Who Said Three's A Crowd

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Celebrities and Fan Fiction  |  House: BANGtan

A love triangle au where you like both Namjoon and Hobi and somehow you end up dating both. In the beginning it was fun, but now it's a chore to keep up. You really can't choose so you come up with a little arrangement that just might benefit you all.




You've been doing this back and forth for six months. It was, sometimes, great having two men who doted on you but, when dates and schedules clashed, it was more often tiresome.

Both were real gentlemen, they never made you feel any less for having another boyfriend: where Namjoon was quiet and brooding, Hoseok was vibrant and full of energy. Namjoon was a successful and well known music producer while Hoseok was a popular choreographer so their paths crossed quite often. It amazed you, though, how they never buttheaded or took jabs at each other and always were respectful for your sake.

That's why you came up with this proposal, it made sense to you and, maybe, if you sat and talked about it together, it could work. Of course there would be boundaries and rules but it could work, had to work. There was no way you could choose between the two men, you could never hurt any of them like that.

You sent both Hoseok and Namjoon the same invitation for dinner tomorrow night at your house, gave both men the exact same time of eight pm to arrive and made sure to include a no gift rule before you busied yourself getting the groceries, a bottle of wine and a bottle of champagne.

You hoped this Valentine’s Day would be better than any of you ever imagined.


Dinner has been great so far, the conversation flowed effortlessly. Both men were polite to each other and openly doted on you without stepping on the other person's toes but you sensed the confusion and tension hanging in the air, you felt the slight surge of electricity every time you touched each other and, when you looked at them, there was something unspoken there. It lingered like a heavy cloud with each interaction and you thought to yourself that, maybe, your proposal would be beneficial to you all in more ways than one.


You cleared away the dishes and brought in cake and chilled wine. With dinner finished, it was time for the talk. It needed to be done and you couldn't avoid it any longer. It was important that everyone was on the same page if these relationships were going to work out.

"So." You started.

You crossed your legs and watched as Hoseok lifted his glass to his lips and Namjoon settled back in his chair and gave you their undivided attention. Both men peered at you with hooded eyes as they silently waited for you to continue.

"It's been six months since I started dating both of you and I know it gets a little annoying sometimes for you when schedules clash. So, I want us to put all our cards on the table and I will be respectful to any decision either of you make because I know how far fetched my proposal will be." You continued, your throat suddenly dry as the words rushed out of you and eyes burned a hole into a spot on the table.

"What exactly are you proposing?" Namjoon asked.

Hoseok glanced at him, his fingers reached up and clasped together tightly on the table as his gaze shifted back to you.

"Well. I want only one relationship instead of two separate understandings."

They both sat up straighter, more attentive as something akin to worry flashed in their eyes.

"I'm not breaking up with anybody. I want dates, bonding, a real relationship with both of you." You said quickly in an effort to reassure them both.

"We've been doing that already." Hoseok stated, brows furrowed in confusion and his head cocked to the side.

"No. I mean together. The three of us. Instead of me with one of you while the other waits for me to be available."



"Yeah. If you're not okay with it, I can understand. It's just an option I'm putting on the table, because I don't want anyone to be left out at any point in time." You continued.

You sat for a moment, tense and with bated breaths, eyes planted back to the same spot on the table to avoid their surprised expressions as you gave both of them time to fully comprehend your proposal.

Namjoon spoke up first, his hand settled on the back of his chair as he shifted his body towards you.

"Would I be required to date him too?"

You felt something in the pit of your stomach akin to a knot as the air felt a little bit warmer between your clenched legs.

You had never discussed sexuality with either of them before but the question brought up images of all three of you together in your mind. You thought about it for a moment, if you were going be honest, and it would be hot as fuck to watch them together. You wanted it, but only if they were comfortable.

"No. I wouldn't be opposed to the idea but that's a conversation you should have with him."

Namjoon's gaze was on Hoseok in a silent question, he watched patiently as Hoseok sipped his wine and adjusted in his chair. His facial expression was almost unreadable as he thought it over for a moment before he responded.

"I've been wanting to fuck him for a long time so I'm not opposed to the idea either." His answer was directed at you, eyes pierced into yours, gaze so intense as if he was daring you to object.

You licked your lips and pressed your legs closer together, movement not missed by either men. You noticed the sly smile that crept onto Hoseok's lips and the soft chuckle and shake of Namjoon's head.

"Well then, just fuck?" Namjoon asked, eyebrows raised in question.

"Among other things, I'd treat you the same way I treat her." Hoseok responded, eyes shifted to meet his.

"Touché." Namjoon replied, glass lifted to his lips, as he watched Hoseok from the corner of his eyes.

"Well then, that's settled." You smiled at them both and released a long breath you had not realized you were holding the whole time as your shoulders relaxed.

"Kitten?" Hoseok called your attention to him as he lifted his glass and twirled it gently between his fingers.

Your eyes glazed over as the knot in your stomach tightened and heat rose up to spread through you. You knew where this was going next.

"Why don't you come sit on my lap, hmm?"

"Yes, Sir."

You swallowed hard as you tried to ease the dryness in your throat and rose to your feet to, slowly, walk around the table to him.

You deliberately took the long way around just so you could walk past Namjoon. You smiled as you watched your fingers trail over his broad shoulders and down his arm as you passed him, out of reach.

You planted yourself in Hoseok's lap and smiled as your hands reached up to drape over his shoulders loosely.

“Want Sir to make you feel good tonight, Kitten?” he asked, lips pulled up in a lopsided smirk that let you know he was in his Dom character.

“Yes, please?” you answered softly with short breaths as your skin grew warmer.

“Are you begging now?” Namjoon asked and your eyes shifted to meet his own as he pulled your attention to him.

“She always begs because she knows I like how she sounds when she does.” Hoseok answered for you.

“Hmmm.” He responded as he leaned back in his chair and got comfortable to watch you with someone else.

Your gaze moved back to Hoseok and you watched as he lifted his glass of wine to his lips for another sip, eyes intent on yours as his fingers came up and pulled you into him for a kiss.

It was soft at first, his lips slowly moved over yours coaxing you into relaxation as your lips eased open to let him in. His lips tangled with yours, he licked and stroked at the walls of your jaw and the roof of your mouth, it quickly grew from soft and teasing to lewd and filthy and you loved every minute of it.

You felt a hand slide up your thigh and ease your legs open, a soft whimper fell from your lips as Hoseok turned your head towards the newcomer.

“Can I get a kiss too, Babygirl?” Namjoon asked with a smile that dripped with mischief as he taunted you with the endearment.

Your gaze shifted between the two men as you assessed the situation, none of them seemed uncomfortable in any way so you leaned forward into Namjoon and brushed your lips against his.

“Come on, Kitten. I know you can do better than that.” Hoseok teased, his voice an octave deeper than earlier, his breath caressed your neck and made the hairs stand on end as a shiver ran down your spine.

“Are you scared, Babygirl? I’ve never seen you afraid before.” Namjoon teased.

His tongue came out to lick your lips and his hands tightened around your thighs. You felt something inside you snap and all your inhibitions fled to the farthest corners of your mind as your lips pressed harder into his and your hands reached out to trail down the front of his shirt to the slight bulge in his jeans.

“I think she’s ready to play now.” Hoseok goaded before you were lifted and set down on top of the dining table.

Hands slipped further up your thighs and gave a hard squeeze as they eased your legs further open. Your head lolled back as you leaned back on your hand for support. Hoseok pulled his chair closer and sat back down, he looked you in the eyes, gaze more intense than you had ever seen before, then lifted your legs up onto his shoulders to trail a path of heated kisses up the inside of your thighs. You could feel the sudden flow of moisture pooling between your legs while you watched him. When he reached your sweet spot his tongue slipped out to lick your lips through the thin scrap of cloth covering them and your legs shook violently. He smelled your arousal, tasted you as you seeped through the wet spot in your underwear, with a grin he dipped his head between your legs and, hungrily, licked a long stripe up your lips.

Your heavy breaths slowly grew to moans that bounced off the walls around you as Namjoon pushed your dress up, shifted your panties and slid his tongue inside you to lap up your juices. He slid his hand behind your head and turned you towards him, crashing his lips against yours in a desperate dance of tongues and teeth. His hand came up to push you dress further up your waist so he could find your breasts and he kneaded at the soft flesh through the thin fabric of your bra, a low groan escaped his lips as you moaned and pushed up into him.

Namjoon lifted the dress further up your waist and over your head then eased you back to lie on the table.

“Now Babygirl, you’re gonna be good for us tonight, right?” Namjoon asked.

“Yes, I’ll be good. I’ll be so good for you.” You moaned, biting into your lip and arching up off the table at the feel of Hoseok's tongue dipping into your wet heat once more before it came up to twirl around your clit.

“That’s a good girl.” Hoseok said as he, softly, ran the pad of his thumb over your clit.

Namjoon's hand caressed the curves of your breasts as his head dipped to lick at the juncture between your neck and shoulder.

“Come now, Babygirl. You know how much I like to hear you sing for me.” Hoseok’s tongue pressed against your clit, he teased at sucked at the small nub pushing you further to the edge.

Namjoon's hand splayed across your belly, kept you pressed down against the table as Hoseok ate you out until your legs shook and you were dripping on his tongue.

"You like that don't you? Tell me how good it feels." Namjoon asked as he, gently, pushed back your hair from your face.

His head dipped to your chest, his tongue swirled around the bud of a nipple before he pulled it between his teeth to suck hard. He groped your breasts, pushed them up and kneaded and squeezed them as he licked and bit at your nipples.

You could feel Hoseok's fingers as they slid against your walls. You felt so full, so overwhelmed, but you wanted more, you needed something more. You moaned and panted louder, your tongue snaking out to wet your lips. Namjoon felt your growing want as your muscles tightened under his hands. The glazed over look in your eyes, your short shallow breaths, the way your body squirmed as you fidgeted under his hands. He knew you were right there, could almost feel your orgasm as it peaked but you needed something extra to take you over the edge.

He ran his thumb across your bottom lip and pulled it down. Instinctively your mouth opened and your tongue protruded to lick the tip of his finger and welcome it as he slipped it between your lips.

As if on cue, Hoseok's fingers picked up their pace, they slid into you harder as his tongue lapped at your clit. A deep growl escaped him as he sucked on the bud and pulled a high-pitched moan from your lips. Your skin was on fire, head so light you could barely think straight, the feeling so intense it made you shiver and your legs tighten around his head to press him closer into you.

Namjoon slipped two fingers between your lips and you latched on to them. You sucked and moaned around his digits, tongue sliding along their length as your fingers slipped into his hair and tightened around the locks at the nape of his neck.

Head thrown back, you gagged on Namjoon's fingers at the back of your throat and ground against Hoseok's face shamelessly.

You felt so good taking everything they both had to offer, lightheaded and dizzy as if you floated high on a cloud in that moment. Namjoon used his other hand to grope at the mound of your breast as his teeth sunk into your neck and Hoseok chose that moment to press against the tight coil of nerves inside you with his fingers. Bursts of lights exploded behind your eyes as they squeezed shut, pushed over the edge, your body jerked violently and you felt like you floated around aimlessly on a bed of clouds.


They both caressed and soothed your body with kisses as the high of your orgasm slowly faded. Each man uttered soft words of comfort and praise and you slowly became conscious of your surroundings.

“You were such a good girl for us.” Hoseok whispered before kissing your lips. You could taste yourself on them and his tongue and something inside you stirred.

“So beautiful, so good.” Namjoon praised you softly as he brushed your hair gently and a hand caressed you softly.

“That was so good.” You marveled, breath barely stable.

Namjoon chuckled softly against your neck as he pressed his lips to the mark he left there. Hoseok moaned, a soft sound of pleasure at the sight of your post orgasm glow.

Hoseok rose from beside you to get bottles of water for everyone to re-hydrate. Your eyes drooped, heavy from the sheer intensity of your orgasm.

“Kitten?” Hoseok called and you quite literally purred back to life for him.

“She’s worn out already?” Namjoon teased pulling you closer to him.

Hoseok laughed and the quick flash of emotion in his eyes as he stood aside and watched you with Namjoon made you shiver and chills run down your spine.

“Drink your water, Kitten. It’s going to be a long night for us all.” Hoseok smiled taking a healthy gulp of water himself.

He walked over to where you were cuddled up into Namjoon and wrapped his hand around the other man’s neck to pull him in for a deep and almost desperate kiss. Hoseok's tongue slipped between Namjoon's lips and he groaned as Namjoon pulled him further in so he could suck on his tongue until Hoseok's hand tightened almost painfully around his neck.

Namjoon eased out of the kiss, eyes glazed over lost in the passion Hoseok ignited in him. As they both turned intensely heated gazes at you, you knew in that moment that your life had changed forever and this would be the best Valentine’s Day you ever had.

Hoseok smiled down at you, eyes filled with almost sinister mischief.

"Drink up, Kitten. The party's just getting started."




Submitted: February 16, 2021

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