Not decided yer

Not decided yer Not decided yer

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian



My very first shot at writing This is the first chapter, very raw, still pondering how to build it up. Comments, suggestions red carpet welcome



My very first shot at writing This is the first chapter, very raw, still pondering how to build it up. Comments, suggestions red carpet welcome

Chapter1 (v.1) - Not decided yer

Author Chapter Note

My very first shot at writing This is the first chapter, very raw, still pondering how to build it up. Comments, suggestions red carpet welcome

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 16, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 16, 2012




"Good Morning", she said sitting at the bedside and bent to kiss her wife.

"Hmm.." "What a morning!", was the response followed by a 2nd dose. Lying on the bed, she pulled her long blonde hair back and smelt the perfume, she kept looking at the face which had an inexplicable glow in the morning as the sun rays brightened the bedroom. This was the face, which had added new meaning to her life and still did.


"Nothing. Just wondering about my store of luck to have found you. And I would like to show my appreciation by pulling you down right now and..." her wife's finger on the lips stopped her from saying further.

"Right now, you need to get up and get dressed. It's a big day for you."

"It sure is and would not have been without you."

"Yeah. I think I will take the credit for that", and got up from the bedside, "but with an exclusive treat for me and Precious. And we are going to burn holes in your pockets."

"Any time, you name the place, at your service ma’am. But for now if you can spare me ten, Please, if you don't mind."

"I don't mind" Michelle walked towards the door and before leaving turned, "oh, by the way, your Princess is up, so am not  sure how she will mind about your ten."

The bedroom door closed, but she could hear Michelle, "Precious, get off the couch and brush your teeth."

At which she closed her eyes, "but mommy today is Sunday, so what's the rush?"

"Dad's gone to get your favorite breakfast, and if you're not ready, well…" came the reply.

Just then her Dad entered, "Ananya, Samir. I got it. Let's dig in."

She found herself in Mumbai, India, 30 years back. It was a Sunday routine Ananya Rajput had come to relish and eagerly awaited. Her Dad would get samosas /deep fried stuffed pyramids to be had with sweet and spicy chutney/paste and Masala chai, her favorite. Though he belonged to a orthodox and conservative family, Mr.Rajput, never passed it on his family. That's what she admired the most about her Dad,when she saw other girls in the community who did not have liberties like she had, she would always thank her stars for her Dad. She was given equal opportunities as her brother, education, sports, etc. were open for both. No wonder Ananya, was free spirited and head-strong. But all that had changed that year when her grandma started staying with them. Over a period she had managed to brain-wash her son and that left Ananya to face the changing attitudes of her father, this she didn't like. Her brother was prioritized as her grandma, proudly showered all love and affection on Samir. "He is a boy and will carry the family name ahead whereas you have to get married and go away someday. He is going to make family proud." She used to say, which annoyed Ananya no bounds.

"I could do better what he can do and i will prove it to you someday." she would pledge in her mind. What caused her more pain was that her father had become a party to this. All the constant bickering and reminding her of "Gujarati Girl" duties of getting married by 21 and start a family, only made her resilient, adamant and rebellious when the time came. All of a sudden she saw herself as her other cousins, and she was not ready to go down that road, no matter what. This had caused a drift between her and Mr.Rajput. Slowly she found a distance with her father. She could no longer just walk up to him and talk whatever she liked.

"If this how you want, then so be it,' decided Ananya in her thoughts. She kept to herself most of the times. She had no one to share and understand her ideas, thoughts and opinions about life. Not many friends either, and it didn't matter because she had her dreams and aspirations to keep company. However, there was one thing she would always be thankful to Dad for, education, that too, not without a little fight from Ananya, when she wanted to go to US for MBA. There had been a bitter fight in the family on this, with Grandma, Samir and Dad against. The only support came from her Mom. She had taken all the pains and grudges of the family to convince her Dad, who after much reluctance had given in.

"It's ok Mother, another few years will not cause any harm, we will get her married once she gets the degrees she wants." he had said to grandma.

"Sorry Dad, that's not how it's going to be." she resolved in her mind. She landed herself admission in one of the better colleges in NYC if not the best.

Her eyes opened to tiny warm lips kissing her cheeks. Their 6 year old daughter had climbed on the bed and sat on her tummy, waiting for "Anna" to wake-up. Ever since her first year college, Ananya was used to the various nicks she got. But Anna was as exclusive as Princess. She took her tiny hands in hers and kissed them.

"Good Morning, Anna"

"Good Morning Princess, you're up already on a Sunday morning.'

"Mmhmm...and I even brushed my teeth. Mommy said I could come wake you up. Let's eat breakfast." She said showing off her tiny milky white teeth.

Princess would eagerly wait for the weekend to relish the breakfast. Anna sat up on the bed her back resting against the headrest and made Princess sit on her thighs as her legs spread long.

"Ok sweety, five minutes and I'll see you at the table."

The girl seemed to not want to leave. She leaned forward and rest her head on Ananya's chest. Though she hadn't carried her, there was a very strange bond between the two. A bond which could not be defined and had even made Michelle envious sometimes. Ananya had wondered if something like that was ever possible. There was nothing Indian about Princess. She had taken to her Mommy completely as far as looks went. However, a few skills like math, basket ball, swimming, she was quickly picking up from Ananya.  But there was no taking away the mischief and naughtiness that was one DNA she got from her Mommy. Both the women doted on her no bounds.

She wrapped her hands around her daughter and gave her a warm, tight hug. Princess sat up straight and got a peck on the forehead from Ananya. She tidied her long, light blonde hair, and looked into her brown eyes, which signalled a lingering question.

"Hey, Princess...what is it?"

"Can I ask you something?"

"Yes, anything." straightening her top.

"Me and Mommy too have to make the promise that you are going to make?"


"Then why do you?"

"Well, the thing is I wasn’t born here. I was born someplace else. But now this place is going to include me in their list of citizens and make me a part of this country. So I have to promise them to obey what rules are set by this country."

Not that Princess understood much, but nodded anyway.

"So, if you were not born here, where were you born?"


"Where is it?" "Far from here"

"Can I stand with you on the stage?"

“I don't know. We will have to check when we're there, ok?”


"Good, then let's go and see what Mommy made for breakfast." she carried the girl in her arms got out of bed and moved towards the kitchen. An island counter served as preparation and dining table with high seat chairs, two facing the main counter and the other two on left and right side of the island counter. She put Princess on one of them and moved towards the main counter and stood next to Michelle who was busy preparing to make scrambled eggs with cheese. Both of them gazed at each other.

"Oh My God, Kill me now" Ananya begged silently as she saw the mischief and twinkle in Michelle's eyes. She barely controlled herself. Had the little one been absent, she would have just pulled Michelle and ..... She could be bamboozled and mystified by those looks any time. It had been more than nine years now since the time she had first set her eyes on Michelle. And till date, it required a huge effort on her part to control herself. Just then the toaster popped up four slices of bread. which broke their gaze.

"Ok. I will get the plates, juice, glasses and hot chocolate for "her Highness" as she set up the table and they sat for their breakfast with a sprinkle of fun, day's plans and lots of stories, gossip, and endless questions from their daughter. Ananya's relished Sunday routine.


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