U Turn Part 1 and 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Ex race car champion, Troy Lance, while in a fit of rage found himself a nearby pub situated in the middle of nowhere. After his wife humiliated and broke his heart he took long drive hoping for some clarity and solace. But, it was as he visited this small biker pub he was captivated by woman they all called, Cherry, though Troy has yet to discover why...

Part 1



Speeding pass the red light and into the free way the rain poured down even harder, it looked as if a storm was on its way. I hadn’t the slightest clue as to where the hell I was. After leaving my garage I only started driving and driving at top gear. It took me back to my car racing days feeling the wind on my face while everything passed by my eyes in a flash.

I always soaked in the adrenaline and let all my thoughts escape with acceleration. My foot on the petal, I kept steering I could barely make out shit through the smeared windows. I took a U-turn on the road couldn’t clearly see. Miles out of town I was beginning to lose gas then I spotted a huge glowing sign marked BAR on it. I decided to pull up in the driveway I needed way more supplements to calm the anger that was stirring inside me. I slammed my fist on the steering wheel before unlocking the door. I draped my coat over my head and ran inside the small building for shelter. Inside I saw a couple of bikers, how I knew they were bikers? Because it was evident from the eccentric tattoos on their skin, long beards and their black leather clothing laced with chains. If there weren’t three normal looking guys sitting at the counter I would’ve been the only apple amongst oranges.


 Quickly I took an empty stool alerting the bartender to approach.

“I’ll have a tall glass of beer.” I said and he came back with one. I gulped the beer down without stopping until it was all gone. “Keep ‘em coming.”

“Quite a drinker, buddy, where you from anyway?” asked the friendly Santa Claus looking bartender.

“Chicago. I needed to get some things off my head.”

I replied as he refilled the jug.

“No kidding, you a long way from home. Let me guess, girl trouble?” Hearing those two last words made me grunt.

 I killed the second round of beer before nodding to him.

 “Do you get a lot of us poor saps daily?”

I asked pushing the jug to him for another refill.

“Yeah, but never from as far as Chicago, who broke your heart, buddy?” I drank, slowly this time, remaining silent. It all went down just couple hours ago, my knuckles still stained with drips of the bastard’s blood. That wicked bitch actually had the nerve to call the police on me.

 “Wow that bad, huh?” I inhaled feeling the beer starting to take effect on my raging nerves and somehow I decided to give my new friend my humiliating story.

“Imagine coming home early one day to surprise your wife since you were on a business trip for five days. But instead, you heard sex noises from your own bedroom and go in there only to find your not so loving wife screwing her Yoga instructor, in your own fucking bed.” I had another big gulp.

“Damn dude that’s tough” his eyes were size of golf balls as he rubbed his head in pity for me, which I didn’t really care for. “Hey, haven’t I seen your face somewhere before?”

“Impossible, this is my first time in this joint.”

“No…not in person I mean.”

“Well you probably seen one of my racing posters, I’m Troy Lance”

“Holy shit, I knew it! You’re the Car Racer with the twenty point two seconds record,” He pointed at me with excitement.

“Yeah that was me back in the day, the three time NASCAR champion until I got married to a stupid lying bitch!” I yelled across the room attracting the attention of everyone without realizing. Well, at least the liquor was giving me a sense of humor.

Taking a good look at everybody in this bar I also realized I was definitely a long way from home.

“Hey, it’s all good guys, guess who this is? Troy Lance, that’s right Troy freaking Lance, our favorite Racer!”

My friend came to my rescue saving me from a drunken embarrassment not that it mattered much to me at the moment.

But out of nowhere a mass of bikers huddled around me, cheering and patting me on the back seemed to be their form of a hand shake. It was like I was a freaking celebrity, In Chicago one kid asked for my autograph once and he was only my nephew.

“You’re my idol man.” Mr. Biker mouthed with admiration. He and all rest wanted their pictures taken with me which I humbly obliged to do with my buddy bartender doing the honors as our photographer. Another round of loud cheering filled the room with each picture taken. I even ended up signing some biker arms.

 “Hey don’t worry anything you order is on the house, pal, I’m Dan by the way,” He extended his hand proving he wasn’t a part of the biker pack. I smiled shaking his hand. I was half way wasted, but that wasn’t the reason for smiling. I actually felt a stroke of joy at the spectacle taking place in my honor.



“Attention everyone,” A soft husky voice sounded through a mike though there was too much of a fuss going on over me for anyone to hear.

“I said, attention gentlemen!” The female voice barked loud only enhanced by the base of the big speakers. I almost jumped out the stool.

I turned and saw a woman most likely in her forties with way too much make-up on her face wearing a brown fur coat. Someone should report her to PETA. She was standing in the centre on what appeared to be a karaoke stage, or something like that at least.

“Presenting the one and only, Flavors…”

All the lights suddenly went out and the stage area then lit up bright.

“Hit it Dan.” The fur coat woman yelled. My new buddy switched on the stereo. The beat of the song playing was familiar to me it was featured in that action movie I liked, what was the name again? Triple X, yeah that’s it, in the hot scene with Vin Diesel and the exotic girl dancing on the bed.

Three gorgeous looking women all dressed in nothing but lingerie completed with corsets, G strings and high heels stomped their way on the stage. Their legs were moving in unison making a delightful entrance. They danced slow and seductive, same vibe as the music bumming. It was obviously rehearsed like a modern burlesque show. The crowd of bikers cheered out clapping each time the girls swayed their hips and threw a piece of their clothing at them.

 I made a whistle then slapped hands with my buddy Dan before returning my attention to the entertainment in front.

“Come on fellas, you call that an applause? Show them some real love!” She commanded the crowd.

Everyone happily obliged while watching the girls roll on the floor kittenishly, they brought out a small stool and knelt around it, then, just completely. Out of nowhere another one came prowling towards the stool her head was held down I couldn’t see her face only the flaming red locks the light shone upon. She sat on the stool with her legs apart as she started grinding sensually before whipping her hair from side to side, downwards to between her knees before flipping it behind, revealing her face. She had baby-like plumped cheeks and pink, thin lips. Her gaze was fierce with some striking emerald eyes.

She got up and hooked one heel on the stool grinding wickedly to the beat. She strutted forward for the grand finale dancing so seductively I couldn’t take my eyes off of her it was as if I was in a trance until I felt a bulge growing in pants. The other three now stood and fled to her, removing the scarf she had on and tossed it in the crowd. I had never been so glad I was a good baseball player. I caught it before anyone else could. The song ended with its signature title, ‘lick’ and instantly their tongues slithered up the sides of her neck. They all froze again and the stage lights went out followed by even louder chants and whistles. “Oh yeah, baby!” One drunken biker roared.


I barely managed to utter disappointed it had ended so soon.


“Well you look as handsome as you did on my ex boyfriend’s wall seven,” fur coat lady said.

Wait, when did she get over here?

“Howdy, I’m Eleanor Ray,” She greeted with a sassy southern accent, extending her hand with the longest polished nails I’ve ever seen.

“Did you enjoy the show?”

I shook her hand trying not to cut my fingers in the process.

“I can’t begin to tell you how much.” I said, giving her a very happy smile to prove I wasn’t lying.

“Hey girls, come on out here, I got someone I want ya’ll to meet.” She called, and the next thing I knew, the performers appeared still dressed in their sultry outfits, walking my way. Before I was overcome with excitement I notice there were three of them. They were the ones that first came on stage. Where was the green eyed, red head?

“Man, you sure hit the jackpot when you decided to stop by here. It’s time to forget about your cheating wife.” Dan whispered to me with a wink.

“Hell yeah,” I murmured to him.

 We both chuckled silently as the ladies stood at the fur coat Queen’s side.

“Troy Lance, this is Buttercup,” She gestured to the tall brunette. “Cinnamon,” Who was the other brunette with an olive toned skin waving to me. “And Honey.” The blonde waved even more flirtatious.

 I smiled and shook hands with each of them complimenting their previous dance routine and telling them how much I enjoyed it.

 “Oh, you just too kind, Mr. Lance,” the blonde said giggling with the other two. Their outfits were color coded to match their names peach, brown and yellow respectively, but it was their massive boobs that caught the attention of the whole bar. Dan was practically drooling.

“Oh, by the way, aren’t you ladies missing a group member?”

“Where is that girl this time?” The queen sighed.

“She’s right behind you Eleanor dear.”

She spun almost tripping on the fur.

My jaw dropped at the sight of the sexy siren once again setting off my loins. My bulge grew wild causing me to flinch a bit on my stool top.

“Why do you have to be so childish and sneak up on us like that?” Honey, the blonde snickered.

“Well, here’s our little princess. Troy, this is Cherry.” Eleanor introduced.

“Cherry, I see, suits you nicely.”

I commented eyeing her from top to bottom. The bright pink corset hugged her curves beautifully. The woman looked like something out of every red blooded man’s fantasy.

“So you’re the has-been, Champion Racer that stole our spotlight tonight,” She mouthed cheekily, placing a hand on her round hip.

“Please excuse her attitude, Troy. She behaves that way with everyone.”

Eleanor informed.

“It’s quite okay, trust me Cherry. Compared to you, nobody remembered I existed.” You’re a feisty one, but I like it.

“Would you like to have a drink with me?” I offered, staring at her intensely.

“You would want to think twice about that, Mr. Lance. Spare yourself the agony of her rudeness.” Honey warned, giving her a clear jealous look.

“I don’t mind, it’s definitely worth it.” I assured without removing my stare from my feisty red head.

“Why not, after all, our manager seems to be a huge fan of yours,” She hopped on the bar stool next to me.

“Glass of wine, please,” She ordered, tapping on the counter top.

“Sure thing, Cherry,” Dan scrambled for a bottle.

“Red or white?”

She smiled, and I sighed to myself. “Surprise me.”


She kinda appeared younger than the others, once you can see through all the mascara and lipstick on her face. Must be around twenty-three or four, there was a difference with her body too. She obviously hadn’t followed the trend of getting a boob job. All the others were the same D size and everything else in the room bounced more than their tits. Hers were natural, smaller yet still plump and was barely held together by the tight corset, exposing such a nice, kissable cleavage.

My zipper was now about to burst at any minute. The sexy creature beside me was triggering an out of control erection that I had never experienced before I felt like a hormonal teenager again. Snap out of it man. You got to work your way into getting some first. I muttered in my head.

“On my free tap,” I told Dan.

She smiled to my buddy while he brought her a glass of white Merlot.

“My girls are exhausted, serve them some drinks and let us discuss business in your office.” Dan nodded to fur coat Queen.

They went to the opposite end of the counter, Honey sat, a frown on her face.

“You two behave while I’m gone now.”

Eleanor said grinning suspiciously to Cherry then to me. She and Dan later disappeared into the small office beside the liquor shelf.

“How old are you?”

“Twenty five in the next two months,” She said sipping the wine.

“Do you do this part time? Are you attending college, or something?” I inquired further.

“Are you a journalist pretending to be a retired Racer, or something?” She spat with the attitude.

Touchy! Touchy! This one will probably be a tough nut to crack. I continued still confident in my charming methods.

“Was just curious,” I shrugged casually.

“That’s what killed the cat,” She stared me down boldly.

“Not all cats are so easy to kill,” I smiled edging closer to the scent of her sweet perfume. I could tell she had sprayed her neck with it then I remembered the fellow dancers licking it up to her chin.

 “Silly me, I forgot about this.” I handed the light pink scarf to her. “If you catch it, it’s yours forever, honey.”

 She smiled a genuine smile for the first time.

“You’re very beautiful,” I complimented in a gentlemanly fashion.

“Wow, beautiful? I usually get sexy or nice ass,” She chuckled while imitating a rough manly voice.

“I usually get a simple, thank you.’” I retorted slightly bitter finishing what was left in my beer.

“So you don’t think I have I nice ass?” What did she just say?

“Baby, it’s so fine I just want to spank it,” my father always told me there was different ways of charming different types of women. A very shocked expression came on her face.

“Sorry I used a lady’s compliment with you earlier.” I threw the ball back in her court.

Her expression screwed into anger she faced me and folded her arms. “You think you’re above me because from some big city, huh?”

She smirked bitterly.

“Unless my eyes are deceiving I’m nowhere above you even though that’s a place I’d sure love to be,” I grinned cunningly to her.

“Don’t get your hopes up, champ.”

She chuckled spitefully.

“Why not, it would give you the opportunity to try something different.”

 “What kind of men do you think I’ve been with?”

“I rather not get into the details, as should you.”

“You don’t know nothing about me, asshole.”

She sneered at me pissed.

“I was under the impression asshole was your type,” She jumped off stool in anger ready to give me a piece her mind.

Maybe I took it too far but I did find her fury very appealing.


“So how are we getting along?” Fur coat Queen startled me for the second time. What the hell did she do teleport here?

“Thanks for the drink, Troy.”

Cherry said in very unpleasant tone then stormed passed Eleanor and went over to where the other girls were.

“That one’s a hand full.”

“Well, Honey did warn you, maybe you should have listened.”

She reminded.

“Never was a guy that responded well to warning signs.”

I confessed to her.

“So much desire in a man could drive him crazy you know,” she remarked boldly.

“Excuse me.”

“Come on, Troy, it’s obvious and I can help with your little predicament, if you like.”

She now occupied the empty stool beside me.

“Ms. Eleanor, I don’t know what impression I gave you,” she started laughing a little too loud for comfort.

“You flatter me, but I meant the hand full,” She clarified. If I wasn’t halfway tipsy I would have been very embarrassed.

“Oh, well of course, I would really appreciate it if you put in a good word for me.”

I returned the friendly smile.

“And for my trouble what will I receive?” She kept smiling until it became creepy.

“Ah, an autograph, perhaps,”

I felt silly after she laughed at me again. “I’m afraid I’m confused.”

“That’s quite okay my dear you see I prefer monetary compensation as most people do.” She winked.

Money, why would she ask for money? Wait a minute was she implying what I think she was? I took a moment to reexamine everything, they were exotic dancers aka strippers. Eleanor with fur coat loads of make-up and fancy jewelry she wore could be the female version of a pimp.

“Are you telling me, you’re a Madam?”

“An Opportunist, Mr. Lance, you see along with managing these girls I also expand the level of entertainment services they offer. Do you understand?” She quickly intervened staring me down keenly with each word.



Part 2

I understood alright she sure knew how to encrypt her intentions I could tell she had much experience on auctioning off these girls. We could sure use her communicative skills at the Car Mart she would make more sales than Conrad. It all made sense first the show they put on to catch the eye of potential buyers. The setting was perfect although in the city escort services prefer to use nightclubs or a massage parlor. I glanced across to the models that were up for bids, the brown girl or Cinnamon was whispering something into Cherry’s ear. It seemed to have been about the two biker dudes winking at them because afterwards they turned in their direction and made schoolgirl-like giggles.

I wondered back to our previous conversation and if that was her game. To have a sassy attitude, walk away from the man, then her madam sweeps in to let him know the fee. Eleanor did insist right after the show that I meet them I guess I shouldn’t be surprised in the past I saw many similar things, in comparison, this was nothing. Looking at my feisty red head one final time I knew I had to have her, I don’t usual get involved in such things but I weighed out the situation: 1. I was in the middle of nowhere with not even a deputy police officer on sight. 2. I could more than afford the price whatever it maybe. 3. I absolutely had to satisfy the uncontrollable need for that woman. 4. This was an easiest way to do so.

 Damn straight it is! What are you waiting for? My sub conscience was even hornier than me, if it was possible.

“Alright, Ms. Eleanor what’s your charge for the princess with attitude?”

“Please if I may, I know she looks appealing, but more of an acquired taste. I recommend, Honey, trust me, she’s more your seasoned type.”

She keenly informed me.

“I appreciate your advice however my mind is solely set on Cherry.” I told her.

“I cannot guarantee she will go for it she doesn’t usually provide extra services.”

I was now confused, wasn’t she just putting her on the market a minute ago. Well, she did actually use the general term ‘girls’ to think of it, wasn’t much of a difference. I figured her game was trying a strategy to make an even greater profit than she normally did off her best escort. Couldn’t say I didn’t admire her for it, something told me she makes way more in a day doing this than I do a week selling Cars. I reached into my pocket and counted ten hundred dollar bills placing them on the counter one by one like a gambler in for a huge win.

“One grand total, if you can persuade her otherwise.” I stared at her seriously. Her jaw almost fell she was taken aback by my eagerness.

“As you wish, I’ll ask one more time though, are you certain she’s the only one you’ll go for?”

“It’s Cherry, or nothing.” I made clear to her.

“I see excuse me a moment.”

“Gladly,” I said watching her stroll over to the girls she took the red head princess aside for a chat. In between the mumbling, her princess shot me a few blank gazes before concentrating solely on their conversation.

I smirked watching them discuss my generous offer it was times like these I wished I had the amazing ability to read lips. Gulping down what was left in Cherry´s wine glass. I felt the potent effect of it along the many liters of beer I consumed minutes later. Careful, Troy or you won’t be conscious enough to quench the real thirst. I stood instantly when I saw Eleanor returning.

“Congratulations, Mr. Lance, she has agreed so we have a deal,” She told me as if I’ve won the lottery. She folded the money into her hands rather skillfully, “This will be for one night, pleasure doing business with you.” She shook my hand.

“I hope it will be even more for me, Ms. Eleanor.”

“I’m sure you understand this is a non- refundable deal, she will be with you soon. We have one final thing to do first.”

“I want to get out of here once you’re both finish just tell her to meet me outside.”

“Very well,” She said with a nod and disappeared with Cherry.

I asked Dan for the address of the nearest motel I was happy when he mentioned there was actually close by and gas station too. The Chevrolet couldn’t go much further.

 “You made this one heck of a night for everyone, pal,” He said as we slapped hands in farewell, “likewise man.”




I lean on my Chevy rolling the keys around my fingers to past the time. I stopped at the sight of what was to be mine tonight, my feisty red head exiting the building with a dark coat draped over her. My imagination was at bay because I already knew what lied underneath it. She walked to me with her hands in the coat pockets she looked different somehow, didn’t quite know what it was. When I saw her face I realize she seemed to have a nervous, uneasy expression.

“Are you ready to get this show on the road?” I got off the car and approached her.

“Yeah, sure, where are we going?”

“Benny’s Motel, Dan said its only ten minutes away,” She looked at my black Chevy and made a whistle.

“Impressive wheels,” She commented stroking the bumper.

“Thanks, it’s almost as stunning as you.” I wrapped my arms around her waist and planted a hard kiss on her lips they were soft and tasted so sweet. I was about to give her a taste of my tongue, but she pulled away so suddenly.

“We should get going,” She breathed.

“Sure, baby.”

 I unlocked the car and opened the door for her while crawling onto the passenger seat, she gasped when I gave her a smack on her voluptuous ass.

I jumped inside started the engine the tires made noisy departure ascending onto to the road.

“Benny doesn’t close until midnight there’s no need to drive so fast.” She said hanging on to the leather seat.

“This is what you call fast?”

 I laughed amused when she buckled her seatbelt.

“Don’t worry you’re safe with me,” I assured her rubbing my hand on her leg.

“Something’s sticking me…” She sat up to search under the seat afterwards revealed the wedding band I thought I got rid of. “Is it yours?”

“Yeah, but it’s not important.” I muttered.

“It looks important.”

“Well it isn’t.” I retorted focusing on the road.

“Prove it,” She was getting a kick out of testing me. I snatched the ring from her and threw it out the window.

“There,” Her eyebrows rose at my action. I didn’t want to even think about that bitch much less have anything right now reminding me, especially not at a time such as this.

We arrived at the motel in less than eight minutes I was more than glad. I booked a room and when we went in I couldn’t wait so I pulled her into a kiss this one harder without any warning my tongue intruded in her mouth. I stopped to quickly untie he straps on her coat and strip it off her.

The room was dark, I carefully brought her against the wall attacking her neck hungrily she lifted her head in response. Feeling my cock aching, badly, I unzipped my pants then hooked her leg on my waist as I stroked my erection on her pelvis. She closed her eyes taking heavy breathes it sounded so sexy I couldn’t bear the pressure any longer. I stooped down removing the G string then her panties. She stopped my hands as they were already clung to the waistband.

“Aren’t you gonna let me do anything?”

She muttered hoarsely raising an eyebrow to me.

“Nah, babe, don’t worry. Don’t even lift a finger I’ll take care of everything.” I was a man that liked being in charge, especially in bed.

“I’m not a race car, Troy, so take it easy.”

My jaw dropped looking up at her lovely glowing eyes. It’s like she was somehow reading my mind. Sex and racing were two things I equally loved to indulge in. Many times they’re both basically sport, a sport that gives me pleasure and a rush. So, I always treated the two with the same energy when it was time to get busy.

I grinned oblivious as why she seemed a bit nervous to jump my bones. I know she was as turned on as I was judging from the moistness and heat dripping off her sex. Her whole bitchy attitude had completely disappeared. Could it be she finds me intimidating?

 “Alright, baby, let me easily tune you up.” I joked continuing to tug down her panties, then, used my mouth to caress the lips of her clit. The sudden jerk along with her gasp of satisfaction encouraged me to carry on the stimulation. Soft moans quickly escaped her, while my tongue applied more pressure to her opening.

 “Ah, Troy...do you know why my nickname is Cherry?” She uttered out of breath.

“It goes with the color of your hair,” I entertained the pointless conversation while kissing her inner thighs and moist sex.

“Nope,” she yelped.

“Because you taste so damn sweet?”

“N-n-o...” She moaned louder when my tongue went a little deeper. “Why then?”

“Cuz-z I’m a virgin,” she said.

I must have imagined those words. I had to have been imagining what she just said.


 I withdrew and came to my feet manage to locate the light switch. Her face was completely flustered up against the wall half naked. I loved it. She opened her eyes and nodded as she uttered again, “I’m a virgin.”

What the fuck? What kind of fool does she fucking take me for? How on earth could someone like HER possible be a virgin? As in never been intimate with a man never been shacked anyone before.

I remembered Eleanor mentioning she didn’t usually give these so called ‘extra services.’ No way! The woman was playing with me the same way she’s doing now and for what reason? Fuck it! I was tired of this shit, tired of their manipulative game. Besides she knew exactly the time the motel closes how could she if she didn’t visit here often?

“Are you doing some of that role playing shit with me?” She replied no.

“Then this is a freaking joke, right?”

I raised my voice trying to contain my anger.

“Do you have a problem with this?”

She asked like she was actually serious.

“Do I have a problem? Of course I have problem.”

She clearly didn’t like that answer. She folded her arms and sneered at me with an angry, ‘Why?’ The bitch in her was back. How can she be the one angry right now?

“What do you mean, why, you’re really telling this is your first time.”

“Yeah, that’s right I chose you to be the first I,”

“Stop,” I cut her off.

“Please, I don’t want to anymore. Damn, what was I thinking?” I slapped myself on the face before fixing my clothes. “Come on what’s the big deal?”

She can’t be serious.

“What’s the big deal? Why would you think a virgin call girl would be okay? You must be a real fool to ask something that stupid.”

“I don’t know what kinda game Elenor’s playing but going back to the pub now, and getting my fucking money back.”

A look of hurt surfaced over her face. Those pretty eyes began to well up with tears. Oh shit!

I lost my temper, it’s not like I didn’t have good reason to. Still, didn’t make me feel any better about making a woman cry, an insanely gorgeous woman who was half-naked in front me.

She sobbed uncontrollably covering her face in shame with her hands.

“Cherry, I’m sorry, please don’t cry.”

My apology wasn’t helping.

“This was a big mistake,” She said over a sob.

I grabbed her hand as she was stooping to retrieve her coat from the floor. I didn’t even know how to respond to that. I brought her in my arms holding her head in place by the sides.

“Baby, how can you say that? Look at you.”

I ran my hand across her soft skin wiping her tears with my thumbs.

“But you don’t want me.”

“I never said that,” I clarified keeping my tone low and consoling.

“You just caught me off track. I’m not use to being off track, darling, I’m sorry for getting so mad and shouting at you.” She gave a faint smile finally lightening the tense mood.

“Does that mean you don’t like inexperience?”

Her fragile glance made me want to melt.

“Until today,” the words went out my mouth before I knew it. She was taken aback by my reply.

“I’m not going anywhere let’s finish where we left off.”

I abruptly lifted her over my shoulder went to the bed and lowered her onto the mattress.

 “You’re mine tonight any objections to that?” I smashed my mouth on her lips before she could answer. I held her neck steady while exploring every bit with my tongue. I felt her hands grip my shoulders her nails were sharp but it didn’t affect me. I kept on kissing her, wildly, like a hungry animal. She began to moan into my mouth as I ran my tongue over hers. Pulling her body closer to me I broke the kiss to spill some on her throat. I tried cupping her breasts the corset made it really difficult.  Reaching behind to undo the strings was far more difficult.

I held her gently and kissed up her silky neck.

“Oh, that feels nice.” She peeled.

“I can make you feel even better.” I ran my lips over the reddish marks the corset left on her skin while cupping her softness a perfect fit in my palms. The pulsating bulge in my pants was driving me insane.

I had to be inside her.

“I’m going to go slow you tell when you want me to pick up the pace, okay.”

“Okay.” She happily agreed.

I quickly stripped off my clothes as I started to seductively unlace her tight pink corset.

She was all wet and ready for me I climbed on top wrapping her legs around me I entered her carefully. “Oh my god, you’re really are a virgin.” I said feeling her tight walls clamped around my throbbing cock.

She yelped in discomfort clutching the bed sheets.

 “Shush, it’ll be alright just breath for me, sweetie.” I told her softly rubbing her thighs. She did as I said I felt her becoming less tense under me. She squirmed while I sucked on her nipples.

 “It hurts at first but I promise I’ll be very gentle.”

 I whispered to her slowly moving inside.

I smoothed my hand on her stomach to comfort her. I pulled out then went inside her at the same slow pace.

 “Let’s take a minute here,” I murmured. After moving in all the way I buried my face in her breasts giving her time to adjust. I felt her warm breathe on my ear and her teeth tugging on strains of my hair. I smiled when she eventually relaxed and urged me to move.

I gladly obliged started to thrust gingerly she was so tight her walls were squeezing around my cock. I came up on my elbows to look at her. She breathtaking her was nestled all over her cheeks her mouth opened to moan each time I thrust. I resist my impulse to bow and kiss her.

“Faster Troy...” She pleaded.

I smiled brighter.

“Keep relaxing, baby,” I told her kissing around her luscious lips.

She nodded and lied backwards as I went at a faster pace rocking her body, the mattress made squeaky noises. I fisted into the sheets between her abdomens her moans became louder as she clawed on the sides of my arms. “Oh Troy, that feels so good.”

“You feel unbelievable,” I replied gritting my teeth in sheer pleasure. My climax was near her walls suddenly tightened more around me. I put my head down in a grunt, seeing her boobs pumping when I thrust drove insane with desire that I returned to sucking on them.

Her orgasm came along with my own. It was incredible I never had such an intense release. I slowly withdrew her blood stained on both of us. She saw it and cringed, it looked as if she was embarrassed by it. She quickly brought her knees together.

“Don’t be ashamed your beautiful every part of you.” She smiled blushingly at me. “Are you okay? Talk to me Cherry.”

I said gently, bringing her to my chest.

“I’m fine, Troy, just very tired.” She exhaled.

I smiled and went ahead to rest her body on top of mine. “So this is what sex is like,” she whispered out steadily dosing off.

“It was fun.’

I chuckled watching her pretty eyes shut down.

I fetched a cigarette from my pants pocket and lit it. It’s been two years since I smoked I always liked to have one after satisfying sex. I blew a cloud of smoke in the air kissing her little cheeks and running my fingers through her smooth red hair as she fell asleep.


The End


If any kindle users are able can you please leave a little review exactly at the link below. Reviews are important to me as an author and more so I personally love to hear thoughts of readers who enjoy what I cook up just for them. By that I mean I'd love to how you feel about my characters, if want to see a U Turn sequel and of course the ideas you may have for the sequel. I am an author you don't have to feel shy with. Please lay on me because will read your review and listen I'm actually anxious to know to tell you the truth. Thank you, god bless!







Submitted: June 06, 2020

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Amy F. Turner

Now, J, that was quite mean to take us on just a wonderful journey to getting over someone under someone else and give no payoff. After what our dear T endures there must be! This part of the story was well written and quite engaging. Would like to see what other skills might be had with his girl of choice for she is a hot one. So now get those happy fingers to typing. Chop! Chop! :D

Sat, June 6th, 2020 10:42pm


Lol, thanks for the review Amy, if you like you can read the whole story on amazon please leave a review if you enjoyed it and want to a sequel.

Sun, June 7th, 2020 10:51pm


that was cool but i don't get amazon

Wed, June 17th, 2020 12:33am


That's okay honey reviews you leave on here mean just as much. Welcome as my new btw too:)

Wed, June 17th, 2020 12:09am


i do want to see more of the story and the others too

Wed, June 17th, 2020 7:33pm


Oh don't worry cowgirl they're coming along with new ones.

Wed, June 17th, 2020 2:00pm



Wed, June 17th, 2020 11:03pm

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