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Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


We all have secrets.....


We all have secrets.....

Chapter1 (v.1) - Triniti

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We all have secrets.....

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Submitted: March 01, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 01, 2015



Chapter 1: Baby Doll

He was examining me too closely, his hands running all over me, between my legs, the blood appearing on his pale fingers. "Shit." He mutters, and I'm abruptly scooped up into his arms. My head falls back over his arm and I'm looking up at the tiny dotted stars in the sky.

I could barely see his face. It was nothing but a blur, yet I sensed his eyes on me. I closed my eyes, avoiding the embarassment and ugliness of the situation. I shifted in his hold, wrapping an arm around his neck and burying my face into his clothes. He smelled of laundry detergent and fresh water.

It was comforting, almost even reminded me of home, and I immediatley got a sour taste in my mouth, clutching harder onto him. I shouldn't be trusting him at all. I've had my fair share of false rescues, only to be broken down even more into crumbs. But I was seriously that hungry, to where if it required it, I'll give up my body to him. I won't fight him, no resistance, no back talk. I know the rules. I've been used enough to have the routine tattoed on my brain.

As soon as I'm thrown on the bed, I'll go out of my head, I'll stare at the ceiling, I'll spread my legs and moan when he demands it. As much as I hate it, it's up to him if I get to live for the next twenty four hours.

"Can I know your name?" He asked in my ear.

Flinching from the oddly soothing sound of his voice, I mutter, "London." I should have lied. It's been so long since someone's asked me that. The pimps, the rapists, they don't care about that shit. It's only them forcing you on your back or on your knees. Then they give a pleasant thank you and walk away without having the balls to look you in your eyes after what they've done. It's happened so many times, I wasn't able to cry anymore.

I wasn't sure where we were when we entered a short doorless hall, that led to a door. I was set on my feet, but kept my face into his clothes, refusing to meet the eyes of the man I was going to have to be under for the night. For some reason, I couldn't look at him.

I hear the jiggle of keys, and the lock unsecure. The door squeaks open and I'm pulled in by a hand so warm in contrast to mine. It stumps me for a moment, but I don't pull away. I recognize that when he's done using my body, I'll just be thrown back into the cold, so I'm planning on getting as much as I can from this. I'll accept anything at this point.

I'm led through a dark hallway, stumbling up the stairs with wobbly shivering legs. He's right behind me, his hand on my back, helping guide me. Mistakenly, I went head first into a door, and got knocked right in my head which sent me flying onto the floor.

"Jesus," He helped me up, standing me upright. "Are you okay?"

I flinched as his thumb went to brush the painful developing bump. He sighed, his breath low and calm. "Watch where you're going, next time."

"Next time what?" My own voice was unfamiliar. It was cracked and shaky. Alien to my own ears.

He never responded to my question. He just grabbed my hand and continued down the hall, stopping at the last door. The keys jiggled once more and I was brung into a warm, but ominous enviroment. Gray wooden floors, dark walls with abstract painted on them, and tall glass windows casting a glance of the blue lightning flashing in from outside.

I stood in the doorway and in the distance, I could hear a familiar song playing in the background. "Breath in a Window" by Alice in Chains.

I peeked at him and he was pushing his shoes off using his toes. Then he got on his knees and made me kneel on him as I stepped out of my ratty baby doll shoes that had holes in the soles. He saw that my feet were bloody from rocks digging into the bottom. He glanced up at me, his blue eyes striking.

What did he expect from a runaway? Pretty? Clean? Perfect? Is he shocked to find ugly, dirty, and fucked up?
He stood once more, and made me wrap an arm around his neck, scooping me back up into his hold. My hair clutched onto his dark curly hair. It felt light, airy.

He led us through another set of doors where the music grew louder, and louder until I heard the moans of a woman coming from one of the passing rooms. I knew better than to show curiosity. Maybe he has a roomate or something. Or maybe a brother.

He sat me on the lid of the toilet and looked at me. His eyes were so unusual. Some odd blue I never seen before. I twirled a piece of my hair as he rose to his feet, staring down at me like I was something he's never seen before.

I wanted him to just get on with it. I wasn't in the mood to be toyed with. "Are you waiting for me to take my clothes off?" I asked.

He nods once then goes over to turn the bath on. I can't blame him for preferring me clean.
Suddenly the moaning in the other room gets louder, and I recognize the sound of both a headboard banging, and the wild howl of a woman climaxing.

I glanced at him and he has his eyes rolling. "My roommate, Tate always has his company over. Just ignore it." He lifted my white t-shirt off of my torso and I flinched away. "I can do it myself."

I tore it off of me and dropped it onto the floor, not bothering to cover my naked body. He was going to see it anyway. I stood and stepped out of my flimsy skirt and dumped myself into the water. Immediatley, the blood mixed in and I wondered if he'd really consider fucking me while I was on my period. Is he like that?

A voice appears from nowhere and a hand slaps rhythmetically against the wall, getting louder, and closer.
The guy glanced at something out of the bathroom, and then a figure appeared in the doorway, dressed in no more than raggedy stone-washed jeans that hung from his hips. Clearly, he had no underwear on and wasn't ashamed about it. He immediatley looked to me, and I hugged my knees close to me.

His chin jotted up. "Looks like you brought home a snack. Who is this?"

"Her name is London."

The guy who I'm guessing is his roommate, Tate, walks into the bathroom, his eyes deadbolted on mine as he sits on the rim of the tub.

I looked to the other guy, hoping he wouldn't let Tate touch me. I can give my body to one man, but two....two at the same time? The thought makes me shiver.

Tate looked to me, his knuckle lifting my chin up as he inspects my face. "Mm, so sweet and innocent looking."

"Far from it." I whisper, which earns a smile from him. "Is that so?" He asks.

"Tate, I need you to watch her and keep her company while I go to the store."

"For?" Tate asks, refusing to take his eyes off me, like he was excited. Was this other guy insane? As soon as he leaves me alone with Tate, I was going to be dead meat.  His dead meat.

"Look at the water, Tate. I need to take care of this. I'm going to clean her up, get her some food, let her rest, then send her on her own in the morning."

"You mean you're not going to fuck me?" The words blurted out on their own, and I wish they hadn't. My eyes traveled back and forth over their expressions.

Tate was smirking, while the other guy made a face. He stepped to the bathtub, his hands gripping the rim of the tub as he leaned over to me. "Is that what you thought I was going to do?"

"You're like the others. You pretend to care when all you want is what's between my legs. You don't fool me. Neither of you." I look back and forth between them.

Tate chuckles. "Well you have me figured out then, can't say the same for Noah over here." He said motioning to his friend.

I looked to Noah and he shakes his head. "And I see through you, also. A scared little girl who ran away from home because she couldn't go to a party."

Glaring, I turned in the tub so I was directly facing him. "I'm not sixteen, asshole, I'm twenty, and you don't know anything about me or my story."

Noah leaned in closer, so close, I could feel his breath hitting my face. "You need to sit back and calm your ass down. I'm not doing this to get some ass from you. I already have plenty of women on the back burner for me. I wouldn't touch you that way. Homeless and Bitchy isn't really my type."

I almost wanted to spit on him but I refrained and just glared at him until he left the bathroom. I hate that it almost came to that point. He didn't have to get a big attitude with me just because I saw through the facade he was trying to put on. At least his friend, Tate, didn't hide it. I nibbled on my bottom lip as Tate's knuckle glided down my jaw.
I watched him, noticing that his eyes were a dark brown, and mysterious.

He gave me a warm smile, "Damn, you're beautiful."

He was too, and so was Noah, but Noah's hate for me stopped my appeal immediatley. "Are we going to exchange?" I asked.

He pulled back, his head tilted in curiosity. "By that, you mean?"

"Food for sex?"

His eyes warmed as he thought about that for a moment. He wet his lips and snickered. "How intriguing. I'm not very fond of period sex, though. But once that ends," He doesn't say anything, it's all in the way he's looking at me.

"What about Noah?"

Tate sighed. "Noah, he's easily irritated. You gotta get used to him. But he's like a caregiver at the same time. You just learn to live with it. Like you eventually learn to live with me."

"You seem easier to talk to, though."

He nods and stands to his bare feet. "Yeah, you too. But that's only because we can't do anything right now." He winks.

I blushed when he mentioned that. I didn't forget the earlier reference either. "Are you planning on making me stay here for a few days? Noah says he wants me out by the morning."

"Well Noah's just going to have to suck it up. You don't need to be out there in the cold anyway, because-no offense, but you look fucked up."
I give him a look. "Thanks."

He chuckles and leans over, giving me a quick kiss on my nose. "I'll make you some dinner, and you just sit here and soak." He left out after that, and I did what he said, soak. I watched the red in the water and got disgusted that this is what I'm soaking in.
I took in my surroundings. Clean white floor, marble counter and sink. Stained glass window. It was an odd combination for a bathroom, but then again, the whole situation was odd.

I hear Tate's feet padding back to the bathroom. I look over my shoulder at him, and he says, "What are your sleeping arrangements for the night?"

I shrug. "Noah didn't tell me anything. I figure I'd sleep on the couch."

Tate shakes his head. "No, I don't think so. You're sleeping with me tonight."

I pursed my lips. He's not one to be reasoned with. He gets to call the shots especially if I'm eating his food, bathing in his tub and sheltering under his household. But still in question, who was that woman I heard moaning? "What about your girlfriend?"

"Oh, she's going to be joining us."

I grimace.

He chuckles. "I'm kidding, babe. How do you feel about catfish?" His smile was gleaming, far too trusting, but this was my little relief for the moment. I knew it wouldn't last long. So I'll enjoy it while I can.

"I love catfish." I said, returning his smile.

"Good to hear. I like a girl with a hearty appetite. And by the way," He stepped further into the bathroom, and got down on his knees so he was at eye-level with me. "She isn't my girlfriend. Just a friend of mine."

"Do you always screw your friends?"

He ignored the question to ask, "How much did you hear?"

" know, her moaning. The sound of the headboard banging really hard against the wall and..." Something stirred inside of me as I thought about it.

"And?" He looked like he was enjoying this.

I grinded my teeth together, looking away to the water in the tub. "And...I'm ending this conversation right now."
He stands up to his feet, his smile still intact. "We'll finish it later, though." He walks out of the bathroom, and once more I'm alone.

It's not soon afterwards that I hear Noah's voice. He says something to Tate before walking into the bathroom. It was an odd thing. I felt like I've known Tate for a while whereas the man who bothered with me in the first place still felt like a stranger.
He dangled a white bag from his arm and sat on the lid of the toilet. He took his eyes from mine and dug in the bag, pulling out two boxes. One looked like tampons, the other was pads. "I wasn't sure which one you used or what brand."

"It's fine." It's the thought that counts. I was surprised he even still bothered after the little altercation before he left.

He dropped them on the floor then dug out some clothes. A pair of sweats, pack of underwear, nurse shoes. "I assumed that..." He stopped talking and just place them on the counter.

"Thank you." I mumble.

"Yeah." He stood, and before he could walk out, I called his name.

He turned to look at me. I'm endlessly damn enchanted. Why was his eyes so pretty to me? I looked away so I could concentrate. "Tate said I could stay here for a few days."

Noah sucked in a breath and he was suddenly gone. In the next moment, I'm hearing arguing in the kitchen. Noah's raising his voice, but Tate is being calm about it. It doesn't surprise me. I quickly wash myself up, and hop out. I put on the clothes that Noah bought me, with my body still soaked. I had to limp out of the bathroom to make it into the kitchen. Tate smiled, while Noah glared.

I put my hands up in surrender. "If you want me to go, I'll go." I said to Noah.

He said nothing, but Tate walked over, shaking his head as he pulled me against his hip. "No you won't. Noah's just being pissy."

"It's my house. I planned to just fix her up enough for her to survive the next couple of days. I didn't mean to turn it into a bed and breakfast."

Tate dipped his head to kiss my lips. When he pulled back, he gave me a smile that was drop dead gorgeous.  "I'll take care of her. It'll be fine."

Noah sighed, running a frustrated hand through his wildly curly hair. I wanted to do the same to his hair, and I shivered at the thought. He looked back and forth between me and Tate, before his eyes rested on Tate. "Where is she going to sleep?"

"I'm right here." I said. Noah's eyes found mine and I ignored how pretty they were for once. "You don't have to ignore me."

"I don't think I was talking to you."

"I don't care. Stop talking about me like I'm not standing here. I get this is your house but I still deserve respect from you. You didn't pick me up just to be an asshole to me, did you?"

Noah had nothing to say to that. He just threw his hands up, exasperated. "Whatever you want, London."

Tate's warm lips brushed my forehead, and I feel a smile forming. "Mm, she's sleeping in my bed with me tonight."

Noah sighs. "No. I don't think that's a good idea."

Tate scoffed, releasing me to continue making dinner. "You're going to make her sleep alone in the livingroom on the uncomfortable couch? Come on. Besides, there's nothing wrong with my bed." He finished dipping the pieces of meat in a flour and cornmeal mixture before splaying them into a pan full of grease. It sizzled and popped, but Tate didn't seem to mind.
Noah leaned against the counter, his eyes on Tate. "Not your bed in particular but I'm referring to you in general. I know how you are."

Tate chuckles, casting Noah a wicked gleam. "You think I'm going to take advantage of her? Tie her up and fuck her all night?" He pauses before saying, "I actually plan to. Just not tonight. She's on her period and once that ends, I'll have her."

"What if she's resistant?" Noah asked. Once again, he's pretending I'm not here. They both are. I knew in exchange for shelter and food, I'd have to give something up, but I don't like being talked about like I'm a piece of meat. I felt like hitching a knife at both of their heads.

Tate shakes his head, throwing a glance at me before eyeing his bestfriend. "She won't be. She likes me."

Noah found my eyes and for some reason, he looked angry. "Do you want to sleep in his bed?"

"I don't want to be alone, if that's what you mean."

Noah thought about that for a moment before nodding. "I know what you mean. But I'm giving you an option of the couch or his bed. Which one would you feel safer in?"

I swept over Tate's profile. He's bound to get handsy with me no doubt but the thought of being alone on the couch, it brings back memories. I don't like feeling alone. I never did. "I want to sleep with Tate."

Tate grins, washing his hands in the sink. He looked at Noah over his shoulder,"Told you so." I'm just now noticing a black tattoo running along his arm. It's a word in scripture writing. Just as I'm about to ask what it says, I heard a click-clack of heels. I turned my head and sure enough, a woman appears out of nowhere. I'm assuming it's the woman Tate was fucking when I got here.

She sizes me up for a moment before looking to Tate who pointed to a pile of dollar bills on the edge of the counter.
She collected the cash, and walked off followed by the sound of the front door opening, and closing.

What was that about? "I thought she was your friend." I said.

Tate grabs a pot from the sink and began to wash it out. "She is. She's just having trouble paying the bills and her boyfriend's job isn't helping so she came to me for help. I helped her out."

He's a sweet guy, but his intentions may not be what they seem. I looked to Noah who's studying me as if I'm some science project. I don't know about this place. I don't know what it's going to offer me or what I'm going to experience. I'm scared as hell, but this is better than being outside in the cold like Tate said. For the moment, Tate is the only person I trust.

After he was done making dinner, I ate, and it was the best meal I had in years. I couldn't believe what a hell of a cook he was. He watched me as I ate, his eyes smiling like he knew he had me. Noah ate in silence, looking at no one. His nonchalance bothered me for some reason. I wasn't sure why.

When it was time for bed, Tate led me to his room down the hall from the bathroom and across the hall from Noah's room. I said goodnight to Noah who nodded once in return but his eyes lingered on mine before he slammed the door closed. Tate had my hand in his and flicked on his bedroom light as we entered. It wasn't as messy as one would guess. It was just a few clothes thrown around on the floor.

But his bed was messy, evidence of his encounter with the woman before. He knew better though. He ripped the cover and sheets off the bed, and got another. I helped him spread it on and he grabbed the pillows from the floor to throw on the bed. Afterwards, he slaps my ass and tells me to get into bed which makes me smile. I climb in and under the sheets, while he shuts the door, and turns off the light. The room is dark but the moon and furious zap of lightning paints it blue.

In the dark, I see him remove his pants, and based off of how I use to sleep, I remember that I can't wear sweats to bed or any pants for that matter. I shove them down and chuck them onto the floor while Tate climbs into bed. He lays down, pulling me extra close to him so I could feel his hard-on.

My hand ran down his arm, feeling the scripture tattoo. "What does it say?"

"My little sister's name, Frances. She died when she was three. Car accident."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be. I learned to live with it." His fingers glided over my thighs, and up hitching beneath my t-shirt to rub my back.

"Thank you for being so nice to me." I whispered.

I hear a smile rather than see it. "It's easier to trust me. Not trusting takes too much energy."
He was right about that. Yet there was still Noah to worry about. He was a confusing man. He saves me, yet is fine with putting me back on the streets tomorrow and he hates that Tate is so fascinated with me. What was wrong with that? I guess I am invading in his house. Probably over-staying my welcome.

"Don't worry about Noah," He says, reading my mind. "He'll come around. He just has to get use to you. I think you're sweet as hell. Your lips are, too." He squeezes my butt as he kisses me, slower this time, and lasting. My god, he tasted like toothpaste. So nice compared to what I was use to.

I know I'm getting ahead of myself but there was something both odd and calming about my immediate trust in Tate. It felt good to trust someone. The thing is, I know the main reason he's being so polite is so he can have my body when the time comes. That's all he wants from me. It's nothing new.

"You ran off in lala land." He flicked my hair back over my shoulder.

"I shouldn't be here, but I don't want to leave either."

He rolls me on top of his naked body, shameless as hell. He's big, I can feel it against my stomach. Big and warm. He cups the back of my head. "Then don't."

There's a lump in my throat now. How fucked up would it be if I was to wait until they went to sleep, then steal anything valuble I could find, go through their pockets, take whatever money presents itself. I'd be itching to do that. I've done it before but, for some reason, I didn't want to do that to Tate. He was too nice to me.

"Damn," Tate looked down where my body was lying on his. "I haven't been this hard in a long time. Not even with Beth earlier." His dark eyes darted to mine.

"Is homeless and bitchy your type, Tate?" I asked him with a bit of a smile.

He snorts. "Like I said, don't pay attention to Noah. He's got alot on his mind. I want all of your attention, Baby doll."

Baby doll? "Is that your nickname for me?"

"Could be. You're sweet like I said. But I'm eager to see how the rest of you taste."
I jerked back, both surprised and pleased by that answer.
He pushed my head down so I was face-to-face with him. "One thing you're going to learn about me is that I like to eat pussy. You're going to see that soon enough." He said with a wicked smile.

Christ, what have I just gotten myself into?

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