My Master of Sex (Being Revised)

My Master of Sex (Being Revised)

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


(Being Revised) Lukas Kary. Before he came in my life, I thought I had my shit together, but as it turns out, he forced me to face my demons, just like I'll help him face his. We're fighting together, and in all reality, nothing will break us. But sometimes...fairytales don't have happy endings.


(Being Revised) Lukas Kary. Before he came in my life, I thought I had my shit together, but as it turns out, he forced me to face my demons, just like I'll help him face his. We're fighting together, and in all reality, nothing will break us. But sometimes...fairytales don't have happy endings.

Chapter1 (v.1) - My Master of Sex

Author Chapter Note

Lukas was a man. A beautiful man that somehow swept me off my feet. It was only supposed to be sex. Just that. But the more we spent time together, the more I feel. The more I want. We both have secrets. Secrets that haunts us. I know that I want to be with this man, and he may want the same thing, but I feel that our secrets will keep us apart…forever.

Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 31, 2013



Author's Note: This story is currently being revised. So everything in these chapters will be erased and rewritten. Very, very soon.

Chapter 1: First Impression

I buttoned up my blouse that laid flat and nicely across my torso. It was nice looking with my short skirt. Yeah, my dad was going to hate this. But I wasn’t that good at picking business clothes.
The garter belt underneath wasn’t working much in my favor either. Yeah, this was all wrong. What did I let Justin talk me into?

“Hey, your dad’s outside.” Justin peeked in, his blue eyes drowsy.

“Why did I let you talk me into buying a garter belt and lace stockings? I look like a slut. My dad will not approve of this. I’m going with him to do a business transaction with some guy and this just screams slut.”

Justin shrugs. “Yeah, now that I’m seeing the whole outfit together, it kinda does.”
The horn honks loudly outside.
I didn’t even have time to change. Damn it.

I pulled my skirt down as far as I could manage to make sure the garter that hooked to my over-the-knee stockings couldn’t be seen.

I just have to be careful.

“Well now I know not to take fashion advice from a guy, let alone my ex whose a freak.”

He smiles slightly.

I grabbed my navy blue pea coat from the hook in my bedroom and pull it over my shoulders. I pull my brownish, reddish mid-back length hair from out of it and pulled it over the coat.

“I’ll be back.”
“Why are you going with your dad to see this guy anyway?”
“Because dad said I can go and if I was interested I could start working for the guy because he is a very wealthy business man who hires people who makes good first impressions. I’d be his assistant.”

Justin raised his brow. “With that garter on, I’m guessing you’ll make a very good first impression.”
I slapped his shoulder while he giggled.
“Bye.” I called before disappearing down the stairs of me and Justin’s apartment and outside.
My dad’s silver Audi R8 back door was open for me.

I slid in and smiled at him. “Hey dad.”
He smiled back as my door was closed for me. “Hi Peyton. Are you prepared?”
I nod. “So this guy…”

“Lukas Kary. He’s contacted me and wants a meeting to discuss business. He owns the Element. All the cell phones, computers, and TVs. He owns the company.”

“Ah, I heard Element is making billions. So by any chance, I could start to work for him?” I asked.

He nods. “Yes, but I have to meet him first. I have to see his personality and how he works. Pretty thing like you don’t need to be caught up with a complete psychopath.”

“Dad,” I sigh and look out of the black tinted windows. “You think everyone is a psychopath. You thought mom was.”

“Peyton, she is just that. She always was and she always will be.”
Oh god. Dad. Please…please do not talk about mom. I don’t want my good mood to be evaporated so I just left it at that.

“Where are we meeting him again?”

I nod my head and continue to gaze out at my home city. Chicago, Illinois. It took everything in me not to leave after what happened but I didn’t. And I’m glad I didn’t. If I would have left, I would have never met my best friend and ex, Justin.

People thought it was weird and crazy to live with your ex/best friend. Especially when he was such a stud, but it felt normal, natural. I will never see Justin in that way again. Plus he’s become a man-whore and can’t stop fucking everything.

 I could afford my own place thanks to dad but I didn’t feel so safe living alone. And I didn’t enjoy living with my dad much yet we had a good relationship.

The car stopped in front of a big restaurant. One I don’t think I’ve been to before.
My dad’s driver, Anthony opened the door for my dad, and then me.

My dad walked to the glass doors. From the outside, the place looked warm, yet somewhat empty. Shouldn’t it be full of people?

A man standing in the front of the doors gave me and dad a smile before opening one for us. My dad walked in.
The doorman gave me a small wink and my smile back to him disappeared.

I just stepped in.

Dad either didn’t see the man silently trying to hit on me or he didn’t care. There was something odd about the scene around the restaurant. Although nobody but a few people were in the place, they seemed to all have their eyes on something. And whatever it was, it seemed to cause people to have huge shit-eating grins on their faces.

I lifted my brow.

“There he is. In the back.” My dad said to me.

My eyes searched for Kary.

When I found him, I was lost. Completely lost for words.

My skin grew warm, almost scorching hot when my eyes laid on his dark green. He wasn’t looking at us. He was looking up at a woman who seemed like she wanted to jump on him. She looked nervous and I can hear her nervous laugh from across the room.

That’s when I realized it, everyone was looking at him. He was the dime of the building.

My eyes went back to him.
His flesh was tanned lightly and held no flaws.
His hair was light brown, framing his face perfectly and stopped right to the back of his neck.

My eyes ran over his features, unable to take my eyes off of him.
His nose was straight and his lips were thin, kissable.

“Ready?” My dad asked.

I nodded slowly and he led us toward Kary’s table.

The closer we came to him, the more I explored him. His jaw was strong, holding a little stubble. It was the hottest thing I ever seen.

He was the hottest thing I ever seen. I don’t know if that’s the right word. I’m thinking “hot” is a bit of an understatement.
The man was gorgeous, wearing a black two-piece suit, a burgundy button down shirt and a loose black tie.

It was when me and dad finally arrived to the table that he noticed us. Not us us. But me. His eyes went to mine immediately.
My lips parted.

I could feel tiny crackles of something…electricity? I didn’t know.
I stared at him, lost for words. Lost for anything. My own name.

Lukas slowly stood, his eyes glued to mine.
I swallowed hard and wet my lips that felt suddenly dry. My whole throat felt dry.

He turned slightly to look back at the woman who hasn’t taken her eyes from him.

“I have some business to attend to. I apologize.” He said in a low, seductive tone that would have made any girl come.
I closed my eyes. What the hell?

I could hear the woman walk away and I opened my eyes back.

Lukas shook hands with my dad, smiling warmly.
He had dimples. The man was lean, and built, perfectly fitting his suit that made him look the equivalent of a god. Or plenty damn close.

“Nice to meet you, Kary.” My father said, grinning.

Lukas nodded. “You too, Victor.” His dark green eyes, laced with heat in his gaze went to mine.

I couldn’t speak. But I could swear, his eyes were studying my entire body before coming back to mine. He raised an eyebrow.

“What is your name?” He asked, still holding that warm tone.

I just blinked.

Victor sighed. “This is my daughter, Peyton Moyer.”

Kary held his hand out for me.

I looked down at his hand, and then back into his eyes, taken back by how beautiful he was. But I know that beautiful people can sometimes be the most dangerous.

I gained my sense back and put my hand in his and shook it. Our gaze didn’t leave each other’s. Then, slowly, I felt shivers run through my body. I gasped.

Kary seemed to feel it too as he looked down at our hands.
I pulled mine away and looked to my dad who seemed as if nothing was wrong with what he was seeing.

Lukas kept his eyes on mine. “Sit.” He said.

I immediately sat down, feeling like he was suddenly much, much taller than me. I swallowed hard, looking up at him.

My dad sat next to me and slowly, Lukas sat down too, gracefully across from us.

He looked somewhat distracted now.

“So, Kary, I have to admit, I was a little surprised when you called. How is business going?” My dad asked.

Kary half smiled. It was drop dead gorgeous. It makes so much sense why everyone, men and women were now grinning so hard at this man. This man with the face of a god. He was famous, he was rich, he was beautiful. He was the whole package. That’s what they’re seeing. That’s what I’m seeing.

“The Element is selling very well and now we’re working on the laptops. People just seem to want more and more. They just can’t seem to keep away from it.” He says.
Or you.

My dad nods. “I’m not surprised. From what I hear, you’re very good at strategizing and knowing what people want.” He says.

Lukas nods. “I read people very well.”

“So, why did you want to meet?” My dad asked.

Lukas smirks. “I think I want you to join my enterprise, Victor.”

My dad looked shocked. “Me?”

Lukas nods. “I’ve been watching your product and your business, Victor. I don’t think its going anywhere.”

I raised my eyebrow. I thought my dad was doing pretty damn fine.

Dad sighs. “You noticed, huh?”

Lukas nods. “You deserve more. You know numbers. You know clients and from what I’ve heard, you too, are very intelligent.”


My dad looks to me.

“What about your partner, Daniel?” I asked.

My dad flashed me a look of guilt.

“It’s a shared corporation, Peyton. Your dad won’t get much out of it.” Lukas said.

I glared at him. “You can’t pull him away from his own damn business he’s worked years to get.”

Lukas shrugged carelessly. “It’s not up to me. It’s up to him.” He said.

I furrowed my brows. Lukas Kary may be fucking gorgeous, but he’s an asshole.

I kept my glare on him, as his eyes, dark green and full of…heat…full of sex, were on mine. I know that look very well.

My glare lessened and I bit my lip.

Lukas kept his eyes on me, and I almost felt like he knew what I was thinking. Like he knew what I was feeling.

His eyes slowly slid from mine to go to my dad.

And the second his eyes left mine, the influence was dropped.
But I can’t deny. Rather or not he felt it too, I felt our connection.

“So, what do you say, Victor,” Lukas asks. “Are you on my side, or will you settle for a shared corporation that’s hardly making money?” He asks.

I flared.

Why was he doing this?

My dad closed his eyes and sighed. “I’m thinking you’re right, Kary.”


Lukas smiles softly and grabs a folded document from inside of his blazer pocket. He lays it onto the table and pushes it towards my dad.

He shouldn’t be doing this. My dad wanted this since he was a kid.

“Dad, think about how this would tear Daniel up if you just bailed.”

“He’s right, Peyton. The Element makes a lot of money, and its an easy product to sell. Do you understand how much money, people working for and with Kary makes?” He asked.


“Do you want me happy?”

I nod. “Of course.”

“Then…please don’t angry at me for wanting a better life and putting my hopes in a whole new service that has opened doors. Expensive doors.”

I sighed and shook my head.

My dad took out a pen and started unfolding the contract.

I guess if this will make him happy, that’s all that matters. He already lost the love his life, why not put all his time and efforts into his career? Doing something he loves?

I guess I can’t stop him.

I crossed my legs and looked to Lukas.

His green eyes were on mine and they lowered.

Then this dark, seductive look glazed his eyes, and that’s when I felt the heat explode from inside me. Oh fuck.

I looked down at myself, trying to see why he’s looking at me so…seductively.

I licked my lips and looked down to see that as I crossed my legs, my skirt slid up, revealing my garter, hooked to my over-the-knee stockings.

My lips parted as I looked back to Lukas. My eyes lowered to see that he’s straining in his pants.
Whoa….because of me?

I stood up. “I’m going to go to the bathroom.” I said.

He nods, although I was talking to my dad who seemed distracted as he signed the contract that seemed to be three pages.

I walked away from them and pushed open the restroom door.

When I closed it, I leaned against it.

I exhaled sharply and closed my eyes.

I opened my eyes and walked over to a stall and shut it closed.

I pulled my skirt up from my thighs so it was bunched up at my hips and slipped my thumbs into the sides of my panties. I pulled them down and sure enough, I was wet. Like I expected. Are you serious? The man didn’t even touch me. All he’s done was look at me.

I pulled my panties back up and rolled my eyes. Hormones. They always play against me. Always.I fixed my skirt and left out of the stall. I looked in the mirror making sure that everything was in order.
I ran my fingers through my hair and sighed deeply.
This man just persuaded my father to give up on his business and I’m fucking wet for him now. Great.

After I got myself back together, I walked back out to the dining area.
Dad and Lukas were talking silently to each other.
I sat back down, careful to keep my skirt down enough.

Dad smiled to Kary. “So its official.”

“Yes it is.” Kary smiles. “You’re apart of the enterprise now.”

My dad grins.

It’s the first genuine smile I’ve seen in years.
I guess if this really makes him happy, I can’t take that away from him or disapprove of it.

“Things should change now.”

Kary nods and looks to me. “And you, Peyton, about wanting to work for me.”

I shake my head. “I…change my mind.” There was no way I’d be able to focus on any measure of work with this man in the room or anywhere near me. He’s too…much. Too gorgeous. Too charming. Too everything. I would get zero work done. And the sexual tension would just grow and grow, like it somewhat is right now and it would drive me crazy. Kind of like it is now.

Lukas’s eyebrow raises sharply as he sits back and studies me, his green eyes narrowing some. “What changed your mind?”

“You.” I admitted.

He smirked. “What about me?”

“Everything.” I answered.

“That sounds like an insult.”
“That’s what it is.”

“Your dad made his own decision, Peyton.”
“I’m not mad about that anymore. You just seem really arrogant, Mr. Kary. I don’t associate myself with arrogant people.”

He has a thoughtful expression on his face. “I never considered myself….arrogant.”

Well that’s what he is. They do say every man that looks like the cross between a god and a male model has a flaw. And his ability to show an extreme level of arrogance was his.

I looked to my dad. “Is it time to leave yet?” I asked.

He nods. “Yes. The business is done.”

“It sure is.” I mutter under my breath.

Lukas smirked at me. I didn’t think the man could make me any wetter but it was getting close to unbearable to stay in the same room with him.

My dad shook his hand. “It was nice to meet you, Kary.”

Lukas nods once. “Same to you.”

My dad releases his hand and turns.

I watch him walk away and I look back to Lukas.

“It was a pleasure meeting you also, Peyton.” He says in a low tone. His voice was enough to make me come. Jesus.

I never felt so irritated and attracted to a man so deeply before.
It was surreal.

“Yeah, you too, Kary.” I said, my tone sharp as a knife.

I turned, grabbed my coat and walked away.

The way he whispered my name made me stop. I slowly turned and looked to him.

He gave me a dark look that kept me in place. “I like the garter.” His voice made goose bumps rise through my skin.

I tried my hardest not to blush. “I like your hard on.” I shot back, smiling a smug smile.

His eyebrows raised in surprise.

I grinned and turned, proud I handled that the way I handled it.

I walked to the doors, switching as I walked about and walked out of them.

My dad was already in the car and Anthony was holding the door open for me.

I slid in and he shut the door. I sighed and looked to my dad.

He looked a little more than excited.

“Dad, you okay?”

“I’m better than okay. His company has good business and makes good money. He makes so may sales. The man is a genius.”

“And controlling.”

Dad nodded. “I noticed that but it is not a big deal. Things will take a turn for the better.”

“I hope so, dad. I hope so.”

“I think you should have taken any job he would have offered you.”

I roll my eyes.

The problem with that is that I wouldn’t want to work for the man. I’d want to work underneath him.
I close my eyes. I can’t believe this.

I shook my head. I felt so ashamed that a man has stunned me to the point where I was wet within seconds of meeting him.

Why did that happen? Aside from his seductive green eyes, what else did I find so attractive about him?

The car stops in front of my apartment building. I look to my dad. “Thank you, dad.”

He nods. “Anything for you, hon.”

I kiss his temple and then pull back. “Good luck.”

He nods.

Anthony comes and opens my door for me and I slip out. “Bye, Anthony.”

He nods. “Goodbye, Peyton.”

He closes the door and gets back in the driver’s side.

I waved once more to my dad before turning and unlocking the door to my place.

I walked to the elevators, greeting the man, Jacob who works at the front desk.

He smiles at me as I walk into a ready elevator.
The doors closed and it carried me up.

When I got to my floor, I stepped out, walked to my door and unlocked it.

When I stepped in, Justin was doing push-ups on the floor.

“Hey.” I said.

He just nodded, unable to greet me.

I shut the door and pulled off my pea coat.

Justin finally got up, wiping off his sweat with a damp towel. “You’re back sooner than I expected. So, how did it go?”

“My dad just sold his soul to the devil.” I said.

He looked bemused. “What do you mean?”

“Lukas Kary is the devil. A very, sexy, gorgeous devil.” I said as I headed to the kitchen.

I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge.

Justin hopped onto the kitchen counter next to the refrigerator. “What happened?”

I passed him an apple and he took it.

I shut the door and leaned against it. I look to him and shake my head. “Lukas convinced my dad to give up the partnership he

has with his current friend, Daniel, and he officially signed a contract for him.”

“Wait, Lukas signed a contract for your dad?”

“No. He brought out a contract for my dad to sign, making him officially part of his Enterprise.”

“Well, I mean is Victor happy?”

“Well, yeah, he seemed pretty happy.”

“Then don’t worry about it.”

“I do not trust Lukas. I don’t.” I said looking Justin into his blue eyes.

Justin took a bite out of his apple. “I say, you don’t worry about Victor. He’s a grown man and can do what he wants.”

“It was just…heartless. Lukas seems heartless.”

“Maybe he is.”

“I know he is. He’s heartless and arrogant, and smug, and…fucking beautiful unfortunately.”

“Someone’s got a crush.”

I shake my head as I pull off my heels. “I don’t have a crush. I just want to fuck him.” I admitted.

Justin smiled.


“Nothing. Whatever happened to you actually settling down?” He asked.

“At my age? No.”

I took my heels and carried them into my room.

I grabbed my laptop and went into the living room.

I sat down in the olive green chair and crossed my legs as I laid my laptop in my lap.

Justin walked in, apple half-eaten. “What are you about to do?” He asked.

“Look up more info about him. If I don’t like what I see, I’m calling my dad and telling him to stay away from Kary.”

I sign onto Google and type Lukas’s name into the search engine.

I press the little magnifying glass and a whole bunch of links appeared on the page.

Jesus. One million results.

Lukas Kary, of Kary Enterprises.
Lukas Kary, named the hottest bachelor in fifty states. Are you serious?

Of course he is. Why wouldn’t I believe that? The man is honestly the most overwhelming, complicated, attractive man I ever met in my life, hell the fucking planet. And I wanted to fuck him. But that wasn’t my fault.

I clicked on the link for Kary Enterprises.

The site held a theme of white, grey and blue and showed the front of the Kary building.

He was the CEO. CEO of his building and held all rights to the Element company.

I clicked on the link on the bottom of the page that said “About CEO Lukas Kary”.

There was a picture of him that appeared.

Oh my god.

I closed my eyes.

“Hmm. That’s him huh?”

I nod, my body automatically becoming warm like goo. God, he looked good in this picture.

“Talk about man candy.” Justin said.

I opened my eyes to study the picture. His dark eyes showed something. A secret of some sort and his lips were curved into a small crooked smile.

I looked to the five paragraphs beside the picture.

He’s twenty six and single.

That immediately caught my attention. Single.

But he’s a bachelor. Surely a man like that can’t keep women’s hands off of him.

“So what are you going to do about him?” Justin asked.

I let out a deep breath. “Nothing. He’s not worth my time.” I lied.

Justin looked to me, his eyes meeting mine. “Really?”

I nod and snap my laptop shut. “He’s a bachelor, a player, and good at it. I don’t need someone like that in my life. I don’t want to be a random fuck and then tossed to the side.”

He nods, understanding. “You won’t be. I won’t let him treat you like that.”

I smile at him and touch his knee. “Thanks but I don’t need protection. What I need is a good shot of tequila.”

“Damn, in the middle of the day?”

“To get my mind from him.” I say.

Justin gives me a wry smile. “Jesus, girl, what has he done to you?” Justin asked.

I shrug and slump back into my chair. I put my laptop onto the coffee table.

Justin sighs. “Alright. Alright. One shot of Tequila. Coming right up.


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