A quick Halloween story

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

A quick Halloween story:

(of course completely imaginary, but one part is true, which one? )

Translated by Britguy

A quick Halloween story:

(of course completely imaginary, but one part is true, which one? )

I went to a friend's house for Halloween, six hours drive from home.

When I arrived, I realized that I had forgotten my costume for the evening.

A disaster, as we were invited to the most popular party at the local college.

My friend, who was hosting us at his parents' house, offered to make me a new emergency costume. We made it simple: a ghost costume.

We found an old sheet for a single bed, we made the holes, it was great, but it had a drawback, it was very short on the sides. If I raised my arms I could be seen very clearly from the sides.

My friend found a very long chain in the garage. It had to be at least 4 meters long and we had neither the means nor the desire to cut it. And it weighed a lot.

With plastic ties, he fixed the middle of the chain as if it was a belt, then he pulled up the two ends on each side of my back. This had two advantages, with the plastic ties he "closed" the side of the sheet, and the weight was mostly on my hips and my back. Then he crossed around my neck (taking care with the ties not to risk strangling me) and went down the last remaining meter along my arms and tied them slightly hanging from my wrists. It was amazing.

Of course, my arm movements were now limited, but I could hold a drink and drink. However, urinating was going to be complicated because the chains didn't even allow me to hold my genitals. He laughed a lot at the idea, but in fact I could just sit down and get by.

We had to leave, but he told me that the sheet was slightly transparent and that you could see my black boxer shorts. He went to fetch me an old pair of white briefs belonging to his father. And to make it worse, he took off my boxers and put my underwear on. It was high time for us to leave.

The party was hot and great. There was a big stage where a compere regularly had people come up to show and talk about their costumes.

He had a great sense of humor and easily made fun of his guests.

With all my gear, I didn't notice right away that the briefs were very old so not very elastic and above all much too big for me. But soon enough I was spending my time trying to pull them up and with my hands tied up it wasn't easy. My costume was very successful and my friend introduced me to a lot of people. At one point a beautiful cat-woman asked me to hold her glass for a while, and with mine in my other hand I felt my panties slipping halfway down my thighs. I spread my legs a little to hold them, but now it would be impossible to reach them thanks to my chains.

I was chatting with a hot girl, with my underwear sliding down my legs and with no hope of being able to pull them up. I made a decision, I let the panties slide to my feet and discreetly kicked them away.

I was now naked under a sheet at a student party.

At first I felt like everyone knew. But then I realized that it went unnoticed. I even thought it was pretty hot, and I felt great that I was doing such a dare (even if it was unintentional). I imagined telling everyone about it when I got back home, as a war story. The fresh air tickled my balls, the feeling was nice especially after a few glasses of beer.

Then I heard the compere laughing as he held my underpants out at arm's length:

“They've just brought me back a beautiful found object!!! A pair of briefs in the latest fashion or at least the fashion of the last century. (laughter). They're beautiful, they're white, there's no skid marks, no yellow trace on the front, shall we auction them?”

My friend was looking at me. He knew. He burst out laughing and whispered something to the girls. The bastard. Now they knew too.

You know Murphy's Law, "When things can get worse, they get worse..."

This is where things got worse. Girls started touching my buttocks and penis. I tried to stop them, but with my hands tied up it wasn't really possible.

They were trying to get me hard, and they succeeded. I begged them to be discreet, but they wouldn't let go of me. That's when I saw my friend on stage with the host.

“And we are going to welcome a guest of honor. Come Mr. Ghost, don't be shy. Ladies, could you come up here with this beautiful ghost?”

They took me on stage, sticking to me as closely as possible so that I can't escape, and so that my penis stays erect.

“Let's welcome this ghost, very beautiful costume, but we have to show it off. Gentlemen in the control room, could you give us a nice spectral light?” The front spotlights went out and a big spotlight behind the stage came on. My white sheet became translucent and did not hide much of my erection.

The whole room was shocked and then laughed derisively!!!!

“We found the rascal who lost his underwear I think.”

The room laughs again, I am held on each side and the girls make me walk in a circle.

“Our Ghost likes to roam under the girls' showers, right ????”

The room is hysterical. I blush red but can do nothing and my erection does not go down.

“I suggest that we make an adaptation to your costume.”

And then, he takes the tip of his pen and makes a hole at the level of my groin, he enlarges the hole a little and makes my dick and balls come out of the sheet.

“There, I feel that you are better like that. I offer you all a deal. We let this pervert Casper keep his anonymity and his costume on condition that he stays like that with us until two am in the morning. People are you ok with that?”

“Yes !!!!”

“Pay attention, Ladies. I'm counting on you not to let him go soft !!!!”

Submitted: October 27, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Igor. All rights reserved.

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Fun stuff! Love the idea of being barely covered at a public party!

Sat, November 14th, 2020 3:27am


Fun stuff! Love the idea of being barely covered at a public party!

Sat, November 14th, 2020 10:15am

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