Working Title

Working Title

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


First work, be nice. Hot rich guy who has a younger childhood friend that he likes, so he rapes her. Pretty generic sex slave stuff, super long winded. Looking for feedback, thx


First work, be nice. Hot rich guy who has a younger childhood friend that he likes, so he rapes her. Pretty generic sex slave stuff, super long winded. Looking for feedback, thx


Submitted: June 25, 2015

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Submitted: June 25, 2015






I pursed my lips and peered over the edge of the balcony. He was waiting there for me, down by the pool. 

"Well come on," I teased, pushing my body over the railing. He lept up and lunged at me, pushing me onto the bed that was suddenly behind me.

"mmmmmmm" he whispered in my ear, nudging at me. I could feel his massive erection, but I didn't feel awkward or uncomfortable. I kissed him tenderly, inviting him.

Before I knew it, his pants were off. Oh, and underwear too. His enormous penis seemed to beg for me. I moaned and spread my legs eagerly. He shoved in and pounded into me, his body towering over mine. He smiled down at me, shoving into me over and over and over and over, ferociously tearing at me. I kept screaming, "Damien, Damien....!" Over and over as he grunted and moaned. Feeling him inside me, I reached my first, then second climax. I felt he was also close. I clenched myself nervously, he was tearing at me so ferociously. Suddenly I felt thick, hot shots of his cum shoot into me. I moaned and breathed with him, happy to share this moment with him. It was almost like a dream.


I opened my eyes that morning, feeling as though I had awoken from a terrible nightmare. Damien stood over me, smiling eerily.

"Good morning, Aki."

I  squinted my eyes, trying to adjust to the morning light. It took me a few seconds to gain my awareness.

"Get out of my room, creep!" I pushed at Damien's huge body, but he didn't budge. He just smiled and pulled me out of bed.

"This is my house, silly. Everything in my house belongs to me. That includes this room, wouldn't you think?" He grinned at me slyly, like he had said something so profound I was about to find enlightenment or something. I stared blankly at him, hoping he would get the message.

"Get out of my room, jerk. I'm gonna' get dressed before I go down to breakfast."

His eyes glinted as he looked at me. 

"I know. That's why I'm sticking around. Take off your clothes already."

My entire face flushed an unflattering shade of red.

"Get out, you PERVERT!" I pushed him with all my strength, and eventually he walked out the door without saying another word. I sighed in relief and walked to my bathroom. I couldn't remember my dream, but somehow it just made me feel so unclean. I stepped into the glass walls of the shower and combed through my hair with my fingers, breathing deeply. I began to scrub my body all over, but something still felt off. I went through half of my bottle of body wash before I regained my sense. I didn't want to run out anytime soon, or I would have to ask Damien to fetch me some more. I can NOT owe that guy any favors.

After drying myself off with a super luxurious poofy white towel, I strode to my modest closet. It's always had a ton of billowy sundresses that I can never remember buying. I don't mind them, but it freaks me out to think I have gaps in my mind so big I can't even remember everyday things like what my clothes look like. I grabbed some undies and knee length shorts, then spent a few minutes to pick out a light blue top with a picture of a cactus on it. It's really tight since they were my pajamas from when I was twelve, but I feel really secure in them. I definitely needed to pack them when I learned I was to live with Damien for the 'foreseeable future'. I don't even know when I'll be moving out- in three years, when I turn eighteen? No way. I better find some relatives to mooch off of, or I'll be depending on Damien my whole life. I miss when it was just me and my grandma. But she was old, and she did seem kind of different since grandpa died. She's probably happy now. My parents, too.

I just pulled down my top when Damien opened my door. I immediately turned and yelled at him.

"Damien, what's wrong with you? I was literally JUST naked."

"Aww, I was so close" he said ruefully. I tried to slap him but he grabbed my wrist.

"You're way too late. Breakfast is getting too cold, hurry up." He reported. I tsked him and ran down the hall, tying up my hair messily. I skipped every other step on my way down the stairs. I was starving.

When I finally reached the table of the secondary dining room, the table was empty. There were no traces of food ever having been there.

"I'm meeting some clients here real soon. You'll have to eat at the table in the dry kitchen." A voice behind me said. Need I turn around? It's Damien.

"Mm hmm, sure." I said, rushing to the 'dry kitchen'. I've never lived in a house this big, but I think dry kitchen means oven room cause that's the only thing the wet kitchen doesn't have that the dry kitchen does.  That, and a small round table currently displaying my morning feast. I wolfed down every last morsel of meat and bread and plant on every dish. I ate so fast the taste of the food wasn't registered until seconds after, when I did in fact realize it was all stone cold. 


"My, how ravenous you are" said Damien.

"Oh shut up," I casually replied, but turned to see an empty doorway. Damien wasn't there, he hadn't been there at all. Weird.

I glanced at my watch. 8:42. That was late for a school day but for a home-schooled kid time meant nothing to me. And neither did school, now that my parents are dead. I think I have a solid month left before the government begins to realize I'm missing out on an education. Until then, it's just internet games for me.

Or not. I felt myself getting kind of horny. I've always been a really saintly girl, but my parents are dead. I can drop the act. I'll just go to my room and watch some porn, finger myself a little. The walls in this house are damn thick, I can get away with something like that easily.

"Ooh, what a big cock you have" said a forty-ish lady with a blonde dye job. She hungrily eyed the tall black man, who wanked himself expectantly.

"Get on your knees bitch" he commanded, and the woman plopped down and slobbered all over his dick while letting out loud moans. Usually free internet porn got me off fine, but for some reason it was grossing me out today. Maybe I was wrong, maybe I wasn't in the mood. I took yet another shower, and just sat around browsing the Internet on my phone all day. Damien came into my room and I almost didn't acknowledge his presence.

"Oh hey " I said without looking up. To my surprise, he collapsed on the bed beside me and the bed let out a THUD. My head jerked up; something was up.

"Mmmmmmmmm, Akiii" he moaned into the bedsheet.

"Uh, yeah?" I replied nervously.

"I'm so tired. They wanted so much today. Why do they have to keep taking from me?"

I didn't know what business Damien was in but apparently it had some kind of toll on his body. I felt bad for him; he really did seem exhausted.

"Uhhhh, do you need water?" I asked. Ugh, how dumb. I just wanted to help him, but I don't know what I'm doing.

"No, I want. I want--" he said loudly. He sounded as if he was cut off. 

"What do you want, Damien? Should I get you water?" I slid off the bed but at the last second he grabbed my ankle firmly and pulled my back in.

"Aki, just give me this one thing." He begged. What did he mean?

His hands slid down my body and before I knew it there were in my pants. He pulled down my underwear along with my shorts. Numb, I took several moments to collect myself. 

"Damien, WHAT are you doing" I scolded, aggressively batting his hand away. I actually was starting to feel bad for him, but it was all just an act.

"No, Aki, help me" he groaned, and he really did seem sick. But what the HELL. No, what the FUCK. Players like him should get the fuck off virgins like me. I could not comfort him through whatever the hell he was thinking of.

"Get the fuck out of my room Damien!" I shouted authoritatively. 

"No," he growled, "everything in this house is mine. And so are you."

Before I knew it, his collossal muscular body was on top of me. His face loomed over mine as he breathed heavily. His eyes were full of desire. I think. That psychology class I took in the fifth grade wasn't the best point of reference.

"Aki, you have no idea how I feel about you. You've denied me since we were four years old. You always trampled on my feelings like an insincere bitch. But I've got news for you- this isn't over. I'm going to make you cry. I'm going to make you HURT. And you're going to like it, and you're going to beg for more. Because I'm all you need and that's all you ever have." He whispered in my ear before kissing me. Stunned, I stayed still. His tongue pushed into my mouth and violated me, making me feel confused. What was that weird little rant about? Is Damien into me or is this a revenge game? Whatever was happening, my body was liking it. I moaned and my body convulsed, thrusting into him.

"Ahh, ahh, yes, pleaaase." I begged, hoping he'd skip to the main course. But he had more plans. His hands had successfully pulled up my top over my boobs, and I seemed to completely forgotten to put on a bra. I arched my back in fear. I felt so exposed to him.

He groped at my breasts with his large hands. I kept gasping and panting from pleasure; I've never felt someone else touch me this much, it was overwhelming. I felt my own hands move around his neck, pulling him into me. He growled seductively and hitched up one of my legs.

"Your pussy's dripping wet," he laughed, "you little slut."

I gasped. I could feel my juices dripping out onto the bed. Of course I've gotten wet before, but never this much. Not even when I come. I was excited by the thought that Damien had made me so aroused.

"Mmmm, mm!" I moaned, trying to keep my lips sealed. Damien kissed me tenderly and whispered, "you should let your voice out more, I want to hear it." 

I blushed all over. He was being so affectionate, where did that come from? 


Nowhere, he pulled off his pants and his giant cock spung out, at like ten inches or something.

"Ummm it's my first time, I feel like we should take it a little----"

Damien shoved his dick into me, all at once. His balls were up against my ass.

"AAAAH!!" I screamed. I'd never even put more than one finger in myself, and that was rare in itself.

"Daaamn, you're tight." Damien groaned. He hesitated before pulling back and thrusting again.

"Damien, please stop." I panted. He was so fucking BIG, I couldn't feel my legs.

"Mm, no. I'm going to fuck you like the sex toy you are." He replied, gritting his teeth. He continued to shove into me. I kept moaning and screaming, but it just turned him on way more. 

"Fuck. Fuck, FUCK. You're pussy's just so goddamn fucking tight." He groaned, thrusting in and out of me, his hands clenching my ass cheeks.

"Please, please, just take it out," I begged, "take it out, it so fucking big."

Damien was so turned on, I could almost feel the growth of his dick in my pussy. It had to a foot long now.

"Mmm you fuckin slut, how does it feel to get your virginity taken"

"Aaahaaaah, please take your big thing out. It's so big now, please don't do this to me please" I repeated. I got wetter and wetter, feeling him stretch out my pussy. He kept shoving his enormous Titan dick inside of me and I felt myself begin to come..

"Oh please take it out I'm going to come..... Ah oh Damien, Damien!!!' Yes Damien yes!!!! Fuck!" I cummed violently as he continued to thrust. I could tell my clenching did it for him, he seemed ready to shoot his load into me.

"Mgh, FUCK Aki. You fuckin whore, you want this huh" he teased.

"Yes come inside me, cum inside of my pussy please, I want you so bad." I felt his fat cock twitch and swell.

"Beg more, say you're my slave." He commanded sexily.

"Oh yes I'm your slave, I'll do anything you tell me too because I'm a dirty whore, please shoot your load into me master"

He nodded approvingly, giving me the final thrust before pumping a huge load of cum into me. It was so hot and thick, and my pussy dripped as he pulled out.

"And with that, the contract is fulfilled. You are my slave now Aki." He grinned and ran his fingers through my hair gently.


"Wait what." 


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