Latin afternoon

Latin afternoon Latin afternoon

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


a good afternoon


a good afternoon


Submitted: July 03, 2013

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Submitted: July 03, 2013



Finally I was able to meet my friend Latin, we had talked for a long time via messages and phone but we were not able to meet up for many reasons, but this time she had invited me to come out and see her and I accepted. She was a half Asian ans half Latin America, this was evident from her face, small body and very petite size and I always told her to eat more. She however had big tits very amazing , I surprised that such a small body with those two dots before seemed so strange.


We went to the cinema, going back to her house and asking me if I want to come in, she had something to show me. I followed her and I realized that there was nobody in the house, she also pointed out with a smile, the with her large family that silence was something beautiful.

Then she took me in her room making me promise to close my eyes, I did, and when she told me the open I saw a big sign that says with a happy birthday and then kissed me on the cheek. My birthday was over a week gone but she had not had the opportunity to be able to give her best wishes. I was surprised and thanked her with a hug. After yet because no one was coming she asked me to stay because she did not want to stay alone in the house, and made room in her bed full of clothes including underwear and I noticed a bra.

So I took her and I asked who knows what happens today ....

She said if you want I'll show you

She undressed showing her white bra but I did not limit myself to that would be taken by hand and squeezed her tits

I told her, that bitch you avoid touching them so ...

And she said, because I was just showing you how it's done, now it's your turn.


I was surprised but I did not I say it twice, those tits look very inviting. Soon as I touched I pulled out and squeezed with my hands, looking at her smug face.

I took her and threw her on the bed, and we started to undress and kiss each other, we did not have much time because we did not know when her family would be home, we undressed quickly and she climbed on me in 69 and I began to lick her pussy while she was holding my cock.

The fact that Latin was more excited me because I had always liked and excited her without saying anything began to lick it with her little tongue and sucking her while I touched her hips and kissed her ass.

At that moment I thought it was a shame not to see her face, with her pretty face from the Asian was beautiful, I was too excited to think I said then stop for a moment and told her to move. She made no objections but said she was not very good but I said I was interested only look at her in the eyes.

She resumed her work but this time with my eyes on her, and it seemed that she liked, so as to return the gaze and trying to put his cock more inside her mouth.

I said, there's the cock can you swallow it all with that little mouth?

Her with a look of defiance said: It's big but I do not care, I will take it all.

Then she began to groped to suck more and more trying to swallow more and more, then I took her long blonde hair and began to push her head toward me.

She said I like in this way, push more so I will take it all inside.

I started slowly but she immediately told me: put more force fuck my mouth harder.


After that I could not make me beg again and pushed her head towards me more and more until my whole cock was inside her mouth, Her eyes were amazing, as if she liked very much what he was doing despite the strength.

After that I put it under me and starts fucking her but I told her, I'm too excited, I can not go slow, and she said, I like it that you go.

I starts fucking her hard and look in the eyes, her cunt was very wet and tight but she did not care to hear the pain, she was impassive and not speak, panting just a little, but unfounded was part of his character.

But suddenly she said: I want to be waiting on me. She sat up and asked me how nothing had happened: I can put it in your ass?

I was surprised and I said yes sure, but without stretching will not hurt?

And she said, It will make me very badly your cock is big, but I do not care.

She took my cock and put it into that tiny little hole but of course it was not easy to enter. But she insisted was able to put my head and then I said: Go let him in.

I did force but it was very tight and did not want to hurt her, but he had entered almost half, and then she said that we have not much time, I want you inside now! So I pulled out the dick and starts licking the hole with his tongue to make it stretch a little.

She did not expect something like that and made a scream, I stopped and asked her more.

So this time I put her to doggie style and I tried to put the cock and she began to tremble and to speak Spanish. I was too excited by all this and starts to fuck her hard spanking and just I did not understand what they say, but most certainly did not want me to stop.

After a while I was going to come, I told her, I want to pick you up in her mouth and she said okay.

She opened her mouth and was ready, but I told her that I wanted was you to make me come with his own hands.

Then began with her small hands to touch his cock and between on and is already up and already I boom, she opened mouth in time and put her lips on his cock as if to suck every last drop

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