Dinner Party, Part 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

What would you do if your dinner guest arrived early and shared a sexual appetizer with your wife?

The Dinner Party – Part One


Inside the house, the wife (Lanny) is seen standing in her kitchen.  She is dressed wearing a nice gown dress but not too formal.  It is rather shimmery and certainly accentuates her finest features.  It is low-cut in the front, but not too slutty.  She wears heels and her hair is pulled up.  The doorbell rings and she slowly walks to the front door.  She peers out the window and sees a fairly young, petite girl (Jenna) dressed in yoga pants and a tight-fitting shirt.  Jenna is holding a fairly large drink.  Lanny opens the door.


Jenna: (sees Lanny dressed up) Oh, I’m sorry.  I must have the wrong address.  Is this the Smith residence?


Lanny: Yes.  I’m Mrs. Smith.  You are here for dinner, right?


Jenna: (slightly ashamed) Um.  Yes.  But it appears that I’m a bit under-dressed. 


Lanny: (laughing reassuringly)  No, no.  I’m sorry.  Believe it or not, I’m more comfortable when I’m all dressed up.  It makes a girl feel sexy.


At this point, Lanny looks Jenna up and down, sizing her up.  Both are silent for a moment.


Lanny: Won’t you come in?


Jenna: Thank you.


They walk into the living room.


Lanny: My husband won’t be home for a little while.  His parent-teacher conferences are running a bit late.  Won’t you have a seat?


Jenna: Oh.  Should I come back later?  Perhaps go home to change or something?


Lanny: (laughing almost flirtatiously) No.  You don’t need to.  I’m sure we can all be comfortable this evening.  Don’t worry.  I’m sure my husband will come home and put on lounge pants or something.  He’s just that way.


Jenna: Okay.  I just feel really bad.


Lanny: Don’t.  It’s perfectly fine.


Lanny reaches up and lets her hair down.  She shakes it gently to loosen it up.


Jenna: May I use your restroom?  It seems this giant soda was the wrong idea this afternoon.


Lanny: Sure.  It’s up the stairs and on your left.  Can I get you anything while you’re away?


Jenna: Oh.  No.  Thank you.


Jenna goes upstairs and Lanny follows her with her eyes.  Lanny then runs one of her hands down her torso to between her legs and rubs herself gently. The camera stays with Lanny to give Jenna a realistic amount of time to pee.  Lanny uses one hand to reach into the top of her dress and rub one of her breasts.  Her other hand rubs her pussy from outside of her dress.  She then removes one of her breasts and licks the nipple while continuing to play with her pussy.  She does this until she hears the toilet flush and then quickly re-adjusts herself and walks into the kitchen in the back.


Meanwhile in the bathroom, Jenna is washing her hands.


Jenna: (talking quietly to herself) Ooo.  My hands are so gross.  I need some lotion. 


Jenna looks around the bathroom.  She does not find any lotion on the vanity or in the basket on the back of the toilet.  Finally, she decides to open the cabinet above the toilet.  In there, she sees an assortment of dildos and vibrators.


Jenna: (covering her mouth to stifle her surprise) Holy sh…


She cautiously reaches into the cabinet and pulls out a rubbery dildo.  She holds it in one hand and puts her other hand on the end measuring it.

Jenna: Wow. That would never fit.


She playfully strokes it and giggles to herself.  As she goes to put the dildo back into the cabinet, she accidentally knocks another one out of the cabinet and it makes a loud “thud” as it hits the toilet and falls to the floor.

Jenna: Fuck!


Jenna covers her mouth again.  She quickly picks up the fallen dildo and puts in the cabinet and closes the cabinet.  She then sits back down on the toilet seat (although it is closed).  Lanny, having heard the loud noise, comes to the door a moment later.  During this conversation, the camera stays focused on Jenna inside the bathroom.


Lanny: (tapping on the door lightly) Jenna, is everything okay in there?


Jenna: Yes.  I apologize.  I figured I would take a moment to freshen up.


Lanny: I heard a loud noise.  Are you sure everything is okay?


Jenna acts nervous and slightly embarrassed.


Jenna: I..uh..I..accidentally knocked the toilet paper roll off its holder.


Lanny: Don’t worry.  My husband does that all the time.  Do you need any help fixing it?


Jenna: Oh..no.  I got it.  Thanks.  I’ll just be another minute.


Lanny: Listen, I’m sorry the bathroom is such a mess.  I have been meaning to clean it, but just haven’t had the time with my husband working so late these past couple of weeks.


Jenna looks around the nearly spotless bathroom.


Jenna: (mouthing to herself) She calls this a mess?!


Lanny: But it’s silly to talk through this door. Are you sure you are okay?  That noise sounded pretty loud.


Jenna: Oh..I’m fine. Sorry to disturb you.  Be right out.


As Jenna finishes talking to Lanny, she is slowly opening the cabinet once more to get another look at Lanny’s “collection.”  Jenna spies a metallic vibrator and takes it out of the cabinet.  She slides her hand up and down the vibrator getting a feel for its smoothness.  Cautiously, she pulls the vibrator to her nose and gently sniffs it.  Jenna smiles.  She then slowly eases the vibrator into her mouth savoring the taste.  She runs her tongue around it a couple of times and allows it to clank against her teeth a bit.  Hearing the sound, she stops, vibrator still in her mouth, and listens to make sure Lanny is not by the door.  After a brief moment, Jenna continues sucking on the vibrator as if she was sucking on a real cock.  As this continues, her hand moves down her torso and into her pants.  She rubs herself as she continues to lick and suck on the vibrator.  She pauses briefly to slide her pants and panties down to her knees, exposing her bald pussy and giving her easier access to it.  She works hard to silence her moans as she sucks on the vibrator and begins fingering herself.  As her fingers move faster and faster in and out of her pussy, she begins to twist the vibrator as she pushes it in and out of her mouth.  Suddenly, the vibrator turns on and startles her causing her to drop it on the floor.  She freezes, waiting to hear Lanny.  After a moment, she bends down (naked ass toward the door) to pick up the metallic vibrator.  Just as she bends over, Lanny opens the door and walks in.


Lanny: Jenna, I heard another...


Lanny freezes as she is halfway into the bathroom.  She catches a quick glimpse of Jenna’s naked ass and the vibrator in her hand.  Jenna quickly turns around and sits on the toilet seat.


Jenna: Lanny..I mean Mrs...


Lanny: Honey, don’t bother. 


Lanny looks Jenna up and down.  She then slowly walks toward her.


Jenna: I’m so embarrassed.  I was looking for lotion and..


Lanny grabs the hand that is holding the vibrator and raises it up to her own mouth.  She throats it deeply, and then slowly tongues it as she removes it.


Lanny: Damn that tastes good.  Don’t you think?


Jenna: I’m so sorry.  I just..it was...it fell.


Jenna looks down at the floor.  Lanny smiles compassionately.


Lanny: Jenna, curiosity is only natural for a woman.


Lanny bends down and gently kisses Jenna on the lips. 


Jenna: It’s just that..


Lanny: (still acting compassionate)  It’s just that what? 


She takes Jenna’s face in her hands.


Lanny: You can tell me.  It’s just me and you.


Jenna: Well, it’s just that when you opened the door in that dress you looked so amazingly gorgeous.


Lanny: Oh, this old thing?


Jenna: Will you kiss me again?


Lanny cups her head in both of her hands and draws Jenna near to her.  She kisses her deeply and forces her tongue into Jenna’s mouth.  Jenna seems reluctant at first, but then begins to use her tongue in response.  Jenna drops the vibrator and her hands slowly reach up to cup Lanny’s breasts through her dress.  She fondles Lanny’s breasts as they continue to kiss, Lanny leaning over and Jenna seated.  Once Jenna has pulled out Lanny’s breasts and fondled the nipples some, Lanny encourages her to suck on them by pushing her in that direction.  Jenna complies and very liberally licks, sucks, and cups Lanny’s breasts.  As Lanny shows signs of enjoying it, she leans her head forward to speak to Jenna.


Lanny: I have a confession to make.


Jenna: (looking up from Lanny’s breasts) What’s that?


Lanny: When you walked in, you looked so beautiful that I’ve been downstairs playing with myself while thinking of you and those yoga pants.


Jenna, upon hearing this, reaches her hand up Lanny’s long dress and rubs her pussy.


Jenna: Wow.  You are really wet.


Lanny: Thanks to you.


Lanny undoes the back of her dress and allows it to fall to the floor.  Jenna grabs her hips and pulls Lanny’s pussy close to her face.  Without hesitation, Jenna dives into Lanny’s pussy and begins licking it.


Lanny: Damn, you’re eager.  Savor it.


Jenna slows her licking and instead uses her index and middle finger to slide Lanny’s pussy lips apart.  She uses short, quick licks to tease Lanny.  At first Lanny enjoys it, but as her excitement mounts, she grabs Jenna’s head and forces it back into her pussy.


Lanny: Fuck it.  Fuck me with your tongue!


Jenna decides to tease her instead.  As she kisses around the outside of Lanny’s pussy, she inserts her index finger and slowly slides it in and out.  Then she adds her middle finger and gently fucks Lanny while still kissing and licking around the outside of her pussy.  Every so often, Lanny attempts to take control, but Jenna evades her encouragement. 


Jenna: You aren’t my first, Mrs. Smith.  I know what I’m doing.


Having said that, Lanny props one leg up on the toilet as Jenna slides down to the floor and picks up the vibrator.  She turns it on and quickly and forcefully shoves it into Lanny’s pussy.  Lanny screams, but it’s a pleasurable scream.  Jenna begins fucking Lanny with the vibrator shoving and twisting, twisting and shoving it into Lanny’s pussy. 


Lanny: Oh my God, yes!  Fuck me.  Fuck me.


Jenna slows her pace, removes the vibrator and sucks on it while using her other hand to begin fingering Lanny again.  Jenna momentarily re-inserts the vibrator into Lanny’s pussy just to wet it again, then removes it and inserts it into her own pussy.  Jenna toys herself for a minute, removes the vibrator and licks it clean again.  She then sets the vibrator down and focuses solely on getting Lanny off.  Jenna again spreads Lanny’s pussy lips apart with her index and middle finger to grant her better access to her clit.  She flicks her tongue over it quickly, and Lanny’s arousal is instant.  Jenna grabs hold of one of Lanny’s hands that has been on Jenna’s head and moves Lanny’s own hand toward her pussy.  Jenna encourages Lanny to finger herself while Jenna continues to tease Lanny’s clit.  They stay like this, Lanny’s leg propped up on toilet, Lanny fingering her own pussy, and Jenna flicking her tongue over Lanny’s clit until Lanny finally cums.  Her orgasm is intense and explosive.


Lanny: Shhhhhhhiiiiiiitttt!


Lanny’s body shudders. 


Lanny: Don’t stop.  You fucking whore, don’t you stop.


Lanny grabs Jenna’s head and again forces her face into her pussy.


Lanny: Eat it.  Clean up your mess.  Lick it clean.


Jenna complies with the request.  She begins with her tongue deep inside Lanny’s pussy.  Then she works the outer regions with long licks. 


Lanny: Let me taste it.  Come here.


Jenna inserts her tongue deep into Lanny’s pussy one more time then Lanny bends over and they kiss with plenty of tongue play.


Lanny pushes Jenna away and they both stand.  Lanny grabs Jenna by the waist and slowly pushes her across the bathroom to the wall.  Jenna is pinned against the wall and Lanny moves in close to her ear as she uses her hand to rub Jenna’s pussy.


Lanny: So you like to play with toys, huh?  Spread your legs.  Let me see that tight little pussy. 


Lanny kneels between Jenna’s legs and rubs her outer lips. 


Lanny: You know, it wasn’t my idea to invite you here tonight.  But now I completely understand why he wanted you here.  I can see you’re just as naughty and curious as your little friend Alexis.


Jenna looks down at Lanny and gives her a shocked expression.


Lanny: That’s right.  We fucked her.  And it was good, too.  By looking at your pussy, I can see you two have a lot in common.


Lanny is still stroking and rubbing the outer lips of Jenna’s pussy.  It is obvious Jenna wants some sort of penetration, but each time she reaches for Lanny’s hands, fingers, or head, Lanny pushes her away.


Lanny: Eager.  I like that.  Tell me, have you tongue-fucked Alexis like you just tongue-fucked me?


Jenna: (breathing heavily) No.


Lanny stops rubbing Jenna’s pussy and looks up into her eyes.


Lanny: You wouldn’t lie to me, would you?


Jenna attempts to make Lanny resume rubbing her pussy.


Lanny: Tell me the truth or we are done here.


Jenna: No.  I never fucked her.  I have wanted to, but we haven’t.  Yet.


Lanny walks across the bathroom the cabinet with all the sex toys.  As she walks away from Jenna, Jenna pleads with her.


Jenna: Honest.  I’ve never...


Jenna attempts to move away from the wall.


Lanny: Don’t you fucking move.  Get back against that wall.


Jenna: I’ve never fucked her.  I’ve masturbated while imagining it.  I’ve dreamed of it.  Hell, I even wrote a story about it once.  But I’ve never fucked her.


Lanny has retrieved a rubbery strap-on dildo from the cabinet.  She begins sucking it and licking it as she walks back toward Jenna.


Jenna: I swea...


Lanny puts a finger to Jenna’s lips.


Lanny: Shhh.  Don’t spoil the mood with your begging.


Lanny puts on the strap-on.  She spits on her hand and rubs it on what is now her cock.  Jenna spreads her legs a bit wider.


Jenna: I’ve never had a woman fu...


As soon as Jenna gets to the word “fuck,” Lanny slams her cock into Jenna.  Jenna yelps in what appears to be pain.


Jenna: Fuuuucccckkkk mmmmmeeeeee!


Lanny wastes no time as she pins Jenna to the wall and fucks her.  After just a minute of this, Lanny pulls out and spins Jenna around so she is facing the wall.  Lanny pushes herself against Jenna, reaches down, and inserts her cock from behind. 


Lanny: By the time we’re done, I want you to learn something you can then take to Alexis.  You see, my husband isn’t the only teacher in this house.


Lanny thrusts harder into Jenna.  After a few quick and hard thrusts, Lanny pulls out and turns Jenna around again.


Lanny: Suck my cock like you would my husband’s.  Now.


Jenna starts by stroking it while kissing Lanny.  Jenna stops kissing just long enough to let a long trail of spit fall from her mouth to Lanny’s strap-on.  Jenna strokes it some more and then kisses and fondles Lanny’s breasts. 


Lanny: That’s right.  He loves foreplay.  Now suck me.


Jenna drops to her knees and engulfs Lanny’s strap-on.  She twists and turns her head while also using both hands to stroke the dildo.  Her pace is fast and intense. 


Lanny: Yes.  Yes.  He loves when I use both hands while sucking him off.  Keep doing it.


Jenna complies for just a second, then completely stops. 


Lanny: What the fuck?!  You’re just going to stop like that?


Jenna: Sorry, I thought I heard a noise downstairs.


Lanny: What you heard was the sound of my husband’s balls turning blue.  Now back to work.


Lanny smacks Jenna’s face a couple of times with her cock. 


Lanny: Come on.  Suck it.


Jenna takes hold of the strap-on, spits on it, and begins slowly stroking it.  She works the entire length of the rubbery shaft.  Then, she gently kisses the head and trails kisses down the length of the shaft to the balls.  She licks the balls while stroking just the head of the strap-on.  Then she trails her tongue back down the length of the shaft to the head and begins sucking at a much faster pace than before.  Meanwhile, Lanny is licking one of her breasts and working hard to avoid touching Jenna.  Jenna then adds a hand to her action and strokes the shaft while sucking just the head.


Lanny: Damn, you know exactly what he would love!  But can you cum?


Lanny pushes Jenna away and removes the strap-on.  She grabs a towel off the nearby rack, folds it into a pillow shape, and lays it down on the floor beside the garden tub.


Lanny: Put your hands on the tub, your knees on this towel, and show me that fine ass of yours.


Jenna wastes no time obeying Lanny’s orders.


Once in position, Lanny spreads Jenna’s ass cheeks apart and licks her pussy.  Jenna reaches down and fondles her clit.  Lanny then licks two of her fingers and slide them inside of Jenna’s pussy.  She pushes them in and out a couple of times, and then removes them and licks them.


Lanny: Yummy.  That’s a taste that never gets old.


Lanny bends down behind Jenna and licks her pussy from behind.  Jenna continues to rub her clit as her excitement mounts.  Lanny then takes her face out of Jenna’s pussy and allows spit to slowly drop from her mouth to the crack of Jenna’s ass.  She uses the moisture to slowly push her index finger inside of Jenna’s ass.


Jenna: Oh!  Yes!


Lanny then inserts her middle finger into Jenna’s pussy.  She begins by slowly fucking both of her holes at the same time.  Once she can tell Jenna is comfortable with it, she quickens her pace while Jenna still rubs her clit.  As Jenna’s excitement overtakes her, she grabs hold of the tub with both hands.  Lanny then uses the thumb on her free hand to rub Jenna’s clit.  This is exactly what Jenna needed to send her over the edge.  Jenna screams out in orgasm as Lanny removes her index finger from Jenna’s ass and shifts to using just her middle and ring finger to slowly fuck Jenna’s pussy.  Jenna then slowly calms down and reaches between her legs to feel Lanny’s wet fingers and guide them in and out of her a few times. 


Jenna: Let me taste it.


Lanny moves around Jenna’s ass and reaches up so Jenna can lick her fingers.  Jenna does so in the same way she was sucking on Lanny’s strap-on.  She is deliberate and thorough.


Lanny: That’s a good girl. 


Lanny playfully smacks Jenna’s ass and Jenna sucks even harder on Lanny’s fingers.  The camera slowly pans up and away from the two women.  The camera drifts across the bathroom to the doorway.  In the doorway is Mr. Smith with his cock out of the zipper of his pants.  He is stroking himself and smiling.  The picture fades to black.



Submitted: January 01, 2015

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