Remember and Tedemption

Remember and Tedemption

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Two Girls one journey, endless skeletons and destination is unknown. Will Orchid hide in the closet with this skeletons are face her biggest skeleton? J.Whittle


Two Girls one journey, endless skeletons and destination is unknown. Will Orchid hide in the closet with this skeletons are face her biggest skeleton? J.Whittle

Chapter1 (v.1) - Remember and Tedemption

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Two Girls one journey, endless skeletons and destination is unknown. Will Orchid hide in the closet with this skeletons are face her biggest skeleton? J.Whittle

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 24, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 24, 2015



I hate New Years with an undying passion, all the new year new me bullshit makes me want to gag. I was meant to be listening to the annoying five foot something friend now a nemesis, but all I could think about was what can I do to end this? Throwing myself down the stairs may sound dramatic, but I was all for dramatics if they saved me from whatever she had planned. I was more than happy to go to bed and wake up on January first.

clicking her fingers in my face she was now aware that I had zoned out and she was merely white noise. I swallowed the laugh which was forming at the sight of my half naked friend with her hands on her hips she was anything but intimidating. Ezra was as beautiful as they come, all dark brown hair which came down to her waist complete straight, hardly fitting as there was more than a kink to her. Eyes as black as coal and made you think you were looking into the Devils eyes, on more than one occasion this was the case. Ezra had curves that made an hour glass seem straight cut, she had belly dancing to thank for her amazing sculpted body. Like me a major lover of the ten minute holidays her skin was always tanned and flawless. Her mouth was moving and yet I couldn't hear a thing, my thoughts had moved onto whether I could persuade her to stay home with thought of Mr Grey?

"Hey fuck face you listening to me?" 

Face of an angel mouth of a sailor. 

"It's hard not too listen when you don't stop talking, I was thinking how about we have a threesome you, me and Mr Grey?" 

Totally pissing in the wind but I'm up for trying anything to get me out of tonight's events. 

"Orchid, we can have Mr Grey whenever we want tonight we are going to this masquerade ball. You will not be a miserable bitch, fuck, you may even get laid if you take the pole out from up your arse. So we can do this my way and you smile and enjoy yourself, or we can do it your way, hard and painful full of foul language results are the same." 

The way she just rattled that off you would of thought it was a shopping list not my life and free will. I had no words, In fact I had lots of words none of which should leave a ladies mouth, so I flipped the bird and went in search of solitude. Which was like gold dust with Ezra around and pissed off Ezra with bit between her teeth meant I was about to loose the will to live. Taking a deep breath I turned back round to the Devils eyes also known as Ezra; 

"Hypothetically speaking,I agree to go out tonight and play the perfect airhead, what have you got up sleeve?" 

"It's a masquerade ball, do I need to explain that to you? Your impossible, it's dancing, laughing, drinking, shameless snogging at midnight and to finish sex with a person your never see again and hopefully they rock your miserable world." 

"firstly I am not miserable I just hate New Year's Eve, secondly I can dance, drink and snog people whenever I want call it a perk, so why New Year's Eve? Third and finally I have nothing to wear. So I'm going to have to decline the invitation however it did sound so appealing." 

"Nice try fuck face, knowing you like the back of my hand I anticipated some smart arse answer so, in my room is a choice of three dresses and masks. When did you last shave? Those fresh eyelashes. Do we need have a last have a ten minute holiday?" 

I was more than a bit pissed off that when asking when I last shaved she wasn't in reference to my legs or armpits more my lady garden, or rainforest as it's more recently become.feeling a blush coming on that only Ezra can give me I shrugged in answer to the shaving, said I could use new lashes and always up for a holiday. We decided to call them holidays so we could kid ourselves we were in Maldives sipping some fruity cocktail and not actually in some stuck up tanning shop in Bromley. 

"We're booked in for lashes and tan about half two so you have three hours to sort your life out." 

"I never said I was going it was hypothetical, Ezra fuck sake now who's the impossible one? I seriously don't want to go and you seriously are a bad friend if you make me." 

"Suck it up friend your going and you can call me every name under the sun, you will have fun, you will get laid and you will loose this frosty deposition you have." 

Her tone left no room for an argument i felt like a child being scolded by a parent, not a grown arse woman being told none to gently by her friend she will have fun and have sex. Where did my life go so horribly wrong that I have to be lectured to have sex?  Grunting in response to her latest outburst I stripped out of my over seized night top and headed to the en suit. 

"You need hedge trimmers baby or you ok with a normal razor." 

The evil bitch shouted through my locked bathroom door, of course this was funny for her, Ezra never got bogged down by anything. Nothing breached her walls or made her guard go up, she sailed through life. I knew more than most that her life wasn't always a sail boat and her attitude now reflects her journey and not her flippancy. Life was bad and now it isn't so she refuses to get brought down, me on the other hand I have a defence system in place which never falters or takes annual leave.

Turning the shower on I jumped underneath it a little too impatiently and an angry hiss left my mouth when the water was sub zero, my nipples peaked into hard pebbles and my whole skin tingled. I let out a menacing laugh that the only way my body gets wet and tingling is when I jump in a cold shower. Feeling warmer water surround my feet I gingerly stepped back under the shower head, I was so wound up every muscle in my body was hard as nails, even breathing hurt. I needed a release, I brushed my hand over my again hard nipples, a small gasp left my mouth I ended South I ignored the over grown hair that had taken up residency. My hand knew exactly where I was going, so did my clit it almost jumped out and met my fingers, I wasn't against masturbation I just knew I need a cock afterwards so always decided against it however now in the shower it was more than needed.  

I was never one to hold an image in my head, I was more than happy with the thought of coming that it was needed. I moved slowly around the throbbing nub, I felt all in ambitions leave me, I moved faster and faster my free hand flew to my hair and pulled hard that some actually came out, I was now leaning on the glass wall of the shower panting hard and stroking like I was about to rub it out. Realease came, waves and waves or racking shudders a primal scream followed my lusty groans My toes curled, my arm ached and I was breathing like I had run a marathon and yet I felt a state of calm. 

My calm ended abruptly as standing outside my bathroom door was Ezra. Smirking fucking Ezra. Hitching my towel up higher in hope that I could become invisible.

"You are aware you are simply the loudest person in the world when you come, I thought at first you were getting murdered or the very least raped and then the groaning came and I thought you had someone in there with you that you snuck in here. As I'm looking right in the bathroom I guess that was all you?" 

"Wow poirot really has nothing on you, I wouldn't have needed to that if you had not made my life so fucking stressful. You do realise because of you I could single handedly keep a vibrator company in business even in a financial crisis." 

"You are aware an actual cock, attached to an actual man is the cure I mean if you can scream like that on your own hand imagine what a stallion in the sack could do. imagine if oh I don't know Tax came in the bathroom then, with his hunting knife and filthy mouth those Five am business meetings which resulted in you being well and truly fucked."

"You are aware Tax is not real and was written by a woman so no wonder he was a god in the sack as the writer knew what all women wanted. Seriously I was calm and happy and you came a ruined it. What the fuck is that? I don't even get to pick my own dress anymore?" 

"Wow stress head, no this is the one I liked the best and the one I think will look the best on you." 

She had her arms up in mock surrender, and I recoiled at how quickly I snapped at her, Ezra didn't deserve that she as one of those annoying fuckers who stick there oar in but do it with your best intentions and end up being right and feel you wishing you could get hit by a train. Feeling like a train wreck I looked over at the gown she had hung on my wardrobe, it was breath taking gorgeous. Deep emerald silk, backless which came up the front in halted neck, it was simple and elegant. I walked over to it fingers skimming the fabric in complete awe of a dress, my tears glossed over as I turned to Ezra; 

"I was thinking a curly side do, I'd take all your hair and to it to one side pin it and then curl the ends. So to side will be covered and this side open, really showcase the back of the dress." 

Her voice was soft and encouraging, she actually really wanted me to go, why I didn't know she all knew that some inner bitch surfaced in social situations where I would have to engage with other people. Ezra would be the undoing of me. I couldn't speak I just nodded in acceptance to what she said, it was clear this ball thing meant alot to her and she meant a lot to me which also meant I was about to play the perfect airhead if it meant her enjoying it. As there was few people's happiness I cared about and she was one of them. 

Clapping like a child at Christmas she jumped up and down and lunged for me, causing the towel to drop, right there would have been a red blooded males wet dream. We were a tangled mess on the floor laughing like school girls, nakedness never bothered either of us that ship sailed when she dropped to the floor when we were eighteen and she insisted I see where the coil went. Pushing her off me I went in search of clothes, it was December and even though we had the heating on it weren't warm enough for birthday suit parade. Throwing on a onesie I was indoors and totally could not give a fuck about what I look like I followed my sense of smell like a blood hound. I knew it motherfucking pancakes, the most glorious scent in the world feeling like a giddy school girl I plonked myself at the breakfast bar and eagerly waited my pancakes. 

"You hungry

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