The Pot Artist

The Pot Artist The Pot Artist

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


My first attempt at any kind of writing. This is a shorty story about an admirer finding her Madonna.Feedback welcome


My first attempt at any kind of writing. This is a shorty story about an admirer finding her Madonna.Feedback welcome


Submitted: March 01, 2012

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Submitted: March 01, 2012




“The Pot Artist” – said the invitation, just under the artist’s name, Rocky

The Porsche came to a halt in front of a small Art Gallery in a quiet lane in heart of New York City. She entered, and all she saw were huge pots and sculptures, all colored. She had agreed to visit, when her friend insisted it’d be different, since she was only into paintings and only as an admirer. She was awestruck to find intricate and detailed paintings on the pots and sculptures, which looked like simple paints from afar. She was still studying the last piece of sculpture, when the hostess spotted her.

“Hi, Julianne,” as she introduced herself.

Julianne remembered her from previous exhibitions where they had bumped into each other.

After casual greetings and petty conversation,

“How do you like it, so far?”

“It’s quite interesting and very unique, indeed,” she said as she turned around panning the room and wondering what the artist looked like. Maybe a typical art-freaky types, she wondered to herself.

“Would you like to meet the artist?” her hostess asked.

“Sure,” the answer more to confirm her guess work then curiosity to meet.

The hostess turned towards a couple who were talking to someone with their back to Julianne,

“Rocky,” she called out.

A five foot six inch tall girl, around 30 years, (thought there was no way to confirm) with black straight hair boyishly cut till the nape of her neck, wearing formal light blue shirt, tucked under a black trouser covering endless legs walked towards them. Julianne felt she was hit by a lightning.

“This is Roxanne, the artist, and Rocky this Julianne.”

“Hi,” said Rocky as she stretched out her hand to greet with a heart- melting smile.

As if possessed, Julianne, shook her hand and felt the strength in her arms. Must be into some sports for sure, deduced Julianne. They conversed and discussed art for sometime, before Julianne abruptly left the scene as her phone rang. And thanked God once outside, cause any longer and she would have probably felt the wetness between her thighs. It had been a huge effort to control herself. Rest of the day passed in replaying the meet and imagining about Rocky. In the past 2 years she had had flings and slept with various girls, but no one shook her up as much as Rocky. She had to meet her again, and would not rest until she had ….! She could not believe herself acting like a teenager at 40. She had given up her career at 30 to get married and make a family. After 8 years she had realized she was a lesbian and the divorce was no way close to easy. But what she felt today, she couldn’t remember ever feeling it.

She looked up Rocky in the local sites, spotted her pottery lessons and enrolled for one on the net. On her first day she was not at all happy to see she had 3 more ladies for company. At the end of the second session, she walked up to Rocky who was busy tiding up the place.

“I had a request to make”

“Yes” she said as she stood tall facing her. She felt swallowing a lump in her throat.

‘God she smells so sensuous.’ She thought.

“I…I was thinking if it would be possible for you to arrange one-on-one sessions cause I run a business which calls for erratic hours.”

“We can accommodate that.”

“Is Sundays 3pm fine?”

“Sure” was an instant reply she didn’t expect. Her research confirmed Rocky to be lesbian, but nothing about her let it out.

After 4 sessions, Julianne was still struggling to get the clay right. The next session, she was overtly frustrated with her progress at pottery and with Rocky. It just wasn’t going anywhere.

“Oh shit!!Not again” she sighed and dumped the lump of clay back into the bucket.

Just then Rocky came with a fresh and perfect looking clay, put it on the potter’s plate in front of Julianne. She sat across from her facing her and then took her hands in hers and started pressing them on the clay with the right pressure at the right spots to shape it. As the lump came to form, she looked into Julianne’s eyes,

“You need concept, vision, perception, passion, love and most of all patience to mould the clay and shape it the way you want” not once moving her eyes and still shaping the clay. This time Julianne could not control herself from getting wet. After that episode, things got warmer and they started opening up to each other. Casual coffees, lunches and dinners, conversations on art, hobbies, etc. followed as they got cozy in each other’s company. Five months down, Julianne was already half way through the small sculpture she wanted to do..

On a late Sunday evening, both were in Rocky’s apartment, working on their projects. Julianne on her sculpture, and Rocky on her canvas, which was a challenge set by Julianne.

“Yes, yes, yes. I have done it. I HAVE DONE IT.” She burst out as she finally completed her sculpture.

Rocky ran from across the room to see the finished product. She stood there admiring the piece,

“Right on Baby! This calls for celebration” as she  looked at her Julianne, happiness and exhilaration writ all over her face.

“Yes it does, it does” she admitted as she locked eyes with Rocky’s.

“Wait…wait .What did you just say?” as thunderbolt hit her to what Rocky had just said.

Suddenly Rocky realized what she blurted.

“Uh…Uh, This calls for celebration”

“No, before that”

This was it, she could not resist the temptation any longer. She slid her right hand under her muse’s lose unbuttoned checkered long shirt to hold her by the waist and pulled her as close as possible. The left hand reached for the nape of her neck and looked right into her eyes.

“I said, Right on, Baby” and planted her lips on her mouth, with a kiss that not only shook Julianne, but she found herself giving into it as her hands circled around the tall girl’s waist, and up her back, to hold her tight, more to support herself as she kept going weak in her eyes. It was unnecessary, cause at 2 inches taller, Rocky had already held her and swept her off the feet, literally. She could feel every nerve in her body concentrating on the kiss.

“I…I thought…you…weren’t interested.” Julianne managed as they stood breathless in each other’s arms.

“You’re kidding, right?”

“I mean, I didn’t get anything that suggested …” Rocky cut her by placing her finger on her muse’s lips.

She lifted the lock of her long blonde curl from her face, “Ever since the day we shook hands the first time and you walked away in your body hugging dress, I have not been able to concentrate on anything. All I could see was you. And finally today…... You have no idea how much you’ve harassed me and tortured me and now it’s payback time.”

She carried her in her arms and to her bedroom. Julianne stood at the closed door, as she saw her lover draw up curtains. She ran upto to the last window Rocky just pulled the drape on, slid her hands around  Rocky’s waist and softly started kissing her back. Rocky turned around, engaged her in kiss as her hands pulled off the shirt and the sleeveless tee she was wearing and pushed her gently on the bed. Julianne’s hands pulled off the body tight tee Rocky was wearing and ran her hands over her breasts. All this while the kisses showering. Rocky pulled her hands over her head. Taking a break from the kiss, she looked into her eyes,

“No lady, no way. The pleasure’s going to be all mine.” She pressed her hands down on the bed, above her head and started slowly, softly and sensuously kissing her eyes, lips, her neck, playfully licking her ears and shooting 1000 watts of current all through Julianne’s body. Julianne breathlessly watching her, biting her lips and enjoying every moment. She moved down towards her chest and her  breasts and started licking softly. Her tongue barely touching the taut nipples.

“Aaaaaahhh…”moaned Julianne. And the next moment it went longer as Rocky sucked on her breasts, moving her heads sideways as she could not take it anymore.

“Rocky please,”  she somehow spoke, but Rocky was busy enjoying on the supple soft breasts, her hands still holding hers down. Her mouth continued it’s journey down south and licked at her belly button. She looked up from what she was doing and at her muse’s face. She came upto her, caressed her cheeks,

“Am I hurting you, baby?” She pulled her hair back and put her head down with a lusty kiss, and seeking her tongue to which Julianne obliged..

“No, not in a bit. I thought I was the hungry one.” as she looked in to her eyes.

“Not as hungry as me, I bet.” By then they were completely naked. Her lips teasing the top of her smooth mound. She continued teasing, kissing and even nibbling, as Julianne eagerly waited for the final move.

“Don’t .don’t “ she begged.

Rocky came up to her again. Both panting.

“Don’t what Baby?”

“Don’t torture, please. I realize now what you went through, but I beg you please don’t do this. I can’t take it anymore.”

Rocky looked into her eyes and saw that she really couldn’t hold herself. She went down again and started pouring all her love, something she had dreamt all this while, something she wanted to own and now finally did. She had promised herself to make her beg and here she was. Julianne moaned and pleaded again, something.

And then finally slid her finger and entered Heaven. Her finger moved inside, with mastery like none. Julianne’s moans were now turning high in volume. As the second finger entered, Julianne felt she just got shot up in a rocket. It was nothing she had ever felt, and she just didn’t want it to stop. She felt her juices flow.

She bent forward to look at Rocky who was smiling mischievously as she saw the flow. She licked the entrance once more and pushed her fingers in, jolting Julianne to another world yet again. Julianne was still throbbing with the after shocks of orgasm, as she came up to her slowly nibbling, kissing, and playful caressing her body and gently put Julianne’s head on her left arm.

Looking into her eyes and kissing her forehead she said,

“You are my perfect bite. Right amount of salt, sugar, and spice where it matters the most” and kissed away tiny droplets of sweat from her face.

“What? A per fect bite?” she couldn’t stop giggling

“What’s funny?” Rocky asked, pinning her left hand down and strengthening the hold.

“Nothing.”  “Nothing?” more strengthening

“OK. OK. I’ll tell. Just that I was expecting something on the lines of sculpture jargon”

“That just became my second nature.”

“What’s your first? Now?”

“Let me just show you again’ and started caressing her perfectly shaped breast.

“No, please, not anymore. I wont be able to take it. I’ll it this way. In your arms, touching you.”

They kissed passionately before moving on to dreamland.


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