Loving Bunny

Loving Bunny

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Bunny has always been overlooked by the opposite sex all her life. Her physical attributes were just not appealing enough. All that changed once she became a surrogate for her boss... **Definite smut and naughty bits~~innocent viewers are advised...



Bunny has always been overlooked by the opposite sex all her life. Her physical attributes were just not appealing enough. All that changed once she became a surrogate for her boss...

**Definite smut and naughty bits~~innocent viewers are advised...

Chapter1 (v.1) - Loving Bunny

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Bunny has always been overlooked by the opposite sex all her life. Her physical attributes were just not appealing enough. All that changed once she became a surrogate for her boss...<br /> <br /> **Definite smut and naughty bits~~innocent viewers are advised...

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 29, 2015



Chapter 1

Men never looked at me like they want to devour me. I was just your average Asian with dark hair and eyes. Lips that appeared too masculine compared to the pretty lips in posters. Calculating the cost of contacts for a year I opted for my thick glasses instead. Unappealing to the general public I found a baking job that did not require any skills.
When the owner, my brother’s friend asks if I will be a surrogate mother, my thoughts were why not and months later I found myself with curves I never knew. Who knew my puberty begins after giving birth?

With my new body, men would turn their heads as I walked past. My mind was miles away. If you were a woman you will know. My breasts were aching and I couldn’t wait to get to that employee bathroom fast enough. I already milked in the morning but today was just one of those days. As I have been working for over a year now and with the privilege of being a close friend, I got the key to the store. It was still early.

The store was beautiful in a comfortable homey way. Thin curtains that allow the summer wind to brush through and comfortable velvet plush chairs around round tables. The glass counter displayed the many goodies that bakery has to offer. I especially loved the pumpkin crème shortcake. Just imagining the sweet taste got me excited. Post-pregnancy was turning me into a shameless woman.

I holed myself inside the washroom and took out the necessity. Glasses and the small pump machine only frantic fiddling told me that the machine decided to rest for the day or the whole eternity. So I did break it when I was pleasuring myself while pumping. I was a little jittery today and somehow kicked the machine off the bed. It was a messy cleanup. My room now smelled like milk. Tonight I will open a lavender scented candle and hopefully get rid of the smell.

So what should I do now? While thinking that I heard a clink and alerted me to the entrance of my boss. Did I mention my boss was hot to the extreme? Very hot? If there was a hot-metre he would cause the mercury inside the tube to erupt from the bulb. Dear lord, I should not think of long bulbous things for a while.

Certainly, he was hot but that did not mean anything. He was married to what I secretly denounced as a deuce of a wife who had a perfectly good vagina but due to the fact she wanted to retain her slim model figure decided not to have a child. Why anyone would settle for the vain witch who always poked fun at my dorky looks get married was absolutely unfair! Although I said that, I knew why. She was a beautiful size zero with awesome breasts and ass for another unfair reason. Why would God bestow so many good things to a woman like that?

She was the perfect creation for the perfect man, my boss, Vincent Carter. He went by Carter as football names kinda got stuck. My brother and he were friends since high school so I knew pretty much about him. The glass against the wall trick worked fabulously at our house and I got to listen to all their stories sharing. And I also found out the type he liked. The leggy brunettes with awesome knockers. I doubted I could get taller when I hit sixteen. Even with exercising and drinking milk everyday did not do the trick. Asking my parents whether I was adopted only made them laugh. I was the short little bunny in my family, appropriate nicknamed as I jumped at every little sound back then.

“Emma?” A knock at the door got me jumping, and I let out a little squeak. The deep velvet chuckles behind the door made me blush for various reasons and telling my libido to calm down was naturally unsuccessful in my state.

“Y-yes.” I stammered, turning the faucet on and rubbed my face with cold water. That calmed me down a bit.

“We’re starting in five. I’ll set up the front today.”

“Oh, thank you.” Even I gasped at my lame response. Setting up the job was my usual job seeing how I was adamant in staying holed up in the kitchen. Baking could not be celebrated as a skill to me. It was something I do naturally at home in the past with mama. With all the baking we do it was a wonder sometimes as to why we’re still thin. Although mom did gain weight, shh! Don’t say anything in front of her.

Slowly opening the door I poked my head out and looked from side to side. The road was clear. I got myself to the small employee room where I can deposit my bag in the corner and put on the apron located at the customary hook. There were lockers but they were all claimed by other employees. The full-time employee me, was somehow left without a locker. It said a lot about my lame personality did it not?

The apron hid my chest area and I felt a little more relieved. My chest was one of the main topics among the employees now. A few even tried to hit on me. Luckily Carter was there and fired the bastard. He was my knight in shining armor, albeit a married one. Thinking about this was depressing.


A sound made me turn and I stared into baby Madison’s beautiful blue eyes. Her eyes were definitely from Carter. So was the rest of her face. Only the hair turning brown told me there was some DNA from Carter’s wife, Kelly. However, there might be a miracle that the hair would turn black. Right? Not bloody likely.

“Hiya Maddy.” The little baby giggled and closed her tiny hand around my finger. Her grip was tight for a barely six month old. My whole body relaxed as I continued to coo and tickle her. She giggled and got me laughing too. God, I missed her!

“Kelly got work suddenly today and it was too late to find a babysitter.” Perhaps I was a little sensitive but my ears detected a hint of annoyance at his words. Turning, I observed him. His arms crossed and he looked a little moody for a second before smiling his everyday smile. “Let’s get this bakery running before the morning rush.”

I nodded. Giving a kiss on Maddy’s forehead she released me. In her bouncy chair she watched as we baked only this time it made the task more enjoyable. Whenever she gurgled we would turn and look at her. Most often our eyes would meet and we exchanged a brief smile.

Whenever I passed by she would laugh as I blew her a raspberry. She loved the noise and would try to mimic it. That got us laughing. Around halfway to the morning, the kitchen was getting noisy and we decided to move her to the office. Carter got a baby monitor set up so I was relatively relieved.

“Hey, Emma,” Carter poked his head into the kitchen, rubbing his sore neck. “We’re a little free now, why don’t you take a break?”

“Okay.” I said, placing the tray I was working on into the oven and set up a timer. “Around fifteen minutes and they’re good.”

“I’ll get Jasmine to look into it. And I’m sorry to bother you but can you take a look at Maddy?”

His eyes drooped like a puppy’s and my heart melted. He could ask me anything and I wouldn’t have minded.

“Sure.” The word choked out from me as I tried to calm my beating heart.

“Maddy.” I smiled when she recognized me. Pulling her out of the bouncy seat I was alerted with how smelly she was. Normally she smelt like a good baby but she was bad at the moment. “Oh Maddy, why didn’t you tell us? You don’t have to be so considerate.”

She only blinked at me, biting her fingers. She must be hungry as well. Sometimes I wondered if babies resemble their parent’s personality. My parents always told me how quiet I was all the time. The only time I ever cried was when brother stole my toy.

Changing her diapers was also an easy feat except for the poop mess. It was like diarrhea displayed instead of staying inside the toilet forever. After cleaning the mess and washing my hands, we both rested on the little couch that managed to fit in this small space.

Carter was not the most organized person in the world. The papers were piled high and I think I just saw a ledge that went back to the previous year. It was amazing somehow at how he can turn his bakery into one of the most popular ones on the street. He was starting a chain of royalties. The one we operate here is known as King. The one opening next week is called Princess, in honour of baby Maddy. I was surprised he did not open Queen yet for his wife but I would definitely now complain.

Rocking Maddy in my arms I remembered the talk about the new store. Somebody would need to go there and oversee the store. Naturally it would be me or Carter seeing how we both worked full time. The move may be temporary but it still caused friction in my heart. It did not matter who went over because I would still be unable to see him.

“U…” Maddy pawed at my clothes and I immediately knew what she wanted. Good thing I removed my apron and only had my blouse to worry about. Pushing one cup under my breast, I let Maddy suck my sensitive nipple. Her tongue flicked against the tip and I gasped. It was decadent but I imagined it was Carter’s tongue teasing me instead and closed my eyes.

His hot muscle roughly laved at my sensitive nipple, drawing it between his teeth. Warm milk gushed out at his command at a pace startling me. The tension drew out an orgasmic tsunami between my legs. His long fingers opened my pussy and let it all flow out.

“Hey Emma, how’s Ma-”

My eyes popped open and saw Carter standing there like a frozen statue, his hand still grasping the knob. His eyes were glued to the place Maddy was busy suckling. My face blushed and I tried to discreetly shield his line of vision. Seeing myself was one thing but I did not want others to dissect my body.

“Uh, sorry.” Carter closed the door and walked towards his desk. “I just wanted to tell you that you can go rest a bit and I can watch Maddy.”

“Oh, of course.” I did not need a mirror to tell me my hot cheeks were red. Holding Maddy I tried to pull her away but the more I did the more she held on.

“Ah.” I released a gasp when at one particular moment she all but bit me.

“W-what’s wrong?” Carter came around his desk and knelt before me. He was so close to me. Of course we sometimes stood next to each other but this was different. This would be the first time he saw my chest. His large hand stroke Maddy’s thin hair but she ignored him, concentrating on furiously attacking my breast. I squirmed as I struggled with how to get away from this predicament.

“Is it always like this?” Carter murmured, his blue eyes struck me like a lightning bolt in a clear sky.

Stuttering, I managed with the few wits still left in me. “Y-yah. The first time at the hospital she would suck furiously until she drained everything.”

My voice sound rusty even to my ears and I grimaced. Chancing a glance on his face I could not tell what he was thinking. His eyes seemed so dark all of a sudden and his chest rose and fell fairly quickly. Was he mad? Wait…did I say suck? Dear lord.

Thankfully Maddy released me with a pop. Not good. I lifted the cup beneath my breast back in place and near pushed his daughter to his face. Only, Maddy seemed to have other ideas. She cried a loud wail like she was being bloody murdered, completely shocking the both of us.

“Ah…” Carter silently cursed rubbing his ear. “What is it baby girl?”

He tried to bounce Maddy in the air but she continued to bring the house down on us. “You just got your tummy filled right?”

“She must still be hungry.” I cleared my throat and said. “Since she’s here, let me feed her some more.” The words were out before I could retract them. Why would I say what I did? I must be crazy saying that in front of a man. He was not a complete stranger but still, a married man, a man who I had a crush on since little.

“Sure.” He knelt down again and this time got a front row seat as I peeled my black bra cup of my left breast down and Maddy launched herself there. He watched as if fascinated and when finding me watching him, he laughed softly. “It’s the first time I’ve seen this. It’s a little amazing. Thank you.”

I was humbled somehow by his words and in reply, “No, Maddy’s amazing. Thank you.” There was no falsehood in these words. Maddy brought a change in my life. For the first time, I felt needed and admired.

“You know.” Carter said still kneeling in front of me and Maddy. “Kelly will be gone for the whole week. Some photoshoot abroad…do you think you can stay with us during that time?”

My eyes opened wide. Was he inviting me to stay at his house? Seeing my surprise he quickly added, “So Maddy doesn’t have to drink from a bottle. It’s more convenient isn’t it?”

His words meant to relieve me only made me more distressed inside. I was positively screaming. So I will be a live milk bottle for his daughter?


There was no end to my stupidity.

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