Overwhelming Series

Overwhelming Series

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


This a collection of the first chapters in the Overwhelming Series. Enjoy!


This a collection of the first chapters in the Overwhelming Series.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Overwhelming Eyes

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Eleanor Seto, Ella to family and friends, harboured an important secret. A secret so ludicrous, it would be laughable to all Marvel’s superheroes. While the rest of her other species would celebrate this power, Ella wanted nothing of this curse. Alas, there was no way of ever lifting this curse. All she could do was coping with it as best she could, except the incident with her cousin, Zylen Daniels changed her forever. Then Zylen’s best friend got involved. And then other. What was a girl going to do with not one but three virile men?<br /> <br /> https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/alisoncharm

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 12, 2016



I think I had always loved him. Him as a person. The kind and sweet soul who carried me a few blocks down to the doctor’s when I fell off a tree. Even with his reputation as the virgin eater, I still do. It may be strange though because nobody would be able to tell from my attitude. Indifference. Relaxed. ‘Cool’ if people were trying to be nice. The adjective was a contradiction to the reality. There was nothing remotely ‘cool’ about me.

I dressed like a tomboy as my friend Sherry Hopkins frequently remarks. No matter what she did, she could not ‘transform’ me into a goddess, a scenario found only in dramas. As an aspiring fashion designer, she took my reluctance personally hard. It was now on her list of goals in life. Hopefully she would create another list soon. Until then, I would need to bear with her criticisms. Compared to her clad in slim clothing molded to her perfect figure, I had sweaters covering me up all the time. With a book in hand, I was the dedicated nerd.

Naturally, we were the complete opposites so how then did Sherry and I ever became friends? That was quite easy seeing I have this hot cousin. Yes. The virgin eater. No, he should not be called by that name. It sounded disrespectful and he was nice to me. Zylen Daniels, a name for a thoughtful and breathtaking person. He came around a few times a year to visit the family. He was the only one that visited us because Aunt Bertha chose to adopt me instead of sending me to foster care as expected by the rest of my relatives. With her involvement with me, she was ignored by the family as well. I could never ever love her more.

The friendship between Sherry and I developed with her having an ulterior motive, but after losing her virginity she decided to take pity on my loner status and kept me around. We had an amiable relationship enough. Her presence warded off potential bullies and I helped her with her homework. If she really aimed for a fashion career, she would need to pass basic math first. I was starting to believe the end of the world would be faster than her ability to absorb anything math related.

I looked at the clock, ten past six. Aunt Bertha was late today. She worked as a sales representative at a local mall in the perfume section. A little ironic since she possessed her own unique scent that drove men wild. Whereas I inherited my eye power from mother, Aunt Bertha got the pheromone power. She said it was the natural profession to go into. The scents surrounding her from morning until night would chase everybody away. Including Sherry who just left. She always asked why my aunt put on so much scents but I kept quiet, dancing around the question. All families tended to have weird quirks but me and Aunt Bertha? Strange was an inadequate description. I hardly believed our family curse so I doubt a stranger would accept it as readily.

At the tender age of five, my Aunt Bertha had pulled me aside and made me sit on the table so we looked each other in the eye. Her green eyes extra dark, devoid of her usual gentleness. To say I was frightened was putting it mildly. I would have had wet my pants if I hadn’t been wearing my diapies. The first words out of her mouth could not have shocked me more.

“Ella, your mother did not die in a car crash, she was raped.”

To preamble, dancing around the bush. A straight ball in the court. However, I blinked at her, perfectly clueless. Aunt Bertha sighed up at heaven where mommy went before elaborating. “Eleanor, I know you are confused but bare with me. I would have liked to wait for another year or two but seeing as your powers are developing earlier than we all did in the past, we need to stop it soon.”

Powers? I cocked my head to the side and thought about it. Could it be that the dogs and boys following me around because of this power? I have superpowers! A smile graced my face as I giggled. “Superpowers!”

“No. No!” Aunt Bertha was appalled and immediately set off to correct the misunderstanding. “Ella, it’s a curse! A damn curse and you better listen to everything I say if you don’t want to have the same end as your mother!”

I shut up immediately, afraid of the woman in front of me. Her brows were knitted together and with her hair in a strange up-do, she looked like an evil witch. Of course, I would never call Aunt Bertha that. She was bossy but she meant well. At least, she took me in instead of putting me up for adoption. Nobody from mama’s family would take me in seeing mother chose to ‘get hitched’ with a lowlife. I didn’t know what those words mean until my first show-and-tell to my fellow kindergarteners.

Since I still miss my mommy, I told them about her and how I came to be. How would I know the words would force us to move? The moment I said those words, my kindergarten teacher gasped and took me aside telling me to never say it again. My classmates too were naturally innocent as well. Dissatisfied by the teacher’s refusal to explain what the words meant, the kids returned home and asked their shocking parents. Many parents blamed me for polluting their child’s pure mind. My name was immediately blacklisted by all parents for birthday parties. Aunt Bertha was called in. I did not like the school administrators who were staring down at my aunt with disapproval. She did nothing wrong. I only repeated the words my mother repeated. She said it so happily that it had always made me laugh.

My vision returned to Aunt Bertha’s eyes bouncing like a ping – pong match. She finally settled down and told me flat out. I would never be able to prepare for this, no matter the age.

“It seems like you’ve inherited your mother’s eye power. When you look at anything living, they would fall in love with you. Do you remember that doggy following you home?”

Of course, I do. I even begged Aunt Bertha to let me keep him but she only held me in her arms and ran away like there was a roaring fire chasing after us. The dog chased after us like crazy. To all witnesses, we were like a crazy bunch, no doubt - a strange woman running with a wailing child while getting chased by the dog. If I remembered correctly, the dog got captured by animal patrol.

“Well, the dog is a boy so when you looked at him, he fell in love with you and chased you.” Aunt Bertha gave me a wry smile, her eyes begging me to understand something much deeper than my young developing mind allowed. What I should have realized is that my powers work only on guys and that they would love me.

“I love the puppy.” I said. She smacked her forehead so suddenly that I jumped.

“Oh, I’m sorry, dear!” Aunt Bertha put her hands on my shoulders and started to soothe my arms absentmindedly. I shook a little, afraid to look away from her in case she did something else. I knew there shouldn’t be any fear for my life as she never threatened me before, but this was a side of her I didn’t know.

“Dear, your power doesn’t work only on animals. They work on people. Boys like your age and men as old as me. Older.” She chewed her lips, reining in tears. “Oh, I can’t do this. I’m just going to say it. Ella, your mother was raped by a bunch of men because she forgot to wear her damn glasses.”

Aunt Bertha was crying now. Her tears fell like beautiful morning dew on her pale face. I have never understood why Aunt Bertha never married until I grew older and realized how hard it was to find a man who loves us for who we are. My little hands brushed away her tears but she grasped onto it and cried harder.

I hated to be the cause of her pain but I had a difficult time wrapping my mind around it. “What is raped?”

She sniffed loudly and answered me bravely. “It means someone doing something to hurt you, force something into you against your will. These people would not care about you and continue to hurt you and hurt you because they can’t stop it. They are controlled by your powers.”

Aunt Bertha cooed and hugged me too her. I cried silent tears and I mumbled in her ears. “I don’t want this power.” It was scary.

“I know sweetie, but it won’t go away. It’s our curse.” From then on, I wore glasses made of plain glass. My vision was perfect but Aunt Bertha was strict, never allowing me to leave without out.

As a senior in high school, I finally realized how the curse messed up my whole social life. Sherry had already gotten through sixteen boyfriends compared to my embarrassing zero. I took off my glasses and rubbed my eyes. The sexual frustration was driving me crazy ever since I heard that my cousin ate another person at my grade the last he came over.

Jennifer Vega. No way was she a virgin with her round peach ass and awesome breasts. It was understandable he took her for a ride. Literally speaking. Jennifer boasted how she bounced on him in his Jaguar. If our curses did not pass only to girls, I would have thought he had them as well. This was so unfair. Was I ever going to enjoy the pleasure in life? Was I supposed to live my life in fear? Blaming God was no use because I knew too well that I was too chicken to do anything about it.

Blinking away my tears, I prepared for dinner. Since Aunt Bertha did not call, it must mean she was staying with Lorenzo Simmons. My English teacher. I know. Ew. They somehow fell in love during the parent’s teacher interview and she had been in this ‘I don’t really like you’ relationship with him. Initially I did not like the man because he was taking away my one and only family member and confidante. We were supposed to grow old together surrounded by cats. Give away chocolates to kids on Halloween in our spooky townhouse filled with dust and cobwebs. No chance of that happening now.

Anyway, it was my fault that she fell in love with him. Mr. Simmons would not stop badgering me about my aunt, causing students to spread crazy rumours between Mr. Simmons and I like how we did it in the classroom everyday and – God, I would not go down that memory lane. Aunt Bertha got called in by my school again for the second time, thankfully this was not my fault. The two talked it out in the room and everything was well. Nobody asked about her flushed cheeks and dress on backwards. Overall, everything was solved. And I learned not to be so selfish as to keep my aunt from her happiness. Goody.

Now everybody seemed to hate me because Mr. Simmons never picked on me to answer questions in class. Life.

I made chicken stir fry with bean sprouts, tofu and pineapples for dinner – my favourite dish and the best, if I must say so. After chomping it down, my Aunt Bertha finally sent me a message saying she would be spending the whole weekend with her beloved. Figures. How could you leave a young adult home alone? Oh, right. Adult.

One good thing about her staying away sometimes was the privacy. Why would a young eighteen year old girl need privacy? A shy one at that? Well, it was because I needed it so I can scream to my heart’s content. Moan as loud as I want.

I dropped down the towel wrapped around my body and slid onto the bed. Ever since, Sherry showed me the adult video she snuck out from her dear Benny’s room a week ago, I had been doing this every day at night. I would bit my pillow while digging my fingers into my vagina.

The woman in the video rode the man like a bucking horse. Her satisfied expression really made an impact on me and I wondered whether it really felt good. Curiosity led me to play with myself after Sherry left. It was euphoric and addictive.

Leaning against the wall, I played with my breasts. Squeezing the soft mounds in my hands. I wondered if Zylen loves big chests. Sherry had medium sized ones I believe and a wonderfully tight ass. Big hips and big breasts, I was like the complete opposite of Sherry and Jennifer. Nevertheless, I am allowed to have my fantasy and my fantasy Zylen worshiped my body.

Closing my eyes, I let my imagination go wild and I envisioned him naked before me.

His body dripping wet from his shower, he crawled onto my bed. I shivered as his hands touched my cheeks, brushing down to my chin then lower, hovering to touch my breasts a millimeter away but he dropped down. A low growl escaped my throat at his teasing. He smiled his devilish grin and touched my stomach with his strong digits. The cold water on his skin caused gooseflesh to rise up on my skin, causing a ripple of shivering up my spine.

My body ached for him to touch me roughly, gently, in anyway. I was ready for his touch. He pushed my knees apart so I was spread wide for him, completely open to his gaze. He settled himself in position, kneeling between my legs. His strong build casted a shadow over my little five feet figure which should be frightening but anticipation pumped in my veins. With his blue eyes and black hair, he looked the every bit of a ruffian. Hot. Very hot. Those wonderful biceps and flat stomach like it was photoshopped made me want to touch and lick my tongue all over it but I could not. Not when his hard penis protruding in a hard salute right towards me. A desperate need tore at me, beckoning me to quickly surrender myself for his dominance.

I moaned when he finally pushed in one of his thick fingers. Inserting it as far as possible, he curled the finger and rubbed my hot well. My juices slid down his finger to his hand, coating it until it gleamed. Watching his progress in a hooded gaze, I felt neglected. My body was screaming for more of his touch, so very greedy. His eyes. I wanted very much to stare into his eyes as he made me cum.

With my hands, I squeezed my breasts at him, pulling the pointy tips. My well contracted around his fingers and he looked up to see me pleasuring my breasts. He stiffened, his whole body was tense and in control. He didn’t grin because he was feeling too much. His hard penis strained and appeared harder than ever as he watched me continue to fondle my assets. The place his fingers were playing with quickened and accelerated when I brought a nipple to my mouth and suckled. My breasts were big enough to allow me to do that. The display obviously aroused him and I was glad.

Introduced to his four fingers none to gently, I screamed in pain and pleasure. His thumb flicked my engorged clit, escalating my spasms. The wicked smile on his face spoke of many promises in pleasure…

The sound of a door bell interrupted my wet dream. Unfortunately it was a dream. Sneezing, I grabbed for my pajamas and glasses before stumbling down the stairs. Pushing the bottle-cook glasses with my middle finger, I opened the door, totally unprepared for the guest on my doorstep.

Zylen Daniels in the flesh! My mouth rounded in an ‘o’ as he dropped his bag with a thump and gave me a strong hug, squeezing the air out of my lungs. He shouldn’t have done that. My body’s reaction was instantaneous as I had just woken up from an erotic dream about him and now he was present, tempting me to dispose my dreaded virginity. Just once I wanted to know the feeling of sex. Especially with Zylen Daniels. However, I resisted it adamantly because I was positively, completely certain that I would fall hard. Once would never be enough. It would be the best experience I would ever have and having to compare him to my future love would suck. There was also this teensy – weensy other reason. He was my cousin no matter how many times removed.

The cruel enticing man finally let me go and brushed past. He walked inside confidently and sat down on the couch, totally relaxing by opening his arms and legs wide. What was this sex god doing here in the middle of the night smelling like a heavenly fruit? Breathing out slowly, I closed the door and turned to my Himeros, the god of sexual desire.

“Hey, Ellie.” His masculine voice echoed in my mind and the small town house. Whenever he was here, I tried to stay away not because I was scared – alright, I was terrified of jumping him, having my wicked way with him. The war between my mind and body left me nauseous. Whoever said only guys were sexually frustrated? No. Perhaps it was only me. Darn.

“Hi.” I returned weakly, going into the kitchen and grabbed a drink for him. It wasn’t like I wanted to be a good hostess, it was just that I needed to stay mobile, busy if you will. Moving burns energy, and I needed a lot of sexual energy burned after that dream. Good thing I wasn’t actually touching myself.

“Thanks.” He popped it open and chugged. His head tilted back and his shirt pulled tight to encase his awesome body as he drank. That was the sexiest Coke commercial moment ever. He sighed, his chest puffed up and down. With the back of his hand, he wiped the drink that slid down his delicious throat disappearing down the V neck shirt.

My eyes darted away and I fiddled my sleeves. At least all of this sexual desire was on my part so I just needed to control myself. Yes. If I reign in my attraction for him, I would be fine. A voice at the back of my mind sniggered but I was not going to be defeated by my naughty girl side.

“So what brings you here?” I grabbed for a broom and started sweeping the floor. It was practically spotless, that was how much time I had on my hands.

“Come sit, Ellie.” He gave the spot next to him a few pats but I waved at him, dismissively.

“Nah, I need to exercise.” Which was true, but no matter how hard Aunt Bertha scolded me to stay healthy, I always put it off. She would be glad to know I finally willingly took up exercising. The motivation was enough in this instance. “So what’s up?”

“I got chased out of my apartment.” He leaned his head back on the sofa, staring at me upside down.

I frowned, my chin rested on the stick for a second. “Are you in debt?”

He laughed at that. “Nope, you’ll never guess it.”

That intrigued me but I wouldn’t show it on my face. I bent down and tried to get at the stuff under the table without me going around it in circles.

“I guess I’ll tell you. There is this one girl and another girl that kind of met.”

Oh, figures. I sighed and put my fists on my hips, staring at him. “Let me guess, you need a place to stay.”

“Yup. Hopefully they’d be gone by tomorrow but I doubt it.” He shrugged his shoulders and stretched, standing up. His six foot three height was solid muscle from all his extreme sports. From surfing to rock climbing, he did them all. All his little adventures made him really sought after in parties and being schooled nearby, his fame obviously reached my school.

This was starting to be a nightmare wrought by the hell. What were the people watching over me thinking? With Aunt Bertha gone off doing the doggy business, how the heck was I supposed to control myself? This was so not good.

“Great. You’ll have to take Aunt Bertha’s room since she’s not here.” I may love the man but I so do not want to stay in Aunt Bertha’s perfume heaven. She could keep that to herself and Mr. S. I shivered at the thought.

He groaned loudly, making me giggle. “Come on, I’m a guest! Shouldn’t you give your guest the best room in the house?” The reality was, Aunt Bertha’s room smelled like a perfume hell. No matter how much I loved the woman, I stayed clear away from her area. Lingering too long in her room would induce respiration problems for certain.

“The living room?” My eyebrow rose in question. Although we do not carry a conversation often, but when we do, we managed to have some tender moments like this. Light and comforting.

“I was going to say your bedroom.” He murmured, giving me a wink that all but turned me mute. My breath hitched and it took many internal chanting to stop myself from choking. Was he suggesting what I think he is? No way. The man would not come on to me. He did not even get erect when I was in his arms. No. I watched suspiciously as he walked leisurely towards the stairs and before I could react, ran up. Call me slow, because I obviously did not catch the man’s evil glint. His body generally distracted me.

“Hey!” I called and scrambled up but he slammed the door in my face. The jerk! Not to mention the sly grin he sent my way. It was absolutely devious and hot!

“Open up the door, Zylen!” I banged but he did not answer. “Don’t ignore me!”

“I’m already naked and in bed.” He yelled behind the door. I gasped and pounded louder. Half appalled and half excited about the prospect of him naked in my bed. Having the man there would be like selling my soul to the devil, entrapped in lust. I would be betraying my goal to become a rotting spinster.

“You are polluting my sanctuary!” I threw a hissy fit with the jumping and screaming. Then the next thing I knew, my smack landed on a hot firm chest. I gulped, staring at his dark pointy nipples and that wonderfully tanned skin.

“That wasn’t nice, calling me a pollutant.” He chuckled and I gasped, pulling my hand from his rumbling chest. Turning away, I stalked towards Aunt Bertha’s room with him taunting me ‘Sweet Dreams.’


Bright sunlight pierced through my closed lids awakening me from my deep slumber. I moaned into a heavenly smooth warm chest. This was the first time I woke up with such a feeling of comfort. The arms tightened around me and I could hear a low rumbling growl, a sound that soothed my aching heart. My dreams were becoming immensely realistic and I figured I should not look a gift horse in the mouth. Trying to get the most of it, my hands roamed from the hard chest, rippling stomach to the broad hard back and taut buns, squeezing the flesh elicited a muffled groan from somewhere far away. Weird. But that was alright, dreams did not always tend to make sense. I enjoyed the feel of hard arousal digging between my legs and Imy eager hand wrapped around it.

The volume of the moan increased and I could feel a soft nose brushing my ear a couple of times before something wet slid in. Something wet?

My eyes opened and I froze, turning to find someone kissing my neck. Gasping from the shock, I dug the heel of my palm into his hard chest, pushing in panic. Zylen held on tight, pressing his erection down on me slowly shifted up and down. Oh god, he is humping me! A moan escaped from me at the feel of his hand squeezing my ass. Even through the clothing, I could feel the scorching heat of his hand. My control was slipping and I needed his help.

“Zylen! Stop! Wake up!” I cried, desperate to get away. My voice sounded raw, already filled with pleasure. We must not cross that line. He stilled and looked up, resting his chin on my breasts. His drowsy eyes could barely open as he said, “Ellie?”

“Yes!” I sighed and pushed him to get up. He sat on the heels of his ankles and rubbed his sleepy eyes. So adorable. From the morning light above my head shining down on him, he looked every bit like a sexy angel. Escape was far from my mind as my hungry eyes landed on his arousal standing tall. This must be his morning wood. Was it because of me that he became so big? It was almost as long as my 30 cm biology textbook. Oh my goodness. The colour, the texture, the shape! It was something I’d never seen before in my life. The sight mesmerized me and I swallowed hard.


“Yes?” I squeaked and looked up to his amused eyes. The look of amusement disappeared, replaced by a feral gleam. What? Why? With a roar, my pajama shirt was ripped open. My eyes rounded in shock but the feeling couldn’t be compared to his mouth biting my nipples and suckling them alternately in a greedy haste. I half pushed and gripped Zylen’s strong shoulders but he did not move a muscle. The man was strong and overcome with lust so suddenly! Why – my glasses. I whacked a hand at my eyes and groaned. The glasses! I forgot them. Of course, why else would the man ravage me of all people out of the blue? I must stop this! Even though I thought of countless times to whip my glasses away like a sexy goddess, I did not actually do it because it wasn’t right. I shouldn’t be using my powers to seduce men. Silly, stupid Eleanor Seto!

I screamed when his hand ripped my pants down and cupped my wet sex, his middle finger intruded suddenly, twirling inside my virgin as the heel of his strong palm pressed down on my clit. I squirmed in delicious tremors. Untameable feelings rose within me with nowhere to go. An infernal of desire was brewing hotter and hotter. I needed something inside me now! Something harder and thicker than his fingers thrusting in and out of me. “Zylen!”

“Ellie!” He moaned and kissed me. My first kiss was with Zylen Daniels and he took me all the way to a white haven. A burst of white light blinded my eyes and I erupted, screaming into his mouth. Lying from the aftershocks of my post-orgasm, I felt my clothes peeled away from my sweaty body. A palm rested on top of my stomach and I groaned at the tingling there. A slight draft breezed against my damp sex and I was semi-consciously aware that my right leg was being raised up, perpendicular to my limp body. Then something hard pierced me in one smooth motion and I cried out from the pain.

It was the most painful and fulfilling feeling ever. I pressed my hand on my stomach, feeling something hard going all the way to the hilt. My eyes readjusted to the figure leaning slightly forward, holding my legs up to his chest. He held onto my right thigh, his eyes barely able to keep open. He massaged the flesh on my thighs and murmured, “Relax, Ellie. You’re too darn tight.”

“Of course, I am!” I managed to cry out an appropriate response to his inquiry as he began to move in short thrusts. His balls slapped my ass, beating me into submission and all I could do was to breathe in deeply, willing my body to start relaxing soon. The reality of what is happening was causing me to be more aroused than ever. What was happening between our bodies? God. I wanted to have a mirror to see whether we were truly connected. No. Wait. I might throw up from the pressure. Instead, my hands felt his body, running them on his smooth chest slightly sprinkled with chest hair that only made him very sexy.

My eyes glistened with unshed tears as I took in Zylen’s impossibly large sausage under the bright morning light. It was seriously that large. Zylen brought one of his hands down to my sex and pulled at my clitoris, stimulating another orgasm from me. My spasms did not even end before he was rubbing it again, turning me into an even more louder idiot. Begging him to touch me and play with me harder. The words coming out of my lips sounded like blubbering in my ears, completely foreign to me but I was beyond caring.

His strokes became more urgent as he pulled almost completely out and then rammed it back into me without mercy. He was unrelenting and I could not stop my chest from undulating. If he kept pounding into me, I would surely get a heart attack! Arching myself up so I could touch him, I tried to speed things up.

He gladly helped me up, lifting me with his strong arm around my waist. I felt small and light in his arms, a foreign feeling that I never had. He dropped my leg and I was now sitting on an imaginary chair or more precisely, sitting on his long erected pole. The fullness made me mute as he humped me while kneeling, impaling me impossibly deeper.


I felt like I would be split apart if he continued. My hands reached for his sensitive spots. His nipples and balls. One hand flicked the flesh, squeezing it while the other dipped back and squeezed the full soft balls the size and shape of kiwis.

“Oh!” Zylen stoked inside my wet oven in earnest, his hands gripped my waist as he rapidly thrust inside me and finally exploding inside. Long spurts soaked the fire in my oven, leaking out onto his staff. We hugged each other, breathing heavily.

The mind blowing sex we just had was like a crazy marathon run. Zylen collapsed on my side, pulling me to him. Basking in the afterglow, I took in the sweaty chest heaving in front of me. We were so hot that we produced sweat. I took in a shuttering breath, bringing shivers tingling all the way to my toes.

“Are you cold?” Zylen breathed out each word, obviously not yet recovered. My answer was a gasp as his penis shrank and slipped out. Reality slapped me hard in the face and my eyes popped open.

“Oh god!” I pushed him away and tried to run, only that I couldn’t even hold myself up and ended up collapsing in a spectacular heap on the floor.

“Ellie – ”

“Stop where you are!” My cry was hoarse, definitely not sexy. There was silence as I slowly continued. “Don’t look at me.” I trembled as something wet dripped out of me. I was almost too afraid to think what it could be.

He did not answer and I couldn’t well turn back. What if he met my eyes again and we started another round? My sex did a little jolt, letting my brain know that my body was up for it. No. One mistake was enough. No matter how much I fantasized, it should remain as a fantasy.

I crawled up, holding my chair and with as much dignity as a hunched cow I wobbled out, using the walls as my main supporters.

Closing the door of Aunt Bertha’s room, I let out a quavering curse. What now? How should I explain to him? I finally lost my virginity to Zylen Daniels, my cousin! I should be rejoicing, right? No. Somehow it only gave me a big headache of what the future would be like. Wrapping my arms around my knees, I cried silent tears.

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