All The Right Reasons: book two of the Seduced Series

All The Right Reasons: book two of the Seduced Series

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Angelina almost dies from the power of her ring. Just as the darkness is about to take over her will to fight, she figures out how to use her new found power to heal herself. Soon after, the CIA comes and takes her away - away from Dennis and away from the memories of this powerful relic that she wears on her finger. She slowly puts the pieces of puzzle together before finding out that the CIA are going to erase her memory of everything that has happened while Dennis sits at a crossroad. He knows being with Angelina is against protocol but still chooses Angelina and the love that he has for her. They decide to make a run for it and plan a secret getaway till time comes and Angelina thinks they should head back home and face the CIA. "All the Right Reasons" is even hotter than the first, "Right Now". While trying to make a life for themselves, Dennis and Angelina's relationship is put to the extreme while something comes along and ruins everything. See love put to the test and find out what happens now in this second installment of the "Seduced Series".


Angelina almost dies from the power of her ring. Just as the darkness is about to take over her will to fight, she figures out how to use her new found power to heal herself. Soon after, the CIA comes and takes her away - away from Dennis and away from the memories of this powerful relic that she wears on her finger. She slowly puts the pieces of puzzle together before finding out that the CIA are going to erase her memory of everything that has happened while Dennis sits at a crossroad. He knows being with Angelina is against protocol but still chooses Angelina and the love that he has for her. They decide to make a run for it and plan a secret getaway till time comes and Angelina thinks they should head back home and face the CIA.

"All the Right Reasons" is even hotter than the first, "Right Now". While trying to make a life for themselves, Dennis and Angelina's relationship is put to the extreme while something comes along and ruins everything. See love put to the test and find out what happens now in this second installment of the "Seduced Series".

Chapter1 (v.1) - All The Right Reasons: book two of the Seduced Series

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Angelina almost dies from the power of her ring. Just as the darkness is about to take over her will to fight, she figures out how to use her new found power to heal herself. Soon after, the CIA comes and takes her away - away from Dennis and away from the memories of this powerful relic that she wears on her finger. She slowly puts the pieces of puzzle together before finding out that the CIA are going to erase her memory of everything that has happened while Dennis sits at a crossroad. He knows being with Angelina is against protocol but still chooses Angelina and the love that he has for her. They decide to make a run for it and plan a secret getaway till time comes and Angelina thinks they should head back home and face the CIA. "All the Right Reasons" is even hotter than the first, "Right Now". While trying to make a life for themselves, Dennis and Angelina's relationship is put to the extreme while something comes along and ruins everything. See love put to the test and find out what happens now in this second installment of the "Seduced Series".

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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If you haven't read the full verison of book one 'Right Now' then there will be spoilers


Everything in life happens for a reason, no matter how hard or how unfair it may sound at first; something better will always come out of it, without the experience of trouble, calamity, grief and adversity, no one would not have the courage, strength, joy and patience to move forward in this crazy world, someday everything will make perfect sense. So for now laugh at the confusion that life brings, smile through the tears of sorrow and pain, and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason…



Chapter One



I could feel the darkness pulling me under its heavy spell as a powerful surged flowed throughout my body. I couldn’t control it. Fighting the darkness to regain control over my body was nearly impossible but I had to do it. If I let the darkness engulf me I would die and I knew it and I just couldn’t end my life like this. I had to fight the darkness; not just for me but for mother, for my sister Jenifer and for my whole family. I had to fight it for Carmella, for Amber…for Dennis. Dennis was my one true love, my reason for being…my reason for breathing. I had to overcome this for him because I know my death would eat him alive. He would blame himself for not being able to protect me, but it was I who ended up protecting him and he would never know that if I didn’t make it.


I slowly fought off the darkness before it consumed all of me; I started to slowly regain some of my senses. I could feel, smell and hear everything around me but I still couldn’t make my body move on my own. Even as I heard Dennis’s anguished screams for me to wake up. I couldn’t make anything move to let him know I was okay. My body was completely incapacitated. The amount of power I transferred onto Benny was too much for me to sustain on my own. I couldn’t stop myself, watching him shoot Dennis sent me over the edge. I cared about nothing but making him suffer the worse possible pain that he inflicted on the man I loved. Even as I felt the power draining out of me, I came to the conclusion what if I can reversed the process? Instead of transferring it out I should convert it inwardly to give myself strength. Instead of inflicting pain, I use the energy to heal. I could save my own life, either way I had to try.


I focused my energy within myself, I didn’t know what I was doing but I was trying to remember what I did to Benny and trying to reverse it. I thought about inflicting harm and I felt so much hate when I used my powers on Benny. So maybe thinking about healing myself and the pain I’m feeling and the sorrow that I have for myself. I thought long and hard, focusing on what I wanted, it seemed to working because I could feel and move my hands and legs now. I tried even harder so I could have full control over body again. Seconds went by as I gasped while opening my eyes, to see Dennis hovering by me and a paramedic about to give me CPR.  


“Angie? Can you hear me?” Dennis asked frantically.


“Dennis?” I asked. I was kinda relieved that nothing felt out of place in me. His facial expression turned to disbelief, then joy and finally relief in mere seconds.


“Thank heavens,” he said leaning down and kissing my forehead. “Don’t do that to me again,” he said.


“I’m sorry. I couldn’t control it…”


“Shh, it’s okay. As long as you’re okay,” he said wrapping me in his arms.


“Um sir, try to take it easy. I want to check her vitals and maybe have her get check in at the hospital for further testing,” the young looking paramedic said to Dennis. Dennis didn’t look to happy about it but it was for my own good. I mean shit, I practically died from my own power from within me. Who would’ve guessed?


“Okay,” Dennis agreed.


“I heard you say that you loved me,” I whispered, only just realizing that it was actually true.


“Of course I love you. I’ve loved you since day one. I felt pain like no other when I thought I lost you,” he shook his head. “I can’t live without you Angelina.”


“I’m glad because I can’t live without you too,” I said and he let out a little laugh. I turned my head to see Carmella and Amber both looking like they too were in hell at the thought of me dying. I tried get up but was stopped by the paramedic.


“Miss please stay still till we get a stretcher.”


“Careful beautiful. Maybe you should listen to the man. I mean, it is his job,” Dennis said cautiously but I shook my head at the both of them.


“I’m fine,” I said as I stood up and I walked over to Carmella and hugged her.


“Oh Angelina,” she cried.


“I’m sorry Carmella,” I said as she nodded and touched my face.


“I’m glad you’re okay. That’s all that matters,” she said. I walk over to Amber and hugged her too.


“You’re in so much trouble for that little stunt missy,” Amber teased.


“I’m sorry,” I said bowing my head and she kissed my forehead. That’s when I noticed Dennis’s leg.


“Holy shit! Dennis, are you okay?” I rushed back to him and into his arms.


“I’m fine. The paramedics will take care of it,” he said. Then I noticed that all of Benny’s men that were killed were being taking away in body bags.


“Where’s Benny?” I asked.


“The coroner just took his body a little while ago. He’s dead, it’s all over,” he said.


“What about you? You’re in pain,” I said frowning.


“I’m a big boy. I can handle it. I had worse,” he said.


The paramedics came in with a stretcher. They wanted me to lie down but I refused. I felt fine…better than ever. But Dennis gave me the look to listen to them, so I did. It was for my own good anyway. As they wheeled me out of the kitchen I glanced into to living room and seen Colin, I think that was his name, sitting on one of the couches. I wonder why he is here, maybe for Benny or for me. Just before I was wheeled out, I glanced over my shoulder and seen Colin walk over to Dennis. The paramedics pushed me inside of the ambulance and put on a blood pressure cuff on my arm and check my vitals. As they finished up they instructed me that they were indeed bringing me to the hospital only because of the shook I was subdued to. Just as they were shutting the ambulance doors, Dennis hobbled his way inside.


“They want to take me to the hospital,” I said to Dennis with a frown.


“Well, I guess I’ll be joining you,” he said as he motioned towards his leg. 


We both sat in the back of the ambulance in silence till I remembered; if I was able to sustain myself couldn’t I heal Dennis’s leg? I leaned forward to Dennis, he looked at me with slight confusion etched on his face.


“What are you doing?” He asked.


“I’m going to try and heal your leg.”


“I don’t know about that…” he said but I stopped him. I grabbed his leg with both of my hands and tried to focus like I did earlier, I noticed my ring glow red. It was hard to focus knowing the ring was giving me this power, but I knew deep down inside that I could take the bullet out and heal him. I heard him groan in pain as the bullet came out of his leg and dropped to the floor as the bullet wound mended itself closed.


“Holy shit!” The paramedic exclaimed as he looked at me in shock as to what I just did.


“Are you okay?” I asked Dennis and ignoring the young paramedic, not sure if I did the right thing.


“Yes,” Dennis said moving his leg back and forth while flexing his calf. “It’s completely healed,” he said looking at me. “How the hell did you do that?”


“The same way I did earlier. I just focused on healing you instead of hurting you,” I said smiling that I removed the bullet and stopped his pain.


“Remind me to never to mess with you,” he said as we both laughed. Once we arrived at the emergency entrance of the hospital there were three black SUV’s parked waiting for us. The man I recalled as to Colin walked up to us as we were being taking out of the ambulance.


“I’m so sorry. Benny tricked us, all of us. That crazy son of a bitch!”


“Is he really dead?” I asked.


“Yes, it’s finally over,” he gave Dennis a hug. “Good to see you both are still in one peace. Are they admitting you both?” Colin asked as Dennis shook his head no. Colin raised an eyebrow not quite understanding.


“No. Angelina just took the bullet out and healed my leg,” Dennis said as Colin’s eyebrows shot up in disbelief.




“Yeah, so it’s just Angelina that is being admitted. They want to make sure that she is fine, due to the circumstances,” Dennis said as he shook his head. I know what he is thinking and he is right. Why the hell am I being admitted when I just healed him, if anything he should be the one who should be admitted into the hospital?


“Okay. I think we have it under control here now Dennis. Go home and I’ll talk to you later,” Colin instructed him.


“Sure,” Dennis said but his voice sounded strained.


When I looked at his face, he smiled at me but it didn’t look right. He came in with me as the nurses told me to sit in one of the empty wheelchairs. They pushed me towards the elevators and up to the third floor. Once inside the room, they instructed me to get undressed and put on a hospital gown and wait for the attending doctor to come. I quickly stripped out of my clothes as Dennis had his back turned away from me. I finished and sat on the bed. Damn, I hate hospitals and I hate these fucking gowns. Why do they have to have my ass hang out? There’s nothing wrong with my ass.


“What happened back there?” I asked Dennis as he turned his gaze back towards me and shuddered at the thought of what happened.


“I’m not exactly sure. All I know is that your ring started to glow a crazy red demonic color and your eyes turned charcoal black.”


“Black? Like all over?” I asked shocked. Nothing felt abnormal except the power that surged throughout my body.


“You looked like you were in a trance or something, which was weird because when you healed my leg none of those things happened, only your ring made the same glowing red.”


“Huh, so I guess black eyes signify trouble,” I nodded to myself and he let out a low chuckle and then his demeanor turned solemn.


“I’m going to miss you,” he whispered to himself while touching my cheek.


“What?” I asked. Why would he miss me? I was here and I was not going anywhere. He shook his head. Just then a young man in blue scrubs, probably in his early twenties approached us with two men dressed in black suits like Colin, accompanied him into the room. I’m guessing that he is the doctor and those are CIA agents.


“Well Miss Moore, I’m Doctor Matthews and I will be your attending doctor for the mean time,” he said as he flipped through the sheets of my chart. “If you’ll excuse us Mister…”


“Evers, and I’ll be leaving anyway.”


“Agent Evers, a car is ready for you outside sir,” one of the black suited men said to Dennis and he nodded back to him.


“Just give us a minute,” Dennis said in a sad voice. The two men and the doctor nodded and turned towards the door. Dennis turned back to look at me.


 “I have to leave with them Ang,” he said.


“What?” I asked. What was he saying? He really was leaving me this time and for good?


“I have to go but they will keep you safe here till your ready to go back to your old life. It’s not safe for you to be with me,” he said, shaking his head sadly. “My world is too dangerous for you.”


“No, you’re not doing this to me again,” I said grabbing his arm. “I don’t care about being safe, I care about being with you. Please don’t do this to me,” I begged.


“I cannot risk your life. You heard what Benny said. Bastards like him are going to want to kill you, just because I love you. I could never forgive myself if something happened to you,” he said squeezing my hand. “And especially if they ever found out about your gift.”


“Dennis please, I love you. We can’t be apart, I can’t be without you,” I whispered. I can’t believe that after everything that has happened between us I was still going to lose him.


“You will be just fine. Trust me,” he said in a soft voice as he bent down to kiss me ever so softly on my lips. My hands involuntary went in his hair and held him to me. I didn’t want to end this kiss.


“Don’t I have a choice?” I murmured against his lips. “I choose you. I need you,” I said as tears started to form in my eyes. He grabbed both sides of my face in his hands and gave me a sincere look.


“You deserve a happy, normal, and stress free life. I want that for you which is why I have to let you go. Put yourself in my shoes, if you knew for sure that I was going to be okay without you, would you try to hold me back for your own selfish reasons?” He asked.


“No, not if you chose it. Not if you knew you wouldn’t be able to survive a day without me,” I said shaking my head.


“Keep yourself safe, for me?” He asked.


His words hitting me in my weakest spot, I would do anything for him even if it hurt me in the process and if that was what he really wanted then I would leave. ‘I’ve been looking for Dennis’s weakness for years,’ Benny’s voice came back to me from earlier. That was it, I was a weakness to him; I would be the one thing holding him back from doing what he loved to do. If I stayed with him, he would always need to look over his shoulder for me, always trying to protect me. And if I got hurt, he would blame himself. If he had the strength and unselfishness to let me go, then I should too. I slowly nodded as the tears streamed down my face.


“I will always love you, and you will always be my love. I just didn’t want to go without you knowing that,” he said as he embraced me in a hug and kissed my hair.


I buried my face in his neck inhaling his scent. He always smelled amazing to me. The thought that I could never see him again was breaking my heart into a million pieces more than ever before. I looked up and over his shoulder as the black suited men waited patiently by the door. He kissed me fervently as I wanted to remember this kiss forever; it would get me through the many lonely nights to come. I already knew that I wasn’t capable of loving anyone else. My heart would always belong to him.


“I have to go,” he said against my lips. I stared into his beautiful blue eyes and let them mesmerize me for one last time. I reach up and touched his cheek.


“Bye,” I whispered in a shaky voice. He walked over to the black suited men that were waiting patiently for him.


“I’m ready,” he told them and they nodded. He turned to look back at me one last time with sad eyes.


“Why did the chicken cross the road?” I asked him just before he left and through my tears, remembering all the silly jokes he used to tell me when we were alone.


“Why?” He smiled.


“Because it’s loved one was on the other side,” I said and it didn’t matter whether or not the chicken turned into road kill in the process.


“The loved one will be waiting,” he said with eyes full of love and sadness.


I nodded and smiled slightly as he walked with the other men. Doctor Matthews came in and started to ask a whole bunch of questions. I could barely focus on the doctor and all of his crazy questions, all I could think about was Dennis. From the time I first meet him, when he kidnapped me and brought me to his marvelous house. That night will forever burned into my memory, that night I let myself be seduced by a complete stranger that took me against my will and fucked me seven shades of pleasure. To all of the times that we fought with each other, knowing deep down that we were meant to be together. A stray tear escaped my eye as I thought back to my extravagant surprise birthday party he threw for me.


“Miss Moore?” Doctor Matthews asked, bringing me back to the now.




“I asked if you were having any head trauma and you just stared into space. Are you okay? Any headaches or dizziness?” He asked and I just shook my head. “Okay, I want you to be scheduled as soon as possible for a CT scan of your head, just in case.”


He jotted some stuff down in my chart and left. About two hours later, a nurse came in with a wheelchair and instructed me to sit. She was very nice and sweet to me, probably sneaking a peek in my chart because of the CIA agent that stood outside of my room and what the paramedic saw in the ambulance on the way here. Shit, I’d kiss a little ass too if I were her. She didn’t know what I was capable of…and neither did I. We entered the CT scan room that was on the fifth floor. Once inside the nurse instructed me to lie on a narrow examination table that slides in and out of this tunnel looking thing. She briefed me on what the machine does and what I may experience. I lay on this cold table, feeling like an experiment ready to be dissected and shit.


“Are you okay Miss Moore?” The nurse asked.


“I guess so.”


“It will be quick. I’m going to leave you while the technician operates the scanner and monitors from that room over there,” she says and points to a double sided glass window. “If you need anything I will be there with technician as we can hear and see you through the speakers, microphone and monitors.”


I nodded and she took her leave. I heard the sound of the male technician voice come over the speakers and told me to remain still, it should only take a few seconds and we will be done. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes as I saw Dennis’s sexy blue eyes staring at me from afar. I wanted to reach out to him but he just drifted farther and farther away from me. Then the male’s voice came over the speakers again startling me. The time I spent lying here felt like an eternity but I know it really was only a minute or two. I would take that with me, the fact that I was thinking about Dennis and he was probably thinking of me too.


I was escorted back to my room and waited for the results. The nurse said that if everything was okay that I would be able to go home. So I took it upon myself and started to get dressed in my own clothes. I knew the test would come back fine but the only question was will I ever be able to see Dennis again? I stood by the window and looked out towards the dark night’s sky feeling as my soul was just as dark and lonely now. The doctor came in about ten minutes later. He cleared his throat before he spoke to get my attention.


“Well Miss Moore, it seems that your brain activity is just fine. No swelling of the brain and no tissue damage,” Doctor Matthews stated. “So in my best opinion you may be discharged and if you have any headaches or dizzy spells I recommend that you re-admit yourself.”


“Thank you Doctor Matthews.” He nodded back to me and took his leave. Then the CIA agent that was guarding me came into my room.


“Miss Moore, are you ready? My name is Agent Payne and I was instructed by Director Agent Winters to escort you back to headquarters, just as a precaution that you’re not being followed,” the man in the black suit said. I nodded as he led the way down the hallway while speaking into the sleeve of his suit jacket, mumbling ‘I have the girl and we’re on the move to the awaiting car.’ As we reached the ground floor and headed toward the black SUV, I didn’t even realize there were three other people in the car until I got inside the backseat. For that one moment, I let sorrow overtake me. I couldn’t even cry anymore, I was all cried out over him. The only thing that reminded me of what happened between us was the burning pain I felt in my chest where my heart was.  


How could Dennis be so sure that I was going to be okay without him? I would never. And then I remembered his words, ‘you will be just fine. Trust me.’ I felt as though I was missing something vitally important. What did he mean? Then thought about every CIA and FBI movie that I’ve ever saw. What did they do to the victims who were too traumatized? And then it hit me. Fuck me, they were going to erase my memory. I covered my mouth to stop myself from screaming. Not at what they would do to me, but what that would mean. I won’t miss Dennis because I wouldn’t remember ever meeting him. I won’t feel the pain because I wouldn’t remember ever falling in love with him.


Dennis Evers won’t even be a distant dream or fantasy, and he knew it. You deserve a happy, normal, and stress free life, I would also forget about the power that I now possess. To me it would just be an ordinary plain ring that my grandfather gave to me, nothing more than that. Somehow I thought about Rick, I never needed him more than I did at this very moment. He was not only my first love but he was also a good friend and I could tell him everything and anything that bothered me. I looked around the car and saw nothing, everyone was completely gone… What the hell?


“Hey you,” a voice came through out of nowhere and then I saw him, it was Rick. He was sitting across from me smiling at me. Am I going crazy? “No you are not, I’m really here,” he said as I looked at him in shock.


“Rick? Is that really you?” I asked not truly believing. “But how?”


“Right now that doesn’t matter sweetheart, I don’t know how much time we have together. I saw that you really needed my help, so I had to come,” he said.


“What I’m I supposed to do Rick?” I sobbed.


“You already know you love him and you want to be with him don’t you?” He asked and I nodded. “Then go be with him. What’s stopping you?”




“But nothing. Of all the times I’ve known you, you’ve lived up to what other people always expected from you, you’ve always put everyone above yourself and your own happiness. You can be selfish for once. You deserve it,” he said chuckling and I smiled.


“But how am I supposed to get out of here? They won’t let me go.”


“You have powers don’t you? Use them and fight for what you love,” he said. “Oh and you were right, I do like him,” he added with a smile. I laughed as fresh tears started to come down my face.


“Thank you Rick,” I said wiping them away.


“I love you, I always did. I’m just happy you found someone that can care for your broken heart that I broke,” he said with a smile.


“I love you too Rick but I love Dennis more than anything. He completes me more and I thank you for that.” Then Rick disappeared.


I was grateful that I got to see him one last time, he was my guardian angel sent from up above. The exact same way I remembered him before he died. He would forever live in my heart from now on. I was one hundred percent sure that I dreamt the conversation I had with Rick up because I suddenly woke up. I didn’t even realize that I had fallen asleep. I looked around the car and everyone was here. We were nearing the city, I wasn’t sure where exactly headquarters was but I couldn’t just sit here like nothing is going to happen. I had to get out and go back home, back to Dennis, which was my home. I thought for a moment of all the options I had and they didn’t seem very promising to me.


“Miss Moore? Are you okay?” The woman agent sitting next to me asked. Then she gave me an idea that could work, I had to try it something, anything.


“Um actually I have to pee,” I said.


“We are almost at our destination.”


“I really need to go, now. Plus I have my monthly friend,” I said. There that will have to work. Another woman will truly understand when a woman has there period.


“Fine. We’ll stop at the next gas station,” she said uneasily.


A few minutes later the car pulled up at a gas station and I smiled to myself. The woman agent offered to come with me but I insisted that she didn’t need too. It would be harder for me to make my escape with her in restroom with me. She reluctantly agreed, obviously thinking that I wouldn’t try anything stupid. I entered the convenient store of the gas station and headed towards the bathroom, I knew that they would be watching me though the front windows and that I didn’t have time; soon they will come looking for me.


The bathroom was bigger than I thought it would be, with two windows in the back. I tried to climb out as fast as I could, taking off my heels as I jumped out then breaking off in a quick sprint. I was slightly glad that the night’s sky hid me from prying eyes. It would look a little ghostly if people noticed a mysterious blur flash past them. I wasn’t sure how fast I was going because I used the energy from my ring to propel me forward. I also didn’t know how long it would take them to figure out that I wasn’t in the gas station restroom and come look for me but I couldn’t look back or slow down. I just ran and kept running without stopping. My feet were starting to hurt from the friction of the ground against my naked feet. I healed them as I ran. I breathed a little easy when I saw the estate from afar. The guards at the gate were more than shocked to see me, with bear feet and my hair windblown as they let me pass. I ran up the driveway, into the house and entered the living room. Carmella was cleaning up in the kitchen when she turned around and saw me and dropped a plate onto the floor.



“Yes Carmella, it’s me” I said when she walked up to me and hugged me.


“I knew you would find your way back to us,” she said reverently.


“Where else would I be? I belong here.”


“Yes you do,” she said letting me go.


“Where is he?” I asked looking around for Dennis.


“He’s out back by the pool,” she said smiling.


I immediately ran outside and found him sitting by the pool with the backyard spotlights shining on him, like he was my light to live. He sat in the exact same spot where I loved to sit and just think, how ironic. I slowly walked up to him. He seemed oblivious to everything around him, like he was living in his own little world isolated from everyone.


“Can I join you?” I asked softly as I startled him and he looked up at me as he had seen a ghost.


“Sure,” he replied quietly. “You lost?”


“No,” I said smiling and then sitting down next to him. “I came to retrieve what is mine.” He smiled too, then turned his attention back at the pool water. “I couldn’t do it you know,” I said staring at the pool water too. “But I would have despite the pain it would have put on me, I would have done it because it’s what he wanted.”


“What changed your mind then?” He asked obviously trying to humor me.


“Well, when I realized that my memory was going to get erased,” I stated and he froze but I continued. “That was a deal breaker right there for me, I would rather have lived my life with the knowledge that he loved me too, that he existed, that every moment we shared together was real and beautiful. Just the thought of him would have gotten me through anything, but losing all of that would have been unbearable,” I said shaking my head. I could feel his blue gaze on me but I continued to stare at the water. “I cannot be expected to live without him, everything that’s happened to me in my life is suddenly leading me up to this moment…to him,” I laughed at my own confession. “I don’t care how this came about and what let us to this. I can’t even deny that this is fate.” I involuntary touched my ring. “But I’m going to grab it and never let go, even if it kills me. I love him that much, and you wouldn’t blame me because he’s absolutely amazing,” I said smiling to myself. I looked over and met his intense gaze as his blue eyes never failed to hypnotize me. He flashed me a gorgeous smile too. “What about you? Why are you here sitting alone?” I asked as he turned his head back towards the water.


“I had to let her go,” he looked down. “It was probably the hardest thing I ever had to do, but I had to do it… for her. I loved her more than I thought I could love anything or anybody, she suddenly appeared and everything made sense, everything had a meaning. But there was no way a beautiful angel like her belonged in my dark twisted life. I knew she wouldn’t be able to remember me; somehow that made me feel a little better, anything that would ease her pain and help her move on. I too thought of getting my own memory erased but how could I when being with her was the best time I had of my entire life? I wanted to perfectly recall her beautiful eyes, her gorgeous smile and her delightful laugh at my lame jokes,” he smiled to himself. “I’m that smitten over her, and you wouldn’t blame me because she’s absolutely amazing,” he said and I laughed at how he threw my own words back at me. “So what do we do now?” He asked shifting his gaze back to me. I leaned to him and grabbed his face in my hands.


“We need each other Dennis, we can’t be apart from each other and it’s not fair to either one of us.” I paused for a moment. “I say we fight. We fight for our love, for us to be together. I want to fight by your side. The only question is will you let me?”


He nodded and affectionately cupped my face in his hands and kissed me with an urgent passion. I knew I would die if I couldn’t have this or should I say him for the rest of my life.


“I’ve been fighting my whole life, not really knowing what for, but now I do,” he breathed into my mouth. My heart felt as though it would burst. I would never have to let him go, ever. He finally released me and my head was spinning from such intensity. “How did you manage to get away from them? I know they didn’t just let you walk away from all this?” He asked while gently caressing my cheek.


“They didn’t. I used the old jump out the bathroom window trick and made a run for it,” I said giggling. I couldn’t believe they actually fell for it too; I complied and made no intention of escaping, well to them at least.


“Ah, a classic getaway,” he said smiling. His expression turned to concern then he sighed. “Colin won’t be happy about this. I don’t think any of them will be with that stunt. This is a standard procedure and we’re practically breaking a very serious law,” he said.


“Does the CIA always erase the memory of their clients after the mission is completed?” I asked, hoping this wouldn’t jeopardize Dennis’s position in the agency.


“Yes, security reasons for the agency and its agents, that’s how we can keep our identities a secret from the public,” he said as his eyes narrowed at the thought.


“Do you think they will come after me?” I asked suddenly catching why he was so worried.


“They will eventually, once they put two and two together. We can’t stay here, this is the first place that they will check,” he eyes burnt into mine as he saw the fear in my eyes. If they found me here they would forcibly take me away from Dennis and that would kill me. “Don’t worry beautiful, I won’t let them take you away from me… no one will, I promise.”


“So we fight,” I added.


“Exactly that.”


“What are we going to do then?” I asked.


“For the moment, we run. Just until we figure out what to do next,” he said pausing for a second then he smiled. “How about I take you on a real secret vacation? No kidnapping involved,” he said with some humor to his voice. My eyes widened at the thought, and of course he had to throw in the kidnapping thing, he’s trying to be funny now.


“What? Where?”


“Isle Angie? If I remember correctly I did promise to take you there,” he said excitedly. I couldn’t help but get excited too. Somehow the thought of running away to a far away island with Dennis was exhilarating to me.


“Let’s do it then,” I said smiling feeling like a little kid. “When are we leaving?”


“Right now,” he said with a smile. He lifted me off the ground and cradled me like a baby back to the estate.  


There was a time when I thought my life was going to be boring, colorless and dreary. Now, my life with Dennis at my side would be an adventure that will last a life time. Once we entered back inside the estate he put me down and we were met by Carmella, Amber and Jared. Dennis gave me strict orders to go to my room and pack up clothes to take with us on our getaway, a getaway from the CIA that was eventually going to find us if we stayed here. I rushed upstairs with Amber on my tail. She helped me pack two huge suitcases because we didn’t know how long Dennis and I were to stay in hiding. As I closed the one suitcase as I glanced at Amber who was packing my lingerie in the other. I raised an eyebrow at her as she packed some of my sexy lingerie, ones that even Dennis hasn’t seen yet.


“What?” She asked stifling a laugh. “You have to keep him entertained, right?” She said and I shook my head and blushed at the thought.


I don’t know why I get embarrassed about my sex life with him, I’m pretty sure everyone around here knows what happens when Dennis and I are alone. There’s just too much sexual tension in the air between us. As we finished packing and headed downstairs with the suitcases, I got to the living room and found Dennis on his cell phone talking in a language I didn’t quite understand but I did notice his change of clothes. I never really noticed him wearing casual clothes like what he was wearing now, a white T-shirt with black ASOS chino shorts that hung off his waist in an oh so sexy manner. My heart did a black flip at the sight of him. I’m so pathetic, but the thought of having him all to myself was doing a number on me. He ended the call and sauntered up to me.


“You look beautiful as ever,” he said leaning down to kiss me on the cheek. “Are you ready?”




We walked outside with Carmella and Amber following behind us, as Jared put my luggage into the car’s trunk. I then noticed that he didn’t have any, which seemed kinda odd.


“Don’t you have bags?” I asked him as me smiled back at me.


“No, I already have clothes on the island,” he said as I raised my eyebrows in surprise but then again I shouldn’t be surprised. This man has more money than sense, so why would he need to bring luggage wherever he goes. He opened the back door for me to get in and he climbed in with me as Jared took the driver’s seat.


“Remember if Colin comes here…” Dennis said while looking at Carmella.


“I don’t know your whereabouts,” she finished for him and he smiled.


“Take lots of pictures,” Amber called out to us I smiled at her.


“I’ll do my best,” I yelled back and waved at everyone as Jared sped down the driveway. We left the estate and headed towards JFK airport. We didn’t say much during the car ride. We both knew what was going to happen if we didn’t leave. He pulled me closer to his side and kissed the side of my head as he made another phone call. He spent the whole ride on the phone while gently massaging my shoulder.


“Hey, I thought you said no phones?” I asked as he hung up.


“Well mine cannot be traced. I made sure of that. Plus I needed to handle some things with work so that it won’t interfere with our vacation,” he said as Jared parked the car in front of the JFK drop-off.  

“I’ll make sure your luggage gets on the Jet sir,” Jared said as we got out of the car.


“Thank you,” Dennis said as we waved goodbye to him.


We walked through the main entrance of the airport and went straight towards the terminal gates. I then realized that people were starting to stare at us. I was just about to ask Dennis why when he suddenly frowned and pulled out a pair sunglasses and put them on. I glanced at him questioningly as to why are you wearing sunglasses indoors.


“You might want to put yours on too,” he said. I was confused by what he was saying, it was night and we were indoors, so why did we need sunglasses? I did what I was told anyway. I pulled out a pair from my purse as he pointed to a bunch of people that looked like paparazzi, then suddenly came charging toward us. “Ignore them and just keep walking,” he said in a stern voice while grabbing my hand tightly.


I went into shell shocked as they started taking picture after picture of us. Some of them calling out his name, while others asking him random questions as he didn’t say anything and just ignored them. I gasped as they started calling out my name as well. How in the hell did they know my name? To think, I was a small time girl living every woman’s dream. I was just glad that I listened to him and put on my sunglasses, because the flashing lights of the cameras was blinding me. We were finally saved when we reached the gate and walked onto airport’s tarmac towards a private jet, I took off my sunglasses and looked at it in awe. It was a huge white jet with the words ‘Evers and Evers Communications’ in red on the tail fin.


“I should have known that you owned a jet,” I teased and he laughed.


“It’s a Bombardier Global 5000, it’s a little more convenient,” he said as I walked up the airstair and he followed behind me.


My mouth hit the floor as I took in the interior of the jet; the floor was lined with black carpeting with white and I’m guessing silver or maybe platinum paneling on the walls, I couldn’t tell the difference not like it mattered to me anyway it all looked the same to me. It had six white leather recliner seats, a large white leather sofa with a black coffee table in the middle, two flat screen TV’s towards the cockpit and a door at the very back; I’m guessing it was a bathroom? The interior of this jet was very luxurious.


“Convenient,” I agreed sarcastically while shaking my head. No words can explain this jet; it was like a five star hotel with wings. I took a seat in the one of the recliners as he sat across from me and pulled out his laptop and started working frantically on it. I raised my eyebrows at him when he looked up at me and smiled.


“I’m sorry love, just taking a couple of precautions. Just in case,” he said as he closed his laptop. He got up and sat on the sofa motioning me to join him.


“Precautions?” I asked confused as I sat next to him.


“I was hacking into the airport’s security system, as far as they know this jet never took off,” he said as I snuggled up against him.


“That way the CIA won’t be able to find us.”


“Exactly that,” he said stroking my cheek as I let out a small chuckle.


“You are good,” I murmured.


“I know,” he replied leaning in to kiss me until there was a sound of someone clearing their throat.


“We are ready for takeoff sir,” a man in a pilot’s uniform said to Dennis.


“Thank you, Harper,” he replied and immediately leaned into me to resume our kiss.


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