First Lesson

First Lesson First Lesson

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


How right is it for a mother to act on her infatuations for her daughter's lesbian friend????


How right is it for a mother to act on her infatuations for her daughter's lesbian friend????


Submitted: March 24, 2012

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Submitted: March 24, 2012



“Mom, this is Maddox,” Janis introduced her lesbian friend as they both got in

“Hi, Ms. Jenson, “ she extended her hand, as she butt out the cigarette from the other hand

“Call me Rita” she returned the handshake.

“We’ll be upstairs,” Janis pulled Maddox up the stairs who for some strange reason couldn’t take her eyes off Rita.

 At 40 Rita wasn’t all the hotness that she once was, yet she had striking features, a  well kept body, and a figure worth a second look. A divorcee working from home to give undivided attention to her daughter’s education.

20 year old Maddox was Janis’ friend at college and they were project partners. She was an athlete and that showed in her tall frame and sporty attire.Photography was her hobby and she would always keep her camera handy.

Rita had built trust in Janis’ mind so that she wouldn’t shy from telling her everything.Rita knew all her friends, and was friendly with them. She would sometimes sit and chat with them too. With Maddox too, she got in the friendly groove, and all three of them got cozy and comfortable in no time.

They would dine together, watch DVD’s or just chill. Maddox had also done some photo sessions with the mother-daughter. All through out a strange vibe exchanged between Maddox and Rita.

Rita would feel a strange sensation, whenever Maddox brushed her hand or body. She would feel Maddox’s looks penetrate right through her dress, and touch her body. At such times, she would just hesitantly excuse herself and walk away to gain composure. What she didn’t know was the effect she had on Maddox. Simple gestures like laying the table or stretching up to reach into overhead cabinet,  would outline her figure and her curves  and Maddox’s mind would spin beyond control. The way Rita dressed usually in casuals with her body subtly outlining in all her dresses, would prompt Maddox to openly stare at her.

The door bell rang and Rita answered expecting Janis instead of Maddox.

“Where’s Janis?” Rita managed to ask, recovering from the brushing of Maddox’s body with her as she entered.

“She’s got an extra lecture and told me to wait up here” as she settled in the couch, and puffing away smoke.

“Oh. Ok. Can I get  you something to eat or drink?”

“A sandwich if it’s not too much, I’ll help myself to Pepsi” she got up and followed Rita into the kitchen.

“Oh, Rita, before I forget, I got the prints of the photos you want” she carried 2 envelopes with her. She opened 1 of them and showed them to Rita as she stood very close beside her at the counter. Rita went weak in her knees, experiencing Maddox’s presence so close. There was something about this girl which Rita could not define. She was finding herself aroused and had spent nights in bed thinking about her. But she brushed it all aside considering it her infatuation.

“These have come out really beautiful.” She exclaimed as she saw the pics.

“You sure know how to capture the moment”

“I’m glad you like them. I have one more, which is my personal favorite” she removed another picture form the 2nd envelope and showed it to Rita. It was Rita’s silhouette in her bedroom as she stretched her arms above her head in her see through gown before hitting the bed. If anything the picture outlined and defined the curves at the right spots.

“I clicked when we wound up early, but I waited back in your lawn to click this.”

She stood behind Rita who was still looking at the picture. She slid her hands over Rita’s arms and caressed them.

“You have such smooth and silky skin, just like a baby’s and your curves…” she tightened her hug and caressed her cheek against Rita’s. Rita overlapped her hands over Maddox’s and the next moment pulled back.

“No. NO. This isn’t right. I’m straight, and you’re my daughter’s friend. It’s not right at all Maddox.”,

Maddox turned her around and held her by the waist

“Shh, shh, Rita. Rita, look at me, look at me.” Rita obliged.

“Isn’t it true that you’ve been feeling weird vibes ever since we first shook hands?”
Rita nodded

“Isn’t it true that you feel a current every time we touch/pass/brush each other?”

Another nod

“Isn’t it true you have at times dreamt about me?” This time she shamefully put her head down.

“it’s ok Rita. I’ve been doing all this too and more. We’re  adults.  You have no idea how you have been playing on my mind. The way you walk, talk, your figure when you move around, your skin, your lips when you smile..aaahh. You just turn me on. Just like that. Let me admit I am infatuated by you.” She was peering into Rita’s eyes, and Rita was frankly soaking it all in. Suddenly,

“No. No. What if Janis finds out?”  trying to pull  away.

“She won’t, I promise. Besides we are just trying to explore and have fun, isn’t it?” with that she planted her lips on Rita’s with passion and then lust.

To which Rita gave in and ran her fingers in Maddox’s black hair and pressed her head down so that she could enjoy her tongue in her mouth which she opened to give her complete access. Maddox slid her hands under the loose off shoulder top and caressed her back  upwards, so that Rita arched and brought her breasts with taut nipples up. Just then the door bell rang and they straightened themselves out before welcoming Janis.

Both of them got more comfortable after this outburst, with their brushing, touching, etc. so much that sometimes Maddox would simply run her toes up Rita’s legs over dinner. Yet they had to  find a to let it all out, the fire burning inside them. And lone time was hard to come by with Janis always around. She was still ignorant about what was going in her presence. Hand it down to Rita’s experience and Maddox’s maturity in concealing it all so well.

On a sunny late morning, Maddox got a call from Rita,

“It’s urgent, could you come and help me over?”

“Be there in 15”

Maddox rang the bell by the 16th minute, cigarette in her hand and a sport bag on the shoulder. She was pulled inside the moment the door opened and felt Rita’s tongue searching for her and forcing her mouth open.

“You said you needed help with something?” she managed once they separated for breath

“This. I needed help with my infatuation, I just don’t know what to do. I want you and want you bad”

“Don’t worry, you’re in excellent hands” she pulled Rita as close as it was possible and returned the kiss with vehement lust. Rita crumbled in her arms and Maddox carried her straight up to the bedroom and gently laid her on the bed.

“Where’s Janis?”

“Her Dad whisked her  away last night for the weekend”

 Nibbling on the ear, a bite on the corner of neck and shoulder, another kiss sucking of the tongue and Rita’s slow moans resounded the room. Her hands pressed on the top by Maddox’s strong arms. The teasing followed from the lips to the neck and to the breasts. Rita’s nipples so taut they could tear out of the vest top. Maddox was so lusting the site of them that she literally tore the top and immediately sucked on the left breast kneading massaging, and pressing on the right breast. Rita’s moaning scaled high. Maddox slowly withdrew her mouth from sucking and bit the taut nipple

“Aaahhh…yes baby” Rita encouraged her andMaddox willingly did the same to the other. Both the nipples turned red a sign of Maddox’s lust. She moved down to the belly button and tantalizing circled with her tongue. Her hand reached for the shorts which barely covered Rita’s ass cheeks. She tore away the fly buttons. And gently caressed the whole region with her lusty tongue.Rita’s moans pitched higher, and she pulled Maddox to her lips

“How am I doing teacher?” she asked looking in her eyes and ripping off her track suit jacket to find no bra and deduced no panty as well as she pushed the track pant down.

“Looks like you don’t need tutoring” and she went south again, where Rita’s pussy was already wet. She bent her head down to the crown and kissed it gently and started licking it down to her pussy and lips. To her comfort the lips parted on their own and juices started trickling. She slid her hands under the ass cheeks to put her tongue further in to the soft interior walls. At first slowly and then a bit faster her tongue expertly licked the interiors. Rita’s groan prompted her to slide in 2 fingers and gently rub her clit. But even this was too much for Rita to take, as the groans gained volume and she pulled Maddox up once again. Maddox was still moving her fingers to the rhythm of her hips. Rita literally dug her fingers in her back as her tongue got sucked with equal intensity. Maddox saw where this was going and quickly inserted 3rd finger and started thrusting all fingers all the way. Rita let out what seemed like scream of exhilaration, as her juices just flowed like raging river. Maddox lapped it up with her tongue and inserted the tongue to the inner most depths of her clit. Rita was blown out of this world. She could have bet neighbors hearing her groaning and moaning. She started shuddering and throbbing with orgasms she never had in her life. Her groans still loud as Maddox came up to her and kissing all the way and softly sucking her breasts. For long time she kept sucking them and Rita put her fingers in Maddox’s hair to sign her to continue. She loved the sucking this girl was doing.

“Mmmm….mmmm…..oh baby you’re so good at this” as she felt another arousal

“I’ve dreamt of doing this since the first time I saw you” she replied before resuming. At this Rita made her move and gave Maddox a taste of experience and lessons just learnt. Another 2-3 rounds later they lay naked in each other’s arms exhausted and breathless

“So how did I score teacher?” Rita asked caressing her lips and planting a lustful kiss

“Pretty good for a rookie” she said fondling her breasts, especially her already taut nipples.

“Ready for another lesson, then?” Rita asked moving her hand over Maddox’s chest.

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