'what arrogant asshole

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

This is the reissue of a story about Blondie's "stripping and humiliation" board.
Thanks to a translation of Britguy.

Chapter 1: Prologue


I've loved Julie for many years now but, unfortunately, she just thinks of me as her best friend. The terrible "friend zone"!!!


And now she's going out with Eric, the biggest prick in the whole school. We had been close friends as children, but later he really became a big dick.


I don't even know why, but the other day  we almost came to blows. It was Julie who intervened, very angry, to tell us to solve our ego problems without violence and once and for all. She came back to me later in the day saying that she did not want to lose either of us, so that after reflection, we had to accept that when we were together there would be one and only one leader. I felt my heart sinking. I am less manly, less strong, so I was going to be the follower... But, she added, that she wanted it to be done by the rules, with panache, but that the loser should accept unconditionally that the other would be the leader. So there was hope. With a wink, she added that she would like it to be decided by playing poker. I gave her a kiss, poker is my thing.


Chapter 2: We lay down the rules


The meeting was arranged for Friday night. We met in a small shack where Eric's father sometimes lodges his workers. It's not luxurious, but it has everything you need, a mini kitchen, a table, a shower, a bed,..


I arrived last, a little tense. They all had beers in their hands, and they were talking. I thought there would be only the three of us, but Sarah was there too. Sarah is Eric's best friend. She's very beautiful and she knows it. She always kind of despised me. Although I am not very accustomed to alcohol, I accept the beer that Sarah offers me. Music, beer, light conversation, the atmosphere is relaxed and enjoyable, making me almost forget tonight's high stakes. Eric even makes me laugh, recalling magical moments of our childhood that I had almost forgotten.


In a moment of relaxation, I say it's still my first time playing a girl at poker. Julie reproves me: there is no question of playing a girl and much less her, but just for my dignity. Said in a  dry tone I'd rather not challenge.


We get another beer each and Julie announces that it's time to play poker. We settle down and Julie reminds us of the stakes, she has obviously thought about her words:


Julie: You're like two roosters and it's unbearable. Tonight we're going to end this. There will be a rooster and (laughing) a chicken!! It seems to me this is the only way to end your childish feud and maybe even regain your lost friendship. The rules are simple: Whoever loses will have to obey the winner without arguing and will show him respect. The winner will have to show that he is responsible and not put the loser in any danger. Can you confirm that you agree.


Me: I agree.


Eric: I not only agree, but I'm going to humiliate you the way you deserve.


Julie: So let's go!!


Eric and I are sat facing each other, on each side are the girls. Julie brings out a new pack of cards and opens it, she really has a gift for theater.


Me: Where are the chips? What are the limits of play?


Julie: There are no chips. Since you need a lesson in humility, the chips are you: You're playing strip poker.


I almost fall out of my chair. I look at Eric who has a smile on his face, he must have known already. No big deal, poker is poker.


Julie: We girls will play but just so we don't get bored, and we won't be taking our clothes off, we don't have anything to do with your feud, right, Sarah?


Sarah: Totally, okay!!!


Julie: Every round: If a girl wins, nothing happens. If a boy wins, one garment is removed from the other. Once naked, you still have to lose a game to be declared a loser. How many items of clothing are you wearing?


Eric says boxer shorts, jeans, a T-shirt, two socks, two shoes, the belt doesn't count. Seven items. I'm wearing exactly the same things.


Chapter 3: Liar's Poker


Julie wins the first round, so nothing happens. Eric the second. I'm close to winning the third but it's Sarah who wins it. Nothing too serious yet, I just lost a shoe. But I haven't won anything yet.


I finally win the seventh round, after I have already lost both my shoes. When I lose my first sock, I start panicking. We get a beer, and the girls start teasing me. Eric stays focused, but smiles. I lost both my socks while he lost his shoes. I'm trying to understand what's going on but it only dawns on me when I'm about to lose my T-shirt. Sarah folds when Eric has a good hand, so I'm fighting two to one. Offended, I yell that that's cheating.


Julie: You accepted the rules before so no bad faith now!!! Sarah can play how she wants, it's her right, don't expect to get out of it like that.


Now I have just my jeans and my T-shirt, which I just lost! Eric still has 1 sock after I manage to remove the other but then I lose my pants. I feel a little funny. It must be the alcohol or knowing that I am now almost sure to lose. I'm almost resigned. The girls make noise as I reveal my boxers. I need to win a round just to stay in the game. Eric wins a second time right after. He says:


Eric: Now it's going too fast... If you agree let's give him a chance. I propose that instead of taking his boxers, we each give him a truth question?


Julie: Okay, it's more fun. Uh... But I know almost everything about you.  Did you imagine that you could lose tonight and if so, how would that be?


Me: Actually, to be honest, I never imagined that I could lose.


Sarah: When was the last time you masturbated thinking about Julie?


Me (shameful): Uh, last night.


Julie (shocked): What, you did that thinking about me? But that's disgusting.


Eric: Tell the girls, in detail, what you did to my cousin at the lake?


I blanched. That too I had forgotten.


Me: No, Eric, please.


Julie: Come on, tell me, anyway you promised.


Me: We had made a bet, I lost, I had to kiss his dick, but we were only twelve, it's not the same.


The girls burst out laughing and I was mortified.


Eric: Not just kissed. You took it all in your mouth: you sucked it. And also tell us why we made fun of you after?


Me (red): Because it made me hard. But it was  involuntary!!!


As I say these words, I feel my dick begin to contract.


Sarah (laughing): I would have paid to see that!


Julie: Okay, let's deal the cards.


I managed to remove his other sock and his T-shirt, now he only has two items of clothing, but my hope is of short duration, I lose right after.


Eric: Wait a bit before you reveal all. I propose, if you wish, that each of us give you a forfeit to do, rather than take off your boxers.


Julie: Beware, Eric, you only have your trousers and your boxers, too!


Eric: I'm like that, I'm a gambler.


Julie: So if you're okay with that, Sarah, let's go.


Julie: I'm going to be nice, I want you to do ten star jumps with your back to us and then ten facing us.


I didn't know why, but I had an erection when I stood up. In fact, I later found out that Sarah, whose mother was a pharmacist, had put a blue pill in my beer.  Naturally the erection intensified during the jumps, and the three had tears in their eyes to see my dick jumping about under my boxers.


Sarah: I actually would like to see you wearing this instead of your boxers.


And she pulls a pink mankini out of her purse. It all looks more and more like a conspiracy, but I'm in no condition to fight. I go into the bathroom to put on the mankini. It is really short, the back hurts me painfully in the buttocks, especially if I stand upright. The material clings to my dick, which is still fully erect, and as it is almost transparent, I feel that everything is visible. My erection has not dropped an inch and it's difficult to keep my balls covered. I come out of the bathroom, Eric and Julie kiss each other. I look ridiculous. I've already lost. I don't even have the courage to flee.


Eric: Beautiful, it fits you like a glove. I'd like you to do a twerk for us.


Me: But I absolutely do not know how to do that.


Sarah: Great I can be your teacher, Eric put the music on, you stand next to me, we'll start simple lift your butt, put your hands on the floor.


And here I am, doing a twerk with Sarah next to me, very comfortable. Wearing a mankini that's  too small for me.


I  sit and remind myself that he only has two pieces of clothing, with a little luck and concentration I can beat him. And the next round, he loses his jeans. We're both in boxer shorts. Or rather him in manly boxers and me in the mankini. But it's soon over, I lose the  next round and have to get naked. I have to walk around the table again, still with an erection. Sarah touches it, saying it is thin but beautiful, almost appetizing. I blush even more. Julie surprises us by saying that it is not over. You have to lose once naked to be the definitive loser.


I cling to the idea that I can win, it's tense. Sarah "saves" Eric twice, but the third time, I definitely lose. At least the torture is over.


As a 'good sport', I recognize my defeat and agree that from now on I will leave them alone.


Chapter 4: It's when it's over that it starts


Eric: Thank you, by the way, I intend to make you my possession. Come over here.


A little worried, I approach Eric, who is still sitting, my cock sticks out in between him and Julie. He starts to caress my butt. I jump first and then let it go, this pushes my pelvis forward making my erection more prominent.


Eric: I like your butt, but it's too hairy. Since I am the rooster and you the chicken, I would like you to remove all this...


 Me: But Eric you're kidding I will not...


Julie: You accepted the conditions!! You agreed! There is no discussion!


Sarah: If you want I'll take care of it!!!


Eric: Okay Sarah, but don't let him come.


Sarah: Okay, I promise.


Eric: Well now you're Sarah's, you do everything she asks, or pity your poor butt under my hand...


Soon after, I'm with Sarah in the shower room. She tells me to get in the shower, put my hands up on the wall, spread my legs and not to move. She takes out a big bag from her mother's pharmacy. She takes two huge tubes of depilatory cream. Yet more proof that I fell into an ambush. She's spreading the cream all over my chest, on my legs, on my arms. I'm blond, but pretty hairy.


It ends with her smearing the cream all over my balls and penis. She puts a thick layer in my ass crack and ends up laughing and putting a dab very delicately between my two eyebrows. The smell is almost unbearable. But I'm still unemotional. I feel my penis finally subsiding, I try to organize my ideas in my head. That's when she turns on the water jet and rubs my body with a glove to make the cream go away, and my hair with it.


Sarah: You're beautiful now, but you stink. Don't move.


She takes a shower gel with a strong feminine door and begins to wash me.  Of course she insists on washing my dick and balls and the reaction is swift.


Sarah: I like how sensitive you are to my caresses. You've never guessed it, but I've often thought about you.


This revelation disturbs me, but less than the hand that she places between my buttocks, she rubs up and down, then circles around my hole, before trying to enter it. I suddenly get tense. She gives me a slap on the butt, and says:


Sarah: Who says you shouldn't be clean there too?


But she does not insist. She stops the shower, dries me gently and looks at her work. I also see myself in the mirror, I feel like I've become a few years younger. I feel even more naked than before. But my six pack is still there at least. I catch myself asking the question if I do not like it better.


She is now starting to spread moisturizing cream all over my body.


She ends up suddenly taking my dick completely into her mouth.


Sarah: Thin and long; that's how I love them. I'm going to be jealous of Eric if he doesn't lend me his new toy.


She's driving me crazy, but my brain is no longer in a position to react. I feel as if I don't have control any more. It stops too soon:


Sarah: You heard what Eric said, you're not allowed to come, my chicken.


Chapter 5: Transformation


Sarah takes me by the hand and leads me back into the big room. Eric and Julie are hugging, lying on the bed, him in his underwear. She has her shirt open and her bra is visible.


Sarah: Wow, it's hot in here!!! Look who I'm bringing back.


She presents me to Eric and Julie, I find it easier to let her do it without me saying  or doing anything. Eric caresses my buttocks, with a great air of satisfaction, Julie runs her hands over my torso, stops at my nipples, and plays with them. I feel like their possession, their whore.


He makes me sit on the floor on the cold tiles.


Julie: You may have made a mistake, Eric, I find him even sexier like this. Maybe I'm going to fall for him and drop you like an old sock.


Eric: But I have everything planned for your pleasure, you'll be able to have both. A man and his most loyal companion. Sarah, you want to show us what's in the bag right here...


Sarah opened a large canvas bag and emptied its contents on the table. Judging by Julie's big eyes, I think that she was not expecting this. I was too low to see the contents, but I feared the worst. Sarah put a dog collar around my neck.


Sarah: What are you going to call him?


Eric: I think Buddy sounds good, right?


Julie was looking at me dismayed, I don't think she understands why I let this happen. Me neither but it is a fact, I now have a dog collar around my neck.


Julie:... Actually, it's very cute, Buddy. That sounds like a nice and sweet dog.


Then Sarah produced a dog ear-shaped ear cap. I thought it was funny, I straightened my head for her to put them on. You might as well play the game.


Sarah: Hey but this is not for a dog is it?


Sarah held up a collar with a ball tied to it.


Eric: you're right, it's just in case Buddy forgets he's a dog and tries to talk. It's not worth it, OK buddy?


And Eric stroked my head and back. I wanted to play the game so I did "WOUAF". Julie burst out laughing.

Julie: You two are great. I'd one hundred times rather laugh like tonight than see you arguing. I was very nervous about my idea, but now I'm thrilled.

With that, she kissed Eric and stroked my head and gave me a little kiss on the cheek.

They were lying on the bed, in love. I was sitting naked on the bare floor, wearing a collar and dog ears. And yet at that precise moment, I was happy...

Sarah (laughing) Oh! Oh!! What is this?

This I did not understand, it was a kind of tiny collar with 1 iron ring and 2 leather rings.

Eric gently leans on my head, to make me lean forward and sit on all fours. Then he strokes my belly like we would a real dog and then he moves my leg to expose my erect penis, and Sarah took it gently in her hands and closed a ring on my penis and one around my balls.


That does not hurt me but makes it more erect and pulled my balls out from my body and made my penis jut out.

Julie: I've never seen this on a dog, it's not common is it?

Eric: No, but firstly, I like it. And then it's not just any dog, it's my Buddy!!

Julie: I can touch (she asked Eric and not me)

And without waiting, she touched the 2 leather rings, while stroking my cock much more than necessary.

Julie: And the metal ring is for...

Eric: It's to clip the leash onto!!! You want to walk him?

Julie: Oh. Yes, you're great, but where did you get those ideas?

Sarah: And you haven't seen it all.

She brings out a short leather leash and attaches it to the remaining ring. Then she says:

And now the highlight of the show: And she pulls out a big black plastic dog tail.

Julie: Too much!!! Of course no dog is without a tail!!! I want to see him wiggle his tail like the twerk he did a while ago!!! But how are you going to tie it on?

Julie's all excited, she's clapping her hands. Sarah takes out a little bottle.

Eric: She's not going to tie it!!! See that thing that looks like the tip of a warhead, guess where it goes in?

Understanding this, I'm flabbergasted and I'm starting to want to leave. But Eric is fast and catches me by the leash. I'm trapped, and fall flat on my back on the floor.

Eric (in a very dry tone): You're a dog, you don't say a word!!

I look at him imploring.

Eric: If you want, you can take yourself nicely into the shower room with Sarah. Otherwise it is here in front of everyone and I do it. Got it?

I bow my head and start to get up.

Eric: Not like that, on four legs my Buddy.

Julie laughs when she sees me crawl on four legs, wiggling my ass. The cock-ring still seems to amplify the swaying of my stiff dick.

In the shower room, Sarah caresses my balls, I'm still on four legs.

Sarah: Don't say a word OK? I'll be gentle, but it's pretty big, you might be a little sore at first. So let me try to relax you first.

One hand remains on the balls but the other begins to approach my hole. I contract, instinctively.

Sarah: Let it relax or you'll get hurt.

I'm trying to relax. She puts lubricant on, it does not hurt but the sensation is very disturbing. Then one of those fingers tries to get in. I had already tried this by myself, but now, someone else doing it, it is a new humiliation of a level previously unknown to me. The finger is now coming and going. My body can no longer deny the pleasure it gives me, but my mind refuses to accept it. So my head is in chaos. All of a sudden, the finger or fingers, I do not know, withdraw. And now I'm missing something. My butt is pining for fingers but it meets the plug. It seems huge to me, it pushes against my hole, it wants, it will go in. It fills and widens my ass, but it goes in.

Sarah: Oh fuck!!! Like butter. Looks like it's made for you.

I can no longer move, I do not hurt but I am filled, stretched. If I move my anus will crack.

Sarah: (laughing) Now you're leaking!

I hadn't noticed, but there are drops of pre-cum on the carpet tiles.

Sarah: At least you can't say you don't like it. And I, too, love you like that. I'm wet like a dog.
She kneels down, grabs my dick and licks it greedily. Then kisses me full on the mouth. I notice my own taste in her kiss.

Sarah: With you, I could become a zoophile. Now be a good dog and lick up your mess.

She's showing me the floor. Not that. I implore her with my eyes. Her finger pushes hard, so I fall forward. My butt goes up and I lick my drops of pre-cum off the floor.

Sarah: Good boy. Let's go back to your master.

Chapter 6: Adoration


As I crawl back, my new tail swings from left to right and the cap irritates my rectum. I am blushing, I must admit.

Julie is wearing just her thong and bra. Eric still has his boxers on but looks tense. They stop their lovemaking to look at me.

Julie: Wow! Shit !! I never thought you would accept that !! It's not a guy thing !! So, how do you feel there in front of us with something in your ass?

Eric: Wait! He's a dog, he's not allowed to answer you, come here Buddy. Honestly I also find that amazing. Do you like that Julie ?

Julie: I can't say I don't find it exciting, but also a little scary for my friend.


- Eric: Look how excited your friend is getting!!! He can not speak but his dick speaks for him.

Suddenly, a phone beeps. Sarah looks and says: Damn, it's my father, I have to go now. I feel like I'm going to miss things. But Eric, do not forget your promise.

What promise is she talking about?

Before going out, she bends, caresses me and whispers in my ear that her pussy is very eager to play with a nice dog. I almost come, hearing this.

Now there are only three of us I feel uncomfortable. I think Julie is very eager to be able to fuck quietly with Eric and I can't wait to have a wank. But Eric does not seem to have finished with me. He sits on the edge of the bed and calls me:

Eric: Buddy approach. You are a good dog. Come sit here (between his legs) like a dog !!!

So I have to sit with my arms extended, legs apart and folded, sitting on my buttocks. As a result, the grip penetrates even more and irritates me.

At this moment, Eric strokes my head and pushes down his boxers. His cock is maybe a little shorter than mine but much thicker. I instinctively pull my head back 20 cm or so from his erection.

- Eric: good dog, look at your master, you know what you have to do to please me. Obey your master.

His cock mesmerizes me and I can't stop looking at it. But I do not want to take it in my mouth, or rather I do not want Julie to know that I want to. Eric pushes my head down a bit more.

Eric: Come on Buddy, it's a game, play the game until the end. It shows that you know how to pretend. I believe in you. We both knew it would happen.

His foot has moved and caresses my cock, I do not care any more, so I take him in my mouth.

He moves back slightly.

- Eric: Get out your tongue like a dog, Buddy.

I obey and lick Eric's shaft, then the head of his penis. He must be very excited because I feel a little pre-cum. His balls are hidden under his boxers. I'm reassured, he seems satisfied.

Julie: Oh fuck! It's too hot, that.

I've almost forgotten, Julie is watching me suck her boyfriend. Ashamed, I stop and look at her.

Julie: fuck !! Continue,it's so sexy !! I am proud of you, you have courage !!!

Eric pushes my head so that this time I swallow his cock. He whispers in Julie's ear and she says:

- Julie: Oh yes, if you want, but in the dark, I do not want him to see me.

Eric pulls his cock out of my mouth and goes to the table. He brings back a blindfold. Saying :

Eric: I'll have to blindfold you, because I want to see.

Eric makes me lie on my back on the bed and he puts on the blindfold. A few seconds after that legs are placed on either side of my head and Julie's obviously shaved pussy goes down to my mouth. I have dreamed of this moment so often but not under these conditions.


I lick her without the slightest hesitation even though I have never done this before in my life, I immediately love her sweet smell.


Julie: Oh fuck!!! He's good, the bastard!


Her hands lean on my legs and I feel her bending her pelvis to better offer her sex to my mouth.  After a few moments, I feel Eric kneeling behind her, then he puts his cock between Julie's vulva and my mouth. I'm eagerly licking his head and his shaft. I have no more shame. He gently enters her vagina and I bring my attention to Julie's clitoris. She expresses her pleasure without restraint.


Eric now pounds Julie's pussy with ardor and I get his balls in my face.  Then he pulls out and presents me his cock dripping with Julie's juice, but that doesn't stop me, I think he's close to climax. He re-enters her and almost immediately I feel Julie's vagina tighten in several spasms. She arches her back and my tongue finds itself licking the entrance of her vagina and also Eric's shaft. I feel his cock shrink, and a few seconds later he starts moving slower and looser. I feel the mixture of fluids on my tongue. He pulls out his cock completely, I try to avoid it, but he insists I have to take it in my mouth, then he seems to catch Julie and lift her onto me. Her sex, dripping with Eric's sperm, is pushed onto my mouth, I start to suck it.


Julie: Oh damn, yes continue, deeper oh oh... oh... Yes!!!


I made a girl come, for the first time in my life... but by sucking the juices of her boyfriend.


Exhausted they lie on the bed. I had almost forgotten my own cock stirring in its cock-ring But I feel Julie's mouth engulf it and start sucking me off. An incredible sensation between absolute gentleness and maximum sexual tension. She's going slowly and taking it deep, I'd like to scream “faster”, but I'm holding back. Then:


Julie: Let me try! Don't hog all the fun!


It was not Julie who'd been sucking me but Eric. They change over. I hate to say it, but Julie is less skillful, more hesitant, goes shallower. But at the point where I am-I soon explode in Julie's mouth and she accepts it without protest.


We all just had a completely insane sexual experience.


I feel that I have regained the boyhood friend I lost years ago and have finally been able to approach Julie.


Eric removes my blindfold, my ears fell off long ago, then my cock-ring, and finally my plug shaped as a dog tail.


Eric: I think we're going to have a lot of fun together my Buddy. But never forget that I am your master.


I slept at their feet, after a kiss on Julie's cheek, seeing her naked for the first time.

Submitted: September 10, 2019

© Copyright 2021 Igor. All rights reserved.

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This is my attempt at a translation of Igor's story 'what arrogant asshole' done at his request, working from the original French text that he sent me. If anyone is interested I used Bing, edited the translation into comprehensible English (I hope!), and crosschecked against the original post, which I believe was translated using Google.

I don't mean to be ungrateful, it's miraculous that these sites exist and are free to use, but they are no substitute for a human translator and don't cope well with ambiguities or words whose meaning depends on context.

This translation won't be perfect but it's the best I can do. I tried to stay as close as possible to the original. I changed what was obviously wrong. I changed a few things that were technically correct but sound weird in English. I left some things that are just a little odd but understandable so that it “sounds French” in places.

This was interesting to do and I do like this story, especially the ending.

Sat, September 14th, 2019 9:51pm


Loved it! :)

Please post your other stories as well..

Mon, September 16th, 2019 6:08pm


C'est une traduction parfaite, merci à toi et à Britguy. I loved the story. Thank you very much.

Wed, August 19th, 2020 5:22am

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