Dinner Party, Part 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

You walk in on your wife and dinner guest sharing a sexual appetizer. What's their next move? Embarrassment or sharing?

The Dinner Party – Part Two


Quickly Jenna looks over and sees Mr. Smith standing in the doorway stroking himself.  Jenna makes a swift move to grab anything and cover up.  She is clearly embarrassed.


Jenna: Mr. Smith!  I’m...so...sorry.  I..


Mr. Smith still looking the women up and down and stroking himself.


Mr. Smith: Um..you didn’t look so sorry a few minutes ago as my wife was making you scream.


Jenna again acts very embarrassed and further tries to cover herself with a small hand towel she picked up.


The floor remains covered with various toys and such the women had just used.  Mrs. Smith gets up and unashamedly walks over to her husband.  She kisses him deeply while using one hand to stroke him.


Lanny: Jenna showed up right on time for our dinner date this evening.


Mr. Smith: I’m sorry I was late.


Lanny: You don’t look so sorry to me.  I should be the one who’s sorry for starting without you.


Lanny looks over at Jenna who is starting to gather her clothes.


Mr. Smith: Well, honey, you don’t look so sorry.  I can’t say that I believe you.


Lanny: (still kissing on his neck and stroking him) You know me.  I’m not a very good liar.


Lanny stops kissing on him for a moment and looks to Jenna as she drops to her knees.


Lanny: Jenna, can I interest you in a little appetizer before the main course?


Lanny smiles mischievously at Jenna and then lightly flicks her tongue over the head of Mr. Smith’s cock.  Reflexes cause his cock to jump.  Jenna makes no gesture of eye contact with Mr. Smith.  She still acts a bit ashamed.  Meanwhile, Lanny keeps one hand on Mr. Smith’s cock as she beckons Jenna to join her.


Lanny: Come on over.  It won’t bite.


Having said that, Lanny quickly turns her head and engulfs her husband’s cock.  As she begins sucking him, he looks over to Jenna and their eyes meet for the first time.  Jenna smirks and slowly and seductively walks across the bathroom to the doorway and joins Lanny on her knees.


Lanny: Show him your skills like you did me.


Jenna takes her time by merely stroking his cock and getting familiar with its girth and length.  It’s almost as if she’s sizing him up.  She leans forward and gently kisses the head.  She then trails kisses down the shaft and around his pubic area.  Jenna backs away and plants a hard kiss on Lanny’s mouth.  Lanny returns the fierceness of the kiss and they both reach up to stroke Mr. Smith’s cock. 


Mr. Smith: Now ladies, you’ve already had your fun.  Remember who organized this little gathering.


Jenna spits on his cock and continues stroking it.  Lanny stands and works on kissing his mouth, cheeks, neck and ears.  Jenna finally takes his cock into her mouth and slowly sucks its entire length.  Mr. Smith reaches down, as his wife continues kissing him, and fondles her pussy.  Lanny doesn’t allow this for long as she begins to trail kisses down his torso to join Jenna at his cock.  Once Lanny reaches his cock, she pulls Jenna away and takes his entire length into her mouth.  She pauses there to make sure Jenna notices how she’s deep-throating him.  Jenna pulls her away and does the same, only she holds that position slightly longer than Lanny.


Lanny: No one likes a show off.  I’m sure we can find a way to share.


Jenna pulls away and begins stroking and sucking his cock.  She then trades off and allows Lanny to do the same.  As Lanny keeps sucking, Jenna reaches down to finger Lanny’s pussy.  Lanny pulls away from Mr. Smith’s cock and pushes Jenna’s hand away.


Lanny:  No, no.  Weren’t you listening?  He said we had our turn.  


Jenna then reaches down to finger her own pussy.  Lanny also prevents her from doing this.


Lanny: The main course will come later.  Trust me.  For now, let’s finish this appetizer.


With that, both women turn to Mr. Smith’s cock.  They take turns sucking and stroking him.  Lanny will suck and stroke at a fast pace, then Jenna will take over and work slower.  As Jenna begins to speed up, Lanny takes over and works slower.  They go back and forth several times driving him crazy.  Finally, as it’s Jenna’s turn, Lanny stands and begins kissing on her husband’s neck again.


Lanny: (looking down at Jenna) I want you to finish him off.  Make him cum.  Suck him dry.


As Jenna begins sucking and stroking at a faster pace, Lanny focuses on kissing her husband.  Jenna starts by simply stroking.  Then she switches to sucking.  Then she does both.  As Mr. Smith’s orgasm begins to build, Jenna switches to just stroking.


Jenna: Tell me where you want it. 


Mr. Smith: Swallow it.


Lanny: No.  I want to see his load all over your chest.


Just as Lanny finishes her sentence, Mr. Smith cums all over Jenna’s neck and chest.


Mr. Smith: Shiiiittt!!!  Yes!


His body twitches and Jenna makes sure to tug every last drop of cum out of his cock.  Lanny kneels down and begins licking her husband’s cum off of Jenna’s chest.  She slowly licks her way up Jenna’s neck.  Once she has cleaned up all of his cum, he watches as both women French kiss.  Simultaneously, they look up at him as he smiles down at both of them.  Lanny is the first to speak.


Lanny: Shall we clean up before dinner?


The camera pans over to the shower and slowly fades to black.



Submitted: January 01, 2015

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