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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

We all have secrets.....

Table of Contents


We all have secrets..... Read Chapter


Author's Note: It's starting off slow, I know, but it'll pick up by chapter 3...somewhat. lol. Enjoy ~Chapter 2: Screw I woke up ... Read Chapter


Author's Note: Very short chapter. Next one will be longer. I promise ~Chapter 3: Impulse "Are you gonna tell me how you got the ... Read Chapter


~Chapter 4: Blown I washed the dishes to distract myself from the shit going in my head. When I was done washing the last pot, Tobi s... Read Chapter


~Author's Note: I know it's moving slow as hell but it'll pick up in the next chapter. Chapter 5: Sneak I'm in Tate's bed, facing... Read Chapter

Mind over Matter

~Chapter 6: Mind over Matter I heard Noah and Tate's voice down the hall, and I creeped out of Noah's bed to get a closer listen. I... Read Chapter


Author's Note: It's short. I'm sorry, guys. ~Chapter 7: Teased Noah took me off the door and my back is suddenly on his bed. Ther... Read Chapter


~Chapter 8: Us When I made it back to Noah's room, I had thought about what Tate said to me. We both wanted the same thing, and we wa... Read Chapter


Author's Note: I know it's really soon and I'm sorry for updating so quick but I just felt the urge to write this chapter although much w... Read Chapter

The Power of Pussy

~This chapter will have both London, and Noah's point of views just for you to know. Enjoy and thank you all for reading this. I know it'... Read Chapter


Chapter 11: Rejection London's POV If I was an evil bitch, I'd make Tate's hooker into soup. But that's just my jealousy talking.... Read Chapter


~Chapter 12: Tate.... "My dad forced me to sell meth since I was fifteen...or maybe it was fourteen and a half. Either way, if I didn... Read Chapter


 ~Chapter 13: Noah... The door to Noah's bedroom opened and I pretended like I was asleep. I opened my eyes just a little to mak... Read Chapter


Author's Note: ust a side note everyone, this story will be ending very VERY soon :) Enjoy. And sorry for putting this next chapter up so... Read Chapter


~Chapter 15: Protection The altercation between Noah and I had left me down for days. I know I'd hurt him physically and it's been pl... Read Chapter


~Chapter 16: Deceit Tate and I were silent on the way home. I can't believe I just did that. I can't believe I just lied to him like ... Read Chapter


~Chapter 17: Truth "Noah, I'm tired. I don't feel like talking." I droned while he brought me into his room. He ignored me as he shut... Read Chapter

London Bridges falling down

~Chapter 18: London Bridges falling down Tate's POV I shrugged my hoody off of me and threw it down in the wet grass before walki... Read Chapter

Guns N' Roses

~Chapter 19: Guns N' Roses "Are you going to drug me?" I asked him once we made it to his house. His response was a bitter chuckl... Read Chapter

Brother & Sister

~Author's Note: Guys I'm really sorry I'm posting these chapters so damn quick. It's just I have this other story in mind and when I get ... Read Chapter

Epilogue: A trinity

~Epilogue: A trinity "Hey," I said to Emmett as he slid into my car, coming from his house. He had been at the police Academy for ... Read Chapter