The Crew, Honor and Betray II, Blood Fight

The Crew, Honor and Betray II,  Blood Fight

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Hot, sexy, steamy couple, Gina and Jake Kincaid can't keep their hands off each other. After leaving their hometown of Manhattan, the former officers move to Cabo San Lucas and start over after the terrifying ordeal with Gina's father, the Chief of Police. Now an informant for the ATF, Gina is up against a team of ruthless white collar criminals who are out to collect on a debt owed by her mother. This steamy couple's love is put to the ultimate test when a new and unexpected romance evolves...An illicit affair that will bring consequences, can this love survive it all? Driven by sex, drugs and greed you will soon learn the true meaning of loyalty and family. Those you think have your back are the very one's willing to betray it all.


Hot, sexy, steamy couple, Gina and Jake Kincaid can't keep their hands off each other.

After leaving their hometown of Manhattan, the former officers move to Cabo San Lucas and start over after the terrifying ordeal with Gina's father, the Chief of Police. Now an informant for the ATF, Gina is up against a team of ruthless white collar criminals who are out to collect on a debt owed by her mother.

This steamy couple's love is put to the ultimate test when a new and unexpected romance evolves...An illicit affair that will bring consequences, can this love survive it all?

Driven by sex, drugs and greed you will soon learn the true meaning of loyalty and family. Those you think have your back are the very one's willing to betray it all.

Chapter1 (v.1) - New Beginnings

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 11, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 11, 2017



I lay on my comfy bed in my beautiful bedroom in Cabo San Lucas.  Nine months since we moved from Manhattan, leaving it all behind us and starting fresh.  I was drenched in sweat, pushing as the head the size of a melon slides out my vagina.  “Come on babe, one more push!”  My husband said as he spread my legs farther so the baby could slide out.  I close my eyes as I feel my baby make it out.  After 15 long hours of excruciating labor, and an exhausting final push baby Jacob finally made his long awaited debut.  My midwife quickly cleaned up the baby, wrapped him up in a blanket and handed him to Jake.Jake was a wonderful father, he cradled Baby Jacob in his strong arms and gazed into his eyes so lovingly.  I plopped down on the pillow as Jake carefully handed me the baby.  He was so beautiful, so perfect.My little bundle of joy had Jake’s eyes and chin, and the cutest cheeks. 

“Congrats baby, you made it.”  Jake whispered as he lay next to me and gently kissed our son’s forehead.  “He’s perfect Jake.”  I said through tears.Jake looked up at me with that gorgeous smile and whispered, “Just like you.”Jake leaned over and kissed me.  I couldn’t help but check him out.  Those amazing hazel eyes, those dimples when he smiles, for being 41 my husband is definitely a hottie.  And that body, oh that body.  So muscular, those bulging biceps so delicious I just want to fuck him over and over.  “Oh God you two get a room!” 

 I looked up with a smirk as our sixteen-year-old feisty daughter Mila removed her surgical mask and walked up to hold her baby brother whose birth she just had the blessing of witnessing.  Jake carefully handed Mila the baby, she beamed with joy as she gazed into her brother’s eyes.  “Little Jacob Michael Kincaid. You look just like me, yes you do you precious bundle of joy.”  Mila said as she nuzzled her nose against his.

“Congrats how is the world’s most beautiful mama?”I looked up and smiled as the door swung open and my cousin Chase Lazardi and his wife Lucy walked in.They were both beaming with joy as they walked up to see their future Godson.  “Aww, thanks cuz, how are you guys?”


“Exhausted from the flight, but we wouldn’t miss this for the world.”Lucy said as she gently kissed Jacob’s forehead.  “I’ll admit you guys do make beautiful babies together,” Chase said with a chuckle as he took the baby from Mila and held him in his arms.  I admired my cousin as he held his godson lovingly in his arms.  I never thought about it much until now, I think Chase would make a great dad one day.  He walked up to me and handed the baby over to Jake who was more than excited to hold him again.  Chase gave me a kiss on my forehead and settled on the bed next to me.  I couldn’t help but notice how clean and nice his cologne smelled.


“How is it cuz that a bad boy like you can be such a sweetheart at the same time?”  I said with a smirk.Chase grinned, showing off his perfectly straight white teeth.  “Hey, us bad boys can be nice guys too….just ask Lucy.”  Chase looked up at Lucy with a smile.Lucy shook her head and laughed.  “Don’t even get me started Chase.”


I looked up at my cousin,  he was indeed a handsome man with chiseled features, he had a bit of stubble which gave him a rough look but he was still very good looking.  I sensed something was wrong.  Chase was staring off into the wall as if something was weighing heavily on his mind.“Hey.”  I reached for his hand and smiled at him.  “What’s wrong?”  Chase shook his head in disbelief then looked into my eyes with worry.“We got to head back to New York in a couple of days.” I was stunned.  “Why so soon?  Is everything alright?” 

“No.The Club is going under…. Since I left TNT hasn’t had much success keeping the clientele coming in.  Business is bad.  I have to go back, might have to consider selling if I can’t find someone to manage it while I manage the Club here.  Plus, I’m bringing DeAndre back with us, he got into a bit of trouble with the law and needs a hideout.” 

I thought about how hard Chase has worked, both legally and illegally to build Club S from the ground up, he can’t afford to take a loss right now.Yet, the other Club he owns here in Cabo, Club Rumba is bringing in billions.

When we left New York, we left everything and everyone we loved behind.I must admit, I did miss my crew.Malik was still in prison carrying out his 5 year sentence.DeShawn was serving 3 year’s probation for his part in the crime spree Lazardi and I had embarked on.El Torro was sentenced to 10 years in prison, so he wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  After I handed over my badge to the Manhattan PD, the ATF made me an offer I couldn’t refuse, thanks to Lucy’s connections.

 I became an informant after we had a run in with a notorious gang of white collar thugs in Cabo that are involved in the smuggling of explosives and weapons.  Their leader, is an American from New York who also manages illegal fights. He sets up the best fighters for a brutal boxing match every 6 months.  Jake being an ex-cop with a lot of MMA training and boxing, got involved.The pay is very generous, but the physical demands are too much.  Jake leaves at the butt crack of dawn to train and usually returns late in the evening.  Jake has also taken on the job as my muscle man.Whenever I go undercover if something goes awry he is there to back me up. 

Baby Jacob started crying and getting very fussy, he was probably starving I assumed since he was looking for a nipple and Jake definitely did not have what this baby wanted.“Aww, he’s hungry come here baby….”  I whispered as Jake carefully handed my little bundle over.Yes, indeed this little thing was starving.  Jake laid back down next to me and watched us with a smile.

“I’ll make some breakfast, are you guys hungry?”  Lucy asked and both Jake and I responded, “Yes!!!”  Mila chimed in as if forsaken.“Hey, I’m starving!”  Chase and Lucy giggled.“Don’t worry I’ll make plenty.  Come on you guys can help.”  Chase raised an eyebrow and grinned.“Oh putting me to work already?”  He said as Lucy sneered.


I shook my head laughing.“You’re so beautiful.”  I looked at Jake in disbelief. “Are you kidding me?I’ve just been through 15 hours of rough labor, sweat, tears, my vagina has been stretched to the max and you think I look beautiful??”  Jake was serious, he nodded and leaned forward and kissed me.I absolutely loved his kisses, I can kiss him all day.“Yes Gina.You’re beautiful.”I gazed into Jake’s eyes and saw his sincerity.I’m still amazed how Jake is such an arrogant asshole at work and on the streets but when it comes to the home, especially with me he is the kindest most loving man.“Mmmmm, as soon as the Doctor gives you the go ahead, I’m going to fuck you so hard babe, that pussy won’t know what hit her.”  I felt hot and bothered already, darn it.

Knock knock... There was a knock at the door.We looked at each other with surprise.“Come in.”  I said through pain as little Jacob aggressively sucked on my nipple.Jake giggled.“Señores, la señorita Jenna y el señor Brian are here to see you.”Our housekeeper Sylvia, a sweet young girl from Cabo with a heavy Spanish accent informed us of our guest’s arrival as she peeked through the door. “Diganles que pasen porfavor.”  I instructed her to let them in.  I covered the baby and my breast with a sheet as Jenna and Brian entered our bedroom.

“Hi guys!!”  Jenna walked in with a beaming smile as she made her way towards us.Jenna was my husband’s ex-girlfriend who also happened to be my best friend since grade school.Jenna was incredibly hot, I must admit.Jenna lost quite a bit of weight since she got to Cabo.  Boy did she look gorgeous in her bright orange summer dress.You see, when we left New York Jenna and Brian ran off to Vegas and got married.They came to visit a few weeks ago and decided to stay in Cabo until I had the baby.It did make me sad to see her go soon because we managed to mend things and got closer than ever after the ordeal with Jake.


I know in my heart she still has feelings for Jake, I can see it in her eyes, and I think Jake knows it too.“He looks just like you Jake.”  Jenna whispered as she gently glided a finger along the baby’s cheek.“Hmmmm… I think he looks like Gina.”  Jake said with a smile.Brian nodded in agreement.“So, how are you guys?”  Brian asked with concern. 


“Gina has a major assignment coming up, I’m not too happy about that.”  Jake said as he took the baby in his arms to burp him.“I have no choice Jake, you know that.”  I said sternly, Jake nodded with a frown.Jenna’s jaw dropped and she quickly turned to face me.“You can’t be serious?Gina you just had a baby you need to take care of yourself and not to mention the baby.”


Quite frankly I was starting to get irritated with everybody scolding me.I wasn’t going back to work tomorrow or anything like that, it would be in 4 weeks.I know for a fact there was no risk of anything physical happening to me because Jake would be there.  Jake was worried I can understand that, but he knew what he was getting into the day he married me.I never hid the fact that I was a criminal, he knows what I do, no surprise there.They must have sensed the sudden tension between us because immediately Brian got up and motioned Jenna to go with him.“Hun, let’s go check if Lucy needs any help.”  Jenna nodded in understanding.  “You want me to bring you anything?”  Jenna asked me with a warm smile.“No thank you, I think I’m going to take a nap.”  Jenna gave me a quick tap on my hand and followed Brian out of the room.


Jake gently laid the baby down in his bassinet then came and sat down on the bed next to me, he grabbed my hand and gazed into my eyes.“Gina, I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to upset you. I just worry to no end.  I love you so yea I’m going to be protective of you, especially now with the baby and all.”I looked into his eyes and saw that he was truly worried.“I wish I didn’t have to do this, but it’s what I do…. Jake, it’s who I am.”  Jake nodded in understanding then surprisingly he leaned over and kissed me.I swear we must have engaged in an intimate kiss for what seemed like 15 minutes.  Our tongues intertwined with each other.  I playfully tugged on Jake’s bottom lip, he smiled as we came up for air.“Mmmm…”  Jake sighs as he gazes into my eyes with worry.  I can never get enough of Jake it seems.I was sexually frustrated to no end.  We both were.When Jake pulled away he whispered, “Gina, I would die if anything ever happened to you.”I touched his face, gazing into his eyes.“Nothing’s going to happen to me Jake……” 


By the grace of God, the special op was cancelled due to our guy getting killed.The body was discovered in the ocean by scuba divers that very night.The young man had been dismembered, and his remains were found scattered throughout the waters of Cabo.You can imagine the relief Jake felt knowing I would not be involved in this op after all. We weren’t thrilled our guy was killed, he was an important witness who had information regarding an ongoing explosives smuggling ring.  My guess is, someone found out he was planning to snitch and they silenced him.


“Well, this just about sucks serious balls.”  Chase said as he let out a breath in frustration.  We gathered inside Chase’s Den, which was also his headquarters in which he was operating out of, at our Condo.  Chase sat at his desk twirling a silver pen in his hand as he read the paper, reading the headline story about our dismembered guy.  Jake stood by the window gazing at the clear ocean view ahead, shaking his head in disbelief.  I put my head down and sighed with dismay.  “We were this close, this fucking close and then this shit happens!”  Chase exclaimed in frustration as he crumbled up the newspaper and threw it across his desk.  “Fuck…”  I whispered as I looked up at my cousin.  He stared at me with dismay.  “So now what?”  Jake asked as he turned around, his hands on his hips as he raised an eyebrow.  “We’re going to have to keep going, someone out there knows something and they must be willing to talk given the right price.”  Chase said as he watched Jake with uncertainty. 


That was the sad thing about this kind of work, someone was always willing to snitch if offered the right price.  I sat back in the comfy cushioned chair and sighed.  I gazed around the nicely decorated den.  I got to hand it to Chase, he has good taste when it comes to interior decorating.  The furniture was dark oak and the carpet was a dark brown tint which matched well.  Even the frames and decorations on the walls matched.  The light always bothered Chase so he always kept the room dimly lit with a lamp.  Then there is the queen of Feng shui, Lucy who had to have her candles and plants aligned a certain way.  “I say we go get lunch, maybe some drinks then meet back here tonight?”  Chase said, looking at us with discern.  Jake and I looked at each other and nodded. 


I absolutely loved the food in Cabo, but more so the seafood cocktails.  We walked along the boardwalk with Chase and Lucy as we made our way to a local taco stand.  I breathed in the fresh ocean breeze as we continued our walk.  They had the best carne asada tacos.  Of course, my cousin who is a strict vegetarian always chose calabasita tacos and a side of guacamole.  Jake on the other hand would eat anything that moved, but he was still a health addict I’ll give him that. He didn’t eat pork, liked lean red meat, and loved fish.  Lucy was also somewhat of a strict vegetarian like Chase.


 We placed our order, got our beers and headed to a table by the ocean.  “This is truly paradise…”  Lucy whispered as she looked around admiring the beach and beautiful sand.  “It is, but I miss New York…I don’t know I’ll always be a girl from the Bronx I guess.”  Jake wrapped his arms around me and kissed my face.  “Nothing wrong with that babe.” Chase smiled.  “I love the beach, always have.  New York is too crowded for my taste, I don’t know…”  Lucy looked at Chase with a smirk.  “I think you like the beach because of the hot babes in bikinis.”  Chase shook his head as he let out a chuckle.  “Oh yeah right.  I’m scared to look…”  Chase looked at Lucy and sneered.  Funny enough, Lucy happened to be wearing an aqua blue bikini top and long aqua skirt.  She was tall, thin and stunningly beautiful.  Jake and I laughed as Lucy teased Chase.  I looked up at Jake with a smile, “What about you Jake?”  Jake turned red as he stared at the ground laughing.  “What?”  He looked up with a smile.  “Do you like the hot babes in bikinis?”  Jake laughed, then shook his head and gazed into my eyes and whispered, “No, I don’t.  I only like to see one hot babe in a bikini.”  I leaned forward, staring at his lips.  “Oh yeah…?”  Jake nodded and kissed me.


 I noticed Chase was staring at us with a serious look in his eyes, then quickly brushed it off when Jake looked up at him.  “I’m too old to be chasing hot babes…”  Jake said teasingly.  “Too old my ass!  You’re still hot and chicks still chase after you.”  I laughed and slugged him on his strong arm.  “Ahhh!”  Jake yelled as I tried to slug him again.  “Hey, I don’t notice them!  They can look all they want I only have eyes for you babe.”  Lucy looked at us with a warm smile.  “You guys are an amazing couple.  The love you two have for each other is just incredible.  You are both so lucky to have found each other since you were practically babies!”  I giggled and gazed into Jake’s eyes.  He smiled and kissed me.  “I am very lucky…”  Jake whispered as he kissed me again.  Chase finally managed a smile.  “Yeah, very lucky man.”  Chase replied.


 After we ate lunch I looked down at my iPhone.  “We ought to head back, it’ll be time to feed the baby soon.”  Jake looked at me with surprise, then I grabbed him between his legs under the table.  He chuckled and nodded in agreement.  “Yeah, we better head back guys.”We stood up to leave.  Chase patted Jake on his back then gave me a quick hug.  “Take care of my little cousin.”  Jake looked at Chase, somewhat puzzled but nodded.  “Yea, always.”  I waved by to Lucy and we headed back to the condo. 


I had two weeks to go before the Doctor could fully clear me for sexual intercourse.  Plus I had to wait for my Depo shot to come in.  Luckily my bleeding was almost gone and I started to feel somewhat normal again.  I sat on the edge of the bed smiling as Jake came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist.  Fresh out of the shower, Jake walked up to me and I wrapped my arms around him and kissed his chest.  I glided my hands along the hairs on his belly and then towards his waist.  “Mmmm….”  Jake moaned as I removed his towel and threw it on the floor.  Jake gazed into my eyes, running his hand down the back of my head.  I closed my eyes and placed my mouth over his dick and sucked.  “Ahhh…”  Jake moaned while I stroked his dick and licked it like it was a lollipop.  Jake’s breathing deepened as I continued to stroke, lick and suck his dick.  I cradled his balls and gently placed one in my mouth and sucked it.  Jake was so clean and shaved down there in his private area.  “Ahhh….”  Jake groaned as the sensation went through him like lightning.  Jake’s legs started to tense up as he reached his climax.  “Oh God…”  Jake reached his orgasm and shot a huge load into my mouth. I moaned as I felt the warm juices going down my throat as I swallowed.  “Ahhhh….”


 Jake opened his eyes and looked at me as he curled his lip and shot the last load of cum into my mouth.  Jake always enjoyed watching me swallow his cum after every blow job.  I was shy the first time I ever did that, but soon after I couldn’t get enough it seemed.  I pulled Jake’s dick out of my mouth and noticed there was a bit of juice left on the tip so I sucked it off.  Jake jumped back from the extreme sensitivity he felt.  I decided to tease him some more since he always did that to me.  “Ah shit….”  Jake tried to pull away from me but I grabbed his ass and pulled him closer to me.  I licked his dick until Jake was literally on his knees begging me to stop.  I smiled and decided he’d had enough.  I let him go and he jumped back grabbing his dick.  “Mmmm….”  I lay back on the bed laughing as I gave him a mischievous smile.  “Too much for you honey?”  Jake laughed, catching his breath he grabbed his boxers and quickly slipped them on.  “You watch, when the Doctor finally clears you.”  Jake said as he pointed his finger at me.I laughed, knowing he would hold me to that, Jake was a man of his word.


Finally 6 weeks and I was cleared!  I stood fully nude in front of the mirror inspecting my new body.Hello boobs!  I was amazed how huge my breasts had gotten.  At least my tummy was flat again, but man did I get a curvy butt.“You are fucking gorgeous…”  I gasped, then realized Jake had snuck up on me.  He had just gotten home from training.“I don’t feel it but thanks.”  I sighed.Jake had removed his shirt, his biceps were huge and his veins were popping after lifting weights, he was delicious and I wanted him badly.


Jake admired Gina’s nude body, from her beautiful flowing long brown hair down to her freshly done French pedicure on her feet.  Her skin glistened under the dim lighting.  Jake smiled with content as he stepped closer and smelled Gina’s fresh scent. 

As if reading my mind he wrapped his arms around me from behind and kissed my neck.“Mmmm you smell so good,” he said as he breathed in my scent.  I closed my eyes as he reached for my breast and gently groped it.  He slid his other hand down my middle and slipped two fingers between my legs and gently rubbed me.I was already moist.Damn that felt good.  Jake slid his fingers in and out until I was soaking wet, then gently pinched my clit. Jake closed his eyes as he felt my warm wet juices.  Fuck her sweet pussy is dripping wet, I want her so bad now…God I can’t wait to ravish her body with my tongue…and to give her unimaginable pleasure….  I faced Jake as he tasted my juices off his finger.  I smiled as I grabbed his finger and sucked it, tasting my juices. I felt Jake and saw he was very erect.  “Fuck Gina…I’ll be right back, get in bed.”  I nodded as I lay on the queen size bed and waited. 


  I decided to smoke a joint before Jake got out of the shower, boy I needed it badly.  I quickly lit it up and took a few hits.  At least Jake was pretty quick with his shower.I smiled mischievously as he walked in, entirely nude.  His body had definitely gotten more muscular and nicely tanned.  Jake climbed in bed quickly, he looked like a little kid excited in a candy store.  Jake looked at me with a sheepish grin.  “You have no idea how frustrated I’ve been these last couple of months.  I’m sorry but I really don’t like self-pleasuring myself.  And don’t get me wrong, I love getting blow jobs from you but I enjoy fucking you better.”  I giggled.  We were both paranoid about hurting the baby once my belly had gotten so huge that we ceased all sexual intercourse on my ninth month of the pregnancy.  My poor husband was so sexually frustrated for almost a month that he resorted to using his hand to alleviate the stress.  I’ll admit, I enjoyed watching him do that.  There is something about watching a man masturbate that I find really intriguing.


“God I missed tasting you.”  Jake said with a smile as he dove right into my pussy.I tilted my head back as Jake’s tongue touched me.It felt so good.He circled his tongue around my folds and clit, then gently sucked on my nub.  It was heaven. Normally Jake would’ve taken his time playing with my breasts and slowly make his way to my pussy, but he enjoyed giving me oral sex, A LOT.Honestly, I enjoyed it too, too much.He had waited too long, we both had because of the baby.


Jake admired Gina’s pussy, he then closed his eyes and savored her, breathing in her soft scent. God she tastes so fucking good, and she’s all mine… her cunt is so beautiful, so perfect for me…So pink, I can feel her pulsing…and fuck just watching the trail of creamy juices seeping out of her little hole my God, there is nothing that turns me on more than that.….  Jake inserted a finger gently inside me, I thrusted my hips back and forth, tightening my vaginal muscles around it as he finger fucked me over and over and explored me with his tongue.  Fuck, she is so hot…. So wet….all this delicious juice she is creaming all over the place, Fuck!! Jake lapped up every last drop of my juices, then rubbed my clit with his hand until I reached my climax.“Oh Jake!!!  Ahhh!”  I screamed loud as I came. 


 My pussy was pulsing as Jake smiled and kept rubbing my clit aggressively.I closed my eyes as that wonderful sensation took over my body.“That’s it baby, come on.”  Jake whispered as I dug my nails into his back and experienced another powerful orgasm, and another.My legs were shaking as I released.  “You ready for me?”  Jake asked as he held his throbbing rock solid cock against my thigh.I nodded with desperation.Jake decided to tease me one last time, he slid his dick in my mouth and I frantically sucked it, then stroked it until it drove him nuts.  I tasted his pre cum around the tip of his dick, I closed my eyes and savored it in my mouth.  “Fuck me Jake, fuck me please! I want your cock now…!” 


Those were the magic words.Without hesitation, Jake slid his dick inside my pussy.  I let out a moan as I squeezed my thighs together and Jake gave me one long thrust, it felt so good.Jake thrusted in me until I was dripping wet again.  I almost forgot what it felt like to have a dick inside, it felt it had gotten bigger that’s for sure.  Or I got tighter with the pregnancy.  I rested my legs on his broad shoulders as he pounded me hard, the hardest he ever had.

I moaned as Jake sucked on my neck and thrusted deeper and deeper inside me.“Ahhh…Gina….”  I felt Jake’s balls slamming hard against me, as Jake fucked me harder and harder.  Jake reached his climax, he tensed up, and then he released inside me.Wow, he must have had the mother of all loads.He kept cumming and cumming, I was in awe.“Fuck…. Ahhh.” Jake let out a breath of relief then rested his head on my chest.“Feel better?”  I asked with a smile.Jake laughed and nodded, out of breath.“Fuck yea.  You were so worth the wait babe.”  I smiled with content to hear Jake’s words.


 Wow, I was oozing all over the place.Between his juices and mine it was quite a load.I looked down at his dick which was still pretty erect.After I cleaned myself a little I leaned forward and licked the juices of his dick, I could taste myself.“Ahhh, babe!”  Jake moaned as I pinned him down.“That really turns me on you know that?”  Jake said and grinned.“Wow, you’re fucking amazing,” he said as he caught his breath.


 I admired his dick, it was huge and I could see his little veins popping out.  I had prepared for tonight all day, almost 2 hours of excruciating waxing but I’d say I did a pretty good job of getting my cunt prepped for the special occasion.  Jake grasped the back of my head and pushed me harder against his dick as I continued sucking it.  The overwhelming sensation jolted Jake, he was thrusting his pelvis as I continued pleasuring him.  “Fuck!”  Jake moaned and groaned as he felt the intensity.  We ended up falling asleep in each other’s arms, the first time in a long time.


Of course our power nap didn’t last long.  Half an hour later, it was time to feed the baby.I could hear him already screaming at the top of his lungs. “I’ll feed the baby, you rest.”  Jake said as he kissed my forehead and I lay back down.Mila walked in holding the baby and a bottle.Jake took the baby and Mila plopped on the bed next to me.“Hey brat.”  Mila laughed as she got comfortable next to me.“Mom!  I love babies and all but man they’re hard work.”  Jake and I looked at each other with a smile.“Yes they are!”  I exclaimed as I kissed her forehead.


Our daughter had grown so fast these last few months, she had blossomed into a beautiful young lady.She was almost as tall as Jake, very slender, and though I didn’t want her messing with her hair she went ahead and got highlights, I’ll admit it looked good on her.  It scared me though, how fast Mila was growing.Guys were starting to notice her and Cabo was sure full of them.I was not comfortable but at least between Jake and I have taught her to defend herself.“I love you Mila.”  Mila looked up at me with a smile and laughed.“I love you too mom.”Jake looked up from the rocking chair where he was feeding Jacob, “Hey what about dad?”  Mila shook her head laughing.“Love you too dad!” 


“I got to get going here pretty quick.  Chase and Lucy will be at the airport in an hour.”  Jake said as he gently burped the baby.God there’s nothing hotter than a hot buff man holding his little baby boy.“I wish I could come with you.”  I looked over at Mila with a smile.“Mom, I’m supposed to be meeting some friends for dinner.”  I nodded in understanding, poor Mila needed a break from babysitting. 


“I can watch him tomorrow if you and dad want to go out, you guys deserve it.”  Jake winked at me with a mischievous grin. “Alright sweetie.”  Jake handed me the baby and gave me a quick kiss.  “I’ll be back soon babe. I’ll bring dinner, that’ll give Sylvia a brake.”  I was left with the baby who had fallen asleep on my chest, which meant I could take a quick nap!

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