You cann have me

You cann have me

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Tommy meets a teenage girl and things get heated.



Tommy meets a teenage girl and things get heated.


Submitted: June 07, 2012

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Submitted: June 07, 2012



It was Saturday night at Goodfellows on Bourbon Street in the heart of the French quarter of New Orleans. You know, one of those nice, expensive restaurants with dim lights, and white table cloths, where the waiters were all women in white shirts and black bow ties.

 So, what was the occasion?

 Well, Tommy was trying to make things right between them. Even though she was married to his boss, she didn't appreciate him fucking around on her, and had all but cut off the blowjobs and pussy.

 Lola had fucked up herself by falling in love with him, so she really shouldn't put the blame on him because he told her from the jump, he was a major player. But, with her hormones raging, she blamed him anyway.

 So, around 10:30 pm, after a very expensive meal, he lit her cigarette and watched her do one of her trademark French inhales, then sipped her wine as she exhaled through her nose.

 "Boy, you never give up do you, babe?”

 "What do you mean?" She asked as she wrapped her orange lips around her cigarette and sucked on it like it was a cock.

 "That...that sexy smoking of yours...are you working on me? Because if you are, you're wasting your time. You got me."

 She puckered and blew a thin line of smoke over her shoulder, "Do I?"

 "Of course...I'm here with you, right?"

"You're here, but I'm not so sure you're with me."

 "I'm with you, Lola...what do you want from me?" She dragged again, "Everything, but for now...I'd like some attention."

 "Ok, you got it. Talk to me"

 She was sitting to his left in the secluded corner booth, “I love you, Tommy.”

 He nodded, and turned to her. Lola was a beautiful woman, and no doubt had fallen fast and hard for him, but knew she could never have him all to herself.

 Tonight, by the flickering candle light, she was pouring on the sex appeal to regain her grip on him.

 An impossible task, even for a former Miss Nevada.

 “I know you do, but you haven’t been showing me much love lately.”

 “You’re fucking around on me all the fucking time Thomas.”

 “Hmmm. Look, I didn’t come here to fight with you. Sal is in Iowa with the casino owners, so I thought we could come over here to New Orleans, have a great dinner, do some drinking, and dancing and try to work things out. I never said I wanted a long term relationship, and how you figure we can have more than what we have now is beyond me. You’re still married to my boss, and I’m still a player.”

 “Ok, Ok...So it is what it is?”


She continued to smoke with her left hand as her right hand went to his crotch.

 "What are you doing?"

 She dragged on her cigarette again, then placed the orange tip in his lips, and replied, "There was a time that it didn't matter what I was doing to you, or where. But, let’s just say I’m taking care of business."

 She unzipped his slacks and pulled his cock out. The white linen table cloth hung to their knees, so her movements would be undetected.

 He turned his lips to her smoky orange lips, kissed them softly a few times. She laid her head on his shoulder next to his neck, and began stroking him in almost perfect time to the five piece jazz band playing on a small stage across the dining room.

 The band drew his attention as his eyes scanned the room.

 That’s when he saw her.

 A very small , very young looking girl, with long, curly black hair worn like Cher,  had caught his roving eyes. So, even with Lola jacking him off under the table, she still didn’t have his full attention.

 The child like little girl turned her head for no particular reason, and their eyes locked on each other from across the room. She tilted her head to the side, letting her hair fall over one shoulder.

 Is she a little girl?

He asked himself. He got his answer soon.

 She slipped a Marlboro Light between her dark red lips, and stared at Tommy as her date lit it for her. The flickering flame in her dark eyes made his dick jump!

 God, was she the most beautiful woman in the room? Or was she even a woman? Clearly not over 21, but hopefully over 18, because he had already decided that he was going to fuck her...somehow.

 She French inhaled as he studied her stunning face, sending smoke curling over her glossy lips en route to her tiny nostrils, before she slipped her tongue out and slurped the smoke right back in her mouth! Oh shit! She has to be an adult to smoke like that.

 She knew she had him, so she continued doing one slow French inhale after another. Without warning, Lola slipped her head under the table and began sucking on Tommy’s dick.

 The little girl smiled as she watched Lola disappear under the table. As fate often gives us a helping hand, the young girls date simply got up and left.

 Was he pissed, bored, were they fighting? or did her simply have to use the men’s room?

 Tommy had no way of knowing, but didn’t care. With her date gone, the young girl continued to drag on her cigarette, spill smoke from her dark red lips, then suck it back in never losing eye contact with Tommy. The rhythm of her inhales and exhales reminded him of fucking. Fast, slow, fast, slow…very deliberate.

 The scene quickly turned sexual as the young girl turned sideways, and with her legs crossed, reached along her thigh and slipped her short dress up so he could see the top of her sheer black nylons.

 Smoke curled around her glossy lips as she opened her mouth wide so he could see the smoke drifting around in her mouth.

 She knew Lola was giving him a blowjob, and wished it were her. Too horny to stop, too impulsive for her own good, the young girl decided to give him a show.

 She turned towards him, uncrossed her legs, and hiked her dress up so he could see her red silk panties. Her left hand had her cigarette poised by her red lips as her right hand slipped between her legs. Her eyes left his for a quick second to glance around for prying eyes. Satisfied no one was watching, she slipped her hand in her panties and began making a circular motion for him to see.

 Tommy reached under the table and put his hand on Lola’s head showing her the rhythm he wanted. He leaned back against the booth as Lola bobbed up and down on  his cock. Across the room, the young girl had pushed her knees out, took a long drag of her cigarette, stubbed it out and then slipped both hands down her panties.

 He watched her gasp, her eyes close, then open, then flutter…

 She looked him in the eyes and mouthed the words, “FUCK ME DADDY!”, then frowned and squeezed out an orgasm that squirted on the red carpet…then dropped her head to her chest.

 Tommy was so turned on by what the little girl had done, he forced Lola’s head down tight, driving his cock to the back of her throat where he dumped a massive load of hot cum in her mouth.

 The little girl began scooping her cum from her cunt until she filled the palm of her hand. She stared him in the eyes as her tongue slurped from the cup her palm made.

 Lola knew something was up when another hot shot landed on her lips as she was about to get up. She put her lips on the tip of his cock and finished him off, banging her head against the table top, making the silverware hop.  The next thing she knew, she was slurping his creamy cum from her wet lips.

The little girl smiled as she lowered her dress, kept her eyes on his, and mouthed, “You want to fuck me, daddy?”

 He nodded and jerked his head to the left, motioning to the men’s room.

 “When?” She mouthed.

 He mouthed, “Five minutes!” then held up five fingers.

 The little girl mouthed, “Ok, baby.”

 “I like daddy better.” He replied silently.

 Ok, daddy…five minutes.”



….five minutes later……………………

 Tommy turned to Lola, " Be right back, baby...going to the men’s room...order another bottle if you like." then he glanced at the stunning young girl, and without gesturing or making a sound; she got his message, "Come to me."

 He stepped into the men’s room, as two well-dressed men dried their hands and left. Tommy tugged the men’s room attendant by the elbow.

 “Yes, sir?”

Tommy pulled two crisp hundred dollar bills from his alligator skinned wallet, "That's for some privacy pal...say twenty minutes worth?"

 The colored attendant replied, "Another can have it for thirty minutes."

 "Good, then stand outside and keep the assholes away...send them across to the other shitter, but under no circumstances will you let anyone in here...understand?"

 The attendant nodded as he looked up at the towering Tommy Castle....

 "You got it." and started to walk away.

 "Hey, is there some way to dim these lights?"

 The attendant rubbed his thumb and forefinger together. Tommy handed him another $50 dollar bill, and the attendant dimmed the lights with his remote.

 Tommy walked to the long green marble counter that held four sinks. He hopped up and sat between the second and third one, lit a cigarette, and waited.

 He didn't have to wait long.

 She stepped in, and stopped.

 Tommy looked at the little girl dressed like a woman. A little black dress, very short, and with a plunging neckline and scooped out back barely covered her small frame.

 Her face was stunning. Small, oval shaped, with a delicate chin, slender nose, and lips that made his dick hard. Her dark eyes had amber specks, like gold dust sprinkled near her pupil.

 She showed plenty of cleavage, and as she stood sideways in the doorway, her swayed back complimented her perfect round ass.

 She turned her head from left to right, then grinned, as she saw him sitting on the counter, "So, you did this for little ole me? Got rid of everybody, dimmed the lights, sent the dude outside...what's something like this cost, hon?" 

 She stepped towards him slowly, like a model, one foot in front of the other...heel, toe, heel, toe...

 "Three hundred."

 She smiled as she sat her purse down on the floor.."Hmmm. Three hundred for a few minutes with me…Ok, I'm impressed. Now, what?" she hopped up next to him and draped her arm around his neck.

 “Before we go any further….just how old are you?”

 “Old enough.”

 “I’m not sure…you look very young.”

 “Well, I’m not in my thirties like your lady friend.”

 “Twenties then?”  He asked, almost pleading.

 She shook her head and turned her thumb down.


 She shook her head again.

 “18? …Please be 18?”

 “Ok, I’ll be 18…or would you prefer something younger perhaps…say 14?”

 He grinned. She wanted to play? Ok, he decided to play. He turned his thumb upside down.

 She grinned, “13?… that brought a smile.

 “MMMM…my, my….somehow that turns me on…you like young pussy baby?”

 “I like pussy. What’s your name little girl?”

 “Jasmine.  Yours?”


 “So, Tommy…you want to role play, huh?”

 “Hey, you got me pretty worked up out there. I just want to fuck you. Now, in or out little girl.”

She took the cigarette from his lips, puckered hers , then sucked it so hard the tip burned bright red, illuminating the darkened marble bathroom. It made a popping sound when she removed it from her lips.

 "Oh, I'm in daddy.." then flicked the cigarette that left a red glow in its wake. It flew  right through one of the open stalls before it dove into the toilet.

 She pulled his open mouth to hers. The first kiss stunned her. His tongue tasted sweet, intoxicatingly sweet; his warm breath on her upper lip got her wet instantly. She climbed on his lap, unzipped his $300 hundred dollar slacks, tugged his cock out through the fly in his briefs. She knew in an instant that she had never had a cock so big, and thick in her anywhere before, much less her tiny cunt.

 She wrapped both hands around it like it was a baseball bat, and slowly worked them up and down ...pausing at the head so she could dribble her spit on it. She rubbed his cock under her nose.

 It smelled like also smelled like Lola’s orange lipstick.

 Her thumbs worked the spit on the head, and around the rim as she looked him in the eyes. She grinned, then nibbled on her bottom lip.

 She glanced up at him, “Daddy…I want to suck your hot cock…”

 “Go ahead, baby…just be careful…I’d like to save my hot cum for your little cunt.”

 “Ohhhhhh, my God….Daddy…I’ll….I’ll be careful. Just finger fuck me while I suck your big cock…then you can cum in my cunt, my mouth, all over my tits….I don’t give a fuck..Hell,if we had more time, I’d even give you my virgin ass..”

 “You’d do that for me?”

 “I’ll do anything you want….”

 He spread his fingers and ran them through her hair. Jasmine pulled her lips from his cock and leaned straight to his mouth. “Kiss me, daddy…Kiss me, kiss me hard. I want you to lick your cock juice from my lips.”

 Their tongues went wild in each other’s mouth.

 She pressed her lips against his really hard, and ran her tongue inside his mouth like she was starving for him.

 Then, she lowered her head down, and immediately took his cock in her mouth. Her hope was to deep throat him, but she couldn’t.

 Tommy felt like he was about cum.

 He grabbed a handful of her silky black hair and jerked it. Jasmine groaned, “Yes, daddy…you can hurt me.”

She swirled her tongue expertly on the head of his cock and moaning the whole time. Her moans vibrated on his cock.

 She glanced up at him as her head bobbed up and down. She pulled her wet lips from his dick, and it made a popping sound.

Breathless, she cried, “Oh, me…love your little girl.”

 He laid his head back against the wall and closed his eyes. “I do love my little girl.”

 “Ohhh daddy…cum for me then…I need it…daddy..”

 He opened his eyes and looked back down at her. She looked so hot while she sucked him. He was seconds from cumming.

 She sensed his balls tightening, and began to jerk him off again, as her tongue swirled around his balls.

 Jasmine was so……..perfect.

 Her tongue went back to licking his shaft, but needed the tip in her mouth…so she began sucking him off again.

 Soon he exploded in her mouth, filling it quickly, he watched it spilling from the corners of her mouth. She raised her head and gasped.

Tommy’s cum tasted sweet, and it was thick in her mouth and she swallowed it all.

 She lifted her head up and licked her cum soaked lips. lips. “Was I a good little girl, Daddy?”

 He nodded, “Perfect, sit up here and lean back against the mirror.” He bent over, reached under her ass and lifted her up on the counter.

 He made it seem effortless. It was the first time she had seen him standing up. Well, she did see him get up when he went in there, but from across the room,she had no idea that he was 6’5”.

He lifted her dress and said, “Slip your wet panties off while I get some towels.”

 She tugged her panties to her ankles and kicked them off.

 He returned with some towels that he had rolled into a pillow.

 “Put his under your neck, and lay down.”

 Jasmine complied instantly, but had no idea why.

 “Ok, daddy…what do I do now?”

 “I’ll show you, baby.”

 He bent her knees and spread them, placing one foot in the sink on the left,the other one in the sink on the right.

 “Oh God…Oh daddy…you can see my wet pussy now.”

 “I see it, baby. Now, relax. I’m going to turn the water on now in each sink..It’s going to be hot.”

He saw her grin, then turned the water on and watched her reaction when it went from cold to hot.

 “Oh fuck…that’ feels so fucking great!” She cried.

 He noticed that her pussy and her inner thighs were soaked with her juices. He leaned down first and licked her cum from her inner thighs. She moaned, took a deep breath, and closed her eyes.

 Between his licking and the hot water she was on the verge, but she calmed herself knowing the finish needed to be awesome.

 When he began sucking her clit, she moaned loudly and started playing with her tits.

 He started tongue fucking her rapidly..and she let out a scream that echoed off the marble floors and walls.

 Tommy had never heard a girl scream so loud before, but didn’t worry about anyone coming in. He was sure the attendant didn’t want to fuck with him.

 Jasmine tasted sweet. Sweeter than he imagined. And he liked her scent and taste. It was a turn on.

So,he stuck two fingers inside of her as his tongue played around with her pink clit. She was panting hard trying not to scream too loud.

 “I want to fuck you. Let me fuck you.” She begged. She couldn’t take it anymore. Tommy didn’t stop though.

 He wanted her to squirt right then so he could enjoy her licking it off. Just thinking about it made him hard again.

 She tensed up, and lifted her feet from the steaming hot water, then spread her legs wide open, “Here daddy…drink me..” she stretched her pussy lips out and held them back tight.

 Then squirted a steady stream into his open mouth. At first, he wondered if she was pissing since the flow was so strong, but since he had never tasted piss, he assured himself it was her cum. Either way, he lapped at it, swallowed it, and went back for seconds.

 She put her feet back in the hot sinks, grabbed him behind his head, and pulled his mouth tight over her squirting cunt.

 The more he drank, and swallowed, the more she came!

It was making her crazy…no man had ever made her cum so much. Even her big vibrator neverad her crying and trembling.

 Finally, her legs stopped quivering and she was ready to fuck!

 She pushed him off,and turned him around so he could sit on the counter.

 Then she got back onto his lap facing him, and watched herself in the mirror as she lowered herself onto his thick throbbing cock that he held in his hand.

He wiggled it over her pussy lips, “This what you’re looking for?”

 She smiled, “You’re the sexiest motherfucker I’ve ever seen”. Then she gave him a playful slap, “Now get back in character…say you want to fuck your little girls hot cunt…something like that.”

 “You just said it.”

 “Say IT!”

 She leaned against him so they could do some long, wet kisses. He was in lust, Jasmine, like so many others was way ahead of him. She was falling hard and fast!

 Without pulling from the kiss, he muttered, “I want to fuck my little girls hot cunt.”

 That turned her on so much, she shot her tongue to the bottom of his mouth, then back out, then in…then out…Jasmine was going wild slurping around his lips.

 It was painful to her at first while her tight pussy was slowly taking him in.

 But, his cock eventually filled her and he placed his hands on her hips.

 There’s tight pussy, then there’s Jasmine.

 She had to be the tightest girl he’s ever been inside of, and we all know he’s been in a lot.

 She started riding his cock fast, and screaming to the top of her lungs with her head thrown back, whipping her long hair over her stunning face..

 He actually liked the high pitched screams coming from this little girl. He could easily get off from it. And her pussy was so wet and was so easy to slide in and out of.

 “Oh fuck! Yes!” She moaned. She slid her tongue into Tommy’s mouth and continued fucking him. She could feel that she was about to cum soon.

 She suddenly found herself on the floor as Tommy thrusted in and out of her in a harsh motion.Had he picked her up and fucked her while he laid her on the floor?

 She didn’t know, didn’t care. All she knew was that some stanger with movie star looks and a cock made for fucking was deep inside her.

 Anyway, it felt so good she wrapped her legs around his ass and squeezed tight.

 There was a knock on the door and the attendant said, “Twelve minutes.”

 “Twelve minutes, daddy.C’mon…fuck the shit out of me!” She moaned, whimpered, whisper, “I love you daddy..never leave me..ever!”.

 Tommy loved her calling him daddy.It just brought him closer to his orgasm.

As he continued fucking her, she reached between them and rubbed her clit fast.

 “Fuck!” She screamed.

 Tommy never made a girl scream so loud before.

 He kissed her deeply,and Jasmine moaned as he shot more of his hot cum inside of her.

 As he came , she joined him screaming, “Daddy, daddy, daddy….fuck…fuck me daddy!”

 She came extremely hard, and felt her legs trembling They just wouldn’t stop…not until he laid down on her.

 He stayed inside of her for a few seconds, calming her. Plus, he didn’t want to leave the tightness and warmth of her. He thrust inside her once more just to hear her moan, “daddy” and when she did, he kissed her hard.

 “I love you,baby.”

 “Ohhh, daddy..I love you, too…”

 She was getting even wetter from what he was saying to her.Was this real? Or were they still role playing.

 He pulled his cock out to her waiting hands. She puckered her red lips and spit on it, then started jacking him off while looking at him. Her hand caught on his wide rim with every long stroke He placed his hand in her hair and brought her down to his cock, “ Take it all, baby.”

She whimpered like a child, “I can’t daddy…it’s too big”

 He pulled her head back by her hair, “love me?”

 “Ohh, yes daddy.”

 “Then prove it.”

 He put his finger in the corner of her mouth and pulled it wide open. She placed her mouth over it, and slowly worked her way down, gagging a few times, but determined to please her daddy…she let go with her hands and held them straight out and i dropped her mouth all the way to the base of his cock.

 Tommy clapped as she began sucking him with her throat. While she did this, she rubbed her clit with her right hand and moaned. “mmmmmmm”

 “That’s it baby, fuck yourself.” He whispered.

 She stuck three fingers inside of her wet cunt and started pumping. His cock was so thick in her mouth.

He made a deep throaty groan , then grabbed a handful of her hair and began fucking her mouth hard.

 But she liked it.

 She liked the taste of his sweet cock in her wet mouth.

 And he loved the way it felt when his cock was hitting the back of her throat. She could feel him throbbing in her mouth. She moaned as she sucked him and fucked herself harder.

She was about to cum over her fingers and he was about to cum in her mouth.

 She climaxed over her fingers and cried out, “Daddy!” then took his cock back in her hot mouth and started sucking him faster until he climaxed in her mouth. She licked the cum from the head of his cock , and then the shaft, then her lips. She lifted her head up and looked at him.

 “Mmmh, Your cum taste good, daddy.”

 “You scream loud when you climax.” Tommy said.

 She smiled. “I know. I’m sorry, baby.”

 Tommy picked her up and carried her to the towels that he had intended for all this to happen on, but the heat of the moment, things changed.

 Now he wanted to eat some pussy.

 He laid her on the thick pile of white towels, and lifted her tight black dress. Then he laid between her legs resting on his elbows and began licking cum from her legs.

 As he worked his way to her pussy, he grabbed her legs and gently laid them on his shoulders. He pushed her knees wide open, and wrapped his arm under her legs and carressed her inner thighs with his hands.

 The second his tongue came in contact with her swollen, red clit, “MMMMMMM” she moaned loudly.

He licked the wetness from her clit to her asshole where he tongue fucked her tiny hole.

“Ohh God, daddy!! Yes, daddy….Eat my tight ass…I want it so bad, I’ve saved it just for you…Fuck my ass with your tongue!”

 She grabbed the back of his head and sat up on her elbows and pulled his mouth tight against her asshole. He spread er ass with his hands and slipped his tongue in deep.”

 “Ohhhh… FUCK!!” She cried and she wiggled. Her asshole was trying to reject him, but he forced his hard tongue in.

 He liked the sweet taste of her ass. Probably because it had collected her cum.

 It made him hard.

 He went back to sucking her red clit, and rammed three fingers inside of her tight cunt just under his chin.

 “Fuck! Yes daddy! Please don’t stop! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…DADDY!”

 She screamed with her eyes closed.

 Tommy had no intentions on stopping.

 He kissed and sucked her wet pussy lips as he banged her ass as hard as he could.

“Ohh Goddd.. that’s fucking perfect…go on , daddy…HURT ME!”

Tommy went harder and faster until he saw blood around her asshole.

He pulled his bloody fingers out and held them up for her to see.

She couldn’t control herself, she grabbed his fingers and jammed them in her mouth!


 She pulled them out screaming, “ that was so fucking good.”

 He took his fingers from her lips and slipped them in her very wet cunt...He pumped her hard and fast..

 ”Daddy, daddy...I’m cumming!” She said in a high voice.

 His tongue swirled around her wet pink clit again, and she cried out loudly, “DADDY!” and climaxed all over his face.

 She sat up and pulled his cum soaked face to hers where she licked it clean…”I love you so much, baby.” She said as she licked and kissed him over and over. “So much”

 He grinned, “What happened to daddy?”

 “I fucked him to death!”

 “Yeah, you drowned him in cum.”

 “mmmmm. You like my cum, baby?”

 “Love your cum…which reminds me.”


 “The first time you came, was that cum or we’re you pissing?”

 “Baby, you drank it…did it taste like piss?”

 “I don’t know since I’ve never tasted piss.”

 “What difference does it make?” Jasmine lit a cigarette and dragged hard.

 Tommy asked,“Well, wouldn’t it make a difference to you?” as he slowly got up and placed his cock back in his pants.

 Jasmine got up and pulled down her dress.

 “Not a bit, baby.”

There was cum trickling down her legs so she grabbed some tissue and wiped it away.

 She threw the tissue in the toilet, and leaned against him.

 She fixed her long black hair in the mirror and then turned to him. “Will your date be mad that you were in here with me?”

 Tommy nodded and then said, “But truthfully, who gives a fuck?” Jasmine smiled.

 “Won’t your date be upset?” He asked.

 “I don’t care if he is or not. Some asshole from my school. He kept asking me out over and over again and I finally agreed so he’d shut the fuck up. I told him by the end of the date, I want to be fucked and satisfied. But the bastard wants to take things slow. Like we’ll actually be together. Yeah, right. Fucking faggot is what he is.”

 Tommy studied Jasmine slowly. His eyes ran up and down her body. “What’s your number?” He asked.

 “Give me your hand.”

 She took a pen from her purse and wrote her number on his palm.

 “Eight minutes!” Said the man from the other side of the door.

 She grabbed her purse and smiled at Tommy.

 “This was the best night of my life…if you don’t call me…” she started out.


 She turned slowly, “Yeah, baby?”

 “I’ll call, and we still have eight minutes!”

 She walked back to him, took the cigarette from his lips and dragged on it, “So, how would you like to use those eight minutes? Then kissed him hard with her delicious smoky mouth.

 “I’d say if we’re smart, we’ll get out of here.” He took her hand and led her to the door…

 “You first daddy…”

 Tommy stepped out and looked around. No Lola, and no boyfriend. He turned to the man in the suit, “Uh, have you seen the lady that was with me?”

 The man nodded, “She left.”

 “She left? Was she alone?"

"No. She left with that nice fellow that Ms, here was with." He said pointing to the girl next to Tommy.

Tommy sighed, a small smile escaping as he looked to Jasmine. If they weren't returning back to their dates, there was only one thing left to do. Go home together...and engage in another hot dirty fuck session.

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