You a Queen Now Lead!!

You a Queen Now Lead!!

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


A militant spoken piece!


A militant spoken piece!


Submitted: April 28, 2014

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Submitted: April 28, 2014



Everybody has a dream to be rich and famous,

You got women in videos shaking what their mama gave them,

Men enjoying them, their bodies identifying them.

We look at each other as mindless characters, being boxed in a prism of brainless figures.

We would rather watch and hold that camera phone while they devalue themselves and fight their sister,

Making a mockery of our people,

Even with the already painted pictures, of how ghetto we are.

Of mad angry black women we are, accusations already flying,

Before you could redeem the very image that was portrayed by your fellow melanin.

But what can you do? With images drawn on television and black man eyes that rape you. 

With the way people judge you and label you and they blame you as a whole.

Condemning, your soul to an endless maze of self hatred and self mutilation.

You are the light but they misplace your value. 

Birthing leaders and nations but they betray you. 

Worst of all, the king beside you, want you to change yourself, to become something other than yourself.

Looking for a lighter more attractive image of yourself, claiming that you aren't the better version of

yourself.  It's a shame that we can pretend that we love who we are, but we don't except the color that we were born with! 

Adding on layers upon layers of creamy bleaches, destroying our epidermis and dermis layers, 

While other women tan themselves to gain the pigment, this is sickening,

Thinking that we will become the next Beyonce.

Recording drunken love remakes of ourselves on YouTube, looking like the fool that they know we are,

Looking and talking and posting and reposting the Mimi Sex tape!

Bring to focus and acknowledgment, while other laugh in our faces!

Shoot we label ourselves!

And he would rather go for a lighter skin or a Latina with longer silkier hair because you are not. 

Even though his mother was not, but he cannot admit to his-self hatred and claims that he is a man,

But a man is a proud one.

A man knows his love and his love for himself goes as deep as his skin and acknowledges,

That his mother is a resemblance of which he hates so deep. 

So deep that the Willy Lynch curse, will never be reversed because, the curse is embedded in our blood thirst for riches.

Riches that stabs that backs of our brothers, to get to the top of nowhere,

But sex, drugs and money, followed by rehab and mental institutions.

He would know to remain true to himself! He should make known that he is proud in his skin and see that you,

As dark as you are and as thick as you are, are is a representation of him.

And yes love sees no color but we live in a world that made preference to one color,

Subliminal images of a superior color! And how could you not subconsciously feel inferior,

When you go to church and look up to a white Jesus,

and none of the disciples or angel above you, is a representation of your own likeness?

When it says in the bible that he made his people in his own image!

With missing information and desecration of the truth because,

They don't want you to know of the many hero's and Prophets that do represent you.

And geologically if you really do your research Jesus wasn't really a Jew!

That man should see a queen in you and you should see a queen every day that you look at the reflection!

No Kim Kardashion could ever come close to your essence

No Miley Cyrus could ever imitate your thickness, no Nicki Minaj could ever,

Even if she was popin that molly, represent your highness!

Because Queens don’t follow, they ignite a spark in the people to bring truth and change nations,

And heal the world of this sickness called hatred!

© Copyright 2018 Indigo2. All rights reserved.

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