Dawn Of Redemption (Breathing New Life)

Dawn Of Redemption (Breathing New Life)

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


FORMALLY KNOWN AS A.K.A BRING ME TO LIFE & Breathing New Life Lea was lost, broken and alone. She was searching for her place in life with no idea how to get there. Out of the darkness comes a boy offering her friendship and with that friendship surprisingly brings her a new Faith and Love. Her best friends brother is just as lost and broken as Lea. Together a new day dawns, bringing them love and redemption. { This books is being edited so bare with me in uploads} All works are © Jacey Lovett Books A.K.A Bombchele Books





Breathing New Life

Lea was lost, broken and alone. She was searching for her place in life with no idea how to get there. Out of the darkness comes a boy offering her friendship and with that friendship surprisingly brings her a new Faith and Love. Her best friends brother is just as lost and broken as Lea. Together a new day dawns, bringing them love and redemption.
{ This books is being edited so bare with me in uploads}

All works are © Jacey Lovett Books A.K.A Bombchele Books

Chapter1 (v.1) - Breathing New Life

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FORMALLY KNOWN AS A.K.A<br /> <br /> BRING ME TO LIFE<br /> <br /> &<br /> <br /> DAWN OF REDEMPTION<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> Lea was lost, broken and alone. She was searching for her place in life with no idea how to get there. Out of the darkness comes a boy offering her friendship and with that friendship surprisingly brings her a new Faith and Love. Her best friends brother is just as lost and broken as Lea. Together a new day dawns, bringing them love and redemption.<br /> { This books is being edited so bare with me in uploads}<br /> <br /> All works are © Jacey Lovett Books A.K.A Bombchele Books<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />

Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter 1 (Edit Complete)



Lea awoke to the sound of her alarm clock and quickly shut it off before it could wake her foster family. It was a well ingrained habit to try to be quiet and unnoticed.

It was hard staying in this new place, hard going through the motions of a normal 17 year old when in all reality she felt anything but normal. This is her most recent foster home and to her it is by far the worst.

The last incident she had been sleeping in her shorts and tank top when the door burst open and Nate, her foster brother, grabbed her leg yanking her out of bed. She hit the floor with a hard thud; he pulled her until he had her in the living room floor.

She heard his drunken evil chuckle as he looked over at someone behind her she couldn't see. "This is our little Lea, we have a special room downstairs just for her. Remember the rules, you can't have sex with her but there are plenty of other things that are allowed." She heard him say in an excited voice.

She squeezed her eyes shut and tried to hold back the tears. Here we go; yet another day where he and his friends would use me for their own twisted games. She thought to herself. They don't beat her or leave bruises for anyone to see. No, they are too smart for that but they hurt her often, she didn't fool herself into thinking she could tell her foster parents.

No, they knew all about Nate's secret room downstairs and they didn't care. So she was stuck unless she could figure out a way to get thrown out. Considering what their son was doing to her she doubted they would risk turning her loose so easily.

Nate grabbed her by the hair of her head and she had no choice but to follow. 

You learn early if you don't fight them, then things will go easier. 

They took her downstairs and handcuffed her to hooks and chains that were in the ceiling and floor. Nate walked over with a pair of scissors and cut off her clothes. She finally looked up and saw one of Nate's worst and most twisted friends, he usually had the most hateful look on his face but tonight he stood with an almost serene look on his face at the sight of my nude body strung up. That scared her even worse to see this new look come over him, she had a feeling it didn't bode well for her. She dropped her head so it appeared she was staring at the floor yet still she watched them through her long lashes.

Nate went to the cabinet they kept in the corner and she knew it would be a long, painful night. She felt his breath on her neck as he returned to her and then the painful pinch of his fingers on her breast before she felt the painful teeth of his favorite toy, clamps that he placed on her without even bothering to prepare her nipple for the toy.

She whimpered at the pain it caused and heard their laughter at her pain. It was always like this, the more she cried the more they enjoyed playing with her and the longer the torture lasted. So she let herself go into a fantasy world in her mind that took her away from her body and the pain. Her fantasy world consisted of a strong, silent man, standing over her as she lay on a massive soft bed. This hands she felt on her now was his hands, teaching her body to accept pain so that he could sooth it after with soft strokes of his hands and the hot loving of his mouth. If she could just endure the pain, she knew pleasure would follow. This was how she dealt with this pain and torture she must endure and for all she knew this was how it was between a man and woman. Maybe all men felt the need to bring a woman pain before the pleasure that was denied her.

*Flashback End*

She pulled her mind back to the present and shook off a shiver that racked her body as she pulled herself together and then went to her dresser and pulled out a pair of jeans that fit tight and had holes throughout the legs. 

I know... I know, people pay for jeans like that but it is embarrassing when it's because the jeans are that worn. Of course no one knew that but her, she pulled out a plain blue tank top and quickly dressed. Pulling on her brand new heeled boots she asked for from the new parents, she grabbed her bag and headed downstairs and out the front door to walk to school. Thankfully the house was quiet; everyone was either asleep or gone for the day.

She had one friend here and his name was Harris Lorentz; he was her best friend actually. It was a funny story on how they met actually; well it wasn’t at the time.

* Flash Back *

It had been her first day at a new school which she hated...she was just about to walk into the school office when she tripped over her two left feet and did a nose dive into a set of lockers. "POW" the sound of her shoulder and the side of her head hitting the metal locker echoed through the halls. Thank God the hall was empty she thought as she lay there trying to catch her breath and calm her stupid frazzled nerves to pick herself up. She didn't want to go to school, she didn't want to be around people, and she trusted no one and to her people equaled embarrassment and betrayal. Eventually they all betrayed and hurt you, the knowledge came from the University of Foster Care, and she had received a diploma from those lessons long ago.

That's when she saw a pair of white tennis shoes fill her vision, nope, she wasn't alone she shook her head to pull herself back from her thoughts and realized that most embarrassing moment had just been witnessed. 

She closed her eyes and dropped her head to the floor with an agonized groan, someone saw that, seriously?!

"Uh....you need some help there new girl?" She heard a deep voice filled with laughter ask. She shook her head no and picked herself up off the floor. She looked up into a pair of pale blue eyes; he had a head full of dirty blond hair and the sweetest smile she had ever seen. He wasn't much taller than her 5”6' small frame but he did look like he might be in shape for a boy his age. When she pulled herself up and dusted herself off she looked to see he was holding his large hand out, "Harris Lorentz" he introduced himself. With cheeks as red as apples, she took his hand, "Lea Kline" she answered.

Harris noticed her timid nature and seeing she might need more than a friend he took her hand and opened the office door pulling her behind him, "Come on, we will get you a schedule and I'll show you around." Lea nodded confused on why this good looking boy was talking to her, let alone touching her without the looks that she received from her foster brother and his friends.

They talked to the lady at the counter who to her surprise, as Harris requested; put her in all his classes and then they headed to find her locker. Finally her curiosity getting the better of her, she stopped in front of her locker and turned to face Harris. "Why are you talking to me?” She asked then flushed when Harris chuckled. "I mean why are you here, helping me and being so nice? It is obvious I am a nobody. What do you want?"

Lea asked again with her chin in her chest. Harris snickered and put a finger under her chin up so she would meet his eyes. "Some of my best friends have been girls, Thank you! I knew you could use a friend when I saw you earlier and I am not one of the shallow kids like most that roams these halls. You need a friend and I just happen to have an opening for one myself. I couldn't care less if these kids like you or not. You act like you're scared of your own shadow baby-girl and I am just the man to take care of ya." He finished with a smile and a wink. Lea nodded still confused and a little more than shocked by his statement but happy that making a friend had been easy at least.

"So watching me make a fool of myself by slamming face first into a set of lockers made you realize I needed a friend?" She asked knowing she was being a smart ass and to her delight just as she intended Harris threw his head back with a soul deep laughter.

Now she wasn't one to laugh, joke or be any kind of fun in general but when she heard that laugh she couldn't help it. A giggle bubbled out first and quickly turned into a full belly laugh. They had been best friends ever since, they talked every day on the phone when they weren't at school. They sat together at lunch with their friends; well they were mostly Harris' friends. Harris always stepped between her and any real threat of the male species when she felt uncomfortable with them, which was most of the time any guy approached her.

That seemed so long ago now. He had a girlfriend right now who also happened to quickly become her friend. Her name was Farah, her mother named her after the 70's actress. He had gone through quite a few girls because of their jealousy of a girl best friend and most of the girls their age were so fake and look or popularity more than truly care about him.

So here Lea was walking to school in the crisp morning air, taking her time and enjoying the bright sunshine and nature. She had never made friends in the other places she had lived, always afraid to trust anyone.

She remembered when she had started school that first day; she had walked this same path, working up her courage and determination to make at least one friend. She had never had a real friend before anywhere else, funny how it turned out to be a cute guy, that was a horrible flirt, a player until he met her and they had no romantic chemistry what so ever.

She stopped as she entered the school yard and looked at all the teenagers lining the place. In one area you had your jocks that were tossing around a football, with the ever present cheerleaders that drooled over their macho display. You had the geeks that stood in their corner and the stoners that littered a tiny corner under a tree. She fit in none of these, she never fit anywhere for that matter. She loved to read, she read about girls that lived in homes with real happy families, she read romance novels about the hero that comes and saves his damsel in distress. Her favorite had always been the quiet brooding hero that hated the world but softened under the touch of his true love. She snorted to herself, “So corny I know.” She thought. Like she would ever meet a guy like that but it was a better world than she had ever lived in and it was nice to dream right?

She would be 18 in a month and graduation was coming up, this place would be behind her and she could start to live her life as an adult. She didn't know where she would go but she hoped it would be happy place to be on her own.

She walked up through the loud school yard and caught sight of Harris and Farah sitting on one of the walls to the side of the school front doors. They were chatting with some of the guys from the rough crowd, you know the ones that drove to school on Harley's and wore leather jackets. Lea snickered to herself, she wasn't surprised. She forgot to mention that crowd but then again that was Harris' kind of crowd considering most of them knew his big brother Kyle. 

Lea's mind wondered to the thought of Kyle. Damn it, she had been avoiding thinking of him but it seems she just needed to give up the fight. He was her quiet, brooding hero that she imagined when she read those books, the one she dreamed would sweep her off her feet and steal her away to his world. Allowing her mind to yet again go back to last year, she remembered again her first week of school. They had gotten a surprise pop quiz the first week and she was still trying to play catch up with everyone else.

She had started walking home after leaving Harris at the school doors with a wave. She hadn't gotten far this particular day when she heard a rumbling motor rev behind her, turning to look she saw Harris behind the wheel of a very pretty blue muscle car.

"Lea, why don't you come home with me and I will help you study for that test. I can drive you home after it is no big deal." She stopped and stared as she thought about it and she saw Harris smirk at her in depth thoughtful expression. She finally shrugged and walked over to get in his car, climbing in she looked out the window and tried not to hear Harris laugh at her quiet timid nature with him.

They had pulled up in front of a beautiful two story home. Harris climbed out and smiled at her awestruck face. "You like?" He asked with a smug grin, she nodded and followed him inside. "Drop your stuff here, it's a nice day and I want to wash my car real quick, come on, I'll let you be in charge of rinsing." Not one to speak out and say no very often, she silently nodded and followed.
Harris had finally goofed around and teased with the soapy water until she relaxed enough to play along, she still never understood what it was about him that relaxed her and how she open end up with him as she never had anyone else.
She was giggling as he wrestled the hose away from her, so she ran to his bucket of dirty soapy water as they started a water fight. Deciding he had beaten her mercilessly only when he soaked her to the bone, she made a last ditch attempt and picked up the bucket and tossed the contents over the hood of his car aiming for him. She must have thrown it harder than she realized because when he ducked and it sailed over his head barely catching his back.

Now, you know this is when his older brother Kyle just happened to pull up on a mean sounding Harley. 

Lea gasped as she seen it all in slow motion happening before her and she was helpless to take it back. The water that had missed Harris had instead hit the front of the beautiful black Harley and soaked the large, scary guy’s right leg. She dropped the bucket; her hands flew to her mouth as she realized what she had done. To top of her humiliation, Harris stood, then turned around to look and busted up laughing which caused the guy to shoot him looks that could kill his gritted teeth visible.
Lea giggled hysterically herself for a second and then at the look that she could not comprehend crossed the guy's face before turning stare daggers at Harris brought years of punishment for such a stunt crashing through her mind. She still didn't really know Harris, let alone this guy now in his yard. She froze when the guy’s eyes flickered to her once more, dropping her head before her anxiety got the better of her.

"I'm so sorry....I didn't mean to." She spoke quietly and she wasn't even sure he heard her over Harris' laughter. When she chanced a glance back up to see if his face had relaxed, she instead found him staring at her with a cold hard expression that again confused her. Tears she had been holding in check streamed down her face and she quickly wiped them away as she heard heavy footsteps slowly coming closer to her. She saw black riding boots stop right out of her line of vision and she tensed and waited for him to grab her hair or her clothes and hit her.

When no one spoke or moved to relieve the tension, Lea whimpered and pulled her hands over her chest to rest under her chin as she waited for whatever was coming. She jerked and gasped when she felt Harris laid a hand on her back, she had been so intent on watching what she had identified as a threat that she had lost track of any other movement.

STUPID! She cursed herself, she knew better than to drop her guard.
Everyone heard the gasp and saw her body jerk. A reaction she couldn't hold back if she tried.

She knew that because she heard a new voice from the other side of Harris' car exclaim in a whisper, "WHAT THE HELL?!" Lea's eyes jerked up at the new threat she hadn't even noticed. There were at least three guys still sitting on their bikes watching her with confused expressions. The one that caught her eye was a very large man, with long dirty blond hair under a black knit toboggan. 

When she would have turned and fled Harris stepped in front of her and pulled her chin up to look into his hard face. Lea flinched at his expression but he had become her friend and she was determined to make this friendship work so she tried to give him the benefit of the doubt.

"Lea, this is my brother Kyle, it's ok, babe. I promise he won't hurt you, tell me what's wrong?"
Lea shook her head and dropped her eyes. "I can't tell you." She whispered, "I am sorry, I didn't mean to throw the dirty water on you and your bike." She whispered out her apology again, looking up at Kyle through her lashes as she did when she was trying to hide her stare, hoping this time Kyle would hear her.
Harris wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into his chest. She took a deep breath and tightfisted his shirt on his back.

"Harris, what the hell is going on?" Lea heard Kyle’s deep, sexy voice rumble out angrily and Lea flinched, she didn't know if it was from his words or the tingle the sound of his voice shot down her spine. His voice scared her as it made her feel things she didn't understand.

Harris looked up and his brother with a confused look and shook his head before he pressed his mouth to her head and whispered so only she and Kyle would hear him, "Lea is someone hurting you? If so, you need to tell us. Kyle can help you, he has connections..." Lea shook her head and stepped away from Harris to go inside the house and grab her things. She didn't get more than a step before Kyle stepped in front of her to stop her again. Ever so slowly she raised his hand to set the edge of his knuckle under her chin, forcing her to meet his eyes. She saw anger there but something else she didn't understand was there also.

“Do you have parents to go home to?” He asked her softly, Lea shook her head no. “Do you live with family, older siblings?” Lea again shook her head no and dropped her eyes to his mouth. “Who is it that takes care of you, Angel?” She heard him say and her eyes snapped back to his at the endearment she had never heard directed at her. His eyes were now soft and confused, Lea licked her dry lips and whispered, “No one, I live in a Foster home.” Kyle stood there staring deeply into her eyes as if trying to find the answers within her. “If they hurt you or allow you to be hurt, you can trust us to help you.” Lea jerked back with a flinch at his words, “I trust no one.” she whispered out before running into the house and grabbing her things. Harris called after her as she ran past them and walked down the street. She looked back only once when she turned the corner and saw Kyle standing toe to toe with Harris having what appeared to be a not so nice talk. She had run away that day, walked home and knew she had to give their offerings of help some serious thought.

Kyle hardly spoke much after that for awhile, if he was around he watched her closely though, when he thought she didn't notice. If they ran into each other, he would give her looks she still didn't understand and his presence made her feel all nervous and finally she recognized excitement all at the same time. No one had ever made her feel those things but she wouldn't admit to it. 

Shaking her head to clear of the thoughts she had been avoiding, she smiled as Harris caught sight of her and shouted. "Hey Lea, Get your sexy butt over here!" Lea laughed as she still rarely did and made her way over to them. One of the guys she recognized as Luke, they called him “Country” he was one of the guys that had been there the day she met Kyle and him she actually wasn't too shy around him anymore.

"Hey guys." She said as she dropped her bag and Country provided her with a clear spot on the wall. Let’s not mention it was by pushing some guys out, she tend to think he just looked at her as a little sister the same as Harris did. "You lost in that fantasy world you love to live in again Lea?" Harris asked with a snicker, knowing her love of books.
Lea smacked his arm and shot him her best pout. "No, and you are rude to say so!" She said and then lost her pout as she joined his laughter.
"Lea, I haven't seen you at the house lately, you haven't let Kyle run you off have you?" Country said with a wicked gleam in his eye and his cute smile, Lea sighed, if she hadn’t fallen so hard for Kyle she would be all shy and heart skipping over this one. She loved how he made her feel at ease as he did, not to mention his apparent need to tease her just like Harris did. He liked to think he knew she had a crush on Kyle, because she had went back and told them the truth after that day last year; it was Kyle and his boys who helped her. It also seemed when faced with a bunch of strangers through it all, she had chosen Kyle's shirt to cling to, as her safe place. She knew that picking on her was their way of trying to be close to her and less intimidating but she didn't want to ruin it by telling Country she had stopped being scared of him for the most part. She wasn't but that didn't mean she trusted him either, she thought a lot of him but she trusted very few people.
Lea let loose a very horrible sounding snort and laughed "pfft...No! That man has got serious social issues but that isn’t the reason. I have just been doing a lot of studying.” Country nodded and the conversation thankfully left her.

Harris and Farah talked her into going with them to Harris' house that day, it was Harris' birthday and he was throwing a party that night. It just so happened his birthday fell on a Friday night. 
There would be no alcohol amongst a bunch of high school kids as Kyle would be there and he didn't play when it came to those things.
Lea snickered as she thought of Kyle having to be the alcohol and drug police for the night. He would hate it but he would be so good at it.


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