A Trip Home

A Trip Home A Trip Home

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


The characters from my last story have another adventure. Madison goes on a trip home to see her parents. Some names have changed.


The characters from my last story have another adventure. Madison goes on a trip home to see her parents. Some names have changed.


Submitted: August 16, 2013

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Submitted: August 16, 2013



Madison had been visiting her old home for the weekend. It had been great to see her parents again but she had to leave John at home. Her parents had never liked him and the fact he was quite a bit older didn’t help out. They had met when she was younger and fallen head over heels for each other. John had been uncomfortable about liking someone so much younger than himself so they had refrained from doing anything until she hit 17.

She was a beautiful young lady with pixie like looks, reaching just over 5’4” she had never stood out in a crowed but had a big personality once she got to know someone. Her shoulder length light brown hair had streaks of bright blue running through it.

The first few days of the trip had been great, she had caught up with her childhood friends and spent hours talking with her parents. On the third evening though things got strained, her father had finally brought the subject round to John. He hadn’t been mentioned yet and Madison knew things were going downhill at the way her father talked about him.

‘How is he then, are you still together?’ the atmosphere in the room suddenly turned icy as if another ice age had just started.

‘Yes’ said Madison sharply, she loved her dad but got angry when he talked like this ‘we are still together, we live together, we eat together, we sleep together and we fu…’

‘Watch your mouth’ said her father. If there was one thing he couldn’t stand it was foul language. 

‘Why can’t you just accept it? We have been together for years now.’

‘He is not good for you.’ Her mother added in, this was always her response to this question.

‘He has treated me better than any other boy I have ever known. He looks after me when I am ill, he doesn’t judge me for anything and loves me more than I knew possible.’

‘But why couldn’t you have just found someone your own age?’ asked her mother for the thousandth time.

Getting bored of these same questions Madison decided to shock them and tell them the truth. ‘Remember Robert, that guy I went out with when I was 15.’

‘Yes, we always liked him, so polite.’ Said her mother.

‘He may have been polite around you guys but when you weren’t around all he ever wanted to do was touch my breasts.That night you found me crying on my bed, you remember that. I told you we had broken up. Well before you got home he finally convinced me to show him my special area.  He spent half an hour fumbling around down there with his fat fingers then guilted me in to sucking him off. After he released in my mouth without warning me he told me to swallow it. I didn’t want to and he got all pouty. I went to the bath room to wash my mouth and get rid of it all and when I came back he was laying naked on my bed touching his member. He told me to get naked and get on top. I kicked him out after that, I didn’t want to do it but he kept pressuring me to and because I kicked him out he went in to school and told all his friends that I had sucked him and fucked him.’

Her parents looked shocked; they had never heard there little girl talk like this. To them she was still a virgin who had never seen a man penis let alone done things with it. Her father’s face began to get red as he got angrier and angrier about what that little boy had done.

‘You see precious little Robert is just like all the other guys his age. John on the other hand has never pressured me in to anything, if I say no we don’t do it. He has made me happier than I ever knew I could be because he likes me for me, not for my body or what I will do to him.’

There was a stunned silence in the room, neither of her parents said a thing, they could barely even look at her. It felt like the time when she was 14 and forgot to lock her bedroom door. Her mother had walked in without knocking to find her masturbating, luckily at that point she was still hiding under the covers to do it but her mother couldn’t look at her for a week.

The silence carried on and on. Madison didn’t want to leave things like this but thought it might be better to work everything out in the morning. ‘I am going to go to bed’ she said out loud as she quickly got up and left the room. 

She headed towards her old bedroom, down the familiar corridor. The photos on the walls had barely changed over the years. Her younger self and sister looked back at her as she stopped to look at one of her favourites. They were lying on a faraway beach in there bathing clothes. She smiled as she remembered the holiday and the fun she and her sister had. It was on that holiday where she had walked in on her sister and one of the boys they had meet while out there. Pushing that image from her mind she reached the door to her bedroom and went in, locking it behind her, not wanting to carry on the argument.

Her room was pretty much exactly how she remembered it. The walls were a bright white but she had drawn little bats all over them. She had loved comics when she was younger and batman had been the best hero in her eyes, she use to call her room the bat cave back then.

All her old books were still on their shelves and her desk had been recently dusted. She opened on of her draws and found all here stuff still in the same place.

Backing up to her bed she fell backwards on to it. She sat there gazing up at the celling still angry and her parents but ashamed of what she had said. They didn’t need to know all that, she just wished they would give John a chance; someday soon he would be their son in law.

She started to wish he was there with her, she really missed him. If he had been here he would have known exactly what to say to cheer her up and wrapped his large warm arms around her. She started to wonder what he was up to at that moment; maybe he would be in the shower thinking about her. Just this thought started to make the wonderful wetness inside her begin to leak out.

Her entire mood changed in an instant, she knew what she was going to do. Standing up she pulled off her black T shirt and threw it on to the floor where her uniform use to lay after school. Reaching around she started to undo the clasp of her bra. It was one of her favourites because of the reaction John had any time he saw her in it. The lace on the cup revealed just the hint of her nipples. Holding it in her hand she folded it up and placed it on her desk.

She undid her belt and the top button of her jeans. She tugged on the zip to get it down then placed her hands on the waist and pushed them off. She was now just standing there in just her underwear. She liked the cheeky cut as there revealed quite a lot of her lovely cheeks. They were the part of her body she liked the most, she moved in front of the long mirror that was attached to her wall. She stood there for a few moments with her hands covering her breasts. Taking in her body the black and white stripes on her panties started to draw her eye.

She let go of her left breast and slowly started to slide her hand down her body. John always told her that he loved the feel of her skin and at that moment she knew why. She started to gently stroke her flat stomach. Her left hand started to drop away from her breasts as well, they were now fully visible in the mirror, they were only an A cup but she still loved them, they were part of who she was.

Her nipples had started to get hard, she was thinking about how John would stand behind her, press himself in to her so that she could feel his member pressed between her cheeks. He would play with them, rolling them between his fingers. She had raised her hand and started to play with them herself, the feeling of pleasure radiating from them was starting to make her knees weak.

There was a wet patch beginning to appear at the centre of her panties. She always loved this sensation at the beginning. Lowering her right hand she slipped it down the front of them and quickly found her clit. She started to gently stroke it through its hood but soon that wasn’t enough. She gently pulled it back and started to move her fingers faster and faster.

Her left hand was still playing with her nipple but she needed it for more urgent matters now. She slid it in to her panties as well and entered herself with two fingers. It was all getting too much for her; she could feel her orgasm growing inside her. Entering a third finger in to her opening was too much.

It was like a bolt of electricity running through her entire body. Stumbling a few steps backwards she fell on to her bed. She sat there panting like the puppy she had when she was younger.After she had regained her strength she stood back up and looked at herself in the mirror again.

Her body was sweaty the same way it always was with a session with John. His face was the only thing that flashed through her mind while she had orgasmed. She wanted him now but knew she couldn’t have him. Madison decided the best thing she could do would be to have a shower then go to sleep.

She got up and walked over to the cupboard without bothering to get dressed. After getting a couple of towels out she headed back to her desk.  She turned on her old laptop thinking she would send an email to John to keep him informed about what was going on.

She headed in to the en suit bathroom dropping her panties on to the floor and stepping out of them. She turned the water on and stepped in. Washing her body she was getting turned on again thinking about John and how angry it was making her parents.

She decided she would send a naughty message to John, maybe even a few photos to show him what he was missing.  She got out of the shower grabbed the towel and started to try herself off. Wrapping the towel around herself she walked back to her desk and sat down.

Putting in her password she waited for the computer to start up, she opened up Skype to see if any of her friends were online. Once it started up she was surprised to find a little green light next to John’s name.

She opened up a new window and started typing.

‘Hi lover boy, are you about, things are going terrible here I could do with some company’

After a few minutes the writing symbol appeared next to his name.

‘Hey lovely, what’s up.  Your parent’s still hating me.’

‘You better believe it; I lost it a bit and told them about Robert.’

‘That’s not good, how did they take it?’

‘They were shocked, they didn’t say anything and I decided to go to bed. I will have to deal with it in the morning. What are you up to?’

‘I haven’t been doing much; I am bored out of my mind.’

‘Do you want to have a little fun?’

‘What are you thinking?’

‘Well I came on here to send you a dirty message; It will be more fun if you can join in.’

She used the mouse to click on the video call button. A box with John face appeared on the screen. He had a big smile on his face, which she mirrored. She started to feel better instantly.

‘Can you see me ok?’ He asked

‘Yeah I can, how about you can you see me ok?’ As Madison asked this she started to pull the towel off.

‘Of course I can you naughty girl.’ Madison started to raise her hand up to her nipples and started to gently rub them. They started to get erect. She could see he had started to touch himself while watching her. Wanting to tease him a bit more she gently pulled one of her breasts up and moved her head down and started to run her tongue over it.

‘Am I the only one that has to be naked?’ She asked him, He quickly pulled off his top. ‘A little slower please, I would like a show.’ She could see him lean closer to the screen for a few seconds then started to make out the sound track from the Full Monty start playing. John stood up and took a few steps back so she could see his full body.

He started to undo his belt then pulled it from around himself. He tossed it on to the bed. Reaching down he started to undo the buttons of his flies. She slowly started to push them down his legs, revealing his underwear. He was trying to look sexy for her but it failed when he tripped and fell over.

When he got back up they were finally off. ‘Oh you would make a great stripper’ Madison said to him. His only reply was to stick out his tongue and turning around. He dropped his boxers to reveal himself to her. When he turned around he was covering himself with his hands.

‘For that comment I am not going to show you the rest.’

‘Ohh, please show me, please.’

‘Nope’ he replied

‘Please, I promise I will do anything you want me to.’ She said, she could see the serious face he was trying to pull begin to fail. He broke in to a big smile. 

‘How can I pass up an opportunity like that?’ He dropped his hands to reveal himself, it was about 6 inches long and not quite fully erect yet. Madison let out a squealing sound and he started to flop it around for her.  After a few minutes of this he sat back down at his computer.

‘So what would you like me to do master?’ Madison said in her most subservient voice.  She stood up and John got a close up of her lower half. She turned around and started to walk toward her bed; just before getting to it she turned around and again and went to her knees. She started to look at him expectantly, waiting for an order.

‘Move your knees apart a bit’ he said. She followed his orders and moved them. She could see his hand had moved down and wrapped around his shaft. He was moving his hands slowly at the moment but she knew he would speed up soon. ‘Why don’t you start touching yourself. I want to see a big mess.’Madison started by rubbing her breasts with both her hands.

She cupped one in each hand and started to squeeze them and pinched her nipples between two of her fingers. She could see that John had started to move faster. She started to move her hands down her body, feeling her soft skin, drawing circles on it.

Reaching her hips she moved her hands to bottom and started to squeeze it as well. Pulling them in opposite directions to open the parting and revealing the tighter of her two holes.

Turning round so her back was now to the camera she lay down on the floor and raised her butt up in to the air. She started playing with her cheeks again, this time revealing both her holes to John.  She knew he would be loving this.She stretched the middle finger of her right hand out and started running it around the opening. She started to push and start to enter herself, she gasped at the sensation. She had been doing this since she was fourteen but it still made her feel naught, it made it more exciting. She had started masturbating when she was thirteen but after a year it had got a bit boring just using her fingers, she had started to explore other areas of her body and using her hair brush. 

She moved her other hand under herself and started touching her womanhood. She knew that John would be able to see everything and this excited her even mood. She started to rub her clit with big movements so he would easily be able to see.  The middle finger on her other hand started to move quicker and quicker.

The sensations of it all were too much for her. She couldn’t take it and let out a load moan. Her fingers moved faster still until her whole world went white.

When her senses came back to her she was still lying there on the floor. There was a warm mess all over the top of her legs. Looking round she could see that she had squirted all over the place, she was still fuzzy and the only thought going through her head was just how hard this was going to be to clean up.

‘That was amazing, I have never seen you like that before.’ Johns voice came from the computer. Madison shook her head to try and get her mind back in gear. She could see he had also finished, the mess was still all over him but he had a tissue in his hands.

‘I don’t think I had finished like that in a long time. I love the idea of you watching me.’

‘I could tell. I will watch you again when you get home.’

‘Yes master’

‘What are you going to do now?’ John asked

‘I think I will go to sleep.’ Madison replied while trying to stifle a yawn.

‘Ok get some sleep fair maiden, I will talk to you tomorrow. I hope you can work things out with your parents.’

‘Don’t go just yet’ Madison said with a begging note in her voice. ‘Stay with me till I get to sleep.’

‘Ok, I will stay right here.’

John watched Madison get in to bed, she usually wore pyjamas but tonight she just crawled in to bed naked.

‘Good night my dear.’ Was the last thing she heard before drifting off. John watched her for a few minutes then hung up the call.

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