The Changing Room

The Changing Room The Changing Room

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A young couple go out shopping for the girls Birthday but get caught up.


A young couple go out shopping for the girls Birthday but get caught up.


Submitted: July 26, 2013

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Submitted: July 26, 2013



Madison and James entered the sex shop together. Madison seemed impatient to get inside and start exploring but James seemed a bit more nervous, like he didn’t want to be seen entering such a shop even though he was with the young lady that he loved.


Madison was an 18 year old girl, well woman now she had to keep reminding her self. The glee on her face was like a child entering a sweet shop. Unlike most of the girls she knew she had been looking forward to this birthday so she could come in here.


She was fairly small, with dark shoulder length hair. Her features had often been described as pixie like although she never agreed. James was quite a bit older than her but that never put her off. Since their first meeting there had been fireworks. Her parents had disapproved of him but he eventually won them over, she liked the feeling of being around him, he had her feel like the most beautiful women in the world.


Sometimes when they were hidden away together in some quite corner being with an older guy made her feel really naught but she enjoyed this feeling. Unlike her friends guys her age had always put her off, they hadn’t grown up enough, it was all about what they wanted rather than about them together, James new this and made sure he paid her special attention every time they were alone.


He wasn’t the most hansom guy in most rooms but there was just something about him that made her juices flow. He was very tall and this annoyed her sometimes, it made her feel like she was a child out for a walk with her dad but with a quick tap from her foot to his knees he would always bend down and kiss her, no matter where they were. It was the beauty in side of him that really made her go wild. He was always able to make her laugh or smile even when she was feeling her worst, even when she was cross with him he would be able to make it all melt away and make her share that special smile that was only his.


The smell of leather filled her nostrils as she pulled James along by the hand, it stirred something inside her. The shop had a three for two offer on their leather gear, probably because of the success of 50 shades of grey she thought. Making a note to come back to this she headed deeper in to the store trying to find the area she really wanted to explore. Now that they were deeper in to the store James had got over his embarrassment and was close behind her. He still held her hand but more out of enjoying the feel of her than a need to be dragged along.


Near the back of the shop was a wall covered in sex toys, this was what she was looking for. Even since she was about twelve she would lock herself away in the family bathroom and touch herself whenever she got a chance. As she had got older it had gotten a bit boring to just use her hands all the time so something else was needed. At fourteen she had tried using the handle of her hair brush for the first time, the sensations that it gave her were the beginning of a beautiful friendship. On the sleep overs she would go to around that age sex was a big topic, what it would feel like, what they had done, what they would like to try and what they wouldn’t. A few of her friends admitted to masturbating with their hands but when she hinted at the idea of using something like a hairbrush they were all shocked. None of them liked the idea of putting something like that in there, she kept quiet about the other stuff she had started trying out. Shortly after starting to use the hair brush handle she started exploring more of her body, she loved the feeling she got when she used the hairbrush in one hand and inserted a finger of the other hand in to her butt. All her orgasms after that were out of this world.


Even though she couldn’t tell her friends all this stuff shortly after meeting James she told him it all. She had cuddled up on his lap as they talked and could feel how turned on he was at what she was describing. She only stopped when he couldn’t take it any longer and started kissing her in a passionate madness.


Madison stood in front of the wall of sex toys trying to take them all in. She had never imagined that there could be so many different types. She could tell straight of that some of them would be too large for her; they looked as thick as tree branch. She felt James cuddle in to the back of her, he liked to stand like this with his arms around her, he had confided in her that he loved to touch her in public without anyone else realising, she loved the feel of his gentle hands so had no problem with it. 


‘What do you think?’ she whispered to him ‘there are just so many, I don’t know where to start’


‘I suppose it depends on what you want, do you want one that vibrates like that’ he pointed at a strange looking vibrator. It had prongs coming out of it and the packaging promised to simulate the vagina, clitoris and anus all at the same time ‘or would you rather just have a plain dildo?’ pointing at the variety of dildos on display in different sizes, shapes and colours.


‘I just want a plain one thanks, the vibrating ones make me itch afterwards.’


They awkwardly shuffled along the wall until they were in front of the dildo selection. She could feel him starting to get hard and pushing in to her back. She knew that he was starting to imagine her using all these different objects, the thought that those thoughts made him hard had started to turn her on to, she could feel the wetness building up inside her again. I will have to control that for the moment, I can’t ruin another pair of panties.


There was a small bright red one that caught her eye. It looked a bit bigger than the handle of her hairbrush which was not a problem. She picked it up and started to feel it. The feel of it excited her even more, so many years of waiting to be old enough to buy one and now her it was.


‘This is it, this is the one’ she said turning her head to look at James ‘This is the one I am going to get’


‘Are you sure, I don’t want to have to come back here tomorrow because you don’t like it’ James said teasingly. She smiled her special smile knowing that if given the chance he would bring her back every day of the next week. ‘Do you want to look at anything else or are you to excited to give it a try?’


‘I think I can control myself for a little bit longer.’ She broke free of his embrace and started to move back down the display. She spotted the area she wanted and headed straight for it. ‘I want one of these to’ she motioned to the display.


The sign said anal stimulation, she leaned in to try and find a butt plug that would fit her. The sight of her bent over and looking at sex toys was send James wild inside. If there hadn’t been shop assistance and camera security watching them he would have pulled up her skirt and had his way with her right then and there.


He crouched down beside her, trying to get in the most comfortable position he could. He was already at half-mast so getting comfortable wasn’t easy. He looked at Madison and struggle to contain a chuckle at the look of concentration on her face. She was biting her lower lip as if her life depended on the decision that she was about to make.


She picked up and rather large one them seemed to think again, placing it back on the stand James said ‘What about that one lover girl?’ He was pointing towards a smaller one that was made of glass. Madison picked it up and weighed it. ‘What are you doing?’


‘I don’t know if it’s big enough, I don’t want one of the really big ones but this seems a bit small.’


‘How about you try this one and if it is too small I will give you something bigger to fill you up.’ James winked on her and slapped her bottom. Madison started to giggle knowing that he enjoyed taking her like that.


‘Okayyy... I will try it but remember that you promised’ she said giving him a kiss. She stood back up straight as James tried to get up off the ground. ‘Come on old man’ she said as she started to head towards the till. James hated her calling him this but when he did manage to get to his feet he did his best old man impression and chased after her.


By the time he has caught up with her she has started to pay the assistant. ‘Weren’t you going to try on some of the outfits as well?’ he said to her. She turns to look at him and nods.


‘Why don’t you go and pick one that you like’ she said pointing towards the clothing racks. He heads off to try and find something as she finishes paying. ‘Can you direct me to the changing rooms please?’


‘Of course, they are that way’ the assistant replied pointing to the back of the shop ‘do you want me to tell your partner where you have gone’


‘That would be great thanks’


Madison heads of to the back of the store while James is still trying to work out what she should try one. He picks up some sort of body suit that looks more like a bunch of string which he quickly puts down after it starts to get tangled up. Midway down the next row he comes across the perfect set, a light shirt with a black corset over it and a short skirt with a mixture of ruffles and materials hanging off it.


Starting to search for Madison he heads back towards the desk. ‘She is in the back’ the assistant says before he has a chance to open his mouth. ‘Please remember this is a public place and stay in the waiting area, we have enough problems with men creeping in without you adding to them.


Madison is having a look around the waiting area thinking that the chairs look a lot more comfortable that the ones she has to sit on when James try’s on clothes. She starts heading towards the changing areas when James stumbles in to the area.


‘Here you go ma’am’ trying to sound like her butler ‘I have been advised to wait here, I cannot help you try on the clothes’


‘OK lover boy, wait here’ she comes close to take the clothes from him and gives his crotch a quick squeeze through his trousers. She can feel that he is enjoying his experience here but wishes she could sneak him in to the changing area.


She slides the curtains closed on the small room. There is a large mirror taking up one of the walls and a little bench to sit on. Placing the clothes on the pegs she takes a look at herself in the mirror. She lifts her t shirt over her head and begins to think about James again, try to work out some sort of distraction to get him in here. She realises that while she was thinking about him she had started to stroke her nipples through her bra. They had started to get erect and she could feel the warm wetness between her thighs.


Undoing the button on her trousers she lets them fall to the floor. There was a rather large wet patch spreading across her panties. So she dropped them to the floor as well. There was something exhilarating about being naked in a public shop that she unhooked her bra and dropped that as well. The urge to walk out in to the waiting area was getting too much. She sat down on the bench and started to calm herself down. After the warning they had received she knew they would be watch them so she couldn’t go out there. Her eye caught on the bag with the toys she had just bought in them.


She grabbed it up and dug around in it. While James had been picking out something for her to wear she had added some lubricant as well, she pulled out the lube and the butt plug. Her mind was racing with ideas about what she could do. One in particular caught her attention. She popped the top of the lube and started to place some all over the plug. Once there was enough she grasped the large flat bottom and bent over on the bench and started to probe her backside. Slowly she started to push it in, it was a weird feeling like always but she gasped at the sensation. Lying on the bench she brought her other hand under her and started gently playing with her clit. She kept sliding it in until it was all inside, only the large base was on the outside now. It felt better than she expect so she just lay there for a few minutes gently running her fingers back and forth over her clit.


Sitting up in shock Madison realised that she had lost track of time. In a bit of a panic she started to pull the plug out but it felt so good that she gave up. Standing up and rushing towards he clothes she quickly pulled up her panties and hocked up her bra. Stepping in to her trousers in a rush caused her almost to fall forward and head but the mirror but she managed to right her balance right at the last moment. She started to head towards the curtain while still pulling her top on. She opened it and started to head back to the waiting area, at the last moment she remembers that her back with her precious new dildo in it is still lying on the floor.  Rushing back in and bending over brings new sensations from the plug.


A few moments later Madison rushes back in to the waiting room ‘Are not even going to let me see you in it? James asked.


‘It wasn’t really my thing, let’s out of here, there is some other stuff I want to do.’ Taking James by the hand she starts to head back to the entrance to the shop. Nodding her head to the assistant on her way past she speeds up even more.


‘What do you need to do now?’ James said in a huff. He really wanted to get home so they could start experimenting and fooling around.


‘I need to go in to that new clothes shop that just opened’ was the only reply he got. Still holding his hand she pulled him fast and faster. Once they got out of the shop Madison head straight for the new clothes shop she wanted to check out. Jamess hopes of getting home quickly dropped, he knew what she was like when she started clothes shopping.


They entered the clothes shop with James being pulled along by Madison. She pointed at a few different piece of clothing for him to pick up. A pair of trousers, a couple of tops and a pair of shorts.

She started to pull him towards one of the sets of changing room that were signposted. She stopped in a row of clothes that had a good view of the entrance to the changing area. James walked in to the back of her; he had drifted off in to his thoughts. ‘Sorry’


Madison kept an eye on the entrance for a few minutes until she was sure that there was no staff about. She started to pull James by the hand again. She passed through the entrance and James stopped to hand her the clothes to try on.


‘What are you doing, come on.’ She started down the corridor until she found an empty room. Luckily these new changing rooms had full doors rather than curtains like the sex shop.  She pulled him inside the room and locked the door. There was a small space at the bottom of the door so they could hear people walking past the door, every once in a while shadows would pass by.


‘What are we doing in here, I can’t get caught.’ James said until Madison walked over and put her finger on his lips.


‘Quite lover boy, you don’t want them hearing a man’s voice do you.’ She leaned in and started to kiss James, this really shut him up. Suddenly catching on to what was going on she could feel him already beginning to get hard.


The room was rather large for a changing room, the lighting was great and three of the walls all had a mirror of some form. There was a large bench along one of the walls; it appeared as if this room was designed for people that liked to try on clothing together.


Taking charge she pushed him back towards the bench and made him sit down. Holding up her hand to his lips again she took a step back. She pulled her top off and through it on the floor by the door. Slipping her hand behind her back she had her bra undo and off in a few seconds, this joined the t shirt on the floor.She took a step towards James, took his hands in hers and lifted them up to breasts. She knew that he loved to play with them and always enjoyed the feel of his hands of her. He started to lightly touch her nipples until they started to get erect. He started to run them between his thumb and forefinger. The feeling sent a shiver down her spine. She could see the bulge in his trousers growing.


She pushed his hands and away and stepped back again. This time she undid the button on her trousers and let them slip down. She saw the big smile grow across his face and couldn’t help smile at him to.

Again she step forward but this time she sat on his lap, looking him in the eyes she started to kiss him with a burning passion. His hands found her breasts again and she gasped at the pleasant sensation. The feeling of his manhood growing and pushing at her wet spot was making it hard for her to control herself.


Getting off him she bent down close to his ear and whispered. ‘I have a surprise for you lover boy. She headed back towards the centre of the room and started to sway her hips. James’s eyes never left her body but she could see them moving up and down taking her all in. In front of most men she was shy but not James, she would do anything for him because he would do anything for her.


Turning to face one of the mirrors she continued to sway back and forth. Moving her hands up and down her body, she was beginning to be turned on even more by watching herself in the mirror. It was as if they were the only two people in the world at that moment.


One of her hands moved up to her lips as she lightly bit one of her fingers. The other traces her body, between her breasts around her belly button and finally reaching the top of her panties. She pushed them in; gently she stroked her clit and felt the waves of pleaser rush over her. Traveling down further she started to enter herself. First one finger but that had not been enough for a long time. Slowly slipping fingers two and three in the pleasure exploded inside her. After a few moments of fingering herself she slipped her fingers that were covered in her own juices out. Bringing her other hand down she held on to the side of her panties as she turned around. Facing James again she could see just how uncomfortable he had become.


Madison deicide she would get to him in a minute and slipped down her panties. The look in James’s eye was that of an animal taken over by lust. She walked over to him and turn just in front of him, she bent over to touch her toes and show him what she had been wearing during their race to get there. She felt his hand grip the ending and starting to wiggle it. She really enjoyed the sensation but wanted more. His second hand came up underneath her and started to stroke her lips. Waves of pleasure were racing through her. She reached down and was able to reach the bag containing her new dildo. Grabbing it up she moved it down to help him out. He slipped a finger between her lips and found her clit almost immediately. She gasped in pleasure. Bringing the dildo to her opening she inserted it and started to fuck herself. The combination of all this stimulants was almost too much for her. When she felt James’s lips touch her cheeks you wanted to give in to it all but held on. He started to use his tongue to start to stimulate the area between her anus and vagina. This was too much and her orgasm took over.


It felt like she was blacking out from the pleasure she was feeling. When she regained her consciousness James was sitting on the floor with her head on his lap.  He was still fully engorged and she wanted to repay him for what he had done but she could barely move. Laying there on the floor gave her the chance to think about how lucky she was, he would always care for her when she fell down. This gave her the strength to begin to sit up. She motioned for him to sit back on the bench which he did. She started to undo his button and zip. Grasping the sides of his trousers she pulled them down slowly to reveal his member, it was as big as she had ever seen it. Slowly stroking the underside with one of her fingers made him gasp.


She took the head of his penis in to her mouth and enjoyed his familiar taste. Placing a hand around the shaft she start to slowly move it up and down to stimulate him. The moans coming from James are quite loud so Madison bites down very gently to remind him he needs to be silent.


After James quietens down she goes back to work, taking more and more in to her mouth until she can’t use her hands any more. Bobbing her head up and she can see the pleasure all over James’s face, he is having to bite down on his bottom lip to stop and sound getting out. Madison continues to take more of his member in to her mouth and down her throat, it is more that James can take. ‘I am about to cum’ he whispers to her. Madison moves back to just working the head with her mouth when James releases his warm load in to her mouth. A smile breaks across Madison’s face as the familiar taste fills her mouth. Breaking away from his member she starts to lick the underside and clean up any bits of his seed that got away. With a big swallow it is all gone.


Slipping down on to the floor James reaches out his arms and Madison cuddles in to him. Reliving everything that they had done the pair stair deep in to each other’s eyes. Madison straddles Jamess legs and shuffles up them until their bodies are pressed tightly together. His arms engulf her; his hands start to explore her body again. He reaches her checks and gives the base of the plug a little wiggle.  As they start to kiss again there is a knock at the door


‘Is everything alright in there, you have been in there for quite a long time’ says a voice from the other side of the door.


‘Sorry’ Madison replies ‘I just can’t make up my mind; I will be out in a few minutes.


‘Ok’ replies the voice.


Standing up slowly the two begin to sort their clothes out. James who has far less to put back on watches Madison pull up her panties and trousers then ignoring her bra just pulls on her t shirt. Picking up the bag with Madison’s precious in it James walks to the door and pushes his ear against it.


‘You better go distract that member of staff’


‘Don’t worry about’ says Madison walking up to him, she slips her bra into his back pocket so it is hang there. She wraps her arms around his middle and opens the door. The two start walking down the corridor towards a middle aged lady wearing a staff uniform. The woman look stunned as Madison winks at her.  As they are leaving they hear the woman talking on a radio to security. The pair walk quickly to the entrance of the shop and make a run for it.


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