Lesbian Sex Chat Phoneline

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

This story or rather script consists of a very steamy conversation between a Busty Bi-sexual women and a Busty female chatline operator of a roleplay phone sex chatline.

On one Saturday night, when Amber had nothing to do and her boyfriend was away. By the way Amber is a slim, tall and busty bi-sexual whose 5'9, got shoulder length dark hair, she's quite slim and curvy, and we'll get to her bra size later on... Getting back to the story Amber thought back to when she experimented with girls before at college and she now wanted something of that nature tonight.

Amber thought she could get a fix of lesbian sex if she called a sex chat phoneline. So she decided she would call a roleplay chatline because she liked uniforms and roleplaying, as well as being seductive and seduced.

After she changed into a sexy and revealing outfit (which we'll get to later), Amber found the number for a sexy looking roleplay chatline on the internet and dialled it.

Upon Amber finishing dialling the number a recorded message of an excited girl started:

"Your through to the sexy roleplay chatline: lovers of naughty nurses, sexy maids and seductive teachers and more are tailored for on this service" and after it gave out the terms and condition of said service which took a minute or so.

The recorded message continued with "please, listen to the following instructions as so you can select out of the sexual service which we provide and also....(the girl said in a sexual tone) enjoy your simulating steamy sex chat". Amber thought with a smile "yes, thanks I will enjoy it" whilst fondling her big boobs through her outfit,.

The voice of the recorded girl continued with the instructions "This is the main menu, press 0 at anytime to return to this menu. Press 1 to listen to the intro's of all our available girls, press 2 for a threesome live chat with two girls at the same time, press 3 to select girls by type and press 4 to select girls by their region etc" Amber pressed 3 because she wanted to select out of the specialist categories.

The recorded girl stated further: "you've selected girls by their type, press 1 for blonde girls, press 2 for brunette girls, press 3 for redhead girls, press 4 for curvy girls and press 5 for eighteen year old girls etc." Amber pressed 4 for curvy girls because she knew that by the title of curvy, it would be the type displaying the girls with big boobs, of which was one of the things she liked about herself as well as other girls.

The recorded girl concluded with "you've selected curvy girls, press 1 if you want to connect to the girl your listening to (the intros), press 2 to go to the next girl, press 3 if you want to listen to the girl again and press 0 to return to the main menu". While Amber had to wait a moment until the introductions began, she held her big tits through her outfit:

The first introduction stated: "Hey, I'm Sophie, I'm 23, with shoulder length blonde hair, a curvy body, with a nice ass and big juicy tits, I would like to be your sexy secretary or naughty nurse, so call me for a sexy conversation" Amber considered the busty blonde Sophie for a moment, but she opted to listen to some of the other girls to help her make a good decision.

After Amber pressed 2, the next introduction began with a West Country accent: "Heya guys, my name is Jessica, I’m a naughty and attractive brunette 21-year old. Guys you’ll like me because I’m quite slim, tall and quite busty and I like to wear sexy and revealing outfits to make for cocks really hard, so call me for some sexy fun".

Amber pressed 2 again for the next introrduction, which began with a London accent “Hi, the names Gemma, I’m an attractive and bubbly girl with shoulder-length blonde hair. I’m 5’9 with a slim and curvaceous body. I’ve been told I have a firm and round ass and I believe my best features are my massive juicy double-F tits. If you want to play with them you can give me a call”.

During each of the previous three introductions Amber felt herself getting hornier and hornier with each girl describing themselves, but upon Amber pressing 2 again for the next introrduction, she decided this upcoming girl would be the one and she wasn't disapointed with the results.

The introduction began with another London accent “Hello guys and girls out there, my name is Katie, I’m feeling really horny right now and want someone to come and play with me. I’d love to be someone’s sexy college girl or naughty nurse or whoever you want. I’ve got long dark hair, I’m 5’7 and...I’m very busty. I loving sucking cock and licking pussy, so give me a call and we’ll have some sexy fun".

Upon Katie's introduction finishing, Amber immediatly pressed 1 to connect with Katie, because she was soo turned on by her introduction and couldn't wait to get dirty with Katie. Amber thought in her horny state she would try the other girls another time. After Amber had pressed 1, the dialling tone started....

.....the dialling tone continued for a few seconds, then finished and...

Katies voice then erupted from the speaker, "hello"

Amber: Hey, 

Katie: Hello there, wow I'm sooo hot right now because your a girl, I love girls, what's your name? sexy

Amber: My name, is Amber

Katie: Hey Amber, I'm Katie how are you tonight?

Amber: I'm ok, but I called you tonight because my boyfriends away and I wanted to be with a hot girl, because I'm a bit of a bi-sexual

As Katie responded Amber fondled her left breast over her tight blouse

Katie: Well, so am I. I like guys and girls. Also Amber your boyfriend is missing out because you sound like a very sexy girl

Upon Amber hearing this sexy compliment she moved her hand under her short skirt and rubbed her pussy over her knickers and let out a quite moan

Amber: ah, thanks you sound very hot yourself!

Katie: why thanks, yeah I'm a very hot and horny girl, do you want me to describe my self?

Amber: yeah, I'd love that

Katie: Ok, I've got shoulder length black hair, I'm quite tall about 5'7, I'm slim with curves in all the right places and...I'm I right in saying you like a girl with big tits?

With thet question Amber felt quite horny, so she fondled her right breast over her blouse and responded with:

Amber: Yes, I absolutly love a girl with big tits, I've got a big pair myself.


More to come soon









Submitted: April 02, 2014

© Copyright 2021 jack73. All rights reserved.

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please write the sequel soon..awesome start..

Mon, April 7th, 2014 6:07am


Hey, glad you loved the beginning and I'll be writing what you call the sequel, as the rest of this story quite soon this week, so to read the rest click back to this story, Hope you enjoy the rest of this story as much as I'll enjoy writing it.

Tue, April 22nd, 2014 3:30pm


Yea, please continue...

Mon, November 17th, 2014 1:50pm


Yes, Jamie I will be continuing this story, as well as writing similar stories just Watch This Space!

Sat, November 22nd, 2014 4:40pm

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