her best friend....

her best friend.... her best friend....

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


She was a long standing friend of my wife’s. Maybe even her best friend but then she had a few girl friends... “I have seen your profile on THAT site”, she said. “Fiona wont be happy”. I was shitting myself as I never thought I would get caught. Sure there was a slim chance but not by her best friend... the story unfolds.. will she, or wont she


She was a long standing friend of my wife’s. Maybe even her best friend but then she had a few girl friends... “I have seen your profile on THAT site”, she said. “Fiona wont be happy”. I was shitting myself as I never thought I would get caught. Sure there was a slim chance but not by her best friend...

the story unfolds.. will she, or wont she


Submitted: August 08, 2012

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Submitted: August 08, 2012



I was at the bar; ordering another round and Karen had come over to help me. She was my wife’s best friend, they had known each other for years and they were like sisters, as thick as thieves at times, but they were the best of friends, always discussing everything with each other and forever on the phone. We were out having a few drinks in a local pub on a lovely summer’s day. Karen with her husband John, me and my wife Fiona. I was just paying for the drinks, when Karen lent over with one hand to pick up her husband’s drink to take back to the table when she whispered....


I have seen your profile on the site......... and Fiona won’t be happy !


What the fuck..... I thought, what did she just say ? I had been on the dating site for a few months, looking for a bit extra, as our sex life at home was getting predictable and Fiona was not adventurous in the bedroom, so I joined the site looking to meet up with women in a similar situation to me for some no string sex.


I know it’s you.... she said as she walked away back to the table.


Fuck.. Have I been rumbled? What if she says something to Fiona? My mind was racing as all the permutations and possibilities, but I had to try and remain calm. I was sure Karen hadn’t said anything to Fiona up until now, perhaps she was fishing, looking to see if I admitted it or not. After all, my face picture was not on the site, although I had emailed it to a few people, and there were only a few pictures of my body on there....


I decided to play it cool, sit back down, carry on the conversation and to just deny anything should it come up in conversation. I kept staring at Karen and she just continues as if nothing happened ! So I decide to do the same thing.


Another round comes and goes and then it’s my turn back at the bar. Come on Karen, you can give me a hand I say as I get up and she follows me to the bar...


She was wearing jeans, a simple blue top and an obvious black bra. She wasn’t a natural blond as I knew she dyed it and I would never have said she was really pretty, but she was attractive with a great personality ! We were always laughing and joking, but I was never sexually attracted to her, maybe it was because she was my wife’s best mate rather than physical appearance.


I make it to the bar and she is right behind me. I don’t know what to say or how to bring it up but I need to know what she knows.


It is you isn’t it......... she says as she stands right next to me. Our partners can’t hear us as they are still sat at the table. If Fiona knew she would kill you !..... She says..... I don’t know what you mean.... I say, trying to deny it all.


I know it’s you.... she says, from the description and from the body pictures, as I can make out the tattoo on your arm, THAT’S how I know it’s you.


Fuck.... I think to myself, I have been rumbled..... What’s the best way to go from here. I was shitting myself !


Ok, it’s me..... I said... but please don’t tell her, it would kill her and then she would kill me... I blurt out !


Well I haven’t told her yet... she says... I have been pondering what to do ever since I worked out it was you, and I wanted to have a chat with you. Fuck.... I think to myself, not out of the woods yet, after all they are best mates !!!


Then it dawns on me, what the hell was she doing looking on there to come across me ! How did you find me...... I blurt out.


I was on there, just looking, as you do, when I saw your pictures and I recognised you ! You even sent me a face picture as you have been chatting to me !!! You horny devil !


Fuck Fuck and Fuck again I think to myself.


Obviously I didn’t use my real name when I registered, and you would know me on there as Julie !


Fuck... I think to myself, I do remember having an email exchange with a Julie, she was really flirting with me and I was flirting back, and yes, I probably did send a face picture........Bollocks, that just confirmed it to her so she has known it’s been me for a while.


Fuck Fuck Fuck ! I think to myself...... please don’t tell Fiona........... I say....... Relax, says Karen, your secrets safe with me........ For the time being...... as she walks back over to the table and just carries on as if nothing happened.


I sit there pondering my situation. She knows it’s me, I can’t really deny it especially after sending her a face picture. What will she do ? She hasn’t told Fiona yet and yet she has known about it for a few days. Maybe I’m safe ........I think to myself.


Then it dawns on me. She registered on the site. She was on there looking for something, either she was curious, just looking for a bit of fun, or she is after some extra action too. She won’t want her husband to know that she is on there, so maybe we can keep each other’s secret.


I need to ask her some more questions, but cant as our partners are present. Every now and again she looks at me, but now it’s a different look. It’s not the look  that your wife’s best friend would normally give you just because you have said something witty in a conversation, this time I am sure it’s a flirty look, there’s a sparkle in her eyes, I am sure of it... or am I just imagining it ?


I am dying to ask her, but I just don’t get the opportunity, we finish our drinks and go our separate ways back home.


Fuck..... I think to myself, I need to know what she will do. Hopefully she won’t tell my wife, I knew it was a risk going on there, and I can’t believe her best friend spotted me, but I need to know what her best friend was doing on there to find me.


The following day comes and goes. I still have many thoughts, questions and ideas whizzing through my head. I can’t text or call Karen, as it’s not something I would ever normally do, Fiona always makes contact with her, not me !


Later that day Fiona calls her for one of her chats. I sit on the sofa shitting myself as to what might happen, but nothing is said. Karen has kept my secret, at least for now !


A few days pass, I haven’t been back on the site since the weekend, since Karen confronted me, but I have to know if she has messaged me. I log on.. Amongst the various messages there is a message from her, a message from Julie, who I now know is Karen.


Hi big boy, she starts the message with, I bet you were crapping yourself when I found you out !


Too right I am thinking.


I just wanted you to know that I won’t be telling Karen , it will be our little secret for the time being, but I need you to do something for me....... what the fuck.. I am thinking..... Is she going to blackmail me ?


I need some shelves putting up in the lounge she says !


Fuck... is that all.... that’s a simple job... I think to myself, and I know her husband is rubbish at DIY, in fact we discussed the very thing at the weekend and I offered to put them up when I was chatting to him when we were out.


Fiona has offered your services so can you come round Thursday evening to put them up. Easy I think to myself, if that’s all she wants to keep quiet about me being on the site, that’s not a problem, so I message back to say that will be fine and I would be round Thursday night.


Later that day, Fiona tells me she has been chatting to Karen, and that she has offered my services to help with some shelves. I have to pretend I don’t know much about it, when she suggests I pop over Thursday evening to put them up. Fine I say, as I have a chuckle to myself, as she has no idea that I had already arranged it..... By the way, john won’t be there as he has that course in Nottingham, so it’s just you and Karen, she says.... Great, I think to myself,  at least I can have a chat with her about keeping quiet !


Thursdays work drags on as I ponder about the evening. What to say, what to do. I need Karen on side, I can’t have her telling Fiona about me being on the site, or blackmailing me over it, but at the same time I need to find out why she was on the site herself.


 After my evening meal, I pack up the tools I need and head on over to Karen’s house. It’s about 7 pm. I knock on the door and she opens it. She looks great ! Dressed in t shirt and jeans, she is barefoot, and she invites me in, but I can see she is on the phone. She is on the phone to my wife ! As she says into the phone, he’s just arrived !


We walk through to the lounge and she shows me the shelves and where she wants them. She is still on the phone as she walks away. I have never really noticed it before but she has a great arse in those jeans !!!


I set about putting the shelves up, wondering how long she is likely to be as I have my questions to ask. First shelf up and I start on the second. She is really taking her time. It’s getting on for 8 o’clock and still no sign of her when the doorbell goes...


She appears from the kitchen to open the door and she is now off the phone. I can’t see who is at the door, but whoever it is, she knows him and welcomes him in. She comes through into the lounge where I am just finishing the final shelf and as I turn round I cannot believe my eyes. She is stood next to a guy, in his early 20’s, nearly half her age, a good looking fit guy who has his arm around her !!!

This is Chad.... she says.. My plaything !!!!!


Holy Fuck.... I think to myself, she is having it away with this young guy, whilst my mate john is away on a course ! I now know why she was on the site... she is after the same as me !!!! ........why don’t you go upstairs Chad.. She says..... I think I have some explaining to do to Jack ......as Chad goes upstairs, clearly knowing the way.


I think you have some explaining to do........ I say to Karen, as she sits down next to me on the sofa, going a bit red in her face.


I have been on the site for ages... she says... and regularly meet guys for sex. John has no idea, he’s not up to much in the bedroom these days, so I went looking for a bit more action. I knew it was you the moment I saw your profile, and I am sorry if I flirted with you, I should have told you earlier, but I thought I would have some fun. Your secret is safe with me, I won’t tell Fiona, just like I hope you won’t tell john, so we each have a lot to lose !!!! ....that’s why I wanted you over tonight, whilst john is away, so I could explain it to you. I have known Chad about 6 months, and when john is away with work, he often comes over to play, to satisfy me and to put the spring back into my step. To be honest, I had forgotten he was coming over when I asked you to come and do the shelves. I knew I needed some time to explain things to you, but I’ve been thinking...... how do you feel about joining us?...... I know Chad wouldn’t mind and I would love it.


I am gobsmacked. Earlier on I thought I was in the shit, that she might tell my wife about me looking for some extra sex, and now she is inviting me to join in with a threesome. I have never thought about fancying her, it’s almost never crossed my mind. She is my wife’s best friend! The shit we would both be in if my wife knew, but here she is asking me to join in with her lover !!!!..... What would john say? ....Easy, he never finds out and nor does my wife. This is our little secret, and what better way to keep it a secret than to make us all guilty so none of us will speak about it.


Would love to join in.... I say, can’t quite believing my luck. Give me 5 minutes.... she says, let me explain things to Chad, then come upstairs !


Fuck in hell... I think to myself. My cock starting to grow in my jeans. I quickly finish tidying my tools away and then head upstairs. Into the main bedroom I go and can’t quite believe the sight before me. Chad is stood there, naked. He is a fit guy, but no-where near as muscled as me. Karen is giving him a blowjob. She isn’t naked, but has stockings, and a basque on, and she looks hot.


She breaks away from Chad and welcomes me in. Chad’s naked, I’m fully clothed ! I start to undress as she stands up and moves over to me.


I’ve been wanting to do this for years...... she says as she puts her arms around my neck and kisses me. It’s a really passionate kiss and she starts to run her hands down my torso and onto my cock. My cock is already at full attention as she massages it through my jeans and then she grabs the bottom of my t shirt and lifts it over my head. With one hand she is undoing my jeans, the other she is caressing my torso, whilst still kissing me. Within seconds, my jeans and pants are off and she goes onto her knees again.


She calls Chad closer, and takes him into her mouth, whilst she strokes my cock. I can’t get any harder !!! She breaks away from Chad and looks up at me, then looks at my cock, and then takes me into her mouth. She is still stroking Chad whilst sucking my cock. She really knows what she is doing, her tongue flicking around the top of my cock, in between taking me fully into her mouth. She switches back to Chad whilst stroking my cock with her hand. I just cannot believe how things have turned out ! Chad loves it. He doesn’t care whether there’s two or three, he clearly likes being Karen’s playmate.


Karen stands up, still with each or our cocks in her respective hand.....Over to the bed.... she says and she leads us over. She lets go of my cock and lay’s across the bed, leading Chad round so she can still take him in her mouth.


Fiona tells me you have a great tongue...... she says... what the fuck.... do woman talk about everything I am thinking?..... So let’s see how good you really are..... She says.


I don’t need asking twice so I jump on the bed and position myself between her legs. I can see she is still working away at Chad’s cock and as I look down, I can see her pussy is already wet. It’s very wet.


I caress her inner thigh and offer a few gentle kisses, I move my hand up towards her clit and gently caress around it. I can smell her and I can see how wet she is. I flick a finger over her clit and very gently touch it. She shudders. I do it again and I get another shudder. I lean forward and gently lick her clit with my tongue and she shudders again. I go for it and press down with my tongue on her clit, sucking, nibbling, and flicking it with my tongue. I move my hand to her pussy and rub around the outside with my fingers, I move them to the middle and part her lips. She is writhing in ecstasy! I am still licking her clit and I insert a finger into her pussy. She is very wet. She wriggles a bit at one finger so I go for two. Still licking her clit I massage her pussy and then start thrusting in and out and I can already feel her building.


She is getting faster and faster on Chad's cock, and I know she isn’t far from having her first orgasm. Chad starts making the noises and I know he is about to fill her mouth with his juice as I build the tempo, thrusting with my fingers and licking with my tongue. Chad comes and seconds later so does Karen.


Fiona was right, you do have a great tongue.... she says as she is licking Chad dry. I have her juices all over my face and fingers as she sits up and looks right at me, then leans over and kisses me.


How long until you recharge after you cum?.... She says..... Now being in my forty’s it takes me a little while so I tell her 20  minutes. Fine..... She says, Chad’s only 5 minutes... lucky fucker I think to myself, but then I remember that I was like that when I was his age.


I want to be fucked hard.... she says.... in fact I want both of you at the same time..... I want DP,  double penetration, as I have never tried it and always wanted to do it... she says.


I look at Chad and he looks at me ! It’s not something I have ever done, but I am up for it if you are Chad... I say..... Too right.... he says, and Karen sits there with a big grin on her face, as she knows what’s coming.


Whilst Chad is recharging, let me fuck you.... I say, as I climb around the bed, I  lift her legs and put her ankles above my shoulders..... I may take time to recharge, but I can go for a hell of a time before I come.... I say and she smiles and says come on then.


I edge a bit closer, position my cock close to her pussy and push in. It slips in as she is so wet. I start thrusting, just as Karen starts moaning. Her right hand moves down and plays with her clit as I thrust in and out. Chad leans over and starts to kiss her and play with her tits, she moans louder as I keep thrusting and I get faster and faster, and her moans get louder. After a few minutes, I can feel her building but I know she isn’t ready to come yet, so I say....Have you got any lube?.... If we are going to DP you I had best try your arse for size..... She squeals with delight as she leans over to retrieve the lube bottle from the bedside table. Meanwhile Chad is getting hard again. I suggest to Karen that it’s easier if she goes on all fours and she turns over. She has Chad’s cock in her hand as she shuffles along the bed with her arse facing me. I dribble a bit of lube onto her arse cheek and slowly rub it in.


Chad’s hands move down and under her and he is toying with her clit. I squirt more lube over her arse and slowly work a finger in, then two. She is very relaxed and her arse opens up for me. I keep this going and then tell her it’s time for some cock. She moans again, but I think that’s as much to do with Chad on her clit as the thought of my cock in her arse.


She is still working Chad to a full erection between using her hands and her mouth. I position myself right by her opening and then slowly push in. I can feel her arse tighten as she is building to orgasm, Chad must be working wonders on her clit as I speed up my thrusts and then she comes again. I can feel her arse tighten over my cock but I am not ready to come yet. We still have the finale of the evening to come. It’s a major orgasm for her as her legs and body shake whilst she comes. She has gone very red in her face and her neck which is a sign that she has had a big orgasm. She has a wry smile on her face as she knows what’s coming. I pull out of her arse to ask her how she wants us.


She points at me.. I want you on your back on the bed, I’ll lay on you with your cock in my arse, Chad can go on top and fuck my pussy !.... that’s how I have seen it in the porn films .....She says.


Sounds right to me I think to myself as I lay on the bed and she gets on top, with her back on my chest. She works herself into position and before Chad gets on top, I push my cock into her arse. It’s tighter than before, I guess she must be tense as to what’s about to happen. I can thrust a bit but not to the full extent as I would like. I can sense Chad on top of her, about to enter her.


She tenses as he pushes home into her pussy. She tightens her arse on my cock and moans. Chad starts thrusting and she squeals. It’s a weird feeling as I can partly feel Chad’s cock through her vagina wall and he’s going at a fair pace.  She starts moaning and squealing all at the same time. She is really enjoying this and so am I . This is such a turn on. She starts swearing out load, moaning, squealing, wanting more, wanting it faster.


Faster Chad.... I hear her say and I know she is building to a massive orgasm. I can feel myself building as well. I may not be able to thrust very deep as I am laying on my back with her laying on my chest, but its more than enough to build me to orgasm. Faster and deeper she says and Chad obliges.


Anything he can do.. so can I, so I thrust a bit deeper and a bit harder. I know I am not going to last long, and nor is she. I have no idea about Chad.


I’m going to come in your arse..... I whisper into her ear and her arse tightens again around my cock. That’s enough to set me off and within a minute I orgasm into her arse, filling it with my juice. This seems to set off a chain reaction and she comes. She really comes, legs shaking, convulsions, just uncontrollable orgasms and she lets out a shriek. Chad takes this as a signal for him to come two, as her pussy is convulsing on his cock and he comes inside her just after me.


We all lay there, spent. That was just fucking incredible.... I say... too fucking right...... she says. That’s the first time I have ever done that..... she says, and I will want to do it again, it was intense. Chad has a smile on his face as it’s his first time for a DP too.


I promise I won’t tell Fiona she says, on one condition....... you come round once a month and fuck me like that again .... Deal....I say..... As I start to put my clothes back on with a grin from ear to ear.


Couldn’t be better...... I think to myself !

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