Fluff n' Things (Reignited)

Fluff n' Things (Reignited)

Status: In Progress

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: In Progress

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


"Fluff" is used to describe the happy romantic nonsense between Ashaa and Kaliska. "Things", however, describes... well, not-so-fluffy moments. Together, they create the prequel to God Games (Reignited).


"Fluff" is used to describe the happy romantic nonsense between Ashaa and Kaliska. "Things", however, describes... well, not-so-fluffy moments. Together, they create the prequel to God Games (Reignited).

Chapter1 (v.1) - Spoons

Author Chapter Note

Love is never easy; it takes work, and it takes time.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 26, 2018

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 26, 2018





Boredom, the only— and quite possibly the perfect— word to describe my current state. All night, I lied bored on piles of blankets waiting for her to finally wake up. What’s worse was that I only had two sources of entertainment throughout the night: watching fire crackle from the fireplace, and listening to her soft snores. Unfortunately for me, all of that grew old within the first hour, and I couldn’t exactly get up and take a walk around her living room, at-least not with her arms locked securely around my— wait, why was I still being held as the little spoon?

Sure, I was rarely a big spoon. She always had me in her arms at night— not that I was complaining. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be her little spoon? She was naked, of course, because it was how she slept most comfortably, but last night was her night, like every night. But last night, specifically, was different. It wasn’t like most nights when she was always the big spoon. No, last night, Ash was my big spoon.

I only had to ask once, and I had never seen her more eager to deliver. After all, I didn’t offer my body often but, when I did, she could do practically anything she wanted. But it didn’t happen like that, not at all. I mean, it was a conversation that I didn’t really remember too well, and it happened so fast! The last thing I remember was seeing her turn away and fall asleep without even fulfilling her role! Okay— maybe, just maybe— I was being a little ridiculous but the fact that nothing had happened during what was supposed to be a romantic evening was still driving me mad. Wasn’t it the responsibility of the big spoon to commit to the little one? Why was she doing nothing? Sleeping, of course, I knew she was tired. But why wasn’t she committed to me as my big spoon, especially when I was starting to feel more like a spork.

“Ash?” I whispered out quietly.

No response.

“Ash?” I repeated a bit louder. Part of me wanted to shake her awake, but the other part wished she would just stay asleep and ignore my forthcoming madness.

“Sleep,” She mumbled almost incoherently as the bedding shifted. Soft, moistened lips touching against my skin; she’d been planting lazy kisses up and down, all between the back of my neck and shoulder blade. All of it— every second of it— was clearly a distraction. Did she not understand the importance of this dilemma?

“But—but—but I want—”

“Sleep,” She repeated a bit more forcefully, doing her best to not sound any more irritated than she already was.

“Ash,” I whimpered and put my hands firmly over the arms secured around me.

“What?” She finally surrendered with an exasperated sigh. “What, rabbit?”

“I want to,” I bit my tongue before the words could reach her.

Was I right to wake her up for this? Not only was I curious, but I still wanted her to… no, I should let her go back to bed. She didn’t sleep like this often, I knew that. Ash was mortal, and fragile creatures like her needed sleep. What’s wrong with me? Why was I trying to keep her up for something like this? We could settle this matter in the morning, I knew that. And so, we would… right after I tell her to go back to sleep.

“Why am I the little spoon?” Oh, fuck.

“What?” Her voice was softer compared to before, and far more confused. Made sense, after all, I just woke her up to discuss something incredibly stupid.

“Why am I the little spoon?” The words rolled off my tongue carelessly, especially now that the question was already out there. Might as well go all in. “Why are you sleeping when I… you’re sleeping when I—I’m busy being your little spoon?”

“Kali,” I could hear her holding back an overwhelming desire to scold me, and all because I woke her up for this of all things. “We already talked about this. Surely, we can discuss this again later in—”

“No, you talked and I listened!” I scowled, unable to keep myself from going off on her. Why was she acting like none of this mattered? There was a little spoon, and then there was a big spoon. How did none of this matter to her? Little spoon, big spoon. Me, little spoon. Her, big spoon. Not her, me! Little, big! Not big, little!

I had everything— everything— planned for our evening together. We were supposed to have dinner, share a bottle of wine or two, and— I don’t know— massage between her legs, or maybe even hear her say my names a few times because I knew she liked things like that. It was supposed to be perfect, but then the atmosphere changed and it all fell apart. There we lied, hands on the other— so very close to being in the same mood she was! You’re clearly not enjoying this, she said all-knowingly. Well, how the hell did she know whether or not I was enjoying it? She stopped so suddenly, and I tried to talk her back into it! I wanted her to keep touching me but no! She just refused to listen to reason and decided the date was over! Worse, she wasn’t even going to stay the night— I had to lie and tell her that I was scared to sleep alone just to get her to lie down next to me.

But why? The questions were driving me crazy all night. Did she not like me as much I liked her? Was she bored of me because I couldn’t give her something only a man could? No, she’s not like that. Maybe, I wasn’t responding the way she had hoped I would? Or, maybe she wished more of me. Noisier like her, perhaps? Did she want to hear me groan the way she often did when I pleased her? Maybe, after all, she certainly wasn’t afraid to let me know that she was enjoying herself when we were alone together. I mean, no… I wasn’t obligated to please her! No, this time, she was supposed to be all about me!

“You know what? Just—just—just forget it!” I fought the urge to yell any louder than I already had been. “You’re not doing anything and I… I’m sick of being y-your little spoon!”

“I was tired and I still am,” She mumbled, each word becoming less and less sluggish after the next. Then, I could hear her sniffing gently against my shoulder from behind. Her pause was brief, though she quickly recollected her thoughts and continued. “Besides, weren’t you the one that asked me to stop?”

“Yes, but that’s not what I—I—I… that’s not what I meant!” I was flustered but part of me was pleased to see that she was at-least trying to pay attention to me, despite her being tired.

Her hand moved up and down my sides before she proceeded to give me a gentle nudge, inviting me to turn over. Quickly, I followed her gestures and rolled over to the point where I could fully see her. Ash blonde hair, creamy-white skin. That slight tug at the corner of her lips, I loved seeing it— she hadn’t smiled like that in weeks— and those gorgeous eyes! I could get lost somewhere inside that clear ocean blue, but I was grounded ashore by the company of butterfly kisses soon to follow.

“I don’t mean to be rude but you smell funny,” She pointed out and my cheeks burned furiously from embarrassment. “Sort of like a wet… pussy?”

I scrunched my nose at her words. The literal word, pussy. Vulgar, childish. A terrible word, and an even worse substitute. I especially hated when she said such ugly words. All I wanted to do was cuddle this gorgeous, naked woman in front of the fireplace, and then she had to go and make fun of the way I smelled. It’s not like I went outside and rolled around in the rain like— wait, was I blind to her comment? Was she comparing me to something as pathetic as a domesticated cat? Pfft. Me, a house pet? No, I was better than that. Tigers were way better than fuckin’ cats. I was big enough for Ash to use as a pillow, and she did every now and again. But what of her calling me a pussy? No one found pussy cats intimidating, and I was definitely no pussy.

“You’re really not getting any of this, are you?” Her words carried a dab of playfulness that I would normally find attractive, but now I wasn’t in the mood.

“Just forget it,” I rolled my eyes and removed her hands from around my waist. “I don’t want to be your spoon.”

“Why?” She narrowed her eyes, dropping the mood like the burden was too much for her to carry. “Did you not just go on a rant about wanting to be some silly kitchen utensil?”

“It’s not silly,” I yelled in frustration and tried so very hard to ignore the fact that she was treating me like I was stupid again. “And t-that’s not even the point!” Why was she not understanding that I wanted her in more ways than one, or that I felt like a spork to her spoon? Could she not even be bothered to dig a little deeper into my desires as I so often did for her? I mean, she just finished smelling the obvious musk in the air!

“Fine,” She scooted a bit closer. “What’s your point then?” Our faces getting closer and closer until her lips sat only centimeters from my own.

“I think y—you… you know, forget it. You wouldn’t understand— you never understand.”

“I can’t understand if you won’t explain what’s wrong, Kali.”

“I shouldn’t have to! You—you—you… it’s not my fault if you’re not getting this!” I finally snapped and attempted to pull myself even further out of her proximity, to sit up and get out of this crappy bed I made for her. “I mean—I mean… I—I can’t make it… I can’t make it any more obvious than I already have, and if you can’t figure this out then—then—then,” I fell silent when I felt one of her hands grasp tightly around my wrist, to keep me from leaving.

“Wait,” She whispered as my body instinctively gravitated back towards her.

At some point, she had actually managed to snake her way down under, not that I was complaining. In fact, I was kind of impressed that she had distracted me long enough to get the job done. With every circling motion, she put more and more pressure between my legs. I closed my eyes as soft, moist lips kissed repeatedly on the top of my head, and I couldn’t help but lean forward and bury my face between her breasts from such a welcoming treat.

“Is this what you want?” She murmured, prodding her fingers along the entrance of my folds while playing with an unsurprisingly thick layer of my own mess.

I moved my hips eagerly and suckled one of her hardened nipples in gratitude. My reward came in the form of the sexiest groan I had ever had the pleasure of hearing, so much that it sent goosebumps throughout my body. Then, without so much as the courtesy of an explanation, her fingers suddenly pulled out and I was left with nothing but the cold.

“Again?” I whimpered helplessly and nuzzled against her with the hopes that she’d keep going, but she didn’t. “What else can I possibly do?” The words came out much harsher than I had intended.  “What—what—what can I do?”

“Are you so stirred up that you cannot see that I am clearly fucking with you?” Her lips dared to smile. “I’m trying to tease you, Kali.”

“Well, t-that’s the problem, isn’t it?” I tried to turn all this back on her, especially now that I realized she’d only been entertaining herself this entire time. “You’re fucking with me, but you clearly aren’t fucking me!”

“I thought that that was what you wanted,” She tilted her heard quizzically before surrendering her hold on me.

“What I wanted was to have sex, and you,” I raised my hands and gestured towards her. “You, you just blew me off.”

“I was tired,” She repeated herself again, though with a much firmer tone. “I know the evening didn’t turn out the way either of us had hoped but why do you think I left my knee between your legs, Kali? I wanted you to be able to take care of your needs, even if you did keep me up all—”

“See, I didn’t know that!” I answered pathetically and felt even worse. Just a few minutes ago, I was going on about waking her up but leave it to me to just now figure out that I’d been keeping her up all night with my knee humping. But how was I supposed to know? She didn’t say anything, not a single word!

“I didn’t expect you to figure that out.” What was that supposed to mean? “It’s just… you’re different now, and I’m still struggling to understand meaning behind queer thoughts.”

“Okay but that doesn’t mean it’s not important,” I was annoyed but only because it still felt like she wasn’t getting it, not completely. “I know talking about being some—some—some… I know you think that my ranting about being ‘some silly kitchen utensil’ is stupid, okay? And if you think I’m stupid then—then—then I can’t, I mean, you treat me like I’m stupid, Ash, but what I say— it’s important to me. And you, you keep blowing me off and I hate it— I hate that you treat me like I’m stupid!”

Her lips parted briefly, as if she might’ve had something to say in response, but, instead of speaking, she closed her mouth and just stared straight at me, like she didn’t know what to think of anything I just said. So, for several agonizingly long lifetimes— or, at-least what could’ve been several minutes or so— we sat in silence. I tried to keep myself calm, to keep from saying anything that could make our fight any worse but all I wanted was to hear what she had to say, even if I had to wait another eternity to hear the words.

“I didn’t,” The strength of her voice fell off almost as if she hadn’t wanted me to hear her, so I pretended not to notice as the corners of her lips twitched slightly. “I don’t think you’re stupid,” She spoke louder, clearer. “I’m sorry that I said and did things that made you feel like you were stupid, Kali. I don’t mean to disregard the things that you say or even the way that you feel because it’s not my intention to make you feel like you don’t matter.” Her volume dropped slightly, like she was trying really hard to force out how she felt but it only came out as monotonous as I had expected it to be. “Kali, I can’t laugh at your jokes or smile at your sweet compliments, but clearly, the concept of spooning means more to you than it does to me and—”

“Okay,” I stopped her mid-sentence. We were wasting precious time with talk, and though I was relieved to know that she didn’t think I was stupid, I was starting to feel even worse knowing that I’ve kept her up this entire time. “We can talk about this la—”

“Stop interrupting me,” Her voice felt as raw as ever. She was glaring now; a black cloud threatening to pour down and strike thunder over the once calm, clear waters of her eyes. “I don’t do it after every little thing you say, so I would ask that you, at-least, have the common decency to do the same.”

As an alpha, my first instinct should’ve been to challenge— to make her submit to me, but I couldn’t do that. First time I tried that, he nearly broke every limb and continued doing so, day after day, until I stopped resisting. Maybe if I had begged for forgiveness, things might’ve been different— or he might’ve taken pleasure in it and done something far worse. After all, he wanted me to cry; it was something he loved seeing me do but it wasn’t something I wanted to ever do again. Tears were met with his hands, and his hands weren’t like hers.

“I’m—I’m—I’m,” I bit down on my tongue as hard as I possibly could, squeezing my eyes shut and bracing myself for what always comes next.

Anything— literally, anything— was better than going back to Blackwater.

“So—so—sorry!” My body jerked, flinching away, as I felt fingers touch my face. “I’m—I’m—I’m,” I trailed off weakly. Her hands tried to cup my face this time, however, much gentler than before. She would never hurt me, I knew that, and yet I couldn’t bring myself to look her the eyes, or even muster up enough courage to glance in her general direction. Why? She, like all other ferals, were dangerous and, at times, unpredictable. Still, she’d never hurt me, at-least not intentionally, but the risk that she would just because she could… I couldn’t risk it. I just couldn’t.

“You're not who I remember you to be,” I heard her voice ring barely above a whisper. She was being honest, of course, but was that a good thing or a bad thing? “I thought, maybe, if I stole you away from Blackwater— just maybe, you might’ve gone back to the person you were before. Instead, we spent years terrorizing the Glaedes, and what you did to me..." She trailed off before recovering just as quickly. "You asked me for another chance, but I keep expecting you to rip off this strange mask and reveal yourself to be the monster I know you to be. But you insist this change is genuine, and well... to think that I could get away with threatening someone like you,” Her eyes darkened with an interest I recognized all too well. "You're not who I fell in love with."

It was a strange thing to say and an even stranger thing to hear. If I was so different from the person she used to know, then she didn’t love me— she loved who I used to be, the good and the bad. And them, well… I’m not either of those people anymore. I was someone different, a nobody— branded against my will. One look at the mark on my back and she, like everyone else, knew not only every hand ever laid upon body but all that they ever did to me. Perhaps, to her, I really was just damaged goods.

“So, that’s it?” I asked as I mustered up enough courage to finally look her in the eyes. She, however, was a little more confused than I was. “You don’t love me because I’m not the person you fell in love with?”

“I didn’t say that,” She responded almost instantly.

“O-okay,” I waited a few seconds longer, thinking she might say something else, or at-least try to elaborate.

“Okay,” She repeated. Did she really have nothing else to say on the subject?

Okay,” I tried again, this time, putting a little more stress on the word. Maybe she’d take the hint and explain.

“Okay,” She rolled her shoulders back while maintaining a composure so calm and relaxed that I was left both unsettled and overall impressed by her ability to act like our conversation wasn’t that big of a deal. “Obviously, you’re expecting me to say something different, so what exactly do you want me to say, Kali?”

“I don’t know,” I answered lamely but only because I couldn’t think of anything that I might have actually wanted to hear her say. “I guess I—I… I guess I just don’t want you to think less of me because I’m… well, I’m broken, but I’m… I want you to see that I’m not as broken as you might think I am.”

“You’re different, not broken.” She reaffirmed and brushed my lips over with her thumb. “I’ve seen what little remains of people who suffered at the same hands you were left to service, but I have never— not once— believed you to be broken, Kali.”

“Really?” I asked, feeling a little more confident than I did before.

“Trust me when I tell you that it’s not you who’s broken.” She muttered with a sudden change in her demeanor— so sudden that one might’ve thought she was trying to make everything about herself— but I could feel in my heart that she was being as sincere as she was ready to run away for trusting me enough to have a place in her heart.

“Well,” I said, trying to help make her feel a little less awkward. “You know, I don’t think you’re broken either.”

“I—i,” Her voice cracked slightly as she stared at me for a while longer, not knowing what to make of my words. “Thank you,” She whispered so quietly that I barely managed to hear her. Then, she leaned closer, “but I think I still owe something to my little spoon.”

“You definitely still owe your little spoon,” I closed what little space was left between us with a smile and tender kiss, more than eager to finish where we left off.

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