he made several attempts but she refused it.

When he shot his milk inside her he gasped the way I have never seen before but mommy enjoyed it a lot. I stopped being selfish for a moment and thought my goddess deserves another man to enjoy. I was happy to see her happy. When they were dressed he wrote something on his pad and went on thanking mommy on his way out. Mommy came to my room and kissed me moving her tongue all inside my mouth, I was glad to feel like the man of the house again.
"Thank for being so obedient son" she said and I smiled with the expression 'don't mention it'. But that day gave me the idea that how my mommy needed a new man to have fun with.

Days went on as always and we seemed to live in eternity as I had nothing in my life to compare to except the books my mommy occasionally bought for me but she never took me to any of her voyages to the outside world. Those voyages were always for books and nothing else. We lived in woods - or in the forest as the outside world might see it- we grew our own food. The knowledge I had of outside world were only through books. But those books never taught me anything about sex it was only my holy goddess mother who taught me the joy of that what only a woman can give you.

Time became a little loose in between but until I made my way to the outside world. I was seeking for this opportunity ever since mommy fucked the new guy.

Mommy was busy in the farm when I sneaked outside the woods. When I got outside the woods and the moore I saw a different world, I was so terrified to see so many strange things. But that didn't keep me from looking for the person I came out for . After a restless search for the right person, I got one. He was taller than any man I have seen and he always smoked. He was one of the strongest built man I have ever seen. We made a deal, which I would disclose later on.

When I returned from my adventure mommy seemed to have not noticed my absence as she didn't look suspicious about my whereabouts when she came from farm.

And finally the day came, it was her birthday. And we decorated the house, I told her that I had a little surprise for her, she looked happy to know that. When she cut her cake (which we baked together) and we both ate cake from each other's hand. I thought it was the perfect time to call in the surprise. The smoky guy whom I met a week ago stepped inside naked. Mommy was shocked to see him but it was not the kind of reaction I was expecting from her, she started slapping me for what I did but the smoky guy stopped her and feeling herself in control of his arms mommy got petrified and she looked the smoky guy in the eye. Smoky guy reached for her lips and kissed her.

Although I didn't like to see anyone kissing my mom except me but he was my gift for mommy so I didn't mind. Mommy cooperated fully in the kiss and she kissed him back with the widest mouth. They actually tried to eat each other's jaws out when they were kissing. Mommy was following him in every move and she was adjusting herself in accordance to his hold over her. Mommy got undressed and smoky guy lit a cigarette, when he blew it out Mommy grabbed his head so she could inhale the smoke right into her mouth, she enjoyed the extreme pleasure of smoke the smoky guy blew in her and when his cigarette was finished she kissed him even more madly to get the last taste of cigarette from the smoky guy's mouth.

Smoky guy picked mommy up and threw her in the bed after taking her to the bedroom. He grabbed mommy's ass and pushed his pee-pee inside her motherland. I watched everything happening on bed, which made my pee-pee stand in my pants so I took it out and started stroking - just like mom used to do it for me - to get the most fun out of it. The smoky guy fucked mommy like he was a machine, I have never seen mommy giving control over herself to anyone but this guy seemed to be ruling over my Goddess. She was laughing and gasping everytime he stroked deeper inside.

At the final stage he picked up Mommy from bed, wrapped her legs around his waist and started fucking while standing erect. This man was like God, who had all the powers he needed. Mommy was like a toy to him he was making mommy bounce over his pee-pee all by using his arms strength. Mommy was panting heavily when he came inside her. Mommy must have had the orgasm before he ejaculated because mommy doesn't last long. Mommy was finally made to lay on bed rubbing her motherland with her fingers and then licking those fingers.
"Thanks for your incredible pussy madam"
"Thank you Mister for giving me such magnificent orgasm"

Saying goodbye he left with an assurance that he would come when he is called. Mommy came close to me and hugged me. She apologized for what she did and promised that she would never slap me again. Mommy then asked me to lit a cigarette from the pack of cigarettes which the smoky gave to mommy as a gift. I lit it and sucked the smoke in and blew in mommy's mouth and just as it happened before when the cigarette was burned till it's end mommy licked the insides of my mouth, while I played with her firm, magnificent and joyous boobies.
"Mommy it is still your birthday do you want me to do it again for you?"
"Yes honey, mommy is a slut today mommy's motherland need some more shagging"

I lit another cigarette because I was loving it very much and started fucking her. Though I was not living up to the smoky guy but I saw mommy still enjoying it. She hit another orgasm and collapsed in my arms. She was very weak because of all the kinky exercise her body went through. I made her lie on the bed and went in my room to finish me off. I jerked and I smoked till I ejaculated, smoking is a nice activity I could do it everyday beside fucking, reading and writing journals.


Submitted: July 20, 2014

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