Monique Monique

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


The story of a man and a woman who meet in Europe and havea breathless encounter


The story of a man and a woman who meet in Europe and havea breathless encounter

Chapter1 (v.1) - Monique

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The story of a man and a woman who meet in Europe and havea breathless encounter

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 14, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 14, 2015



Chapters 1 and 2



I had never really  felt the passion of real  love until I met Monique. Even now as I ponder our short and passionate interlude together in that summer of 1987 I cannot yet fathom the depth of that meeting.

It is beyond my comprehension of how or why the powers brought us into the same sphere. It was not just mere happenstance, and for me she will remain in my every waking moment, a symbol of a truly beautiful and adoring relationship.

As I write these words  a great sense of longing comes over me and I cannot stem the tears as they flow from eyes. I am unable to break away from the pain I feel. The torture from within which has remained with me.

Monique became a part of my soul, my heart and my body. I miss her with my every breath.

 Our affair lasted but a brief few days , but the memory will sustain me for a lifetime. I can recount every moment from the very second that I laid my eyes upon her, the feeling of suffocation as I beheld her beauty. I can visualise every movement of her body. I awaken with the thought of her love and I fall asleep clutching my pillow with my last thoughts  of her before slumber .

That I, who was long past my prime and  for whom love affairs  were never sought, it was beyond my wildest imagination. Monique was different than any person I had come in contact with in my lifetime. She was the essence of sexuality, of feminism. She possessed a sense of humour that even comics don't have. Her timing was absolutely perfect. She could carry me from joy to  the sublime. She was a celestial human being that unless we are very lucky, we meet maybe only once in our lives. My chance meeting with her changed my existence and my persona forever. I could have searched all of mydays and never have met this beautiful, charming woman if it had not been because of a rather  stupid management error.





My name is Barry Wilson, and at the time I met Monique I was 46 years old and twice  divorced. I worked for the CBC Radio in their technical department in Ottawa. I was a trouble-shooter. The companysent me  out to inspect and report on  corporation owned  equipment located in the various radio stations across Canada . If a electronic breakdown occurred I was sent out to fix it or make temporary repairs.  Often I had to make quick trips across the country.

It wasn't very interesting because the repairs were so repetitive. I could fix almost all  of the ageing equipment generally in my sleep. Most of the radio sending equipment was useless and had not been updated for years, but usually my boss Geoff Plante never listened to anything I would say and just said "doit mon amis" a sort of half English and French bastardised way of saying stop whining.


The summer of '87 was really a corker in Ottawa, sweaty warm even in air conditioning., I usually went on vacation in July and took two weeks at some God forsaken remote location in the British Columbia interior near Williams Lake. It was great for fishing, golfing and trekking. I didn’t do any of those things , I just  got a cabin without a phone and bought 5 cases of beer and every kind of snack food on the planet and vegetated for two weeks watching movies on a video player I bought for 10.00 at a flea market. I only surfaced when I ran out of hot dogs and buns. Most of the time I just fell into a kind of stupor after 8-10 beers. Life was like that for people like me, I had little ambition and  I absolutely didn’t care a hoot for anyone other than myself. Men are selfish,I have been told, but I owed nothing to anyone.

I called the craggy woman who owned the cabins in Williams Lake a week before my vacation, began preparing by calling Air Canada for a return trip to Vancouver and ordered a rental car . I passed Geoff seventeen times in the corridor on my way to doing nothing and he said what he always said, "Vacanse Vacance everysummabitch wants a Vacanse" Geoff was not a workalholic , he was a alcoholic who hated work.

On my last day in the office I spoke to some co workers about my vacation and sat at my desk staring out the window when suddenly my phone rang. Now in most offices this would not be too serious but my phone never rang. I was convinced it was Geoff  and by experience I did not answer. While it was still ringing, Geoff burst into the room, and said "You gotta change your vacanse, I sent Mike to Winnypeg and he was supposed to go to Germany and now dey is raising the shit"

"Hey calm down Geoff he can fly out of Winnipeg to Calgary and there is a direct flight to Frankfurt"

"Non non he is doin Winnypeg job for a month"

You mean that crappy little Forces radio station in Lahr needs immediate repairs".

"Dey is off the hair don you hunderstand" he said

Translation- they can't broadcast because their 1950's equipment is all fucked up.

'Look Geoff I am booked to go to BC and I have so much overtime and vacation time doing these backups for you it will never be made up and I am walking out that door and heading to the airport right now"

He then did what he always did when he needed a favour, he shrivelled up his face in a pained look like you do when you have gas and started  doing what any employer would do when faced with a major problem. He began to smile … and beg


"Barry I gives you extra time in Europe and not against your vacance" Howse that hokay we go…. Yes"

I knew I was beat, it was impossible to discuss anything with him and I just gave up again with my usual resigned frustration.

"Look Geoff, I need a car and a decent room and a meal card at the officer's mess",I'm not living in the barrack block again and depending on the military to pick me up when I need to do some work and eating in the men's mess with a bunch of 18 year old kids"

His face was now totally contorted and he opened his mouth as if to say no, and said "oui"

He started walking to the door and before his hand gripped the handle I ran over in front of him.

He was startled for a minute and looked up as if he felt I was going to hit him.

"I'm not finished Geoff I want 2 weeks over in Europe  after I complete the job and to be on full expenses".


"You are blackballing me" he said, as he pushed by to the door.

"Its not blackballing "

"Den what is it, if its not blackballing" he said as he pushed into the hallway

And so with the entire office force making their way to lunch down the corridor I shouted after him "It's called blackmail" and  I screamed with laughter.



Travelling to Europe on military business in 1987 meant you had to fly on a military aircraft when a seat was available. Since fixing the radio equipment was a high priority, within 24 hours my flight was arranged and I was advised to be at the Uplands airport the following night for the overnight flight on a airforce 707  to Canadian Forces Base Lahr West Germany.

I packed lightly as I always did and wore a rumpled summer suit which was necessary on a military flight. Within 20 minutes of taking off from Ottawa I was asleep.

Arrival was at 10:00 am and as usual I was ushered quickly to the arrivals VIP lounge and met by Angie Larounde. I could hardly believe how she had  begun to live up to her name, she had gone from a size regular to a full figure in six months .  She was very chirpy and mentioned her new love  a German Luftwaffe pilot who was doing a stint with the Canadians on F18's. We walked out of the terminal and over to her car which was a 10 year old BMW.

Angie put my bag in the car and we headed off to my quarters. It was only then that I asked her about a car and my room.

" I'm detailed to drive this time wherever you are needed" she said in her French-English dialect. "That is  what the message said."

"Okay Angie when is the next flight out of here" I said turning around and looking back at the terminal

"Wednesday, why?" she said glancing at me with a fearful look on her face.

"Because I was promised a car and a room at the Europahoff  Lodge and a dining card at the officer's mess, that was the deal, and that is what I want or I am out of here and you guys can fix the equipment yourselves".

There was a kind of momentary silence as she weighed her options and then as usual a big smile came over her face.

"You can borrow my car every day" she said

"Angie, I am working on my annual vacation and I am taking my vacation here in Europe and frankly I want full use of a car and all the other stuff as well I want an advance on my daily allowance.  You are station manager and you can do it all in a few moments with the finance people"

As she mulled this over I turned down the window and turned to glance out to the Base exchange store and  noticed a very glamorous and well proportioned woman walking with several bags in her hands she was, even at the distance ,gorgeous and extremely well dressed and groomed. I followed her movements until she disappeared.

Angie was still thinking about my declaration, and finally as we neared the Europahoff Lodge she turned off and headed over to what I had  become to know as  the Headquarters building. Vince Lombardi the famous football coach  said once 'Winning is not everything -- but making an effort to win is'. So I eventually won completely and  was loaded down with several hundred German Marks as well.




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