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Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure


Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure


Join Ellie as she tackles the future where she faces a completely unknown world filled with Necros. And where humans live by survival of the fittest.


Join Ellie as she tackles the future where she faces a completely unknown world filled with Necros. And where humans live by survival of the fittest.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Unfamiliar World

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Join Ellie as she tackles the future where she faces a completely unknown world filled with Necros. And where humans live by survival of the fittest.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 01, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 01, 2015



1. Unfamiliar World

The rain is pouring down. The sound of thunder is often startling and terrifying. Because the place is so quite it is almost the only thing that can be heard other the downpour. There is a building. It’s probably the only one that’s still standing for miles and miles. All the rest have turned to rubble and dust. With trees and green plants and moss covering them. The building looks old. A portion of it has already broken down but the other portion is still standing firmly. Through the broken wall can be seen a door. The door leads to another door and so on. It looks like the entrance to an OR. The only thing that’s inside is dust covering a very messy room. But there is also something else in there. It looks like a body. A female body to be precise. The body was covered with a sheet, the sheet covered with thick dust and spider webs can be seen here and there. There is no light inside the room. The only source of light is through the glass of the doors coming from outside. But even that light can’t completely light up even a fraction of the room.

The rain doesn’t seem to stop. It shows no sign of stopping either. No one is seen for miles and miles. Nobody, nothing. It’s a barren waste land, if not considered a grave land.

Suddenly there is a sound of a metallic object dropping to the ground. It echoes through the building. So crisp and so clear that it’s almost the only thing you can hear other than the outside rain and thunder. Then, crackling sound. A squeaky sound of doors being opened and closed. Then,

Then, the sound of life. It’s a sound that can only be made by something that’s living. The voice of a human. It looks like that a female has arose from her bed. She’s weak and struggling on her feet. But after an effort she could stand. She’s wearing an outfit that suggests she’s a patient. You can partially see a weird tattoo on her back through the loose tied clothes. She finds her head spinning and hurting a little as she tries to remember. She notices a tag on her wrist. The tag has “V.A. Ellie, Echo #22, Alpha #12,  Serum #450SAH” encrypted on it. Nothing else is written on it. After grazing around she finds clothes kept on a tray with some other things with dust covering them. After shaking the dust off she takes off her current cloths and puts on the cloths she found. A pair of tight full length jeans and a jacket with hoodie.  She grabs the watch from a whole bunch of other things from the tray. But just as she’s about to leave she finds a dusty photo lying on the ground. She picks it up and she takes it outside the room, to the hall way. Wiping it as she walks. In it she sees herself and another boy.

“Ryan. That’s right. I remember. I left him home that day. It was too hard to say goodbye…” she thought to herself in a gloomy mood. But her eye brows suddenly rise like she’s realized something. “Goodbye? Why was it so hard to say goodbye again? Why was I going to say goodbye?” she thought to herself. Before she could think anything else her headache acted up and her head started to heart. “My head’s killing me. I wonder what’s happening. It’s so hard to think. It’s so hard to move too. My body’s so stiff. It feels like I’ve been dead for sometime or something.” She says to herself. After a brief moment of silence she smiles. “What am I saying? Dead for some time? I’m not a zombie or something. So why? Ughhh…” she says.

It’s only now that she notices the dust covered wasteland she’s in. For some reason she hadn’t realized the mess that she’s surrounded in. What happened here she thought to herself? She covered her nose. It’s the stench. But it wasn’t just the stench. It was so dusty that she could feel the dust going inside her lungs as her breaths. She opens and passes through each door finally reaching the final steal shut main door. This is the thing that’s keeping her from the outside world. But it’s locked. Fortunately she’s on the side of the lock. She tries and she tries. But she just couldn’t unlock the gate. It’s like the door has corroded away and has fused. “It’s no use. I’m not getting out this way.” She thought to herself. She notices a staircase. But the lower portion has broken away. “Ok this is freaking me out. What happened here? Where’s the staircase to the down floor?” she said to herself in a nervous voice. I guess the only way is up then. She climbs to the top floor. Or as far the staircase could take her. The upper floor had no roof. Rain was pouring in. “So that’s why the staircase was wet and slippery and muddy.” She thought to herself. Pulling up her hood she goes out into the rain and peeks outside. It’s dark but not that dark. Even with little to no light at all she could notice the rubble the other building have turned into. She’s standing on a building which is the only one standing for miles and miles. She assumed. “I must be dreaming or something.” She thought to herself.

“I guess I can’t go anywhere in this rain. And I can’t get out this way. It’s sheer 5 stories drop from here.” She says to herself as she looks down to the ground. But before she could do anything. Her foot slips. “Oh shit!” She screams. She slips and falls. She first falls to a sheer 3 story height and then rolls unendingly on the slope of the rubble before coming to a stop on the pavement. “Fuck me!!! That…” she stops. She raised her eye brows and sits up form the awkward position she was in. She looks at her hands seriously. “That… That… That should’ve hurt. I mean it should’ve hurt. But…. It didn’t. It didn’t hurt. Wh-why? I mean I felt it. I know I felt it. But it seriously didn’t hurt.” She said out loud. She grabs her body several times with her hands. Starting from her legs to her hips to her stomach, to her boobs, to her face to her butt. She does it several times. She squeezes her cheeks with her hands and pinches herself. “It’s a dream. I’m dreaming. Wake up damn it! This can’t happen in reality!!” She says as she’s squeezing her face and cheeks.

Suddenly the earth beneath her shakes!!! It shakes so terribly that it feels like that the earth is being torn apart. It stops for a brief moment. But then it happens again. This time stronger!! It stops again. Then it strikes again! This time even stronger! It feels like footsteps!

“Wh-wh-what’s this? This feels… the shakes tey feel like footsteps! And it feels like it’s coming from be-be-hind…” she says out loud. A frightened tune is prominent and her voice shakes as she says theses words. She hesitantly looks back. She feels a giant presence towering behind her. As she sits there in the middle of the wet asphalt with the rain pouring down upon her. Suddenly she can’t feel the rain drops anymore. The rain drops aren’t falling upon her anymore. She’s shaking terribly and her eyes are opened wide. She can’t blink. She can’t scream. She can’t get up and run. She swallows her spit and gathers the courage to look behind her. Her eyes get even bigger as she looks the giant that’s towering her. You couldn’t tell if it was rain water or if it was tear that rolled down her cheek the moment she grazed upon the beast. It was big, it was ugly, it was fleshy, it wasn’t anything she’d ever seen before. You couldn’t see it properly but you could tell that it was so huge that it was blocking the rain from falling for a huge area. Hot and stinky air was coming from somewhere within the dark area. It was too dark to see what was in there. But you could tell that it was breathing of something that’s alive. She was completely paralyzed with fear. She was so shocked that she didn’t even notice the awful stench coming from the beast. A moment of silence. It felt like an eternity is passing to Ellie. It’s like the silence before the storm. Then…

 Then the beast roared! It’s roar was loud! So loud that Ellie felt it going through her entire body. It was making her body shake even more than before. The roar was accompanied by a huge burst of wind. The wind was filled with stench and saliva from the beast’s dark and yet unseen mouth. Ellie’s hood came off from the powerful gust of wind. It made her chestnut colored hair flow uncontrollably. Up until now she was staring at the beast without blinking. But she had to close her eyes due to the wind form the roar. There’s a distant shout from far back. But Ellie didn’t hear it. She helplessly sits in the middle of the asphalt surrounded by a messy and rubble-filled area. She once again opens one of her eye’s hesitantly. And then looks up. She could see a huge dark hand like figure rising in the sky. There’s lightening in the sky. It lights up a portion of the beast’s humongous body. She’s certain. “It is just a nightmare” she thought to herself over and over again. “But it all seems too real!!” she thought that very moment. The beast’s hand started to come down. Gradually gaining speed. And it’s aiming for her!! There’s a loud thunder!! And it makes Ellie close her eyes. She closes her eyes and ducks her head! Covering it with both her hands.

A few moments pass by. But nothing seems to have happened. The thunder sound was the last thing she heard. After that a brief moment of silence and then the sound of rain. It seems like ages have come and gone by to Ellie, as she’s covering her head with her hands and sitting helplessly in the middle of an unfamiliar and unreal nightmare-like world. She raises her head and opens her eyes.

The huge hand of the beast has stopped! And stopping it is a humanoid figure!!!

Ellie stares at the new figure with an even more confused but slightly relieved look. It’s the unquestionable body of a man. Or as she thought. As more time passes by she could pic out even more detail about the mysterious new man. He was wearing blackish red pants with two long sheathed swords at his sides. As another lightening came and lit up the environment, she saw even more things about her savior. His back bears many scars. But that’s not even the most distinctive thing about his back. There a long metallic, shiny, spinal cord like instrument that was attached from the lower back of his head disappearing into his pants. And she could clearly see his muscles. They were firm, well shaped, ripped. She could tell that he was strong. She could tell that he had tremendous upper body strength just from looking at the form and structure of his muscles. And it all happens within a moment. The staring the thinking everything. It seems that time is flowing very slowly.

But then the man turns his head back. Ellie looked at the guy’s head. His lips are moving. She can hear his words but she couldn’t understand them. Then she looked up higher. She was even more shocked and surprised! The man stopped the huge hand of the monster that came before! And he’s holding it with only one of his bare hands!

The beast roars again and raises it’s hands higher and higher until it could raise it no more. The lightning strikes and it lights up the environment once again. This time Ellie could clearly see the yellow demonic huge eye of the beast from the lightening. Just as the monster raised his hands the mysterious man un-sheathed one of his swords. The sound the sword made when it was coming out was so very clear! It’s like something you hear from the movies. Ellie starred at the sword. It’s pitch-black on one edge, but has a metallic shine on the other edge. She could also see red static electrical current on the blade of the sword. Once it was completely out, she felt a mild static shock. It felt like every hair on her entire body was reacting to the static shock she just felt. She couldn’t tell if it was because of fear or something else.

The man says something facing the monster. And then as the monster prepares to strike them with it’s huge hand the strange man sweeps his sword and then he sheaths it. To Ellie it looked like he just sweeped the word at nothing but air. But when the sword was completely sheath it made a very distinctive metallic “Tic” sound. The man turns back and faces her. She moves her attention from the hilt of the sword to his face. And then she witnesses something from the cartoons. The huge humongous beast is sliced into two. The two pieces fall back away from her and the strange man. And when they fall the ground shakes like it did a few minutes ago, only more violently! She blinks for a moment but after the shaking stops she opens her eyes again and faces the stranger that just saved her from the clutches of the beast.

She started by looking at his feet. Then gradually moved her vision to the strangers face. The stra nger had prominent and strong abs on his stomach. The six packs are something you from a body builder like character from the cartoons! She’s never seen muscles this well shaped before. And above them is his chest and then his strong shoulders. And then neck with slope like muscles beside them. And then his face. It looked fearless. It looked strong. She found strength just from looking at him! She saw that he was saying something. But she couldn’t understand a word.

Snapping out of her shock she hesitantly said, “I-I don’t understand. I don’t know what you’re saying.”

The man then bowed down to her and touched the upper right part of her head. She receives a mild shock! Her brain’s stunned! But after a while it clears up.

From the confusion and blur she hears, “Can you understand me now?”

Ellie - “What? Why did you do that? That hur-… hey! I can understand you now!”

  • Good. What’re doing here? Why are you in the dead zone?
  • Dead zone? What? What’re you talking about? What did you just do to me? Why can I suddenly understand you?
  • I merely updated your linguistic skills and knowledge with my own with a direct static shock to your brain. That’s why. Now answer my question. What are you doing here? It’s not safe here. Go back to where you came from.
  • Where I came from? I don’t know where I came from. I just woke up in that building. I don’t understand what’s going on.

Saying this she breaks into tears and falls apart for some reason. And then in front of her savior she cries herself to sleep. Her savior stars at her and then at the sky. Distant thunder sounds and sound of rain fall is all that can be heard once again. As the stranger looks up at the gloomy dark sky rain water falls on his face and rolls down his cheeks.


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