Silver Lining

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Celebrities and Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Yoongi is just beginning to heal from the pain of a toxic three year relationship. Walking through the park, like he does almost every day, he meets Jungkook walking his dog. Yoongi is terrified of the outgoing, carefree and vibrant young man. Jungkook is from a small town with big problems and has his own demons to slay, but he's still fascinated with the aloof and reserved man who's always in the dog park but doesn't seem to own a dog. He tells himself he's just intrigued by the mysterious and lonely man with light shining behind the closed door of his eyes. Can two broken hearts heal each other or will they do each other more harm than good?


Table of Contents

Chapter One

This chapter is heavily focused on the backstory of both Yoongi and Jungkook. Please mind all tags! Read Chapter

Chapter Two


Jungkook takes a step towards meeting the strange man at the park with the sad eyes and gets help from a few friends ????


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Anyways, I really wanna hear your take as the story progresses, so dont be too shy to say something ????

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Chapter Three

They're finally interacting but is everything as Yoongi thinks or is there something else going on?? Are they just friends or is there more??

Jungkook has to make a big decision to take them a step closer together. Are they ready for something like that or should they keep going slow?

Beta Read by @SoftNDNeedy

I'm so excited about how this story is progressing!!! Its such a cute slow burn to me and the character development is so uwu

Anyway I really loved this particular chapter because they're FINALLY interacting!!! So I hope you guys enjoy it too

P.S - Sorry for the late post guys

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