Scarlett: Taken by Two Vampires Part 1

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

In a city crawling with supernatural creatures, the sultry and free spirited Scarlett Stone thrives for the attention of Gabriel, a dazzling mysterious nightwalker. Meanwhile, his brother, Vincent, develops an insatiable affection for her. He envies Gabriel and wants more than friendship with her. But after a heated confrontations and flying confessions both nightwalkers give in to the temptation that is this beautiful irresistible human woman.




Unzipping my leather high heel boots was easy getting out of them was not. I bent silently behind the large tree slipping them off. He was far away enough to hear my heart beat. He would only be here for a cherishing hour. This was my chance for a clear shot. I'm going for. Call me fearless or just plain stupid but I wanted to capture that nightwalker so badly.

“Alright,” I salivated my shivering lips.

One, two, three and go.

I jumped from behind the tree crouching on the cold itchy grass. My bare feet were to be the sacrifice of triumph. Positioning the lens gingerly I snapped quickly once I had him in the scope.

I worked out the digital camera like a teenager on graduation day.

Sneaking back to the tree I checked the shots. They came out better than I would’ve hoped. He was beautiful. Man, what I would give to kiss that piece of perfection. So pale and grim. It tempted me. Excited my soul. Things I never felt from my own kind. I sounded pitiful yet it was still the truth. Gabriel, come and rescue me. In my dreams you do. In reality it looks like I'll have to come to you.

I'm so tired of waiting of watching him. Such a reserved creature, one I long to fill with happiness to give him a kind he's never known.

I brought the small screen to my lips. My beautiful nightwalker. Even these faint images of him made me melt. At least I have something to keep selfishly.

I was determined to catch sweet pale mug from these new sharp lenses. I learnt his routine following it so I could eventually get some decent snaps of him.

I scrambled for my boots dusting the grass dirt off them. For a moment I imagined myself walking to that wooden bench offering him a wave asking to sit beside. I wanted so bad to tell him I wasn’t afraid. I wanted to know how it felt to rest my head on his shoulder while gazing with him at the bright sky.

 I couldn’t explain what overcame me when had first glimpse this pale ridden, solemn man. It was like a powerful force that drew me in.

I checked the time on my phone. I'm late for work.

I stooped for a last peep. His neck switched to the side. I stooped lower behind the tree.

Could he smell me? Hear my heart pumping? If he did, why didn’t he swiftly disappear like he always does. He instantly turned into a beam passing my eyes. Goodbye.







The hostess pointed him and told her I don’t want to be escorted. I stood at the corner for moment observing my date. His palms were shaky, he drank heavy continuously looking over his shoulder like he was a paranoid basket case. All that was left for him to do was write guilty across that broad forehead. A quite stout fellow he was, one that like the attention of women as much as a nice piece of cherry pie. Sometimes, not often, I would a tip of sympathy for these guys for what they'll have to go through when they go home the next day. Tonight, I had hero. Only ones that strike a chord in me were those whom slightly resembled my nightwalker prince. It was a personal pleasure to be reminded of me when I wasn’t stalking like a hungry dog.

I kept Chubby Joe waiting long enough.

“Oh, oh, jeez. You made it.”

He said getting off the bar stool straightening his jacket nervously. For rich guy he sustain manly confidence. I guess it's precisely why gold diggers toyed with him on and on.

“Sorry, I held up.”

I shrugged apologetic. Purposely arriving late allowed me to summarized which organ was running things. The brain between their legs never failed to win.

“No need to explain, darling. You’re here is all that matters. Can I take your coat.”


I replied curt. His face froze at the sight of black dress hugging all my curves and displaying a enticing V neck of cleavage at the top.

“Phil,” I met his wondering eyes.

“Pardon me, I'll just go check this.”

He said jittered.

“Good boy.”

He was already too far to hear me.

I smirked to myself getting comfortable on the stool next his.

“Cosmo, hold the lime.”

The bartender nodded while tending someone else.

At the right end of the bar sat my tall and pale friend. It freaks me out every time knowing he was Gabriel twin yet the differences were so vivid to me. That ominous stare he had along with his coarse voice and carefree demeanor.

“I see you already ordered.”

My date, Phil, waddled back admiring what he saw for the second time.

The pale man vanished in a head turn like he always did. Spying on me whether near or from a distance became an amusing hobby for him.

How I envied Vincent, or rather the things he could do whenever he wanted. I wondered what that kind of freedom felt like and knowing you’ll have it forever.

“I like your tie. It's sexy.”

His tiny mouth froze as he about to sip his drink.

“Uh, thank you. It's actually brand new.”

He said holding out grey striped material.

I smiled seductively at the fat fart.

“I can tell it has fresh smell.”

I tugged to my nose his neck yanked with it. He flinched on the stool. His mind mist be puzzling and fantasizing, but not for much longer.


I murmured edging to his unsteady mouth.

“Yeah, Scarlett.”

“Are you thinking what I'm thinking?”

I put forth boldly.

“You'll have to tell what it is you’re thinking.”

He blinked unevenly at me.

I grinned a dirty little grin grazing my knee on his crotch.

“That we skip the chit chat after we finish our drinks and…maybe spend the rest of the night at your place.”

I could’ve sworn I saw his chest inflate.

I met Phil at a club a week ago. A dance club he certainly made use to boast his money in turn pick up chicks. He was the successful owner of  computer software company. A nerd with doe. I visited his visited his booth did some serious flirting before leaving with my number. Not even two days yet and he phones for a date. Just as I planned, they always call because they always hate to be left wanting. So is the case of losers weak for women, or more for what’s between their legs.


He fought with his key to get the door unlocked fast. A lavish condo, this he called his home. I laughed myself hiding my amusement.

“Can I get you anything?”

He asked unsure of what happens next.

No worries big guy weren’t gonna cut to chase.

I got out my coat and didn’t stop there. Slowly I slipped off my dress shoulder by shoulder. Phil stood gawking and salivating.

I stepped my way to him in my dark pantyhose and red garner belt. My bra and panties matched they were red and black silk. Equipped for raw seduction.

I grabbed his tie leading him to his bed.


He shrieked excitedly undoing his clothes.

“Wow, you’re really something.”

His hand came to my taut stomach.

I slapped his wrist hard. He gritted reverting it from me.

“I'll be doing all the touching, baby.”

I assured him.

“No, I want to feel you.”

He whined desperate gawking at my silk clad boobs barely concealed at the top. He licked his tiny lips. I dug the heel of my boot on his hairy chest pushing on his back. “Don’t worry you'll get your chance.”

He smiled anxious from below me. “Anything you say, mama.” He laid patient and  compliant.

“Give me your hands.”


He asked confused.

“You’ll see you'll love it too.”

I purred planting a kiss on his ample forehead staining with my cherry lipstick.

He glanced at me curious when I retrieved two hand cuffs from my coat pocket.

“Am I being arrested?”

He chuckled.

I crawled playfully to him pressing my hand on his bulging cock.

He yelped.

“That’s right bad boy.”

I purred in his ear.

“Fuck, I had no idea you were a kinky one.”

“You’re about to find out just how much, baby. Hands.”

I demanded.

He wooed playing along.

I cuffed both his wrists to the bed posts ensuring they were locked properly.

“So, what now, sexy kitty?”

He inquired staring at me like already knew what I was gonna do next.

I grinned watching his cock sprout. I sat and unhooked my bra. He face brightened but then furrowed when I tied the straps around his head. The round cups blocking his vision completely.

“Hey,” He whined with a frown.

I slapped his perverted face.


I spat.


He baffled.

I went to get my coat while he kept yelling hysteric.

“Scarlett, where are you. What is this?”

He shrieked from the bedroom.

I fished the camera from pursed and took at least ten good snaps.

“Ask your wife, Phil, she'll explain.”

I told him buttoning the coat.

“You can keep that as a memento, later baby.”

I ditched him blowing a loud kiss.




I hit the light switch and headed into the kitchen grabbing a snack from the fridge. I halted raising a brow at the bottle of champagne lying on my coffee table. A pink bow was wrapped around it. How thoughtful of him.

“You could attached note you know.”

I skimmed until he appeared from corner wall.

“What’s the occasion this time?”

Vincent treaded to the table and popped the cork.

He skipped to the kitchen in a second pouring it glasses before the frizz could overflow.

“My birthday, love. I'm a hundred and eighty six come Saturday.”

I whistled impressed. I never got tired of seeing him move in flashes that’s fast nightwalkers to move. It was magical.

I accepted the glass and toasted with my pale faced buddy.

“Wow, congratulations that must be a milestone for you even if you'll love forever.”

He sniffed sarcastically at my comment.

“Congratulations are in order for you as well. Another pay check secured tonight. Isn’t at so?”

He taunted me with his dark glance.

I gulped down the expensive champagne prompting to refill my glass.

“How long were you spying. Did you get to see my boobs?”

He tittered shrugging guiltily in response.

“A gentleman shouldn’t tell, love.”

“You’re no gentleman, love.”

I mimicked his slightly British accent.

“I can never understand why you spend so much of your free time monitoring a human.”

I lied blatantly. I've known exactly why for months now.

“I'm bored and humans make for good entertainment sometimes. You, in particular, Scarlett love, have two thumbs up. It amazes me how you seem to enjoy living such a short life so dangerously.”

He admitted causing me to grimace.

“I can handle myself thank you.”

I took another drink.

“I still have my doubts about that. But on a different note, I'm throwing a party Saturday, think you can make it?”

“I'll try. Will he be there?”

He sighed annoyed.

“If you mean your unbound crush, yes. My sulky sibling promised he'll attend and not ruin it by being his moody self.”

I smiled which somehow caused Vincent to furrow disapprovingly.

So it's to be a fun night, huh. A fun night with Gabriel. I'll actually be able to sit and talk with me. To just imagine it brought me sheer joy.

“Why do you persist, love. He's clearly not interested.”

His words cut like a dagger.

“How can be sure?”

He stroked my pouted lips.

“Because he's a total fool of course.”

I cracked a smile no longer feeling hurt. Vincent wouldn’t let me frown without redeeming himself. He could be a pain but that was simply his style.

“I’ll be getting back to my dinner.”


I clutched his stony cold elbow.

“Will it be an elegant sort of thing?”

“It's me, love. It's no question. Saturday”

He retorted then was gone with the wind.

I jumped like a crazy person on my lumpy sofa unable to contain myself. Finding the preview samples of him on my camera again got me more enthused. I kissed the screen image one last time. What a day.





My check came in the mail along with an envelope carrying an official invitation. Ten grand for her evidence to use in her divorce trial. Cheating husbands think their so slick sneaking around carefully making sure to remove the wedding band when on the prowl posing as a bachelor. Dumbasses counting on their scorned wives to be too naïve to notice. They stayed married long enough to get real proof and strip the cheaters of their mass fortune. Even prenups could be contested if the clauses weren’t solid.

I took up photography as a fun hobby since I was teen I loved going to high buildings and taking pictures from tall heights. It was best way to capture something. Aiming from miles above getting the right angle and zoom in. I toured the Space Needle and the Empire State a few times. If only sublime shots of pedestrians and fireworks earned me a month's rent. There was no name tag for my work. Private investigator some of my employers considered me, I rather freelance photographer for a label. Heights always thrilled so did exposing cheating bastards. I can’t complain when you're woman men find gorgeous it was too easy trapping them. My feminine wiles have yet to fail.

Gold ink, pristine scented paper and a flawless signature. His polish ways were set in him mortal or not. I never forgot I convinced him to join me to a late afternoon rock concert. It was interesting to see how well he could control his hunger yet can barely stand a rowdy crowd of beer spilling humans. A waste of skin and instruments, he dubbed it then tried tempting into seeing an opera play. He's still trying, I passed on every offer I couldn’t get through one on my TV without yawning twenty minutes in. Friending a nightwalker may seem odd to many not to mention insanely dangerous. They flooded LA since the 90s, there are rumors of werewolf packs all around the southern states and other supernatural creatures in other cities. Vampires are the only phenomenon I've witnessed up close, until Vincent made it daily.

There were photos of werewolves across the web but most of them looked fake just good artwork. They're said to be more ferocious than vampires, especially when hungry. Nightwalker was sugar coated term for vamps. Vincent considered it the more respectful though little of his kind cared what they're called. Nightwalkers generally assume their superiority over human beings and I couldn’t argue with that. We're under them on the food chain and far lower abilities wise. They will typically be referred to as monsters by people who hate and fear them. To me, nightwalkers were magnificent creatures. Maybe it was result of me being sprung in love with one that I embrace all, either way I can’t deny the allure of their existence.




Mrs. Davidson will be pleased tomorrow. According to her the annulment papers drawn up with her lawyer who was a hungry shark. My night out with her husband honestly proved entertaining. Terry recently inherited his father's advertising firm there couldn’t be a better time for her to request my services. She was dying to get rid once and for all.

His arm draped over me as we were walking to his Mercedes. A familiar looking was hanging on the store wall opposite to us. He might have been a druggy just glaring at whatever went by obliviously. But, for some reason I got uncomfortable once his grim stare diverted to Terry and I.

“We can go get some ice cream before I take you home.”

He suggested unlocking the car with remote key.

Someone started yelling slurs of nonsense into he air. It was the same odd guy by the store. No doubt the clerk was calling the police as we speak.


Terry joked.

I smiled putting my mouth to his ear.

“How about you we go to your place for dessert.”

I smooched his cheek in a playful manner.

An hyperventilating noise escape him.

“Let me get your door.”

He rushed to the car.

“You bitch!”

I shifted to the shout.

The madman was charging towards me his dirt face screwed angrily.


I fled to my date.

“Hey, what's your problem. Get away from us.”

He shoved him to the dry concrete. The raging man tackled him from the ground. Terry quickly brought down wrestling on the street. I shuddered covering my trembling mouth.

“You bitch you plotted with my wife. The two of you destroyed fucking my life. I'll fucking kill you.”

He ranted. Terry wailed having been hit with a punch.

“Get inside the car!”

He shrieked as the man was pinning him to the ground.

I hurried into the passenger side. The lunatic raced to the door as I was closing it. I screamed out for help when I realized he had gotten ahold of it. He was too strong I couldn’t get the door shut.

“No, get away.”

I cried straining my arms on the handle until something landed on top the Mercedes. I screamed paranoid, then Gabriel appeared behind the man trying to attack me.

“Who the hell are you what are you?”

He barked stepping away.

Gabriel’s beautiful face darkened his teeth grew into sharp fangs. The sight of him became sheer terrifying.

“Ah, a vampire!”

His lights were put out by a clean chop on the side of his neck.

I closed my eyes covering them with my hands. I couldn’t watch would happen next Gabriel was sure to kill him, devour the man like an animal and I refused to see it.


That voice was soft and gentle.

I removed my hands. He was back to normal if only his dashing face.

He widened the door extending his hand.

“It's really you. You were here all along.”

I uttered breathless.

“Come with me.”

I wasted no time pondering if I should.

Through high speed we were transported up on the roof of a tall building.


I let out looking around at the sky.

“Please don’t be scared.”

He uttered worrisome.

“There's no blood on you.”

He furrowed agitated. “I didn’t kill him I'm not a savage. I had to save you.”

He told me serious.

I couldn’t resist a second more. I tipped and pulled him toward by his collar smashing my mouth on his. He didn’t revert instead moved his hands down my back. My feet floated off the ground he held me gently like he was picking up a feather. I deepened the kiss my hot mouth went wild. I waited so long for this moment I couldn’t help unleashing my passion.

“Are wearing panties?”

His hand snuck underneath my skirt.

“Gabriel…” I whispered in awe.

“I guessed wrong, why aren’t wearing any, Scarlett. Were you going to fuck that guy?”


I responded keeping his hand where it was.

“I’m yours, this is for you I swear.”

He smiled running his hand further till he was stroking my sex.

“I have to have you.”

He released in a low roar.

I yanked on my skirt swinging my legs around him.

Rain drops dewed on my fluttered cheeks the sky turned red thunders licking left, right and center.


I lounged from the pillow my skin shattered in goosebumps and perspirating out of control.

“Shit,” I cringed seeing the time on my alarm clock. I must've forgotten to set it. My latest dream was no compensation since it was cut short.

The early sale at Marc Jacobs was going to end by ten. I have an hour too get there at most. Once I find a suitable ensemble I'll just continue to the Salon.

I got into the shower in need of the cold water tap.

Submitted: September 01, 2020

© Copyright 2023 J.Garcia. All rights reserved.

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