The Golden Heart of Leon

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Leon was a killer, he had never had any trouble killing anyone for his master that was until he met Evelyn Monroe who turned out to be his soulmate.

Evelyn Monroe had always been abused by her father until she decided to run away from him only to meet Leon who had a massive secret but what happens when she ends up falling for him? Will people who want to keep them apart succeed? Or will they fight to be with each other? Read to find out.

Table of Contents


So you’re a bit sceptical, then are you? You don’t believe in werewolves – you would mock and call them ‘weird wolves’ and thin... Read Chapter

Chapter One Sherath

The village of Sherath was considered a peaceful place. Everywhere you would go people would say, ‘Oh you would love living here it is ... Read Chapter

Chapter Two Their First Meeting

The sun was setting outside and to Evelyn it was a lovely day to take photographs. It was her dream to become a professional photographer... Read Chapter

Chapter Three You're so Foolish

Leon continued to walk through the village quietly, enjoying the silence. He had planned to go back to the forest. He had informed his ma... Read Chapter

Chapter Four She is my next Victim

Evelyn made her way towards the reception. “Excuse me, I was wondering if there are any rooms available?” She felt very shy in wh... Read Chapter

Chapter Five Keep your friends close but your enemies closer

He sighed. His emotions were mixed. On the one hand he wanted to be loyal to his master but on the other he had developed an allegiance t... Read Chapter