out on the football feild

out on the football feild out on the football feild

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


michael and jessie say they hate eachother but they both findout over the courage of michael they are in love


michael and jessie say they hate eachother but they both findout over the courage of michael they are in love


Submitted: July 07, 2011

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Submitted: July 07, 2011



Chapter 1

My name is Jessie, and me and my best friend Ellsa were

putting our back-packs in our lockers before school. We are the more forward girls of the school and me and Ellsa

have been harassed by Michael and his posse. I secretly am in love with Michael but I wouldn't tell a soul, but I acted like I hated him. "I wonder why Michael

is sutch a douchbag." you said to Ellsa. "Speak of the devil." she replied and we both looked over to half way down the hall. When he approched me, he said "Oh look it's

the emo slut and her bitchy friend." ,"Fuck off Michael. You know the only reason you tease me is becuase your jelous of me." I replyed. " I'm not jelous of you." he said

impatently. "Whatever stops the tears asshole." I said then turned to Ellsa "lets go i'm going to be late to art, It's my favorite class even though I have to share it with

Michael." I said loud enough so he could hear me. Then I hered him sigh, that made me smirk a little. "Ughhh I know right! Hey anyways I'll talk to you later. have fun in art!"

she said jokeingly. Then she walked away. As I was walking in the halls I turned around and Michael grabbed my arm, "Hey I need to talk to you." Michael said hopefully. I

looked at him carefully and his eyes were an deep chocolate brown, and his hair was, a light brown. His lips were perfectly able to kiss, but I couldn't, it would ruin

everything. "Fine but we will have to skip to do it." I quietly whispered without breaking my gaze. "Thank you please don't think I will hurt you come on lets go to the old

football feild no one even goes there any more." he said wile pulling me by the hand through the hall. I don't know were he was takeing me but I don't care. When he touched

me, I felt eletricity. "We are almost there." he said. The bell just rang and everybody else was in class. "Alright were here" he said as we entered an out door, but covered

field. It was very dark, and quiet, but I could see well enough to make out the perfect features of his beautiful face. " What did you want to talk about?" I asked Michael.

Jessie ever since the first time I saw you Iv'e been wanting to do this." he said wile takeing a step closer. "Wanting to do wh-" you stared to say but you were interuppted

by the most pationate kiss of a lifetime his lips perfectly molding around yours like they were meant to be together. Like two puzzle pieces fitting together. Michael and I

didn't stop kissing except for short breaths, and between eatch pause you could hear small moans from Michael witch turned me on even more. As he was working his

lips over mine, he reached down and started fondleing with your body. Then he started unbottoning my shirt. Once he got it complely off I started takeing his shirt off,

we both got our pants off on our own. " I love you Jessie never forget that, I'm so sorry ive been an asshole" he said as I climbed ontop of him. "I love you too Michael from

the first moment I saw you." I smiled this was my fantcey a perfect picture. We both rolled around so he was ontop. At first it was pain but as he was working his way in

and out it dulled away in to that same electicity, but this time it was pleasure. Toward the climax I opened my eyes for the first time, and saw his angelic face and we

both smiled. At that moment you realized the feeling wasn't just from you putting out sexual tention; but you knew then you were both in love.

copywrite. I have all writes to this story

edit- holy shit, I sucked major geraffe abortions at writing, well, I've improved and I am barly on this site so...

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