it was his birthday but their present !

it was his birthday but their present ! it was his birthday but their present !

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica




it was his birthday, but their joint present when they met up for a sexy afternoon of fun




it was his birthday, but their joint present when they met up for a sexy afternoon of fun


Submitted: October 26, 2012

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Submitted: October 26, 2012



It was his birthday, but it was their present !


They had met, like they had been meeting for a few months outside the hotel. She was very excited as she wanted to make his birthday very special indeed. They were regular fuck buddies and had been trying out all sorts of things over the past few months, but she had some special ideas for today, as she would give him the best birthday sex he had ever had.


He was also planning a special day. She had talked about a threesome a few times, and the thought of being with another woman had made her very curious, yet she had never done anything about it, but he felt she had dropped enough hints, so he was planning to make it a joint birthday present.


In they went to the room, and this time, she took charge. It was most unlike her, as she normally preferred Jack to take charge and she always gave in to his desires ! She told him to sit on the bed, take his shirt off, but to leave his jeans on and to find the music channel on the TV. She disappeared with her bag into the bathroom to get ready.  Sarah emerged ready for sex! Dressed to thrill, with stockings, suspenders, basque, heels, long flowing hair and her sex eyes!


Fucking hell, jack said. This is going to be a hell of a birthday !


Sarah walked into the room, looking super sexy, she felt super sexy, she was already wet with anticipation, just thinking about jacks cock inside her always made her wet and she wasn’t going to disappoint him, not on his birthday. On came her favourite song, so she started a little sexy dance. VERY provocative and jacks cock was getting hard at the sight of her.


She walked over to the bed and kissed him, a very long slow kiss and she started to run her hands over his torso. She wanted him inside her but it was his day, so she would start with giving him a birthday blowjob !


As she unbuttoned his jeans and slid them off along with his briefs, jacks erect cock jumped out ready for action. At the same time his hands found the roundness of her arse and the very delicate skin of her inner thighs. As she started to lick his cock, tasting the pre cum on the tip before taking it fully into her mouth, very slowly, jacks hands found her clit, so she parted her legs a little to give him easier access. She was so turned on; her first orgasm wouldn’t take long, especially as she had his cock in her mouth and had been dreaming of his birthday for weeks. Jack knew she wouldn’t last long and given her wetness, today wouldn’t be any different.


Stroking her clit, with a finger or two in her pussy, he could soon feel her tense up and cum. He could feel the release of her juice on his fingers and well as the extra tongue action and suck on his cock as she came. He wasn’t far behind her as he had been thinking about this day for ages and he knew what was coming ! Sarah continued with the BJ until jack had filled her mouth with his cum, and she swallowed every bit. She loved swallowing his juice and then licking his cock clean.


Then there was a knock at the door ! Sarah stood up, startled, unsure of who it might be !


Jack knew exactly who it was. It was his birthday and he was calling the shots !


He got up from the bed, walked to the door and let her in. Sarah was still in shock as dawn walked into the room. She was about 5 ft 9, medium build, great tits, long brunette hair and was dressed in business dress.. Or so it seemed.


Sarah asked who the fuck are you !


Jack looked at Sarah, and said, she is here at my request, it’s my present to you on my birthday for us to enjoy, and as he said that he raised his fingers that were still covered in Sarah’s juice so dawn could lick them, which she gladly did.


Hmm.. Tastes lovely she said, as she slipped out of her skirt and blouse, down to her underwear, and as instructed, she was also dressed to thrill, stockings, suspenders, crotches panties and basque.


Nothing needed to be said as dawn walked over to Sarah and kissed her, right on the lips, slow and passionate. Sarah had never been kissed like this before by a woman and she was nervous, angry that jack had surprised her, but so turned on and thrilled that he had surprised her all  at the same time.


Dawn took Sarah’s hand as they walked to the bed and she requested that she lay down. Dawn was taking control just like jack had asked her to. Jack sat in the seat and just watched. Just like most men, the thought of watching two women going at it was a real turn on, but this was nothing like the porn films, this was real and right before his eyes !


Dawn took control and before long jack knew Sarah no longer cared about his birthday. She was in her own world. Her tell tale signs of writhing in ecstasy were there, biting her lip trying to hold on to another orgasm, as dawn went down on her. Sarah had never been licked by a woman. It had always been a fantasy, she had wanted to know if a woman would be different to a man, after all, she would know what it felt like, what to do, so surely it would be different, but this was mind blowing !


Dawn was busy working on her clit, whilst having two fingers in her ass, and she knew every button to press, Sarah was cumming time and time again, she lost count, and dint care. She was having the time of her life.


Meanwhile jack was stroking his very hard cock and was dying to get involved with the two sexy ladies on the bed. He knew that dawn wanted some cock, and he definitely knew Sarah wanted some cock, so he was going to have to fuck them both ! That was his present to himself !


Dawn finished on Sarah, and worked her way back up to kiss her again.


Now it’s your turn...... she said as she rolled onto her back and spread her legs. Jack had told her in the set up, that it was one of Sarah’s fantasies to lick a woman, so dawn knew it was her first time, and also knew it wouldn’t be her last.


Sarah’s mind was racing. Another woman, in this room, with her, and jack. She knew jack would want to fuck them both as he was a horny bastard, but she wasn’t sure she could watch him with another woman. She knew he had other woman, but he never talked about them when he was with her, but now he was probably going to fuck one in front of her ! She didn’t know what to do, as dawn pulled her head down onto her breasts. Sarah decided to not question it, just give in and enjoy the moment, after all, she was about to taste another woman’s pussy, and it WAS jacks birthday after all !!


Jack could tell Sarah was a bit nervous and a bit tense, so he stood up and went to her, just as Sarah’s tongue found dawn’s clit. Dawn was ready for it and she hoped Sarah wouldn’t disappoint. If she did, she knew jack would take over and bring her to orgasm, as he had never disappointed her in the past, with his tongue, fingers or cock, but Sarah was actually doing a great job of it. Sarah just went through in her mind all the things that she liked having done to her, and thought that other woman must like what she likes. Before long, Sarah knew she was on the right path, as dawn let out her usual cry when she came. Jack knew all about that, but it was new to Sarah.


Jack positioned himself at dawns head. He wanted dawn to take his cock in her mouth, and he wanted Sarah to see it. It would either turn her on, or piss her off. He hoped it was the first.


Dawn as ever took his cock in her mouth and set to work on it. She could taste a bit of his juice from earlier, and she loved it, meanwhile her pussy was into sensory overload as Sarah was really getting the hang of licking pussy ! Dawn was coming again, and as jack looked at Sarah, he could see the glint in her eye. She was loving it and he could tell she was loving the fact that his cock was in another woman’s mouth. Her pussy was aching for cock, so she lifted her head and just said .. Fuck me.... to jack.


Jack didn’t need a second initiation. Dawn was on her back on the bed, legs open, with Sarah’s face buried in her pussy. Sarah was kneeling licking dawn’s pussy with her ass in the air, and jack knew exactly where he was going to plant his cock. He knew Sarah had never been fucked whilst tasting another woman, so this was to be another first !


He slid his cock into her pussy and she immediately tightened on his cock. She was loving it. She was so turned on she knew she would be cumming again very soon. She knew jack was just going to fuck her, hard and fast, the way she liked it, but she now had to concentrate herself on dawn’s pussy. Jack was thrusting in and out, and Sarah struggled. She knew she was building for a big orgasm and she knew she couldn’t concentrate to lick dawn as well, so she inserted a finger, then two, and massaged her pussy, whilst she concentrated on her own orgasm. Jack knew he wasn’t ready to cum yet, but he knew Sarah was. He just kept thrusting harder and faster into her as she exploded with her most intense orgasm ever. She was spent. She needed a rest to recover from her body convulsing.


Dawn knew what to do, and she positioned herself further down the bed, as she knew jack would be fucking her next, which he did. Dawn knew, jacks favourite position was cowgirl, but she wanted it deep and hard first. Jack obliged. Before long dawn was cumming again, and now Sarah knew what to expect with dawns cry of ecstasy! Sarah still wasn’t sure about watching jack have so much fun fucking another woman in her presence, but she knew it was his birthday, his rules.


Dawn spun jack over onto his back.


Now to give you your birthday fuck from me....she said as she climbed on top and slowly sunk down onto his cock. Jack knew he wouldn’t last long. He was so turned on at the sight of dawn riding his cock, and the sight of Sarah alongside him, who had now leaned over to kiss him, dawn was thrusting up and down on jacks cock, like she had done many times before. Dawn knew he wouldn’t last long, she could feel her own juice running down his cock, she wasn’t far off cumming again herself. Jack arched his back and shot his load into dawn who came again, one more time!



The best birthday ever .......said jack as he snoozed on the bed, a girl in each arm !!!

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