Fluff n' Things

Fluff n' Things

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


"Fluff" is used to describe the happy romantic nonsense between Ashaa and Kaliska. "Things", however, describes... well, not-so-fluffy moments. ***This is a collection of memories from God Games. Each memory is "stand-alone" so you don't need to read them in any particular order.***


"Fluff" is used to describe the happy romantic nonsense between Ashaa and Kaliska. "Things", however, describes... well, not-so-fluffy moments. ***This is a collection of memories from God Games. Each memory is "stand-alone" so you don't need to read them in any particular order.***

Chapter1 (v.1) - All Hallows' Eve

Author Chapter Note

For Ashaa, special occasions like holidays and birthdays have never been happily celebrated, or even remotely pleasant. At-least, that's how it used to be.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 09, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 09, 2017




I soaked in the warmth of her body, though I made no daring effort to uncover my face and welcome the morning just yet. Instead, I focused on the soft, tender lips making their way down my neck, suppressing the desire to moan and encourage her further. Soon enough, I felt her hands shamelessly groping my breasts, and it was in that moment I realized that she knew I was awake.

“It’s hard to ignore the subtle changes of beautifully drawn breath,” Kali mumbled affectionately as I felt her lips sucking generously near my already hardened nipples. “Sorry to wake you. Guess I just couldn’t help myself, especially today of all days.”

“It’s fine,” I stretched my arms high above my head and yawned as I opened my eyes. Streaks of sunlight trickled in through the curtain and blinded me momentarily. It took all my strength to not pull back on the sheets and drift off once again. “What time is it?”

“Early,” She answered simply. “Honestly, I’m a little surprised that no one’s dared to knock on our door and ask for the hand of such captivating company.”

“Company familiar only to you,” I said with a smile as I glanced down to see the ashen-haired woman on top of me. Her blue eyes were gazing, showing nothing but love and affection while her lips curled into a charming smile.

“Of that, I have no doubts… but I feel I must ask if you’re alright?” Her voice grew a touch more concerned while running her slender fingers through my hair. “You were running on fumes for a while, and it didn’t exactly help that you were blowing the lights out all night.”


Last night...

“How’s this?” She asked again, though this time her growls were far more enticing than the last and every thrust of her hips sent a frenzy of static all across my skin.

“That’s definitely better,” I nodded eagerly as I clawed at the sheets with the need to hold on to something as I finally started feeling aroused enough to want this. The sounds of squelching were loud and heavy, so much that she finally started to push the toy in even deeper from our positions.

“Took you long enough,” She purred, causing me to melt from beneath her as she held me closer. Her hips were never stopping and her endurance made it possible to keep at it all night, but we’d been going at it for a while now. In fact, we’d only been doing this because she only wanted to see how long it’d take for me to get off to something that wasn’t her fingers or tongue. And it’d been taking significantly longer than either of us had expected.

“I-i...” I groaned pleasurably as the toy hit something inside me that made me scream out in ecstasy. She must’ve loved it because she started pounding even harder at the spot.

Suddenly the lamp to our left began to flicker madly, earning a grin from her lips and darkening my cheeks so bad that I thought I’d die from embarrassment right then and there. I could hear the sound of the air conditioner in the room making a rough, growling sound like it was ready to just explode on us and it was nerve-wrecking to know that I occasionally drove any nearby electronics insane whenever I was this turned on.

“That’s good,” She chuckled teasingly and captured my lips. From her touch alone, I could feel how delighted she had become by having me squirm from beneath her.

“Ugh!” I felt my muscles starting to contract around the toy as I arched my body off the bed. But before I could actually achieve what she wanted the toy to do, it was suddenly pulled out only to be replaced by a familiar steaming, wet opening grinding into my own and putting an unbelievable amount of friction on my most sensitive nub.

She groaned loudly and held my legs firmly as she rubbed our sex together. Her warmth was making me even wetter, and I loved it so much that I thought I was exploding right then and there.

“You were taking too long,” She muttered before she brought me into a passionate kiss and held it lovingly, making me want even more of her at this very moment.

I whimpered loudly and gripped the sheets beneath us tightly as my muscles contracted again, though faster, riding the waves out one by one. She held me close, moving into me even harder and faster as the light bulb shattered the moment I felt my own orgasm ripping through my body. I threw my head back and gasped to the sudden sound of thunder echoing across the skies monstrously. The sheer intensity of the electrical current outside struck through my entire body, rejuvenating me completely.

Her body fell back as her legs trembled in multiple spasms and I thought it was adorable to see her curling up so helplessly. I moved on top of her bare body and kissed her defined abdomen repeatedly, gliding my tongue over the salty taste of her wet, burning flesh. She was panting heavily from the amount of energy she burned from her first orgasm of the night.

“You better not be,” She trailed off in between heavy breaths but she wasn’t fighting to get up or see what I was doing, and I expected it. “What are you-?”

“Nothing,” I mumbled while licking teasingly against her abdomen. Her fingers ran lazily through my hair. She was definitely worn out, but I didn’t mind because now it was my turn to enjoy her.

“You’re so weird,” She laughed wearily, twirling the strands of my hair around her fingers almost carelessly as I moved my face between her round, firm breasts. “Seriously, what kind of fetish is that?”

“I think I’ve earned privilege to toy with your body as I see fit,” I gave her a teasing smile, leaning over her mounds briefly and kissing her lips tenderly. “Besides, I’ve lasted six times longer than you did.” I moved my hair over to the right side of my neck before I went down on her breasts and started kissing just near her perky pink nipples.

“Oh, trust me,” She laughed again with a little more energy than before, “I wasn’t complaining. In fact, I’d be crazy to prohibit the use of your tongue.”

I rolled my eyes and smiled at her words, though shortly after I was stopped during treatment on her chest. Her hand caressed my cheek and I watched as her eyes take on their brightest and coolest shade of blue.

“Now our eyes match,” She said jokingly.

“For now,” I said with a teasing smile as I raised my head from her chest and lied with my knees on either side of her hips, leaving my wetness to spread atop of her stomach. Unsurprisingly, she didn’t seem to care at all. In fact, she looked like she enjoyed this single moment more than anyone else in the world.

She groaned pleasurably as she shifted her figure more comfortably beneath me. Her movement only coaxed the wet mess over her bare body and the feeling it brought to me was more than enjoyable, “You really got to stop sitting on top when you’re all wet, hot, and just- like this.”

“It’s your fault,” I laughed softly. “You’re the one that got me all hot and bothered.”

“I think you just like the new toy I got you.” She grinned.

"I wouldn't mind using it again,” I answered honestly, "but it doesn't have quite the same appeal as the tongue I’d rather have inside me."

“Agreed.” She brushed my bangs to the side, placing them where she deemed appropriate. “Personally, if I could taste you the way I remembered, you’d have a very serious problem trying to keep me from fucking—"

“Don’t say that!” I playfully slapped her cheek and watched the grin on her lips break out. "All you talk about is how much you’d love to fuck around, but your mouth's far too pretty for that word."

“But I do love fucking around with you,” She groaned miserably as I crawled off of her and climbed off the bed with one of the sheets. “Well, don’t go. You’re all sexy and warm… and sexy.”

I turned around with the sheets covering my breasts, walking backwards towards the bathroom as I watched her rise from the sheets beneath her. She didn’t cover herself like I usually did, but I didn’t mind admiring her beauty in the slightest.

She raised an eyebrow and watched me leave with more than just casual interest, touching the drenched spot I left on her stomach. It was trickling down her body, and I was fighting the overwhelming desire to go and clean her myself, but I’d much rather have her clean me.

“So, you still remember what I taste like then, right?” I gave her a teasing smile. “I’d love it if you’d come and show me just how badly you’d like to taste me again.”

Kali didn’t even hesitate to get up. Her eyes brightened beautifully and her canines revealed themselves out of sheer excitement before they retracted almost as quickly as they appeared. She got up quickly and crawled off the bed, and before I knew it I found her arms around my waist, picking me up off the floor and literally carrying me into the bathroom the rest of the way.

She sat me down on the counter top and spread my legs wide open. Then she took a firm hold of the sheets and threw them to the tiled floor carelessly. I didn’t question her, especially when her tongue began trailing along my bare stomach in a teasing manner.

As she started getting lower, I watched her sniff the area gently. Her eyes were filled with love and lust, but most of it was from the animal calling to her. She always told me that my current state was too much to handle, and I’d imagine the bond between us enhanced the smell so much that it drove her absolutely insane.

She looked up with her still brightly lit blue eyes one last time, taking my breath away at first glance. Her eyes were pleading for me to keep my legs apart and I felt myself comply with a single nod before I gasped at the sudden intrusion as she took off with full speed.


Present day...

“Ready to get the day started?” She asked, kissing my cheek as I lied comfortably in her arms, caressing her forearms before there was a sudden knock at the door.

“Are either of you up?” I heard Lauri ask loud enough for us to hear, but it didn’t sound as though she expected an answer. Unsurprisingly, her voice caused Kali to frown almost immediately. She was clearly annoyed by the fact that my coven enjoyed interrupting the both of us whenever they got the chance.

“I’ll take care of it,” Kali whispered quietly, kissing my cheek one last time before letting go of me and climbing off the bed.

She took a deep breath before she finally unlocked and opened the door, and I was surprised to find Lauri looking down the stone halls, but she seemed to be aware the door was open. Kali was leaning against the door frame with an arm held out, keeping the door from closing on its own as she stared between Lauri and whoever else might have been in the hallway. Lauri nodded down the hall and waved her hand dismissively before greeting us both with a well-practiced smile.

“Can I help you?” I smiled politely before bringing one of the sheets to cover my exposed breasts.

“Last night was quite eventful, to say the least.” She raised her eyebrow and exchanged glances between the both of us, though her words were directed towards me. “We allowed your pet to attend the banquet and yet the animal’s presence only wrought concern for more than half the attendees, and it certainly doesn’t help that you’ve allowed this wild thing roam our halls unaccompanied, despite Guinevere's warning.”

"Perhaps it would help if you spoke to the one causing such well-deserved trouble rather than the woman who holds no leash nor collar around my neck," Kali answered mockingly, clearly unamused by my coven's continuous lack of respect toward her and her people. “I’d be more than happy to bite down on such a pretty neck and break the spine oh-so-mercilessly.”

“Spare me, kitten.” Her tone dropped in equal to Kali's. "Threats will do no good here, especially when they come from a creature as disgraced as—"

"Lauri," I raised my voice loud enough to witness both of their heads turn towards me, but it was Kali that made puppy-eyes in the hopes that I’d take her side. Unfortunately, I couldn’t. Doing so would only bring trouble for the both of us, and I’d rather see her upset with me than whatever else the coven might’ve had in mind for me. "I’ll have words with Kali. Please, extend my apologies to Guinevere."

"I will," Lauri glanced over at Kali for a moment, "and do try to keep this one at home next year."

As Lauri's figure suddenly vanished, Kali huffed loudly before slamming the door shut behind her.

“What the hell?” She finally said, clearly irritated. “Why didn’t you stand up for me?”

“You already know that I can’t do that here,” I sighed, realizing this would lead to another well-deserved argument. “This isn’t like living among your own people, Kali. My coven houses established politicians, not an open-”

“Just forget it,” She waved her hand dismissively and began making her way back towards our bed. “I don’t want to ruin today talking about stupid bitches like Lauridellia, or Guinevere.”

“You’re right, but we can always ruin tomorrow.” I suggested light-heartedly, and it was enough to get a smile from her sweet face.

“You’ve a plan in that pretty little head,” She commented while strolling casually along my side of the bed. “Don’t know what you’re brewing,” Her smile grew, “but I can imagine it involves a lot of heavy petting in some very public places.”

“Close,” I smiled as Kali captured my cheeks with both hands and placed firm lips on mine.

“Then before we ruin tomorrow, let’s start with today.” She said with a mischievous smile. “Provide me the details to such daring plans, and I will appease your heart and body.” 

“That sounds like a promise,” I laughed and watched as her eyes began wandering downwards, becoming heavily involved with the rest of my nakedness. “Hope you’re planning to fulfill it.”

“You’ll be a mess by the end of your birthday,” She leaned forward one last time with her hand moving dangerously between my legs. “Of that, you have my word.”

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