The King's Harem

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: FANTASY EROTICA

Set in an epic fantasy type world, this story focuses on the life of the Royal concubines in the nation of Rhiala.

Adversity: a state or instance of serious or continued difficulty or misfortune. (courtesy of my Great-Great-Great Uncle Noah Webster's book)

What is a story without adversity to overcome? In essence, it ends up being the author just stringing words together because they can. Descriptions, scenes, conversations-all without reason. Adversity is what captures our attention. Adversity is what keeps us coming back for more. Adversity is a bitch.

In a story meant only for adults, one can be more free with the amount of violence shown. I've had to censor my novel on, taking out aspects of the story that I felt were integral to shaping the characters into the people they become. Toning down the violence, taking out scenes of sexual assault, and in general, focusing more on what goes on in the protagonist's head were ways I chose to make the story more accessible for a wider audience. After all, an epic fantasy with a gay protagonist is something LGBT teenagers SHOULD be able to read - severe under-representation in media sucks.

This book, however, is not toned down. Trigger warnings will not be given for individual chapters, so I'll just say it here: adversity is a bitch.

Table of Contents

The Queen's Birthday

Terrick brushed through the curtain that hung over the entrance to his sleeping alcove, and moved out into the hallway. He wore loose, bl... Read Chapter

As the Lady Prefers

Marshona had drifted to the foot of the bed. She moved slowly, seating herself with her usual elegant grace, and smiled gently at the Que... Read Chapter


  As Terrick moved off of the bed towards the King, Marshona lay back next to the Queen. Sella kept her gaze on the scene in fro... Read Chapter


Sella couldn’t keep her attention on the task in front of her. She’d spent so much of her time staring at the men that she’d only b... Read Chapter


The hour was late – past midnight – when the three concubines returned to the seraglio. Terrick held the door open for the girls as t... Read Chapter

Maric Meets a King

“So what are the others like?” Alric’s breath had yet to slow down. He’d boosted himself up to the edge of the tub earlier so... Read Chapter

A King Meets Maric

Maric smiled, nodding as if pleased at the King’s suggestion. He clasped his hands behind his back – aside from the fact that this wo... Read Chapter


“I’m not – I don’t care for men.” Maric said in a rush. He felt oddly relieved at having finally gotten the words out, and brea... Read Chapter


“So it’s taller men that frighten you,” the King murmured. Maric had somehow ended up sitting on his lap as they held each other, w... Read Chapter

Three is Not a Crowd

One of the King’s hands had risen to cup around Maric’s face, and he could sense movement from below, where Terrick was apparently tu... Read Chapter


Ana stood, picking up her dishes and moving back towards the breakfast buffet against the wall. She deposited her used plate, goblet, and... Read Chapter


The King was moving, surging forward to kiss Ana before she quite expected it. One of his hands was on the back of the settee, the other ... Read Chapter


The King was surging forward to kiss Ana before she quite expected it. One of his hands was on the back of the settee, the other cupped h... Read Chapter