Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A woman's memory, a young girl's first sexual encounter.


A woman's memory, a young girl's first sexual encounter.


Submitted: February 23, 2016

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Submitted: February 23, 2016



Allison lay in bed, counting the shadows the blinds made on the wall in the moonlight.  She sighed; it was going to be a long night.  Restless, she turned on her back, and ran one of her hands down the center of her belly to the heat of her center.  Her fingers gently brushed the lips of her pussy. She was still swollen from earlier in the evening when she and Jonathan had alternatively made love, had hard, fast sex, and then quietly held one another talking, before embarking on another round of hot, sweaty sex. He knew all her buttons and exactly how to push them. 

As she thought about Jon, she dipped her middle finger into the wet folds, and slid it back up between her lips to her clit. She moved the other hand down, and inserted two fingers inside her wet pussy. As she played with herself, a memory began to flow through her mind...
Ally Jacobs was seven years old. Her birthday had been last week. She wasn't sure why it was such a big deal. Her friends at school had been excited about it, but she didn't feel any different from when she had been six. At least her Mom had remembered this year, and had wished her happy birthday. She had hoped for a new Jingle Jump, since she had worn out the string on her old one. But, like usual, her Mom might remember, but would never get her a present. She had hoped this once it would be different.

Today was supposed to be a treat for her. But, she suspected it was more a chance for her Mom to get out for a while without having to pay a sitter. She and her Mom had made the drive from Eureka to Yuba City to visit some old friends of her Mom's. Her Mom had told her it would be fun as they had a son who was just a little bit older than she, and the two of them could play together.

Someone must have forgotten to mention that to Michael, because he'd slammed into his room right after their parents had left at mid-morning and he'd only come out once to get a soft drink out of the fridge.  Turns out, a little bit older was three years and he didn't want to have anything to do with her. That was fine with her.

She would amuse herself by setting up the sprinkler in the back yard.  She did have a new bathing suit this summer, but she really didn't like it. Her old one was like a comfortable old friend. It was one piece and her favorite color, green. The new one was a two piece and she didn't like the top, it was scratchy under her arms.  She ran through the sprinkler half a dozen times before deciding to take the top off. There wasn't anyone out here but her, she reasoned, and she could put it back on before she went back inside. Besides, the sun was really warm and felt good on her bare back.  A hour later, deciding that hopping back and forth through the water was boring; she turned off the water, and pulled the sprinkler back up beside the house, neatly coiling the hose alongside it. She picked up her top and slid it back on overhead. She looked up as she snapped the elastic edge against her ribs, and started in surprise as her eyes locked with Michael's through the window.

They stared at one another for a long minute. Then he motioned at her to come in the house. Maybe, he'd decided that talking to her or playing a game might be more fun than spending time alone in his room.  She headed into the kitchen, figuring Michael would be there waiting. When he wasn't, she grabbed a plum from the bowl on the counter, and snatched a paper towel from the holder under the cabinet.  She turned, and ran face first into Michael's chest. He was only a bit taller than she. Her Daddy had always told her she would grow to match her frame, but she was really tired of being considered tall and skinny.

His brown eyes glistened with curiosity and amusement. Ally thought she detected something else, something sneaky. But if it were there, it was just as quickly gone. "Come with me," he demanded. She quickly followed him. She was used to taking orders. Besides, it beat sitting alone in the kitchen or reading by herself.  She followed him into his room. The twin bed was on the left as she came in the door. There was a dresser, on the opposite wall, across from the foot of the bed. At the end of the narrow room, was a desk under the window; the window where he'd been watching her. She wondered how long he'd been looking out the window.

He was sitting at the head of the bed, his back against the wall, and his feet crossed Indian style in front of him. He had a hand full of darts, and deftly threw one at the target beside the dresser on the wall opposite his bed.  She wished she could throw like that, maybe he would teach her how.

"Sit down!" His words came out overly loud in the small room, and she jumped, a bit startled. The only chair was covered with a school bag and a bunch of clothes. "On the bed," he said with exaggerated patience, as though she were stupid.

She gingerly sat on the foot of the bed, with her legs hanging over the edge. She didn't feel quite comfortable, but wasn't really sure why. She bit into the plum, some of the juice escaping her mouth and dribbling down her chin. She quickly swiped it away with the paper towel. She didn't want to look like a little kid.

Michael started asking her questions; questions about school, and where she lived. As she responded to the questions she felt herself begin to relax. She turned so that her back was against the wall on the side of the bed, drew her knees up to her chest, and wrapped her arms around her legs. She took the last bite and spit the plum pit into the wad of damp paper towels.

As they talked, Michael threw one dart after another into the target on the wall, getting up periodically to retrieve them and start all over again. She studied him. He was looked about the same height as the fifth graders at her school. He had sandy, brown hair that brushed the neck line of his white t-shirt. He was really tan, one of his knees was skinned and he had a bruise on one shin. His eyes were heavy-lidded, and he when he looked at her, they had a sleepy quality. Ally decided she liked the way they looked.

He asked how old she was, and teasingly asked her if she had a boyfriend. His tone already letting her know he thought she was too young for a boy to notice her. She didn't mind his teasing, and she had a lot of boyfriends in school. She felt more comfortable with boys, talking about football, GI Joe, or anything other than Barbie or dolls or playing school, which are what the girls in her class, seemed focused on.

They talked for a while, Ally genuinely relaxing in Michael's company. He told her about his school and his friends, that he liked to skateboard, and play basketball. Ally loved skateboarding, but her Mom had burned her board after she had wiped out in the neighbor's driveway doing a too fast figure eight. She'd had a fat lip, scraped chin, knees and elbows from that one. It was worth it, except that she'd lost her board. Her Mom was always encouraging her to do girl things. She was convinced that Ally would never grow up to amount to anything. If amounting to something meant attracting guys, as in the steady parade that had been swarming around her Mom since her divorce, then Ally was certain she didn't want to grow up to amount to anything at all. All her Mom's boyfriend's treated her like a baby; or, worse like she didn't exist. She'd heard her grandmother say that the men were out for one thing - sex. Ally wasn't blind or deaf. She'd walked in on her Mom and some guy going at it on the couch or the floor, once even the kitchen table, more times than she could count.  Yuck!  Although, some of the contortions they had been going through were pretty interesting. Ally hadn't been able to watch for long, but if the expressions on her Mom's face was any indication, it wasn't much fun.

Michael asked her if she'd ever played darts. She shook her head no, asking him if he would teach her, at the same time. He looked at her, shook his head, as if making an important decision, and said, "Sure".

They moved to the edge of the bed, sitting side-by-side, facing the dart board. He offered her the four darts, and said, "Here, you go first".

"I'm not very good," Ally replied, as she took the darts from his hand. She missed the board by a mile with all her shots. What was worse was that none of the darts even stuck in the wall. Michael collected the darts and took his turn, placing all the darts on the board, and one in the bulls' eye. He nodded to himself in a self-satisfied way, collected the darts and handed them to her. As she reached out to grab them, he cupped his other hand on top of hers and looked her with a crooked, half grin on his face. "I can give you some pointers, if you want", he said. "Yeah, I'd like that", she replied, wondering why her heart was pounding so hard, and if Michael could hear it. It seemed to be roaring in her ears.

He showed her how to hold the darts, and how to align her hand for the throw, telling her to release before the down swing of her arm. It helped a little bit; at least some of them were sticking in the wall. They played companionably for a while, talking and laughing with Michael giving her occasional pointers. Her aim still wasn't great, but she was having a wonderful time.

Michael got up to retrieve the darts one more time. As he turned to face her, she saw that elusiveness in his eyes again, but like before, it was quickly gone. Maybe she was imagining it. It made her stomach twitter, like it did when she was nervous about a test, or her Mom being drunk and mad.

"Let's make this more interesting", Michael suggested. "How?” Ally asked. "We'll have a contest.  The loser has to do something for the winner", he said with confidence. Sure thought Ally, he knows he's going to win.

"I don't know, you're much better than me. You'll win every time", she stated flatly. "Are you chicken?" Michael jeered. "You're just a baby!"

"Am not!" She almost shouted; she hated being called chicken and a baby. "Fine," let's play. She was so caught up; she never questioned what the outcome might be.

The first game was over way too quickly. Ally was so nervous that none of the darts even hit the board, but bounced off the surrounding wall. "I guess you win," she looked at the floor, anywhere but at Michael's face. She hated to lose.

"You'll get better, Ally," he said softly. He put a finger under her chin and lifted her face to meet his gaze. She was ashamed she could feel tears pooling in her eyes. She almost wished he were laughing and crowing about winning. She expected to see disdain and disgust in his eyes, so was taken aback to see something else, excitement and interest glistened in his gaze. That nervous feeling in her stomach increased and she couldn't seem to catch her breath. He bent his head, and softly brushed his lips across hers. She gasped at the contact, stunned that he had kissed her, and more stunned that she had liked it, sort of.

"You want to play again?" Michael asked. She stared at him, "What do I have to do?" "What do you mean, Ally?" He asked. "You won," she said, "What do I have to do for you?" She hated owing anyone anything. He laughed softly, "You already did it Ally, you gave me a kiss." The thought that a kiss of hers could be the prize for a game stunned her. No one had ever treasured her or anything about her. She swiped her arm over her tear stained face, grinned up at Michael and said, "Sure!"

They played a few more games; Michael winning easily each time. After each win, he kissed her, brushing his fingers on her face, and the last time teasing at her lips with his tongue. "What are you doing?" She demanded. "I want to French kiss you," he said, his eyes again showing, that slight cunning. "What is that?" She asked. "You open your mouth, and I put my tongue inside your mouth.  Then you rub your tongue against mine," said Michael. "That sounds weird.  I don't think I'd like I had Ally replied. "But you owe me a kiss, and it's winner's choice." There was no mistaking the triumph on his face. He took her by the shoulders and eased his mouth onto hers, encouraging her to open her mouth to him. After a few seconds, she relaxed her jaw, and began to enjoy the feel of his mouth and tongue. Michael sucked her tongue into his mouth. It caused a twitching in her belly and between her thighs; not dissimilar to how it felt when she sometimes touched herself between the legs.

As he released her; he said, "Play you again, but I want a different prize.  To make sure it's fair you can throw twice to my one turn.” Ally knew it wasn't really fair, but her innate curiosity and the fact that she really liked Michael made her say yes.

She was so excited!  She had actually hit the board and made ten points. She bounced on her knees on the bed; then watched with her mouth wide open as Michael placed four darts on the board, easily out scoring her one hit.

"Take off your top," he immediately demanded. His tone was strong and firm. Ally, used to doing what she was told, had it off before she even stopped to consider that it wasn't right. Even though she knew her chest was flat, and looked pretty much like Michael's she also knew that it wasn't appropriate. Her Mom had yelled at her off and on all last summer when she would unselfconsciously remove her top, not used to wearing one all the time. He put the palm of his hand against her breast bone and gently shoved her flat on the bed. He ran his fingers around and around her nipples; rolling them between his fingers when they stiffened at the attention. It might be wrong, but it felt nice. It felt hot between her legs, and damp. She wanted to rub herself there, but was too embarrassed. He bent his head and sucked one little nub into his mouth, scraping his teeth across the peak. Without conscious thought, Ally moaned out loud and her hips thrust up off the bed of their own accord. He released her nipple and stepped back from the bed, his breath coming in sharp pants. Her face was even with his waist and as she watched he slowly rubbed his hand across his thing, which appeared to be growing.  Ally knew about guys' penises. She'd seen a few when her Mom and her boyfriends were having sex. She wasn't quite clear on what they did with it, and if the sounds her Mom made were any clue she didn't want to know because it sounded like it hurt, a lot. "Play again?" Michael asked his voice slightly hoarse.

Ally looked at his face, and then nodded yes; her hand automatically reaching for her bathing suit top. Michael’s hand stopped hers in midair.  "Leave it," and she did.

For the next couple of games, Ally consistently hit the board, not enough to win, but a couple of times it was close. Michael wasn't playing as well as he had earlier. He repeated his soft assault on her nipples each time, but also managing to rub his crotch across her thighs occasionally. She could feel the heat and hardness of his penis through the thin material of his cotton shorts.

He moved off her, and stood quietly looking at her. Her face was flushed, her eyes shining, and she unconsciously ran her tongue over her lips. "Ally, I want to look at all of you. Take off your bottoms." Michael's voice was quiet, its softness accentuated by the sound of their rapid breathing. Ally hesitated only a minute, and slid the brief swimsuit bottoms down her legs and off her feet

Ally lay there with her legs clinched tight together, shivering slightly, more from nervous tension than being cold.

"You're pretty, Ally." She wasn't sure she had heard him, as he said it so softly. He gently grasped her left thigh and drew it towards him, at the same time placing the palm of his hand against her other thigh and gently pushing her legs apart. She could feel the heat flooding her face. Her private parts were wide open for him to see. Even worse, it was all wet down there, even more so in the last few minutes.

"Scoot up on the bed," he said quietly. After she had settled back into place with her legs spread wide, he climbed up on the bed and knelt between her thighs. She knew he could see even more from this angle, and although it made her blush, it also made her tingle between her legs. So much so she almost wanted him to touch her there to ease the ache.

He reached out, his hands trembling slightly, and used his thumbs to spread her open. She blushed even deeper as he exposed her to his eyes.

He dipped a finger in the moisture gathered at her opening and ran it up and down the length of her. When his finger reached the top, it brushed that sensitive spot, that Ally always rubbed to make herself feel good. He noticed her reaction, and moved his finger around in broad circles until he found it again.

Michael couldn't stop looking at her. She looked so soft and sleek. He had seen a girl down there before, his cousin Angela had been happy to let him look all he wanted. But she hadn't let him touch her. Besides, Angela was old. She was thirteen, she had hair down there, and she called it her pussy. He and his friends had kept repeating the word over and over, each of them taking a weird sort of pride in knowing a slang word for a girl's private parts. He liked Ally better. He could see everything, since she didn't have hair yet. He guessed it was because she was so young. He could see all of her, and so far she was letting him explore all he wanted. Her skin was very soft, especially the part underneath. It was all slippery and warm. He wanted to put his penis there against her wet skin, but he was afraid she wouldn't let him, that it might scare her. He didn't want to scare her. He just wanted to look and touch her some more.

"Does that feel good, Ally?" All she could do was moan in response. At her hoarse sound, he pulled back, his face contorting. At first she thought he was in pain, and then he griped his penis through his shorts and moaned loudly. His shorts were all wet. Ally was a little embarrassed for him, thinking he must have wet himself. Her face turned bright red. "It's okay, Ally. It's like you getting wet and it feels really good". She calmed a bit, and her curiosity got the better of her. "Can I see it?" She asked boldly.

He shrugged, a little embarrassed himself. But he pulled off his shorts and underpants in one quick motion. Ally reached out before she could stop herself, grasping his penis in her hand. "It's small now, but it was really big before," she exclaimed. His eyes gleamed, with a small show of pride. "Yeah, it gets big when I'm excited. Lay back and let me touch you. It'll get big again, you'll see."

Ally lies back again and let him touch her. He started rubbing that spot again, and she felt herself growing wetter. It never felt quite this good when she touched herself.

He put one finger from his other hand against the opening of her body. She tensed and stated to sit up. "Relax, Ally. I won't hurt you. I promise it will feel really good," he coaxed. She lays back. "Bend your knees and put your feet flat on the bed." She did as he asked.

He shoved her knees apart a bit more. She was wide open and could feel his eyes on her. It made her tummy tremble, but in a good way. He started stroking her again, hitting that special spot over and over. He pressed a finger against her opening, gently swirling it around and around in her wetness. She gasped aloud with pleasure, and he increased the pressure on the sensitive spot rubbing it in a brisk circle. At the same time he edged the very tip of his middle finger into her opening and began moving it slightly in and out. How did he know that was what she needed.  In a few seconds she felt her whole body tighten like it was going to explode. She squeezed her eyes shut, holding her breath, and she spiraled towards a sensation she had never felt before. It felt sort of like when she rubbed herself, but way better. She exhaled and let the feeling wash over her body. Michael's hands slowed their pace, slower and slower until he stopped. She was out of air, and her knees collapsed inwards. She laid there breathing deeply, still feeling the sensations swamp her body.

As her breathing evened, she opened her eyes to find Michael watching her intently. "Was that okay, Ally?" He asked. She nodded, all she was capable of at the moment. Then she noticed that his hand was stroking his penis in an up and down rhythm, and it had grown big again, just like he had said. She could see moisture beaded on the tip of it. She involuntarily licked her lips. Michael groaned. She looked up into his face. He was watching her, almost as though he were guessing her thoughts and feelings.

Michael watched her regain her breath. He wondered what else he could persuade her to do without scaring her. He glanced at the clock on his night stand. He also had to keep an eye on the time. Although he figured their parents would lose track of time and be late, there was a chance they'd be back at six like they said. He didn't want to get in trouble, and he especially didn't want to get Ally in trouble. He had overheard his parents talking and knew that Ally didn't have an easy life at home.

Ally propped herself up on her elbow, and watched him stroke himself. "Doesn't that hurt?" She asked. "No, it feels really good," he breathed out. With his free hand he reached out and grabbed her wrist, and pulled her hand towards him. She didn't resist. She boldly moved his hand out of the way and gripped him tightly. "Show me how," she demanded. He placed his hand over the top of hers and showed her how to stroke him.  Her hand felt different. It was softer, but she had a firm grip. He felt the tension building and knew he was going to lose it again soon. He didn't want it to end. Her hand felt so good. He could feel it though, his body wound tighter and tighter and he could feel it building until he couldn't hold back. He tightened his grip on top of Ally's hand and stroked just a few more quick strokes and exploded. Ally kept stroking him, amazed at the expression on his face and the white glob shooting out of his penis.  It jerked up involuntarily, and part of the white stuff hit her on the cheek. With a groan, Michael fell sideways on the bed. She let him loose from her hand, her fingers coming up to wipe the wetness from her face. She smelled it. It smelled slightly musty, like sweaty boy, but there was an underlying scent she couldn't place. She stuck out her tongue and gingerly licked some of it off her finger. It was sort of nutty tasting, but bland. It didn't taste awful. She turned her head to see Michael looking at her. "You tasted it," he said as though amazed. She grinned at him, "I wanted to know what it tasted like."   He scooted up and around until he was lying on his side facing her. "Why?" He asked. "Because," she said, "it looked creamy." She blushed, and ducked her head so he couldn't see his eyes, "and, I wanted to know if it tasted the same as me." Michael groaned not sure why her words affected him. But, they did. He wanted to lay here beside her forever. Touching her, and letting her touch him; and, if he were as brave as Ally, maybe tasting her.

He glanced at the clock again. Reluctantly he swung his legs off the bed. He grabbed her hand and pulled her upright. "We have to get cleaned up and dressed. They'll be back soon."  Ally bounced off the bed, and grabbed her swimsuit. She smiled at him over her shoulder as she walked out the door towards the bathroom where she'd left her jeans and shirt. "I'll meet you in the kitchen. I'm hungry."

He watched her as she walked out the door.  "Me, to Ally," he thought, "me, too."




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