Winning Isn't Everything

Winning Isn't Everything

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


The steamy things that can erupt when two alphas collide. Follow J.Liber on Twitter at for more news & updates.


The steamy things that can erupt when two alphas collide.

Follow J.Liber on Twitter at for more news & updates.

Chapter1 (v.1) - First encounters

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Who was she?

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 19, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 19, 2017



The room sized closet was recently graced with a new line of Armani suits, just released for spring. A Forester´s taste was nothing if not the three Es – exquisite, elegant and expensive. He had this standard to live up to all his life. You couldn’t have the last name without looking the part. His family could be called the twenty first century Ewings in the name of wealth and status only with less the many family members and scrupulous drama. Forester Oil Company was today one the leading distributor´s of oil in America, and as of now becoming an international brand, thanks to him. The new generation from the line of Forester men was going to be the first to launch the company worldwide.

Alexander Forester both his first and last name would soon be known all over the world. He looked in the mirror trying to decided on whether the blue or black tie. It was a funny how he was indecisive with fashion, yet such a brilliant decision maker when it came to corporate matters. In a few days, he was going to meet with investors from Tokyo and finalize deal securing the first branch of Forester Oils outside the United States. It was what he had dreamt of transforming the company into from he was a teenager just learning how takeover and run his birth right, a renowned multi-million business.

A discreet knock on the wooden door by a maid delivering the message that his drive just pulled up outside, he nodded and grabbed his attaché case.

 Charlie got the limo door once he saw him came out the building. He was forty-seven years old and about to welcome a grandchild and retire from chauffeuring after working for his family since he was in diapers. Picking him up from school every day and recuing him from his boring tutors on weekends, trading in his studies for a drive to Coney Island. He was the only real adult friend, apart from Lilly, he had.

“Good morning, Al.” he greeted.

“Morning, Charlie. How’s Alice doing?”

“Quite well, she’s due any week now,” He said with utter satisfaction.

“That’s great and the morning sickness?”

“Not as bad, thank god…” He rubbed over his creased brow. “She’s gotten use the symptoms after the past eight months. How’s dear Lilly?”

“Fighting,” His fervent reply made Charlie sympathize.

“Be sure to tell Alice how happy I am for her.” He smiled.

“Will do, Al, I’m happy for you too.”

Alex crooked his head to the side. “Why?”

 “I don’t know but you always that chipper look on your face whenever you accomplished something important to you.” He hinted ushering him into the vehicle. “I’m goin’ miss you so much, Charlie.” He told him while getting inside.

The New York traffic was evaded, since they were on early time the streets were messy, newspapers scattered all over the city daily as a result of the windy weather they were having. Through the window Alex glanced blankly at the various homeless shelters that passed by. Each had long lines of people waiting and hoping the shelters had enough room to take them in. “Amazing how the government withdraws a handsome percentage of corporate tax from top manufacturers and uses it for the benefit of these worthless money hungry politicians, instead of public welfare,” he thought with loathing. 


“Morning, Mr. Forester.”

He nodded to the vast greetings by my employees striding pass reception and down the hall two workers step aside immediately as they got a glance of me heading towards the vacant elevator. ‘Boss rides alone,’ an unofficial rule everyone in the building had come establish having dealt with my distaste for lower floor stops on the way to my office. Alex checked my Rolex to ensure I was 30 minutes early; the Japanese investors tend to arrive before the exact appointed hour.  Pat said they go over some minor details before agreeing to anything. He figured highlighting the many benefits the Forester Oil has to offer as one of the bestselling American brands. Plans for several more subsidiaries to be established in Europe and South America had been in progress for five years now. He and his team of the organization’s top executives were finally able to put the plans into effect. It’s the adequate amount of boosting strategy for him to bring home the gold.

“Hold the elevator!” A woman’s voice yelled besieging from the end hallway which was not in his sight until he saw a pair of high heels rushing frantically towards him and the closing doors. He was stunned he never had a lunatic race directly towards the same elevator he occupied. If anyone was in a hurry they would stop in their tracks at the very sight of him and wait for the next one. ‘The boss rides alone,’ but the woman seemed to have missed the memo she kept at it until she reached in time to quickly press the side button. The elevator shaft froze and doors slide back open. He was beyond surprised at this point. Who does she think she- wow…?

The parting mechanical doors revealed a lovely pair of shapely legs on top black stilettos only complimented by the black and gold ensemble she wore. The perfect hour glass figured vixen stood in front him with full lips covered with red lipstick. His eyes moved to her equally full bosom with just the right amount of cleavage to get a man excited.

“Thanks pal you’re a real gentleman,” she spat sarcastically at him not bothering to look at him as she stepped inside. His thoughts were interrupted by her rude tone he never saw this woman in his company before, who was the miss anonymous standing beside him. She didn’t even acknowledge his presence let alone recognize who he was. She was obviously very impatient as she tapped her heels continuously and clutched her briefcase.

“Finally,” she ran off again though pacing and pacing she looked divine in those heels, while her gracious hips swayed and her long, dark wavy hair flowed fluidly down her back. “Wow. he whispered again to himself as the doors closed, his mind was still picturing her beautiful face and gorgeous body. He didn’t know all his employees but he was sure that she didn’t work there; else he would have heard about the new hot female employee through the grapevine. She was definitely a visitor in the building but who was she?


Gina rushed down the halls of the third floor damn, ten minutes late for an early Friday conference. This place was so huge and confusing to navigate in. That jerk in the stupid made things worse for her she could have tripped running so fast instead he couldn’t even hold the stupid elevator for a girl. She finally found the conference room luckily one of the parties just arrived so she didn’t miss anything. Time to get to work she thought and apologized for her tardiness in both English and Russian before smiling at the men in front her. The pretty translator got off the hook once again. It wasn’t as if a fat hairy man came late to an important meeting with a stain on his shirt.

The negotiations progressed momentarily she initiated protocol construing for the Russian party fluently placing a lock of hair behind her ear. The Russian men kept eyeing her while speaking she could spot the hint of flirting as was with many of her male clients. She continued interpreting and transmitting back and forth being very professional doing so instead of getting distracted by her sneaky admirers. Beautiful women were always discriminated against in the business place. Men knew how to put business before pleasure, keeping their head focused while sending signals that they wanted take you home later. That was their smooth way snatching their prey but the Casanovas were only sparring with another predator. She blinked still smiling as she explained to them the benefits involved in the deal. By the time she finished outlining the contract it was signed and sealed. The gentlemen stood shaking hands then the female assistant entered with a bottle Burette crystal as expected. She was too use to this routine by now that she hoped her job wasn’t becoming too tedious as boredom wasn’t a trait that operated well with her.

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