Teacher´s Pet Part 1, 2 and 3

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Caroline Johnson is a sexy and popular twenty-something college student full of facetious attitude. She doesn't give a shit about anything in school, especially her science professor, Michael Dawson. She thinks he's just another a bland, boring professor. But after one shocking encounter Caroline is left speechless, breathless and soaked. Everything changes when Michael continues to show her the different and far more domineering, aggressive side to the man she only use to see as a nerdy loser. Turns out she can barely handle it, but badly wants it.


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I chewed at a fast pace slightly nervous anticipating his each move as he skipped through the files containing who knows what some science crap I don’t give shit. He adjusted those nerdy glasses while opening another file. I looked at the clock above on the wall centre of the classroom. I’m supposed to be jugging few beers this instance instead of sitting here waiting for this damn fucking asshole to give me a lecture in bad behavior.  I twisted my blond locks and let out a breath in annoyance seeing start with yet another stupid file. I popped a bubble which made him glimpse in my direction for second indicating the ´take out the gum´ routine face to me. I smirked in return and blew up another bubble that made an even louder popping sound. He was now officially annoyed well now you how I feel.

“Miss Johnson would you please take out that gum,” he commanded as if he could. Professor Michael Dawson or as I liked to call him Dorky Mikey, was my Scientist Professor. Of course I never learned a thing in his class as did most others. He six feet tall always wore turtle neck sweaters along with those extremely huge grandpa glasses.

To top it off his voice was soft and could put you to sleep in five minutes. I always knew him to be a total bore but never guessed he could have been as irritating as I had found out today. In the evening in the middle of a disinteresting lesson about atoms me, Missy and Jill were throwing paper air planes across the room. If you want know to why, well, it’s done every freaking day in his class nobody gives a fuck if he’s in front of us trying teach or wearing a pink to too. We only pay attention to texting guys, combing our hair or fixing our makeup. But something must have crawled up his ass when he told me I will be staying behind after class was over for interrupting his speech. Big deal Greg, who was one the hottest jocks in college by the way, tossed a secret dirty note to me in a paper plane. Apparently I was disrespectful for leading a choir of giddy whispering and chuckling among three of us. Like anyone was even listening to the rubbish about different atoms, Missy once threw a fit in the middle in of his pop quiz when someone sent her a picture of her on and off boyfriend making out with another girl.

That was one piece of drama I that made everyone burst into laughter when Missy started shouting and launching her books, things I had no idea occupied her authentic Gucci handbag, at Dean. Dorky Mikey had to douche one book. That’s what you get for trying calm down a raging woman scorned. At least the short teen soap opera saved us twenty minutes before the bell rang.

“Well, Miss Johnson,” he ordered this time much firmer never in that tone before.

“And put it where Mikey?” I asked coyly. Up your damn ass is where I would like to shove it.

“That’s Mr. Dawson to you young lady. How about on your forehead since I had to tell you twice,” he retorted angrily. Jeez he actually looks serious enough not to mess with.

“Or maybe I could just keep it here,” I opened my mouth showing the bubble gum on my tongue before going back to the churlish chewing. “You simply let me leave now and then I’ll just drop in a bin on my way out. Okay.” I smiled defiantly.

He bent his head for a minute shaking it what appeared to be frustration due my disobedience. Man, could only imagine the fun I was missing. Greg parents were away and he was throwing a party at his house anybody who was anybody was invited. So only logically I was expected to be there after all Greg broke up with his plastic faced girlfriend last week. Fresh meat was on the Caroline Johnson market I had to have it. We have been exchanging signals all day and that note he wrote explicitly expressing his admiration for the mini jeans skirt I wore today was the tie breaker.

“You know I didn’t tell to take this job Mikey” I looked to the ceiling blowing up another bobble. In a flash he rose and I didn’t notice a pen he used to burst it almost stabbing my lip.

“Remove it…” His voice was low yet sounded like a lion getting ready to tear his prey apart. I was stunned and intimidated by the fury that engulfed his almond eyes. I quickly tore a page out a notebook to put the gum no way it was going on my forehead though.

“There’s no reason to get so uptight it’s just a stupid gum you know.” I stated rebellious once again. But he kept staring me down in anger which made me flinch in my seat.

“Just a stupid gum you say. I guess everything is just stupid you Caroline. You’re a twenty year old ill mannered college student with constant tardiness on record and grades I can’t say are ‘bad’ because not even that describes them!” He barked I guess letting out some hidden stress.

“And I thought you couldn’t be informal, so you do know someone’s first name I feel honored.” I lightly chuckled at his outburst then continued.

“Before your veins in your head explode lets clarify things Mr. Dawson, first of all, apart from the pack of nerds sitting in the front row, everybody in your class should have those complaints on their files.” I retorted blatantly.

“Well then I don’t suppose you would be as kind as to tell me why every one of you imbeciles even bother to show up to my class since your brains wished to remain empty´´ he spat making my eyes widened. Imbeciles! Did he wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? I thought becoming really pissed.

“It’s simple sir, if some of your students aren’t rich kids that don’t require any college education whatsoever because they have handsome trust funds, they’re parents forced them into Science despite their disinterest in it.” I snorted indicating I was one of those persons.

“From what potential I see in you I can hardly imagine what possible career someone like you who doesn’t apply herself in anyway thinks she can achieve,” he raised an eyebrow.

“I intend on becoming an actress,” he smirked insultingly at me.

“I should have known another dumb blond chasing the Hollywood fantasy.”

I jumped up almost knocking my chair over this jackass was getting on my last nerves. How dare he I’ve been called many names before but not by a professor and wasn’t about to take it from this one. I don’t care if he would report me to the school board or try to me expelled he definitely didn’t have his professional hat on at the moment did he? I grabbed my bag then stamped my way to the door barely containing my anger.

“I didn’t recall dismissing you young lady.” I stopped at the door and shifted my face to him.

“Fuck you! I don’t have stay here and take your useless scolding. I bet that you’re hating on me because I was one the hot chicks you didn’t stand a chance with, you were just another front row loser huh, Dorky Mikey.” I sneered turning to twist the doorknob screw this, a nice party and hook up with Greg was waiting for me. A strong hand suddenly slammed it shut as I felt heavy breathing against the side of my neck.

“Look at me.” He said with each furious breathe.

“I said look at me you little bitch.” He barked causing my heart to jump I quickly turned around and to my utter shock I found a completely different man. I don’t where his glasses had gone but his face was clear with pure fury. His cheekbones were squeezed tightly his eyes were dark instead of the usual almond brown. He looked like a serial killer who would reach for his weapon any second. Call me crazy but he actually seemed hot I felt a chill deep inside, my knees began to tremble at his cold gaze.

“Sit down!” He pointed to a desk I rushed frightened and hopped on top of the desk.

“You’re right you are the same as those girls from my college days. Always dumped their homework on my lap while you all went out with the quarterbacks never knew I existed.” He spoke sternly obviously revisiting his past. I sat there silent as a mouse I flinched when he snatched my chin.

“What’s this, for once your quirky mouth is mute. You know one day you won’t have this cute little figure.” His fingers brushed on my curves through my blouse. “Or these long smooth legs.” He lifted my right ankle and ran his hand up to my knee then further till he reached edge of my skirt.

“Pull it up.” I don’t why but I obeyed his outrageous command.

He then placed his hand inside my panty and violently dug his fingers into my clit. I cried out at the shot of pain that abruptly consumed me.

“Shhh, here,” he hushed rubbing the walls of my clit firmly but carefully. I exhaled slowly while he combed through my blond hair with the other hand. He went on massaging my cunt until I felt the moisture growing as I couldn’t suppress the urge to moan. He took hold of my chin again.

“You’re not a virgin, are you?” I gave him sly smile and shook my head. He then held my neck in steadily forcing me to look at him. “Good to know even though you are very tight, when was the last time?”

“A month ago,” I moaned feeling his torturous fingers circling hitting the nerves I wasn’t aware existed. None the guys I’ve slept with ever did foreplay didn’t sure they even knew how to we would always get drunk first then do it.

“Is that so? Don’t lie to me.” He tightened his grip on my neck I wasn’t suffocating but it was too firm for comfort. His eyes pierce through me his whole demeanor seemed to have a strange control over my body.

“I swear it’s the truth,” he heard how sincere my answer sounded and released my neck but then started to pound his fingers in and out of my cunt rapidly. I was about scream out until his hand blocked my mouth.

“I wonder how you taste, cum for me. Now,” a few seconds of liquid building and I finally had my orgasm as my juices flowed. He pulled out instantly licking his fingers clean. I watched him amazed at what he just made do and the fact that he simulated everything. He fixed his gaze upon me and came closer filling the space between us he looked so seductive so godlike who the hell was he? Definitely not the same geeky teacher I had ignored for two years. Perhaps this was all a dream and any moment I would wake up. His soft lips connected with mine possessing with a strong kiss I felt my blouse being unbuttoned. Holy hell is he really going take here in the classroom? That’s so fucking sexy! I chanted in my head he slipped into my bra and caressed my hardened nipples. He moaned in triumphant satisfactory at the condition he found them in showing how aroused I was.

“Do you want me in here?” He whispered sucking on my bottom lip.

My mind was sent flying through the window at the intensity of his erected pressed against my bare clit. My body was aching for the return of his touch desperately I couldn’t deny it.

“Yes, please take me now.” I said the yearning in my voice evident.

“Not yet baby, if you want me to you’re going to have to be completely mine. I will have you no other way.” 

“Huh.” I murmured confused by his words. He bent to suckle on my full breasts while pitching my nipples making me yelp closing my eyes at the sting of sensational pleasure he was giving me. He moved downwards to my stomach circling his tongue over my belly ring.

“I don’t want anybody else touching you ever I alone shall do so. Understand?” I opened my eyes and looked down to where he was savoring each ounce of flesh.  He suddenly gazed at me seeing the blank expression on my face.

“What why?” I asked breathless he stood straight running his through my hair he scrutinized me seriously. I remained there sitting with my top unbuttoned and my skirt rolled up exposing my wet clitoris and teased boobs.

“You heard me I must be only one fucking you,” he told me sternly with his hands in his pockets.

His dark, predatorily look was resurfaced but damn he was still so sexily alluring I wanted jump on the man’s bones right here and now. How could he be making me react his way? It’s as if he was a sorcerer casting a black magic spell upon me.

“You don’t own me Mr. Dawson no one does.” I declared shooting him an equally stern look I hope it was as effective.

He yanked my hair backwards without any warning and brought his face to mine.

“Not anymore you´ve run loose like a little slut for too long Caroline.” I swallowed hard his intense stare that could make a wolf runaway in terror.

“This glorious body is no longer a play field for those punks you always let score. It belongs to me now,” he traced his index finger over my decorated navel.” Every delicious part of you Caroline I will make mine and when I fuck you, you will forget about every other guy who was there before me.´´ He took my mouth so hungrily I thought he was going to bite off my lips. He shoved his tongue deep in my throat keeping my face in place firmly in the palm of his hands. He broke the kiss leaving me dizzy with a burning need I didn’t want to let go I wanted him to take me in his strong arms. I gasped as he backed away slowly looking as though he was trying to resist the temptation that was delectably displayed before him.  Yes I am quite arrogant every young attractive girl should be.

“Get yourself together and leave I have papers to grade tonight.” He said plainly. The surprise and hurt those words cause made me almost want to bury my face in shame. I watched as he sat down around his desk and retrieve his glasses from somewhere in the bunch of papers spread out. My blood was pumping frantically the raging hormones and lust consumed me but I found the strength fix my clothes. I quickly took my bag, got on my feet and not waiting for me to look my way I scurried out the classroom.



I rinsed my flushed face with the cold harsh then snatched a paper towel to damp it with. Standing there supporting myself against the sink I gazed in the mirror and I didn’t recognize the girl saw. My blond locks ruffled into a mess my cheeks were blushing out of control like a child that just had her first crush. I was it real? Or am really dreaming?

The orgasm stains between my legs answered my questions for me. My panty was so soaked I free myself from it and tucked into a plastic bag I found in my handbag. I drew some more paper towels and wiped the wet stains clean then adjusted my clothes more neatly than they were. After a brief inspection in the mirror I added the finishing touches with a little light makeup, and trying out the peach scented body spray Missy gave me a week ago. I tied my hair into a ponytail with an elastic band and left the bathroom. Not long after I got a bus arrived home early for the first time in years. When I unlock the door and went inside my mom was passed on the sofa in front of the TV with the beer cans scattered all over floor as usual. At least this time she decided to make use of the ash tray I laid out for her intoxicating cigarettes.

I rested my bag on the ground and proceeded to empty the tray and pick up the cans. The carpet reeked of beer and vomit it was about time I threw that out too yet it held so many memories if carpets could talk social services would have evaded this house already. Before going to my room a spread a blanket over my knocked out mother then sprawled out on the sweet haven of my bed. The room was dark but I didn’t bother to switch on the light I kicked off my shoes turned on my side. The images would not escape my mind Mr. Dawson fingering me relentlessly, ordering me about in such a demeaning manner. It should have been horrible yet why on earth did love it so freaking much. It’s as if I want him here and now to conquer me, to dominate me! I bit my lip to prevent my eccentric musings from carrying on he was on me, his scent, his saliva. I remembered the skillful way he manipulated his warm tongue over my skin similar to how some girls would do with an ice cream cone or lollipop in the effort to catch a guy´s attention. I smirked to myself finding the strength to drag my tired ass to take a well needed shower. It relaxed me a bit I decided to steal one of my mom’s beers out the fridge to drink away my dirty thoughts. One less she could get wasted on I supposed. An hour later I returned to the bedroom and drifted into a nice slumber on the bed.


end of part 1


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Part 2



“Shit,” I struggled to get the combination to my locker for more than ten minutes while dangling four textbooks. Thank god I was finally able to unlock it and stuff them in I had no idea the literary arts involved so much reading. Where the hell was I going to find the time to read even one book? I glanced in the small mirror hooked on the side of my locker I applied some raspberry lipstick matching with my sweater. I pulled it neatly over my tight jeans and closed the locker. Out of nowhere someone crept behind me, for a moment my heart skipped a beat at a wild guess of who it was, until I heard an annoying sniffing sound.  I used my heel of the jimmy shoe to jam into the idiot´s right foot.

“Ahhh, Damn Caroline, could have given me a warning you know.” Ted crouched in pain limping on his left foot.

“That’s what you get for invading my personal space you dick.” I retorted draping my handbag over my shoulder.

“You like calling me dick so much is that because you want it?” He asked repulsively scanning my boobs thoroughly. ´´In your dreams, jerk.”

“Boy, do you ever appear in them babe.” He winked at me as I flashed him a middle finger.

“Caroline, there you are where the devil were you yesterday, girl? The party was booming last night Greg was searching for you the whole time of course that whore Mindy was all over him. But he didn’t even notice her, it so funny I tell you, she made a move on Dean after she struck out with Greg. Missy went crazy almost punched Mindy if she didn’t run.” Jill came anxiously giving me the latest gossip. Oh crap I forgot all about the party hell I forgot about Greg. Well you could always count on our news caster for the latest scoop. Jill knew everything when it happened and even before it happened. How? Nobody knows.

“Oh, I didn’t feel so good so I went home.” I omitted the part after being ruthlessly fingered in our classroom.

“What did that Dork Dawson had to say by the way?” Oh he just scolded me then a not so Dorky Mikey gave me the biggest orgasm I ever had in my life. I should probably stop since I’ve been ridiculously considering for awhile that Jill was a telepath how else she could possibly know everything.

“You should have seen me do the electric slide Caroline.” Ted said demonstrating for me being his normal goofy self.  ´´How many booes did that entertainment get?”

“One from each person sober enough to make a noise.” Jill answered making us both laugh while walking down the hall. Crap! We have Michael´s class first for the day.

“You know I kinda feel like ditching Science today.” I glimpsed towards Jill to see if she was game but apparently everyone planned on going over the fun events last night which I missed. I know I had no choice Jill would never be MIA from a gossiping scene. There’s was no way I could ditch a class alone it was just forbidden according to the social laws of school (which we created ourselves).


I childishly made a sigh entering Science class fortunately Michael hadn’t arrived as yet. Him not early really has the world officially gone mad except for the continuous chatting going on around me which was a breath of fresh air. Jill was giving us the 411 on who was found in the closet making out but Missy soon came trooping in working her iPhone outrageously with her manicured fingernails.

“If Dean thinks he can ignore my text all day he’s got another thing coming´´ she said sitting down with her eyes glued to the iPhone.

“Hey there badass,” I yelled to her as me and Jill began raving about the Mindy situation of course she complained about Dean and how he wasn’t answering her SMSs. Meanwhile I had to give Ted a well deserved nuggie for pinching my earlobes.  I spotted Greg coming in my direction with an obvious disappointed look on his face. But he reverted to his seat when Michael entered telling all to their respective seats strangely without bothering to apologize for being late as he normally did. I felt numb all of a sudden trying my best to avoid him.

“Hey, Ted, switch seats with me.”

“Why?” He asked with a confused look. He bought my excuse for wanting to spend class hours on facebook without being caught by Dorky Mikey. Never imagined it would be so awkward calling him that. I took his seat in the middle of the back row like a scared mouse hiding from the cat hunting it.

He started jotting some atom formulas on the board while everyone resumed in chatting and gossiping as if his presence wasn’t acknowledged. How rude. Wait! Did I really just say that? Shut up what are you a fucking teacher´s pet? My subconscious spat at me. The class kept ranting on like a pack of hens I didn’t even notice Greg’s eyes were completely glued to me. All I could think about was the desk that what’s his name, Nerd Number Four, was seated behind. I won’t ever be able to look at it same again after what took place on it. If wooden furniture could talk Nerd Number Four better corked those ears. Greg eventually got frustrated sand sneaked he way over to my desk hopping onto of it catching me by surprise. Talk about déjà vu! I joked to myself.

“Hey are you okay? Jill told me you were sick yesterday that’s why you couldn’t make it to my party.” Man that Jill works faster than Senor Gonzalez.

“Oh yeah it was a little stomach virus I’m all better now. I heard the party was a blast.” I lied smiling trying to make casual conversation. Somehow I didn’t care for his obvious coming on to me. Are you crazy? He’s a stud you need to hit that you fool! My inner voice was now giving me a headache.

“You bet it was but… you know it couldn’t have been more of a blast for me if you were there.” He said grinning at me.

“I wonder why…” I said coyly batting my lashes. What can I say flirting was just in my blood especially when a cute guy approached me it was only natural.


We both then stuttered at the loud coughing sound coming from behind. Shit! Michael stood there looking pissed like I or anyone has ever seen him before. 

“To your seat now,” he said counting his words.

“Woo there teach I was just checking on my girl here.” Greg said in his juvenile tone. ´Girl´ why the hell did he have to say that? “Idiot I’m nobody’s girl,” I smirked to myself. He glanced down at me striking fear into my guts then went back Greg.

“If you want to check on someone you do it when class time is adjourned. Now either you sit your damn ass down and or you get out!” He barked enraged causing Greg to flinch like puppy as he hurried over to his seat. “That goes for you all and I want to hear some peace and quiet or else you can go ahead and ditch this class. It will be easier for me to mark those Fs on your reports.” Everyone was stunned in silence Missy, Jill, Ted and Greg were all gaping at him in disbelief.

“Miss Johnson I don’t happen to see you with a notebook how exactly do you intend to copy the formulas from the board?” He asked slowly as If he were speaking to a retarded child. “Well do expect them to magically appear?” He shouted making me jittery.

“Ahh… no sir,” I stammered fishing my notebook out from my bag and quickly setting on the desk as I begun writing down the formulas for iron and sulfur. He turned to the rest of the class which immediately copied me. He walked back to seat around his desk tilting his glasses while he picked up a book on astrology to read. For the first in well forever not a sound was coming from science class and actual productive work was taking place. Jill gazed over to me with a ‘What the fuck was that?’ look on her face but I could only shrug oblivious. Sir, Mr. Dawson. I mean Michael clearly had a hidden temper which he decided to unleash on us today. I observed him for a second he was still wearing those damn awful glasses yet he could manage to get the entire class to shake in their boots. Had he completely changed? Was this a new him or maybe the real him? Suddenly his eyes shifted to me as I instantly returned to focusing on the formulas.


The bell rang bringing an end to the history of Isaac Newton and the whole discovery about atoms. Once receiving the permission to leave everyone went out in haste except me. In between the previous session hours of pretending to read the boring crap in our textbooks I felt my blackberry vibrating inside my pocket. I took it out hiding the cell behind the textbook as I checked my SMS.






Hey sexy! Can we meet up after school?



Umm sure why not.



Did you have other plans?



Me, Jill and Missy were gonna hit up the mall but I guess I can blow them off.


Great! I can give you what you should have had at the party ;)


Like what? :)


You know what.


No I don’t…


We´ll come to my house and then I’ll show you baby:*


LOL. What’s the matter Greg? Too shy to give me details. Come on tell me what I want to know:*


A chance to suck my big dick right before I fuck you real hard! ;)


Greg!!! You nasty boy…:0


You stupid whore! Is this really how easy you are. Stop behaving like a slut and put your phone away in my class NOW!!



I eyeballs almost popped out my sockets I looked to Michael who was giving a cold angry stare through his glasses. I became so pale I thought I was going to faint terror crept inside me. He silently smirked shifting his attention downwards. Shit! His hands were underneath the table it really was him .But how? Holy shit! I quickly placed my head on the desk covering my face with the textbook about to switch off my cell phone. The vibration in my hand made me flinch in my seat as I glanced at the screen.


Pull yourself together that expression isn’t appealing btw you will remain after class.



Greg frantically searched his pockets then his bag he appeared so uncoordinated like a eight year old boy looking for his favorite toy. I stamped over to teacher´s desk and flung my bag on it. Fuck him if he was mad with me he deceived me practically invaded my privacy. Asshole!

“Is this what you lost?” Michael asked seemingly innocent handing Greg his phone.

“Oh jeez thanks dude I thought I left it in my bag,” he replied so relieved.

“Be more careful next time and in the future I would appreciate it if you would settle yourself during my class.” Seriously you’re a damn thief and you’re lecturing people.

“Sure whatever dude.”

“Mr. Dawson.” He pronounced slowly for Greg to pick up his dissatisfaction.

“Yes Mr. Dawson.” Greg addressed correctly becoming intimidated by him. He nodded like a master to his pupil.

“I’ll see you later Caroline.” He waved to me obliviously blind to the foul mood I was in as he left only the two of us now occupied the room.


Part 3



Michael sealed the door shut and came to me taking his time each step made my heart pound louder and louder. He focused on expression not caring one bit that I was pissed at him. He removed his glasses throwing them on his desk and placing his hands in pockets. He stood with a firm posture looking down at me he threw me emotionless glance.

“I certainly hope you deleted those inappropriate messages you sent me.” I said dryly.

“Honestly Caroline I know you’re type is incompetent moron but sorry to disappoint you.” He retorted with the deliberate intention to insult me.

“Fuck you! You think you’re so smart and you know everything about me but you don’t know shit.” I barked at him truly furious he talks to me like an inferior brat that needs to be put in her place.

He snatched my chin griping it tightly so I couldn’t escape he drew his face to mine piercing my emerald eyes with his killer dark ones. “Don’t you use that language or tone with me young lady. You tell me I don’t know shit about you yet minutes ago I came to the precise conclusion that you are indeed a tramp. You would open your legs for any popular guy even though I specifically told you I will not share you.” I squeezed his wrist as his hold was becoming too firm enough to hurt me. Who does he think he is? He doesn’t own me.

“And know now that you’re a thief slash perverted teacher. You had no right to steal Greg’s phone and trick me to believing you were him. I do whatever I want whenever I want.  Just because you teased me, once and I wanted you more you think I belong to you like a horny pet. Go screw yourself cause’ I’m so over you.” I shouted furiously.


His face twisted into so much anger making me regret what I had just said. He released me so aggressively I thought my chin was about to break. I rubbed the redness around it hoping it wouldn’t get bruised later. He dressed back taking heavy slow breathes like he was about to attack me. He stood there without moving an inch and stared at me for a few seconds until he lashed out of nowhere tossing everything on his desk to the floor with one smooth sweep of his right arm. I jumped shaking at the sound of everything hitting the floor one after the other the glasses fell down breaking one of the lenses. He came over me and aggressively lifted onto the desk almost slamming onto it. He kissed so forcibly tugging on my hair strongly to push my mouth more onto his. He crossed my legs around his waist. His tongue made its way inside swirling around entangling with my tongue while he kissed my lips so hard. I tried pushing him away but he only pulled me in more each time. I managed to pull away for a brief minute in order to catch my breath. I gasped when he resumed his assault on my mouth this time more tenderly as I was getting short of breathe. His lips massaged over mine sending my senses flying into the air I slowly submitted wrapping my arms around his neck. He tasted of caffeine I loved it. I purred like a kitten rolling my tongue inside his mouth I moved my head fourth trying to take control of kiss but he sadly broke it as it was starting to progress. “Why did you stop?” I whined childishly.

“You don’t deserve anymore you were disrespectful and need to be taught a good lesson.” He said half serious I looked at him clueless. He suddenly yanked me from the table and bent me over it my ass positioned upwards. He stroked his hand across my butt through the fabric of my jeans before giving it a hard slap. Ouch. This guys a freaking psycho! I tried to stand but he pressed me back down on the table too strong for me to fight.

“Hush baby,” he cooed bowing to the side of my neck nibbling on my earlobe. He rubbed his hand over the spot he slapped then gave me another much harder one it stung so bad making a loud sound. “Stop it hurts, you wicked son of a bitch.” I yelled in reaching to cover my butt. He caught me by the wrist and brought both my hands on my back keeping together with one hand.

“You need to learn discipline and obedience baby.” I stated calmly rubbing me again. Baby! He’s calling me baby when he’s flogging me.

“Don’t try to fight it,” he said using his commanding tone slapping even harder when I kept struggling to break free cursing throughout the room I wondered if anybody in the hall heard me.

“Damn it alright! You win.” I told him tired of being beaten and shouting on top of my lungs.

“Apologize to me and mean it,” he said sharply. What should I apologize for you dick sexting with Greg or that I was caught by a raging bastard.

“I’m sorry,” I murmured arching when his hand stroked my behind. “I’m sorry Mic…Mr. Dawson for my inappropriate behavior please forgive me I’ve learnt my lesson. Sir,” I said this time sounding more genuine.

“Good girl I’ll forgive you for now but next time I won’t be so lenient with you.” He assured me seriously.  He released me helping me to come to my feet I shouldn’t want him to touch me after what he just did. But somehow I did I wanted it desperately. I must be out of my mind. He pulled me into his arms but didn’t kiss me he put his lips to my ear and whispered.

“I can’t take it anymore I need to take you so bad.” He breathed seductively into my ear. I could hear the burning desire in his voice. Glad to know this isn’t one sided.

“Then why don’t you.” Sure he’s a kinky psycho with a spanking fetish and all you think about is how happy you are that he wants to fuck you.  You’re no different from a bitch in heat. My subconscious judged me harshly but to hell with it.

“This not the most suitable place, baby.” Suitable enough for you to finger me and make me have an orgasm? For some odd reason I blushed whenever he called me ‘Baby.’

“We made plans meet at my place after school, didn’t we? I looked at shocked for a moment then raise my eyebrows as to ask. “Really?”

“Meet me at the bus stop by four no one should be around by that hour I’ll pick you up there.” He instructed me planting one last kiss on my lips. “You better get going you have another class now tardiness is rude.” He said like a parent to a child. I was about to protest but I quickly decided not to seeing the stern look o his face. I simply nodded obediently locating my bag in the pile on the floor and went to whatever class I was supposed to be having. My mind was so dazed I don’t think I remember my own name.


Bus Stop 4:00pm


I stood there on the street corner waiting. I could barely focus on anything today I did nothing but stare out of space in all classes including Literature which always hundred percent focus in and enthusiastic about. At lunch I hardly ate just kept with my food while the hot topic of conversation for today was of course Mr. Dawson´s shocking outbursts. It seems he as no longer the pushover teacher but a short tempered tyrant not to be tampered with.

“Man who shove a stick up his asshole today.” Ted remarked in his joking tone making everyone chuckle I faked one joining in the banter. “I bet its mid life crisis he’s not married and has no social life.” Missy remarked next as we chuckled louder. He definitely isn’t married or else I would make me one sinful adulteress I thought. “Oh quit it Missy he’s not that old he’s only Thirty two and he’s very popular with the other teachers I heard he’s dated many of them.” Jill defended. How in the world did she get her information, gosh, the girl was like a secret detective. If she joined the FIB I think only twenty percent of investigations would be unsolved. “So we’re clear Jill honey those are women teachers right” The whole table now bursts out into a laughter. “Ted you’re a pig.” I said trying not to appear peculiar as I wasn’t laughing at all. I was caught off guard hearing about his dating life which I honestly had no idea he had. Then again I had no idea he could fornicate with a student, steal from another not mention his cunning SMS skills. I felt a little uneasy wondering if I was even the only student he was doing it to or with or whatever. I couldn’t hide my frustration from my great telepathic friend as she watched me attentively before asking. “You okay Caroline you seem uneasy.” Oh my god I’m totally busted she knows.

“Nah I’m just not in a joking mood girl that’s all.” I tried to sound as sincere as I could but something told me Jill would figure out I’m lying. Luckily Missy and few other girls from the cheerleading squad engaged into a deep gossiping session which she couldn’t resist to take part in.

My stomach tighten I was getting nauseous while I kept taping my feet nervously. I wondered if what I’m doing or what I was about to consent to was sensible, well of course it’s not, most girls would have call the police or report to the faculty board. On the other hand I was nothing like most girls. A sliver Honda stopped beside me the door opened inside I saw Michael there flashing me a smile gesturing for me to get in.

“This is your chance Caroline run as fast as you can to the nearest police station.” My inner voice warned me. Sure and say what my science professor compelled me into sexual activities oh and by the way I’m nineteen and consent fully each time.

“Shut up and let me live my live.” I almost hit myself in the head. I climbed into the Honda which was very nice inside and out for one of those eco friendly cars. I’m guessing he cares about the environment make sense given the subject he teaches. We drove into the Jersey City having light conversation our day at school which was surprisingly not awkward for me. “When you texted me with Greg’s phone you mentioned his party how did know about that?” I asked curious.

“How could I not you girls use my class time to blurt your business and everyone else’s so scandalously. Plus your friend Greg had a few interesting pictures on his phone. The ladies really seemed to like him.” He smirked, directing the comment towards me.” Jealousy is an ugly thing.” I said arching my eyebrows. His face became expressionless I smiled in triumph. I glanced at he wasn’t wearing the goofy glasses his handsome chiseled face and smooth dark hair were irresistible. I can’t believe I’m going to be in his bed tonight. “Where are we going?”

“Grant Avenue I live in an apartment there but first I need to make a small stop.” He pulled over on the side of the road and unhooked his seatbelt. “I’ll be right back,” he winked at me before getting out of the car. I watched him walk into a store with a sign marked ‘The Pleasure Chest’ I paled widening my eyes. A sex store! Its official you are insane that pervert could be buying some chains to beat you senseless with before he dumps your body in the ocean tomorrow. I started to fidget my hands were shaking I took a bottle water I had in bag and drank it in order to calm my nerves. The car opened he hopped in handing me a shopping bag with the stores label on it  he informed me it was meant for my use. I looked inside and found a sexy school girl outfit, complete with a mini skirt exactly my size and some white pantyhose. “You shouldn’t have,” I chuckled at the sight feeling so relieved I can’t begin to express how much. “Thought it suited you perfectly,” he told me smiling. “You’re quite a kinky one Mr. Dawson.” I said in the same tone as when he made me apologize.

“What did you think I was going to buy bondage and latex?” He asked half serious he noticed the deranged look I had when he entered the car, might as well let the cat out of the bag.

“Can’t say I didn’t consider it, are you just into role play or more?” I asked emphasizing the ‘More’ meaning what you´d see on the taboo channel now and then.

“Some mild kink that’s all nothing extreme.” He said focusing on the road. I felt even more relieved.

“What about condoms?”

“No need I have a full pack already.” I twisted lip reminding myself what Jill had said about him dating many of the female teachers.

We arrived on Grant Avenue he took to his apartment which was you say was fairly cozy but for me it was like a hotel compared to my house. It was a one bedroom flat he must have had a cleaning lady the way everything was so spotless and well organized. He had two bookshelves; polyester couches in the center over a flowery carpet and a guitar next to one the shelves. A guitar! What was he doing with that? Does he have band with other men in their thirties? “Neat freak,” I commented.

“A trait inherited from my mother. Would you like something to drink?” He offered.

“No thanks I’d like to go and change.” I said curving my lip flirtatiously.

“Anxious are we?” I shrugged still curving my lip.


He directed me to the bedroom I went into the bathroom and begun to undressed. Did a mention that the schoolgirl uniform also came with a pair of plastic glasses yes I thought really fit me. I chuckled while checking myself in the mirror from every angle. I fixed the pantyhose and made sure a piece of my ass was visible under the mini skirt.  I was still red from the spanking he gave me in the morning it stung all day to be sitting. I decided to pin up my hair into a ponytail with a ribbon a found in the shopping bag. I checked myself for the final time before opening the door slowly I didn’t see him anywhere in the bedroom. I heard footsteps approaching I got a spontaneous idea to greet him on the sofa at the corner of the room. I jumped on it kicked up my legs loosen a few buttons on my blouse and lifted the skirt revealing my underwear. You slut! My inner voice scolded I didn’t care. Michael strode into the room his jaw dropped at the erotic sight. I shoot him a seductive stare but couldn’t contain my urge to smile at the fact that I caused such a reaction from him. “Exquisite.” I chimed more to himself than me.

I kept smiling as he walked over to me and knelt by the sofa his hands slowly on touching my thighs moving further north he caress my sweet spot I cringed my head fell backwards as the plastic glasses dropped from my face . He then pulled back to strip me of my underwear.

“What a lovely pussy you have its looks good enough to eat´´ he moaned somehow could sense the growing bulge in his pants it was like our nerves were connected. I gasped widening my mouth feeling his wet tongue circling on my clit he stuck a finger inside me while licking me hungrily. He stuck in another finger rotating them both rhythmically I squirmed knotting my fingers in his hair. How can he pleasure me so much already It was evident that he had done this often. I lose myself in his touch not wanting to think of any other issue. He plugged me with a third finger this time he started to move them in and out at a slow pace. I crooked my back gritting my teeth feeling a slight pain shoot through me.

“Easy baby breathe me it out,” he said kissing bellybutton.

“Your skin is so soft like silk.” He licked around my belly ring which he seemed really fascinated with. I began moaning as the pain evaded bit by bit I smoothed my hand through his hair closing my eyes.

“Michael, take me now.” I let out going insane with need.

“Patience baby you’re not ready yet.” He said in a commanding tone which I found so sexy.

I was going mad I bite on my lip pouting continuously I could tell he was so turned by it he reached and attacked my mouth. He thrust his fingers faster my walls constricted around them I yelled out musically as my walls collapsed spilling my juices. He smiled in satisfaction taking me in his arms he mashed his lips onto mine then not too roughly threw me on the bed. I landed on the bed with him climbing on top of me ripping my blouse apart and unhooking my bra same time. He one my plump breasts into his mouth sucking on my nipple he kissed around the fullness and gave the equal attention to the other devouring me. I gasped my nipples got so hard he tweaked them playfully then returning to sucking on the tips. “I can’t take this anymore.” I howled in agony. But he ignored me and continued to tantalize the rest of my body spilling kisses on my belly and tasting his way back upwards. “You won’t have to any longer sweetheart,” he whispered. He tossed the skirt to the floor along all his clothes and positioned my legs around his waist.

“Remember to breath.” He whispered softly inserting his dick inside me he wasn’t even half way in and I cried out in so much pain. “Ah, fuck. You’re so damn big.” I screamed and cursed loudly. He withdrew holding me gently by the neck he kissed passionately. “What did I tell you about that language.” He said sternly for sending shivers down my spine I apologized immediately in hoarse voice. He didn’t response but resumed entering me this time without warning he sank his cock inside all the way I screamed out again at the sudden pain that shot through my body. It was as if something was tearing me into half. “Shush don’t worry it will get better soon.” He soothed giving time to adjust to his size which was so freaking massive. I breathed as he instructed after awhile I was no longer in pain I rubbed my hands over his back signaling that I was okay now. He didn’t waste a second he started thrusting slowly I moaned each time I felt him move inside me hitting every nerve. He nibbled on my neck while maintaining his slow thrusts “You like that baby?” He voice so sultry. “Oh yes…” I squealed like an animal.

“That’s not an appropriate answer.” He lightly twisted my right nipple torturously.

“Yes, Mr. Dawson, I like it very much.” I submitted to dominating will.

He thrusts became faster rocking the bed back and forth along with body as he held me steady moving his hips fiercely although he was still holding back. I groaned in pleasure and pain which were not far apart. I’ve never had such a feeling of pure lust my body responded with each thrust my hips moved to meet his simultaneously. “Oh, Michael, I’m gonna…” I didn’t a have to finish my sentence, not that I could, before he increased his pace burying his face into the softness of my bosom. He bit on my breasts gently as I screamed out when my orgasm exploded making him release inside not long after. “Incredible.” We both moaned in ecstasy. I wrapped my arms around him not wanting to pull out our naked sweaty bodies were entwined. I remembered what he told me. “Every delicious part of you, Caroline, I will make mine and when I fuck you, you will forget about every other guy who was there before me,” and he did I was entirely his now.


To be continued



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Submitted: June 11, 2020

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